Stem VS Humanities

Stem VS Humanities: There has been a number of growing studies that demonstrate the importance of fit between interests and career but there also has been an increasing disagreement emphasizing either STEM or humanities in education and work. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is usually preferred over humanities mostly because of its economic advantages.

STEM breeds engineers, doctors, lawyers, mathematicians, and people who are really important to our society and who work for the betterment of the world we currently live in.

On the other hand, humanities and arts cannot be overlooked because they have their own significance in society. Humanities include subjects like history, religion, languages, sociology, arts, and many more. Humanities help people to better themselves and understand the society that we live in. Humanities make you able to have those uncomfortable conversations on issues that are considered taboo in this society.

According to me, both stem and humanities have their significance in society and neither can be overlooked. In this article, I am not going to prove whether the stem is better or humanities.

This article consists of all the interesting facts and reasons that prove that both stem, as well as humanities, is necessary to survive in this world. We will be discussing the benefits of both stem and humanities.

So, let’s get to the interesting part and I hope that anyone of you who prefers one over the is able to learn why both these disciplines need to coexist for a better world.

Importance of STEM in society

Generally these days, stem classes are given top priority in the education system while the humanities are pushed to the side. There are a number of reasons why stem is preferred over humanities and arts.

One of the biggest advantages in STEM-related fields is that with a stem degree you can earn more money than with humanity one except for a few exceptions.

The world is progressing technologically at an exponential rate. There are new inventions every day and people who are not even familiar with technology have to learn to operate and live with it. The reason is, that it has become the need of today’s world.

There are more job opportunities for stem related degrees in the whole world as compared to the degrees related to arts and humanities.

Some of the major benefits of STEM are:

  • Stem degrees enhance your problem-solving skills. People enrolled in stem disciplines are more likely to solve a technological or critical problem at hand.
  • Logical thinking development is one of the major benefits of STEM. The modern world requires well thought logical solutions to its problems. Therefore, it is important to master that skill and in order to do so you have to be familiar with problems that require logical thinking for presenting solutions.
  • STEM is the discipline that provides mankind with tools for innovative creations. People opt for this discipline so they can make new and innovative inventions that can also benefit the world.
  • It makes you able to understand the functionality of the world. STEM comprises of subjects that involve deep research about how the universe is working.

Science is a very interesting subject. You get to learn about things you could not have even imagined. Through engaging in the thinking processes involved in these areas, one can be exposed to a new world of discoveries and possibilities.

In the current world, we are all slaves of technology. Gone are the times when people could function without technology, that is just not possible anymore. Electricity, mobile phones, laptops, cars are some of the basic things that people cannot function without. All of this came into being because of technology.

Engineering is the discipline that has been able to solve some of the major problems of the world. The medical world would only have been medications and prescriptions if it was not for engineering. It provides modern solutions to all of the modern-day problems. Engineers make new innovative inventions every day and this field is quite exciting and beneficial for the society.

Mathematics has become the core of almost all the stem subjects and its importance cannot be overlooked. Mathematics is involved in almost every field of life. Be it finance, accounting economics. The world just cannot move forward without mathematics.

The above-mentioned factors are the reasons why STEM is preferred over humanities and why everyone is being pushed to pursue something in stem rather than in humanities.

Importance of humanities in society

As the importance of stem cannot be ignored in society, Similarly sometimes we overlook the fact that arts and humanities are as essential for the betterment of the society as STEM is.

In a perfect world, students would get a well-balanced education with STEM and humanities classes. Students would study with interest while sharpening their minds to be scientific and would be aware of all the moral and spiritual bases.

Humanities are pushed to the side because people think that it does not provide training in job skills. This is not entirely true as there are hundreds of job opportunities for people having arts and humanities degrees.

Humanities generally include disciplines such as philosophy, history, language, literature, classical studies, religion, art, law politics, and human geography. It is said that through studying the humanities people have the opportunity to know themselves and others better.

