5 Best Automatic Garage Door Openers

We are really used to opening our garage doors manually, but picture this:

It’s raining cats and dogs and you are on your way back home from an event in your favorite blue blazer (that you styled), and now you are standing outside wishing your garage door somehow magically opens up. (Coming from experience here).

Yes, I needed an automatic garage door opener, a device with a motor installed in it which helps in opening and closing a garage door and can be controlled by remote control. If you are done soaking in the rain or just simply feel lazy, opening and closing your garage doors, then perhaps you should look into these picks on our automatic garage doors.

While picking remember that you must look for compatibility with other gadgets for your ease of use, connectivity features such as Bluetooth and WiFi operation, good sensory features, and noise prevention. (Because you don’t want to wake your neighbors up in the middle of the night, love thy neighbor right?

Our list below is based on all of these factors we discussed and we feel they are the best ones to choose from.

Genie ½ HPc 3053-TV Quietlift Smart Garage Door Opener

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The Genie 3053-TV Quietlift is a perfect choice for garages that are very close to bedrooms and living spaces as these garage doors that make the least amount of noise when being operated.

It comes with 2 pre-programmed, 3 button remotes for ease of use. It also comes with a multi-function wall console.

It is a smart garage system as it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can use the voice assistants to operate the garage door with the Aladdin Connect application which can be downloaded for free.

It is very easy to install as it comes with a 5 piece rail system which easily snaps together and is very lightweight.

The ½ HPc power DC motor is able to lift a garage door weighing up to 500lbs up very smoothly and quietly up to 7 feet. It can also lift the garage door up to 8 feet with the help of an extension kit which is sold separately.

The GenieSense soft start and stop motor technology allows for longer motor life.

The Safe-T-Beam helps prevent accidents and ensures safety with an infrared beam of light across the garage door. 

However, upon the use, we found that although it is advertised as ½ HP, it will not work well with heavy garage doors.

It works with Alexa voice assistant, but you will have to say “Alexa, ask Aladdin Connect to close the garage door” instead of just “Alexa, close the garage door”

We found that the benefits of this product definitely outweigh the drawbacks, thus making it one of our top picks.

Chamberlain RJO20

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This garage door opener mounts on the wall next to the garage door and takes a minimal amount of space in your garage. Frees up a lot of ceiling space for light fixtures and ceiling fans by being attached to a wall next to the garage door. Its slim design allows it to be installed in tight spaces on either side of the garage door.

It easily connects to a home network with the built-in Wi-Fi and sends you alerts on your smartphone whenever you open or close your garage door.

It allows you to set a recurring schedule to close your garage door or turn the lights on and off.

The myQ application lets you control all the operations of your garage door and lets you securely invite up to 3 people to operate your garage door.

The Auto-lock feature deadbolts your garage door every time it closes.

Built-in safety sensors detect any object and reverse the garage door to prevent any damage or accidents.

It comes with a TriBand frequency remote which lets you control up to 3 garage doors. Furthermore, Chamberlain Security+2.0 prevents hacking and provides complete security.

The Triband technology also boosts the range of the remote and allows it to work from a distance of up to 1,500 feet.

This product also comes with a snap-lock rail system for easy installation.

However, this product does not work with many Homelink systems and only comes with 1 remote. If you have two cars, you should probably get a spare remote control.

We also found that the deadbolt occasionally stopped working, however, this is not experienced often, it is highly unlikely that you will come across this issue anytime soon after purchase. 

BeamUP BU-800 The Centurion

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The Centurion runs a smooth belt drive which is designed to lift even heavy carriage house doors with a lifting power of 1-¼ HPe.

While its other models, The Workhorse and The Sentry, come with a heavy-duty chain, The Centurion comes with an ultra-quiet belt which makes significantly less noise.

It is able to open 7 feet single and even double garage doors effortlessly and discreetly.

It has motion-activated LED security lighting which lights up your garage with 3000-lumen illumination and scans for any movement for safety.

It comes with two beamUP smart controllers that let you open and close your garage door.

It also works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple iWatch, IFTTT, and HomeLink®.

The beam Home app lets you share access to your garage with unlimited users and will also send you real-time alerts on your smartphone.

