Difference Between Twin And Twin XL Mattress

Buying the right mattress is not an easy thing to do. A versatile range of functions and structure and a lot of brands have made users quite confused about what is the best thing for them.

But before going into the details of which mattress brand is the best and which material is long-lasting and comfortable, you need to decide which size is the best for you.

When coming to twin mattresses, the differences between twin and twin XL mattress has left people quite uncertain about which one can be a better choice for them.

These two mattresses are mostly used for single sleepers. And the only difference between them is of length. But a minute difference in a product can make a significant difference in its usage. Here is where the confusion comes.

You might use a twin mattress for your kid, for a guest room, a college room, or for yourself at home. Every place has its own specificities.

Which mattress is the best for you depends upon a lot of factors.

Also, to understand this, you need to know in detail the difference between a twin mattress and a twin XL mattress.

You will find here a detailed difference between them and a guide which can help you decide a better option for you.

So just scroll down and give a mindful read to it.

Comparison between Twin and Twin XL

Twin and Twin XL mattresses do not vary much in their characteristics. But even the small differences can affect hugely the comfort of your life.

Before buying any of these, you will need to fathom deep into the benefits and characteristics of each.

We will be explaining here in detail the similarities and differences between the two. And which mattress we recommend for whom will be discussed in each of the points. So before jumping onto any conclusion, give a look to each attribute of them.

Size and Area Coverage

The first thing that you need to look at is whether that size will be fitting your height or your needs or not.

What you need a mattress for? You want a surface which is comfortable and fit for you. And if your mattress is not the size that you were looking for to fit your needs, you can no way achieve that comfort that was your ultimate desire.

So according to your height and the area you are placing your mattress at, you need to know the dimensions or the size of your mattress.

Talking about the common twin mattress, it is 38 or 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. This size is ideal if you are buying for kids. Moreover, it is also a suitable size for most of the adults who are 6 feet tall. With a pillow on your mattress, the remaining part remains enough for your body to lie comfortably.

If you are looking for a mattress for short term usage and your size fits it, you can go for a twin mattress. And, if you want a mattress for your kid, you will have to keep two things into consideration.

Firstly, if you want a mattress for long term usage you will have to see if your kid is of average height and is not growing very fast. If it is the case you can have a good quality twin mattress for lifetime usage.

Secondly, if you are looking for a mattress for just temporary usage, you can buy a twin mattress for a kid of any size.

Coming to twin XL mattress, it measures 38 to 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length. This size suits those who are looking for long term usage of kids and more than 6 feet adults.

A mattress runs quite long if you are buying a good material. And, if you feel that your kid will grow quite fast to a good height, a twin XL mattress can prove to be a good choice for you.

Moreover, if you are more than 6 feet tall, the only thing that will suit you is a twin XL mattress.


Comfort is what you buy your mattress for. So it is one of the most important things to determine whether your mattress is suitable to give you the required comfort or not.

But how are you going to that?

Enlist your demands. This means you should categorically know what you are looking for. For example, if you are an average height girl who needs a mattress for a hostel room then there are two things to consider in it. One is that you need it for temporary usage and the second point is, you are less than 6 feet.

Keeping these requirements in mind, it seems that a twin mattress, being 75 inches long and average-ranged in price, will prove quite appropriate.

Meeting your demands means it will provide the comfort that you need.

Moreover, comfort is also how it looks while placed somewhere in your house. So if your house or room is not large enough, twin XL will not suit that place. You might need to adjust the regular twin mattress.

A twin XL mattress, on the other hand, is a good choice if you want it for your guest room or for yourself being taller than 6 feet. So getting a comfortable mattress depends totally upon your needs.

Room dimensions

Which mattress is suitable for you also depends upon the location where you are going to place it.

Some people need for a separate room, some want to adjust it in their existing room for their kids and some will need it for their small hostel or flat rooms. Each of these places has its own problems.

For example, if you want it for your kid to make him sleep separately but not much away from you, you might prefer to place it in your room. So considering the situation where you have to adjust a mattress in an already furnished room, a simple twin mattress can serve the purpose.

Even if you want it for a separate room and it is small. You will not want things to look messy. In that case, too, a twin mattress will suit you better.

If talking about the guest room and hostel rooms, a twin XL mattress, by the virtue of its greater usage (for small height or tall height people), will prove to be the best. There, either you will have to compromise on the messy look or you can adjust the furniture to make it look good.

So, a room or its size is a major contributor in deciding which of the mattresses makes an appropriate choice. Make sure, you do not end up regretting on the mattress size you have bought.


Before buying any product, you have a set budget in your mind. And talking about mattresses, you can surely buy one in a suitable budget.

But the twin and twin XL mattress vary in the budget. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to go for twin mattress which is almost $ 100 cheaper than twin XL mattress. So that sometimes means a great deal.