Some of the major benefits of arts and humanities are:

  • Through studying these subjects, people are able to develop empathy and a better understanding of other people. These subjects teach you to be kind and treat others with equal respect.
  • It broadens your imagination and you are able to explore your personal beliefs. When we are kids, we taught what t believe in and why. Sometimes when we grow up and explore the world on our own, we find out that whatever we have been believing in was a lie because it does not align with our perspective and the way we look at the world. these subjects teach you to explore yourself and develop your own belief system.
  • It encourages the intentional discussion about uncomfortable ideas. As mentioned before, sometimes what we have been taught to believe is entirely different from how the world actually is. It often leads to discussions and acceptance of some uncomfortable ideas around you.
  • It enables you to discover and question the meaning of ethics and morality in the world. The current state that the world is in, is quite alarming. The world could really use some kind and reasonable people.
  • With the help of these subjects, you learn to appreciate the world art, literature, and music. Have you ever wondered what would the world look like if there was no art and music in it. It would be a very dry and boring world to live in.

The value of humanities can only be appreciated by experiencing and knowing about it. It is not important to describe the humanities, the more important thing is to observe how studying a humanities discipline can affect and change your life. It plays an important role in shaping you as a person.

When people take courses in any humanities discipline, they use different methods to learn about individuals including themselves.

The examine the feelings and relationships, the feelings of others as well as their own feelings. They develop empathy and appreciation for others which helps them to deal with difficult situations in the long run.

Why humanities and STEM need to coexist?

Now, that is an interesting question. Even though strict academic definitions seem to explain that there are drastic changes in both these disciplines, the two are naturally associate with one another. Consider the example of Sir Isaac Newton, mostly he is known as the mathematician and the physicist who discovered the laws of motion and gravitation. But he also mastered Latin, was interested in philosophy, and spent his later years in the interpretation of religious prophecies.

STEM does provide specific job training but sometimes it fails to offer a broader foundation for further career development. This fact often leaves students at risk when jobs in their specific field are unavailable. Another reason why people choose STEM degrees is that there is an element of prestige associated with it.

The implications of only favoring STEM and discouraging humanities is harmful to both society and individuals. A society that will only produce doctors and engineers is doomed to fail.

Have you ever thought where the world would be if there were no waiters? Grocers? Janitors?  Our society degrades these professions and at the same time relies on them.

The same is the case with STEM and humanities if there were only mathematicians and engineers who would be responsible to record history? Inspire creativity within us? Provide the world with entertainment?

By pushing people to only pursue STEM degrees will leave them with no opportunities for broader studies. They will be forced to exist in a world that has no individualism, dialogue, and conflict. Life beyond the campus borders of our colleges and universities is very different which is depicted in a STEM classroom. It is concentrated in both human as well as scientific problems.

Another reason that people should be encouraged to pursue a future in humanities degrees is that while enrolled in a humanities discipline a person is able to explore himself and the world around him. These subjects enable you to develop empathy for the world, discuss topics that are normally ignored because talking about them makes people uncomfortable. It broadens your mind and perspective and often changes the way you look and perceive the world.

Commonly Asked Questions…

  1. Is Stem harder than humanities?

Stem majors on average spend more hours preparing for the class as compared to humanities. It is a fact that Stem is relatively harder than humanities.

  1. Why do people consider STEM more important than humanities?

The stem is considered important as it is easier to secure a job in stem majors than in humanities. In reality, both disciplines are extremely important to the society and there should be a perfect balance between them.

  1. What is the difference between humanities and arts?

Humanities is a general term for everything that is not sciences. It includes arts and social sciences as well as other fields.

Final thoughts

People should be encouraged to pursue a degree in whatever they are interested in. Forcing someone to choose a specific subject even though they have no interest in it can have drastic effects on them and their future.

We are all individuals with different likes and different perspectives.

Everybody should have the right to choose to have a career in whichever field they like without external pressure.

In this way, deserving people who are good at what they do will be an important post in their specific field.

This will have a very positive effect on society and individuals.

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