Learn Something New In Just 60 Seconds

Learn Something New In Just 60 Seconds: In today’s meteoric world, where everyone keeps complaining about how short they are on time, in a rapidly advancing world where everyone is competing to beat the clock, where the accumulation of how we spend each and every second determines our chances of winning this competition and coming out on top and sorting out our lives.

Due to the technological advancements and the fast-paced environment around us, we have somehow forgotten how seemingly trivial tasks could be wasting our time, where we can have a taxi at our door in 30 seconds we still somehow aren’t able to get hold of the small things we can incorporate in our lives, a lot of which don’t take more than a minute, but knowing them or developing such skills can literally stop the clock for us and increase our chances of standing out.

Even if we are wearing a smartwatch, even if we can book tickets by a single click, we are still fascinated when we see someone solving a Rubik’s cube or shuffling a deck of cards with just one hand.

Sharing with you, how we can all pick up on such skills or techniques that we can know in a very small amount of time, here is a list of skills, information, or techniques that you can learn in just one minute.

If you have time you can even get to know things to learn in 5.

Learn Curing Nausea after Working Out in 1 minute:

How to find yourself

When you’re working out hard, your body distributes blood to your muscles to transport oxygen and nutrients due to which little blood is left to circulate to the stomach and intestines and, as a result, oftentimes triggers nausea or feeling to vomit.

Basically, we fall short of oxygen and blood and since our body isn’t used to this, we feel like throwing up.

A simple piece of information to keep nausea at bay when you exercise the next time is to take a light walk even if nausea has kicked in OR try laying down with your feet higher than your stomach so that the blood is redirected to your heart and digestive system.

Learn Popping Clogged Ears After a Flight:

Pop Clogged Ears After a Flight

When your flight takes off and the plane begins its ascent, the air pressure inside the inner ear quickly surpasses that of the pressure outside, and conversely, if air pressure inside the inner ear rapidly becomes less than the air pressure outside, the tympanic membrane gets sucked inward, due to which our eardrums cannot vibrate and as a result, we experience decreased hearing and muffled sounds.

The best hack for this situation which may go away on its own but can be very uncomfortable which you can rid yourself of by inhaling a mouthful of air and closing your mouth and simultaneously pinching your nose, tightly pinch your nose from near the upper tip of the nostrils and exhale or blow out through your nose as hard as you can.

Try chewing gum while the plane is near landing to prevent or lessen the severity of this problem.

Learning how to solve Rubik’s cube:

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Invented in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik, it remains one of the most fascinating and challenging puzzles to date. Rubik’s Cubes’ structure has several features such as rotation, permutation, and combinations, cycle, and symmetry. A seemingly daunting task at first, with a proper understanding of algorithms and memorization of the order of the turns, you can easily work your up to solving the complex toy under one minute and woo every on-looker.

Learn Meditation in 1 minute:

Guided Morning Meditation

Surprisingly enough, in today’s quick world where we have a thousand thoughts in our head, hundreds of issues begging for our attention; it is very tough to focus on our mental health.

Staying mindful and mental well-being is more of a challenge currently than it ever was.

It may seem very less reading this but even a minute of meditation is something that is promised to yield substantial and lasting results on our mental abilities.

Meditation offers us an ideal opportunity to take a break, step away from what we are doing, breathe deeply, and recharge.

With this one-minute meditation skill, you can practice it wherever you are, if you are out for a walk, riding the bus, waiting at the doctor’s office, anywhere.

While standing or sitting (even leaning with your back against a wall is fine), be aware of your feet grounded on the floor.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in, scanning your entire body up and down, from your toes to the top of your head, then back down again while breathing out.

As you inhale and exhale breathe deep into your chest so your belly fills with the air.

When exhaling, control the air as it leaves your lungs.

Make breathing in and out your only responsibility. Listen to your breath as it goes in and out of your nose.

Feel it as it fills your lungs. Control it as your lungs empty. Do this for one minute. At the end of the meditation, open your eyes.

One Minute Journaling:

Editor Jobs

Often times we wake up in the morning, completely clueless about the course of action we might take on this day, it takes us minutes or at times hours to get on track with pending tasks that are begging for our attention, but laziness and procrastination get the better of us.

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business School, participants who journal-ed at the end of the day had a 25% increase in performance when compared with a control group who did not journal.

To get a head start on your day ahead it is best advised to journal at night about the tasks and goals you want to focus on the next day. Other than that, you can also keep a journal with you the entire day where you can jot down your thoughts and feelings for self-reflection and self-analysis.

