Courteney’s Daughter: Coco Arquette

Courteney’s Daughter: Coco Arquette: Remember Vickie and Albert’s Daughter in the movie “Just Before I Go”, that girl is now 16 and is a  celebrity kid, an Instagram star, a Tiktok star, a singer, a dancer, and last but not least an actress.

Coco Arquette didn’t become a star only on her own, but in fact, she inherited a lot of fame from both her parents too.

Here are some of the life events and facts that you didn’t know about Coco.

Date of Birth:

Coco Arquette was born on June 13, 2004, in Los Angeles, California which makes her a Gemini.

Both her parents, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are pretty famous and are known and admired for their work throughout the globe.

Coco Arquette’s Super Famous Parents

When it comes to fame, every member of this family is a tough competitor for one another.

Coco’s parents Courteney Cox and David Arquette first met each other at the set of Scream in 1996 and got hitched together on June 12th, 1999 at Grace Cathedral located in San Francisco.

Courteney became a mother for the first and only time on June 13, 2004, while she was shooting the final season of FRIENDS.

Despite spending almost 15 years together, due to personal reasons the couple couldn’t make it any further and they parted their ways in 2013.

Coco Arquette lives with her mother nowadays and also keeps on visiting her father, David.

Courteney Cox

We bet that you’ve heard of Monica Geller played by Courteney Cox in the all-time famous American sitcom, FRIENDS. Coco Arquette’s mother has carved herself quite a career in the film industry.

The 56-year-old American actress has not only gained worldwide recognition but is in fact loved by people around the globe for some of her work.

The mother and daughter share a very fascinating relationship and you’ll get to about it later in this article.

David Arquette

Not lagging far behind from her mother, her father hasn’t earned any less fame. He’s an American actor, a wrestler, a producer, a writer, and a fashion designer.

Compared to the time spent with her mother, the father and daughter haven’t spent as much time together.

However, he still believes that all things considered, Coco is really a great person. He says that some of Coco Arquette’s abilities such as her singing reflect that she’s got more talent than he ever had.

He further says that another valuable trait possessed by Coco is her confidence which is really amazing.

With his dashing personality, David inspires many people through the world, however, in his opinion, Coco Arquette is the coolest among this family of stars.

Religion and Education:

Coco is currently enrolled at a Private Elite School in LA.

She doesn’t follow a single particular religion and in fact belongs to a rather multicultural ethnicity. She is English, Jewish, Russian and French from her father’s side.

Coco’ Arquette’s Height:

At the age of 16, Coco stands at 5 ft and 4 inches or 163cms and weighs around 110 lbs. which makes her a perfect fit for the songs like “ Wild” by Monogem.

Coco’s Career:

In 2014, 9 year old Coco was casted first time in the movie, “Just Before I Go”.

At the age of 12, Coco was seen starring in a song “ Wild” by Monogem, this song plays an  important role in the popularity that Coco has gained.

In the recently released “You Cannot Kill David Arquette”, a biography related to her dad’s wrestling career, Coco was also casted making it her second film at such a young age.

Relationship with her Mother:

The 16-year-old and her mother have a really fun and loving relationship.

Courteney says that her daughter has taught her a lot of things. She believes that she has imparted a lot of patience in her as one of the biggest things that she’s taught her is not to take things personally.

Courteney says that despite Coco’s mood or whatever she’s going through, she always finds her mother to be the safest place to speak up and take it out on.

Coco says that if she’s going through a stressful situation, her mother Courteney helps her contain her stress and somehow makes her feel better. All of this has taught her how to be a stronger person in general.

Both of them share a very incredible relation filled with fun and learning.

Coco Arquette is a Singer:

Coco hasn’t really made a professional appearance so far but the way she sings is pretty admirable.

She has full support from her mother Courteney and they often upload videos where Courteney plays the piano while Coco sings.

The Hamilton duet performed by the pair during this quarantine was awesome and is a must-see.

Everyone needs a Good Listener:

At every stage of life, Courteney has ensured that Coco is not only listened to but is also supported. Courteney says that instead of trying to fix her daughter’s feelings, she listens more to her.

Once Coco feels heard, she feels more relaxed and Courteney believes that this is the main element in making her daughter so confident in life, and its really easy to remind her how amazing she is.

Coco’s Net worth:

Recorded in June 2020, the celebrity kid holds a net worth of around $500 thousand.

With the number increasing all the time, Coco has around 331 thousand followers on  Instagram and is able to raise $900 to $1600 per sponsored post.

Coco Arquette’s Godmother:

If you are a FRIENDS fan, you must have known the strong bond between Rachel and Monica on the show. The duo, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox aren’t any less close in reality and that is probably the reason Courtney made Jennifer Aniston the godmother of her child.

Coco and Jennifer Aniston:

Besides being her Godmother, Jennifer has also been a babysitter to Coco when she was a child.

Jennifer Aniston really adores her godchild, on a recent Instagram post where Coco posted a picture of herself, Jennifer commented

“Coco! You’re growing up way too fast.”

In another video, where Coco and Courteney were playing piano, Jennifer commented:

“Aww, just like her godmother taught her.”

Coco Arquette’s Best Friend:

Eden Jane Ellenberg is Coco Arquette’s best friend. The duo have been friends for last four years and Coco says that together, they’ve been through a lot and there’s nothing that can tear them apart now.

Coco believes that she is beyond lucky to have Eden in her life and considers Eden as her “Soul Sister”.

Eden and Coco both are 16 years old and Eden will be turning 17 this year on December 16th.

Coco Arquette on Tiktok:

A flash back to the FRIENDS episode featuring “The Routine”.

TikTok has been a source of fame for many. Coco Aquette was seen for the first time on TikTok performing a dance challenge.

This snippet was uploaded on Jan 7th through Courteney Cox’s TikTok account where both the mother and daughter were seen doing some brilliantly synced choreography with “Whip Out the Stick” by PYT Ny x Young Ant playing in the background.

The choreography will give you major throwback to a FRIENDS episode, where Monica and Ross perform “The Routine” to impress the judges.

Courtney uploaded this post with the caption” Family workout” and while uploadeing the same video on Instagram, she wrote “Wanna see your child lose their patience? Do a TikTok with them”

If you are trying to find Coco’s official TikTok account, and you are wondering that none of them looks like an official one, you are right.

Coco did have a TikTok account with the username @cocoarquette_, but she deactivated it a few time back.

Her TikTok videos were pretty famous and she had 370,000 fans on her account.

The reason for leaving TikTok as she stated in her last video was that this life isn’t for me anymore, its kind od annoying and I can’t handle it.

Coco as a young child:

It may sound a little too cheesy but Courteney describes her daughter in her childhood as “absolutely adorable”, “curious”, with an “incredible sense of humor “and “quirky”.


We really believe that some of the skills possessed by Coco Arquette are really remarkable and if she continues going like this, she’ll only make her mother and godmother more and more proud.

We hope that the bond between Coco and Courteney on becomes stronger. The duo continues to fulfill each other and live the rest of their life in joy and happiness.

What was Courteney Cox’s favorite food when she was pregnant?

During her pregnancy journey with Coco, Courteney says that she used to love cottage cheese and tomato.

On hearing this answer from her mom, Coco was surprised and replied “That’s disgusting “while covering her face with her hand as she laughed.

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