And it has a wireless keyless entry system.

However, a significant disadvantage is that it may sometimes struggle to connect with Homelink or may have connectivity issues with Wi-Fi operated systems. 

Lifemaster 8395-267 Premium Series

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This product comes with an industrial-strength chain drive and ½ HP which is able to lift most garage doors fairly easily.

It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and can be controlled with the myQ app.

It consumes up to 75% less power when in standby mode.

It also has safety sensors that will stop the garage door from closing if any movement is detected.

It enables safe in-garage delivery for Amazon prime packages. Prime users can use this feature by simply downloading the Amazon key app and linking it to their myQ account.

It comes with an 893LM 3 button remote control that lets you operate up to 3 garage doors which also has the Security+2.0 technology for safety.

It also comes with an 877LM wireless keyless security system that holds four unique pin codes.

However this door is noisier than the others on the list, Chain drives have a tendency to be noisy.

It does not have a timer to open or close your garage door or connected lights. Additionally, we found that it does not have a soft start and stop feature either

Genie 3022-TKH ChainMax 1000 Garage Door Opener

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The ChainMax 1000 offers the best in traditional chain drive operation and needs minimal maintenance.

It is powered by a 140v DC motor with soft start and stop technology for long-lasting motor life and noiseless operation.

It has a C-channel rail design that allows for flush-mounting capability and protects against dirt and debris.

The Safe-T-Beam safety feature prevents any accidents or hazards with an LED beam of light scanning any movement around the garage door.

It is ideal for garage doors with a height of 7 feet, although you can extend it to 8 feet with an extension kit that is sold separately.

It is also equipped with intellicode rolling code technology that keeps unauthorized people from opening your garage door. 

It has a two-bulb bright lighting system that directs the light towards the rear of your garage which often has poor lighting and visibility.

It has an opening speed of up to 7.5 inches per second 

It also comes with two pre-programmed 3-button controllers and a multi-function wall console with vacation lock and light control button

However, like the previous product, the chain rail is flexible and may make rattling noises. Braces can be added to make the rail rigid and less noisy.

This product is a little difficult to install. We recommend you get professional help to set it up.

The chain may loosen up and may need tightening after a few weeks of use.

Commonly Asked Questions…

How much weight can a garage door opener lift?

Garage door openers are rated with HP (horsepower) for AC or HPS (Horsepower similar) for DC motors.

  • ⅓ HP garage door openers can lift approximately 125lbs.
  • ½ HP garage door openers can lift approximately 300lbs.
  • ¾ HP can lift approximately 500lbs.
  • 1 HP can lift approximately 650lbs.

How much HP do I need?

You can refer to FAQ1 for a simple answer, although it depends upon a variety of circumstances.

If you happen to live in a cold climate, snow and ice buildup can create problems for you garage door opener as the bottom seal of the door can freeze to the ground and may require extra power from your garage door opener to open up. In this case, it is recommended that you pry your garage door open without running the opener, or at least try to get rid of some of the ice first.

Another frequently experienced case can be an unbalanced garage door. An unbalanced door would also require extra power from your opener and can even cause damage to the motor due to extra load. In this case, it is recommended that you change your garage door as it would be bad for your opener, even if you get a new one.

Belt vs Chain drive garage opener, which is better?

Chain drive garage openers are the most popular and the least expensive garage door openers. They are also very reliable when it comes to lifting heavy doors because the links of the chain provide the strength to lift it up. The chains and the metal to metal contact also tend to make chain drive garage openers noisier as compared to belt drive garage openers.

Belt drive garage openers are expensive as compared to chain drive garage openers but are faster and make less noise. These garage openers are not recommended for lifting heavy doors. If you have a bedroom nearby and you want a sound sleep, it is recommended that you get a belt drive garage door opener.


Garage door openers provide a lot of utility and save you from struggling to open the garage door in bad weather.

Modern openers can even be operated from your smartphone and send alerts to you wherever you are if your garage door is being operated, while old garage door opens do not possess this feature.

They are less noisy and fast and even come with lighting to make sure your garage is well lit and make every visit to the garage a pleasant experience. 

We would love to know which garage door opener worked the best for you, best of luck!