You can journal your way to gratitude for all the blessings you are bestowed throughout the day and also make a note to yourself of all the problems you have faced or of all the bad moments you went through to rectify those issues.

Journaling for even one minute at the end of the day or at any time during the day is sure to de-clutter your mind and summarize your day for you.

Fall asleep in one minute:

sleeping headphones

Be it insomnia, or countless hours of your mobiles screen light that keeps you up at night or causes trouble sleeping, a one minute hack can easily solve your sleep quality.

Laying in the bed awake and struggling to sleep ruins your body as it doesn’t get rest which in turn hampers the body from healing itself as we sleep.

Breathing like a lot of other things mentioned above like meditation and nausea during or after a workout is essential to our sleep routine.

This one-minute breathing method is guaranteed to doze you off quicker than you would expect.

This technique is known as the 4-7-8 technique.

This technique involves breathing through your nose while making a swoosh sound, then close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose while counting mentally through to 4.

Next, hold your breath and again, mentally count till 7, finally inhale completely through the mouth, making a swoosh sound again while mentally counting to 8.

It is advised to repeat this cycle of breathing more than three times.

Not only this one-minute technique makes you fall asleep quickly, but it is also very relaxing and leaves you energized.

Making a paper plane in 60 seconds:

Paper folding

A classic paper craft that is sure to add to your skills and hookup you up with origami and papercraft. Making a paper plan has long been a favorite for kids and even grown-ups. (If you are into crafting, make sure you check out these crafting tools.)

The skill seemingly very simple but without proper technique might not fly properly and would just be a waste of paper.

We are giving you a step-by-step guideline on building a paper plane that not only looks good but is adequately equipped to fly as good as a basic paper plane could and that too within one minute.

Fold in half lengthwise and then unfold. As with the Bulldog above, this center crease is just a guide for future folds.

Fold the paper in half.

Fold the top corners in so they meet at the center crease.

Now fold the top corners down to meet the middle crease.

Fold the entire top down so that it resembles an envelope.

Make sure you leave a half-inch or so at the bottom — you don’t want the top point to evenly meet the bottom edge.

Fold the top down so that it resembles an envelope.

Fold the top corners in so they meet in the middle.

There should be a small triangle tail hanging out beneath these folds.

Fold top corners down again, towards middle crease. Fold that small triangle up to hold those previous folds in place.

Fold up the small triangle that was leftover from the previous step.

Fold in half, but make you sure you fold it outwards on itself, not inwards.

You want the previous triangular fold to be visible on the bottom edge. Fold the entire airplane in half, outwards.

Fold the wing down so its edge meets the bottom edge of the airplane.

Repeat on the other side.

Fold the wing down so it meets the bottom edge. The finished plane not only would fly well alongside its design It has cool pointed wings and has great stability because of the triangle on the bottom.

Fresh eyes in one minute:


The time we spend staring at screens has grown exponentially over the last decade.

Your laptop or smartphone might be the culprit in the first place, but it can also help in this.

Set a watch timer and take regular breaks off the screens.

Look at distant objects for 20 seconds, then blink rapidly for 20 seconds, then rub your hands vigorously so they are warm and place them gently over your eyes for another 20 seconds.

1 Minute Stretches after waking up:

sleep well

Cobra stretch

Lie on your stomach and place your hands flat beneath your shoulders. Tuck your elbows in by your sides and gently raise your head and chest, keeping your hips and groin on the bed. If it feels comfortable, you can go a little deeper by lifting your tummy off the bed too. Remember to relax your neck and shoulders. Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds and when you’re ready, gently lower back down.

Spinal twist

Lying on your back, raise one of your knees, and gently roll it over to the opposite side.

Make sure both of your shoulders stay in contact with the bed at all times.

If it feels comfortable, stretch one arm out to the side, keeping it in line with your shoulders, and slowly turn your head to face your outstretched arm.

You should feel the stretch on the sides of your upper body and your lower back.

Breathe deeply and repeat on the opposite side.

Standing quad stretch

Stand up straight and hold onto the wall or a chair if you need to.

Keep your feet hip-width apart. Reach back and grab your left foot with your left hand.

Keep your thighs lined up next to each other and your left leg in line with your hip.

Feel the stretch in your left thigh and hips. Repeat with your right leg.

Increase typing speed:

How to check if your PC has Bluetooth?

Typing is all about muscle memory, so the only way to improve is to practice typing regularly.

The measure of typing speed is called WPM which stands for “words per minute”. Regular activities are a critical factor in achieving professional typing skills.

Even one minute of typing a day can increase our typing speed. There is much online software for typing tutorials which can be beneficial for incorporating this skill.

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