But sometimes, you do not have a choice between the two. For example, if you are more than 6 feet tall, you cannot adjust on a twin mattress hanging your feet in the air. So you will have to go for an XL.

Price is an option for those who want a twin XL and can adjust with twin mattress too. So if they are on a tight budget, they can avail the option of buying a cheaper twin mattress.

Price is not only determined by whether it is a twin or twin XL, which mattress type (in terms of material) are you buying also matters.

Some are simple foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses while some are the hybrids or all-latex mattresses. The former are cheaper and are prone to be damaged earlier.

On the other hand, the latex and hybrid mattresses tend to be durable, more comfortable and thus more expensive than previous ones.

In short, there is great variety and almost every type of mattress offers both twin and twin XL size. So depending upon your budget, you can buy any of those.


Changing the furniture adjustment of the home is an important thing for some people who seek change by changing the things around them.

If you are also that kind of person, you must keep in view that you do not buy very heavy and large-sized things.

Coming to mattresses, a twin mattress is quite easy to carry and place anywhere you want. On the contrary, a twin XL mattress is not just large-sized, its 5 inches more length, add quite a significant weight to it.

So it becomes very difficult to move it to the desired places.

This point might look quite unimportant, but it makes your life quite easy when things are not difficult to place at the desired places. Thus, if you can adjust with a twin mattress and you need to change your house settings quite often, you must go for a twin mattress.

Pros and Cons of both mattresses

Both mattresses are useful for different people and are disadvantageous for others. Their pros and cons are categorically defined here.

Twin mattress


–         Affordable

–         Easy to move

–         Adjusts well in all rooms

–         Perfect for kids


–         Cannot be used by taller people

–         Has limited utility being suitable average height people

Twin XL mattress


–         Fits multiple users

–         Provide extra space for easy adjustment

–         Can be used for more than one kid


–         Expensive than a twin mattress

–         Takes more space in a room


How to decide between twin and twin XL mattress?

Reading about the utility and pros and cons of both the mattresses, now you must be confused that which mattress you should buy.

Both have their benefits and both have their disadvantages at the same time. So which one is best for you?

Keeping this in view, we have collected the points which should be checked before buying one. So reading the following guide, you will get to know that buying a mattress depends upon which factors.

Who is going to use the mattress?

Twin or twin XL mattress is mostly used by kids, college-going students or the people who sleep alone. Some couples may also use them but that will be discussed separately ahead.

So it depends upon the user that which mattress you should buy. If you are buying it for your kid, a regular twin mattress is a good choice. On the other hand, if you are an adult, it depends upon your height. For instance, any person more than 6 feet height will need a twin XL for his/her room.

So the first point is the person who is going to use that mattress.

What is your preference?

There is no objective good or bad as every person has his own priorities.

When talking about the mattress, it depends upon whether you like a large sized mattress or a small sized one to place in your room. Also, if you need extra space to sleep (more than your body fits on), you will prefer a large sized mattress.

So don’t just go for what people have to say about these mattresses. The first thing that matters is your own choice which can be distinct from others. So, before looking into any other thing, listen to yourself first.

How long you want it?

This is another parameter upon which you can test which mattress would be better.

If you want a mattress for quite a long term usage of your kids, it is better that you spend once and spend well. Even after years, your kid turns out to be longer than 6 feet; this mattress will serve the purpose.

Therefore, you must think carefully that how long you will need it for.

But it is not necessary that a long time usage means buying twin XL. Even if you buy a twin mattress, your kid can use it after years if his/her height remains average.

You can just make an estimate of how much you kid is growing and buy one according to that.

Where are you placing it?

Again comes the point of the location for which you are going to need your mattress.

Whether a mattress is suitable for you or not depends upon the place to a great deal. For instance, you need a mattress to place in your guest room. Now you are not aware of all the guests who will be coming and using that mattress.

So choosing a mattress which has greater utility can serve better in this case. This simply means that twin XL being suitable for average heighted or tall heighted people at the same time will be a better option.

Likewise, you can check which room size will accommodate which mattress.

Moreover, if you need your mattress for a buck bed, it depends upon the size of that bed that which mattress will fill the space.

Who is your co-sleeper?

There are some couples out there who prefer to use a twin mattress. If that is the case, you must look for the height of your partner along with yours.

So, if your partner is a tall heighted guy, you will need a twin XL. Even if both of you are 6 feet or lesser than this, XL will be better as it offers a large surface area.

If you have any pet?

If there is any pet who lives with you and he has the habit of sleeping with you, it will be difficult for you to adjust on a twin mattress.

Twin XL mattress will remain comfortable as your pet can adjust anywhere near you.

That is all that you can look for before reaching a final point on which mattress is good for you to buy. It is not difficult to understand the basic difference between twin and twin XL. But once you understand that difference, you are able to save you from wasting your money and energies on buying the wrong product.

So, be mindful before you choose to buy anything for the sake of comfort in your life. Because, with a little carelessness, can turn into a discomfort.