How To Use A Pasta Pot With A Strainer?

Using a pasta pot to boil your pasta is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is fill both the inner and outer pots with water, put the raw, hard pasta inside it, and let it boil for a few minutes. When the pasta is ready, simply lift the inner pot up and let the water drain out. That’s it, your pasta is ready.

Getting served with a dish of saucy pasta can be very pleasing but if you are asked to make it by yourself, this dish can be one hell of a task! It takes a lot of time and you get to eat your pasta after a long huff and puff.

You have to stir the mixture time and again while making the pasta in an oven but it still doesn’t stop foaming.

So you put it away from the flame and then place it back when the foam settles.

No one wants to go through that hustle, right?

But all you need to do is get yourself a pasta pot with a strainer to solve all your problems!

A pasta pot is a device made for food lovers that not only lessens the time in which pasta is cooked, but makes the cooking process much easier.

It is a self draining pot specially designed for boiling pasta.It consists of a larger pot and a smaller pot that fits inside the larger one. The smaller pot has many holes on its surface which makes it look like a strainer and is called an ‘insert’.

Adding to it, the objective behind the invention of a pasta pot is to eliminate the potential risk of getting yourself harmed while pouring the boiling hot water and pasta out of the pot and into the strainer.

Now,the inner pot or the insert will strain the pasta for you and make your life way more easier and risk-free too!

What Is The Purpose Of The Strainer?

Pasta Pot With A Strainer

The insert or the inner pot that comes along with your pasta pot is supposed to make draining the pasta a lot more effortless and uncomplicated than holding the pot above the sink. All you have to do is to lift up the strainer from the pasta pot and the water will automatically drain out instead of trying to drain the water and stop the pasta from falling into the sink simultaneously.

You can hold the strainer or the insert over the bigger pot to let it drain which will both allow the water to drain back into the open pot and keep the pasta warm while it’s drained.

Also,another advantage of a pasta pot with strainer is that you can cook several batches of pasta with the same water.

Restaurants do the same mostly.

Hence,it can be very helpful if you have to cook various different pastas for some reason.

How To Use It?

Step 1: Put the strainer or the inner pot inside of the large pot and fill both of them with water.

Step 2: Place the pot on the stove and set the flame at medium to high. Now, add your uncooked, raw pasta in the water with extreme care. Make sure that you put the pasta slowly so the water doesn’t splash as it can harm you.

Step 3: Let the pasta cook and turn the flame off when it has been cooked according to your desire. Grab the handles of the inner pot carefully. Make sure that you are wearing baking or kitchen gloves to prevent yourself from getting burned. Slowly lift the inner pot out of the bigger pot and hold it a little above the bigger pot . Allow the water to drain out of the strainer and into the outer pot.

Don’t pull out the inner pot fastly as it may cause injury to you and other people around you.

When the water has cooled,you can pour it out of the pot or boil another batch of pasta if you want.

An amazing fact about a pasta pot with strainer is that you can use it for preparing spaghetti, beans, lentils, hard-boiled eggs and other food items that require straining.

Pasta pots with strainers are easily available at vendors that sell cooking supplies.

If you don’t have a pasta pot yet, we suggest you buy one as soon as possible because it will surely change the part of life that you spend inside the kitchen.

How Can You Use A Pasta Pot To Prepare Spaghetti?

Step 1: Put the pasta pot in an oven and fill it with the instructed amount of water.

It is important to note that the water level should be 3x greater than the height of spaghetti that you are supposed to drop in. It will allow the spaghetti to get boil completely with enough water to let it expand.

Step 2: Put the spaghetti inside the strainer and place it in the bigger pot. Allow the spaghetti to boil completely. The spaghetti will get enough heat to expand from the bottom of the pot. Let it absorb the heat for 8 to 12 minutes and turn the flame off.

Step 3: Hold the strainer with gloves on your hands and lift it up until the water has drained out of the strainer and into the bigger pot.

Step 4: Now you have to overturn the strainer in the serving dish and your spaghetti is ready!

What Amount Of Water Would Work Best?

Well,it’s an established fact that water is compulsory for making pasta and spaghetti and you can not cook them without it.

The amount of water needed depends on the quantity of pasta that you are using and the recipe that you are going to follow. Generally, we have to types of pasta,sticky and soupy.

According to most recipes, you need 1 liter for every 100 grams of pasta or spaghetti.

This will go well for any kind of recipe you want to follow.

How To Make A Perfect Pasta With The Pasta Pot; How to keep its shape intact?

Even if you are a pasta expert,there is a problem that many of us face that the shapes of the pasta barely stay firm and intact which destroys the overall look and the taste too!

The outer edges often tear apart and sometimes the pasta splits into two pieces that does not make it look good in any way.

There could be possibly two reasons behind this problem.

First, maybe less stirring caused the pasta to over boil and get softened enough to break apart.

Second, insufficient water may have caused the pasta to reshape.

In an attempt to prevent this from happening,you have to stir the pasta time and again so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

Also, you have to make sure that the level of water is 2 to 3x greater than the level of pasta.

We are sure this will help you boil the pasta perfectly through the pasta pot with a strainer.

After Getting Boiled In The Pasta Pot , how Long Does The Pasta Last In A Fridge?

Most people tend to store the leftover pasta in the fridge because they do not want to waste it.

However, the real question is how long can it remain in the fridge in a state for using it later on?

Well,it solely depends on the ingredient and the way you have cooked it. If you have boiled the pasta in the pasta pot and want to store it in the fridge for later use,it can last for almost a week.

On the contrary,if you have cooked saucy pasta,it is preferred to consume it within 3 days as the chemicals and spices inside the sauce may make it harmful.

Problems Related To The Pasta Pot And Their Solutions:


If your pasta pot is made from stainless steel,it is possible that it may get discolored over time. In case that happens, you just have to wash your pot with a non-abrasive dish cleaner or use a mixture of water and vinegar to bring its original color back.

Removal Of Water Stains:

Water stains are very common and can be seen on the inner side of the pasta pot after using it for some time.

In order to remove the stains all you have to do is to wet the surface by pouring in some water(preferably warm water).

Now sprinkle a little baking soda on a damp sponge pad it against the surface of the pasta pot.

Once the stain is removed,rinse the pot and dry it with a cotton cloth or a tissue paper.

Removal Of White Spots:

Calcium-rich food items may leave some white spots on the inside of the pasta pot.

To get rid of them, prepare a mixture of vinegar and water and bring it to a boil inside the pasta pot.

After the pot has cooled down,wash it with a dishwasher and let it dry before using it again.

Why Do You Need A Pasta Pot With A Strainer?

1)The insert helps to strain the pasta so you do not have to worry about buying a strainer separately when you can get it at a lower price with a pasta pot.

2)A lot of time is saved as you don’t have to switch between multiple utensils.

3)Safe and easy storage.

4)Water gets boiled promptly.

Final Words

A pasta pot comes in handy in many ways for instance, you can reserve some of your starchy pasta water for preparing sauce later on.

A thought that  usually comes in mind after draining all that useful water out of the pot.

Well, you don’t have to regret now because the water will stay inside the container and you will be able to make the perfect sauce!

Even if you are not a pasta lover,you can use this pot for boiling vegetables, corn, potatoes and the list of endless food items goes on.

Having this in your kitchen will surely give you a chance to impress friends and guests with your cooking methodologies effortlessly!