How Boxers Deal With Broken Nose?

Boxing will never get out of style and fashion. Apart from getting the adrenaline pumped up, boxing is an excellent way to get rid of excessive fats too and keep the body in great shape and size. However, boxing is connected to injuries as well. In other words, injuries, such as broken noses are common in the boxing game.

In this way, flat noses are something that comes off as a side effect to the amazing game of boxing. If you want to climb the ladder of boxing, you will need to understand one important aspect which is that you are more likely to get hurt, even during your training sessions.

It is common to receive punches in the fact during the boxing bouts.

The face is the normal target area during the massive numbers of knockouts.

Talking about the face, the nose is the focus area of the punches.

Therefore, if one wants to get the least damaged, they ought to protect their faces appropriately which can be a challenging task.

A Quick Analysis of the Common Boxing Injuries

A Quick Analysis of the Common Boxing Injuries

Boxing is for both men and women. According to recent research, men are prone to receive more injuries than women during boxing (mostly they get ripped with boxing even without lifting weights, more)

However, when it comes to facial injuries; especially, nasal injuries, women are said to receive them as much as men.

In fact, according to a report, the rough ratio of 51% relates to facial injuries in boxing.

This percentage might not seem as crazy with respect to the fact that the majority of the boxers opt for the heads for knocking out their opponents.


A concussion is a typical injury in the world of boxing.

When it comes to ‘contact sports’, boxing is essentially at the top of the list.

Repeated strikes to the opponent’s head can cause serious and unrecoverable damages as well.

Therefore, many experts argue that certain limitation needs to be set so that serious damages and head concussions can be avoided.

A concussion results from a serious blow to the head causing the brain to move inside the skull; hence causing a sense of dizziness and confusion.

In serious concussions, the affected person might feel nauseous; or, they might be complaining about a headache. Nonetheless, it is crucial to seek medical attention at any cost.


This fracture relates to the “Boxer’s fracture”; I am sure that you might have already heard about it.

This fracture occurs in the hand; to be more specific, the metacarpal bones that run from the wrists up to the fingers.

Typically, this type of fracture associated with the activity of punching an unmoving hard object. Nose fractures as well fracture to the jaws and the ribs are not unheard of as well.

Shoulder Dislocation

Speaking from experience, a dislocated shoulder can be quite painful and in the world of boxing, the shoulder dislocation is not uncommon.

The trick with minimizing the pain is that it ought to be treated as soon as possible.

Putting the shoulder back to its place will not suffice, for one requires a couple of weeks of rest in order to return to the boxing ring with strength and vigor.

Cuts and Bruises

One of the most common injuries and wounds in the boxing world result from accidental cuts and bruises.

It is common for such injuries to occur after one has been punched; however, cuts and bruises can occur in the head area as well.

The level of amateur boxing requires the wearing of headgear; therefore, head cuts and bruises are not as common on that level. Similar to any other injury, bruises and cuts require sufficient time to heal as well.

If you don’t want to leave the boxing ring, then you can treat the impacted area immediately by placing ice wrapped in cloth or towel as well as cold packs on the area.

What Are The Common Types Of Nasal Injuries In A Boxing Game?

Common Nasal Injuries in Boxing

This list of the most common nasal injuries will definitely give you a better understanding of why boxers have flat noses.

The Saddle Nose

If you are an avid fan of boxing matches and go through intensive boxing training yourself, then you will have seen this type of nose injury loads of times.

This type of nose injury occurs when a boxer has been repetitively hit in the face.

The repetitive hitting to the nose area causes the middle part of the nose to collapse, resulting in something known as the ‘boxing nose’.

In a typical case, the blood flow to the nose cartilage gets disrupted; this is caused by the formation of a blood clot in that region.

Subsequently, the nose cartilage disintegrates causing a fearful appearance of the boxer’s face with the visibly collapsed nose.

In case of neglect, the disintegrated nose cartilage can develop serious health issues too, such as breathing difficulties.

A mere look at the mirror usually suffices in determining the seriousness of the case.

In order to determine the underlying damage, it is highly recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Nasal Fracture

Apart from the saddle nose, the second type of common injury is the fracture to the nose.

This kind of injury is definitely different than the saddle nose in the way that the bone or the cartilage of the nose is essentially fractured causing great pain.

Apart from the crucial pain, a fractured nose is accompanied by swelling and profuse bleeding.

Not to mention the fact that the nose will look quite deformed as well as crooked; not a lovely appearance. A nose fracture comes with various side effects as well, such as bruising and swelling around the eye area.

The treatment of a fractured nose depends on the intensity of the damage.

The affected person is most likely to receive some medications to ease and diminish the pain.

Moreover, for immediate treatment, it is suggested to use ice to ease the swelling. Nonetheless, if one faces difficulty while breathing, one shouldn’t wait for long but see the doctor immediately. The same goes for excessive swelling as well as excessive bleeding.

Nose Bleeds

Nosebleeds are as common as lemon which means that it is nothing that might cause someone to rush to the hospital.

You might have witnessed plenty of matches where the boxers continue boxing irrespective of the nosebleeds.

A nosebleed isn’t necessarily the result of a fractured nasal bone or the nasal cartilage.

In other words, no trauma is required; a nosebleed might start abruptly and is essentially painless.

However, during boxing, a nosebleed typically occurs after one has been hit and a blood vessel is ruptured.

A nosebleed can be treated at the spot; typically, it doesn’t require you to pay a visit to the doctor.

The Importance of a Good Nose Massage before Sparring and Boxing

Many beginner boxers keep wondering about how they can prevent broken nose during their training sessions and boxing sessions.

Well, the answer to this aspect is that you have to prepare your nose in a way that it doesn’t break at the slightest punch.

If you are new to the training sessions, then your coach will typically tell you a bunch of tips and tricks to avoid a broken nose.

However, a broken nose is not always inevitable; yet, on the other side, boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

Here, I am going to share you the tip of how to massage your nose in a way that you can prevent a broken nose during the ordinary training sessions.

The trick is to have the nose ready before the sparring and training sessions.

All you have to do is start massaging the nose with the training and boxing gloves on.

While massaging the nose you ought to apply some slight pressure as well. During the massaging of the nose, the blood circulation gets increased.

You might also start punching your nose with the boxing glove on.

This kind of nose massage will work similarly to a beauty massage with the sole purpose of increasing blood circulation.

The nose massage ought to last for at least three minutes and you are good to go. Finally, after the nose massage is done, you will feel less of a pain in the nose area even after you get hit by a punch or multiple punches.