Is Boxing Worth it?

Is Boxing Worth it?: Undoubtedly, boxing is a great exercise to get yourself into the right shape.

The speedy upper and lower body punching along with swift workout help in giving you the overall exciting experience.

Undoubtedly boxing is great. And of course, there are a lot of fo benefits of boxing. But is it worth the risk?

With so many reasons to do this combat sport, it is equally important to understand the number of injuries that you may suffer if you are participating in the competitions.

Training is totally a different thing. It is great for both physical and mental fitness. And there are no risks involved.

But when you actually start fighting in the ring where you face a lot of punches literally everywhere. It becomes a totally different thing.

boxing 1

Head injury is the one that makes you think twice about boxing.

The head injury deaths go all the way back to 1926 when Daniel Marshall died one day after the injuries taken from the fight of Joshua Lloyd-Doyle.

So far around 500 boxers died due to a series of symptoms.

When it comes to boxing in the ring, this is a sport that allows you to directly punch the head of your opponent.

And you cannot get rid of it unless you take some reason defensive skills.

So, you need to learn the best self-defensive techniques in order to make this sport worth the trouble.

Your both physical and mental stability is of the utmost importance, so you should know both benefits as well as the downside of this combat sport.

Let’s look at the downside of the boxing first.

Why boxing is not worth it?

Boxing brutal punches make it a dangerous game.

Here are a few injuries that happen in light of boxing.

Blow to the head

What Happens To The Brain When You Get Knocked Out?

90 percent of fighters have some kind of brain damage. Boxing may represent fewer deaths than some different games yet the quantities of fighters enduring brain damage are a lot higher than recorded.

It isn’t astonishing that head damage is so regular in boxing. It is assessed that when a fighter gets a hard impact to the head it resembles being hit by a 13-pound bowling ball going at 20 mph, which is around multiple times the power of gravity.

Being hit on the head can make breaks the bone of the head and face along with tissue damage involved.

A blow can harm the outside of the mind, tear nerve systems, cause injuries, drain, or produce huge clumps inside the cerebrum. The level of harm endured by fighters will rely upon expert or beginner status.

Proficient fighters experience the ill effects of the total impact of harm to the brain.

This also regularly bring out shocking disorder. The proof of injury endured by amateurs is less obvious, with various examinations finding no proof of combined mind harm.

Body Damage

Different injuries to the body from boxing include cuts, wounds, broken teeth, dental issues, broken ribs, and harm to inner organs and of course nose damage.

and don’t forget Eye Injuries

Improve Boxing Technique with Drill Footwork

Although secured by hard bone, eyes are also powerless against direct hits from beneath.

Harm to the eyes in boxing can result from direct contact or from shock waves set up in liquid substance.

These blows may result in damage to the retina, retinal separation, retinal discharge, and different wounds.

Ex-Boxers Were are more Vulnerable due to their age

Ex-fighters are progressively powerless against regular maturing of the mind and sicknesses of the brain.

They might be bound to endure sicknesses, for example, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s ailment. Fighters’ brains are more prone to different injuries.

The ventricles inside the mind augmented due to the reduction in the brain’s tissue.

Effects of Sparring

Dealing with a broken nose

Sparring is one of the basic techniques to learn professional boxing. It helps in understanding the right techniques for a professional boxer.

Starting your career as a boxer?

You must know about sparring, as it helps in gaining the right techniques of punching and saving your face in the ring.

The first question that comes in the mind is that does sparring cause brain damage? Well, the answer is ‘YES’.

What sparring causes the most damage is skull injury that may lead to brain cell damage and concussion.

If you face some serious brain problems, then it may lead to Parkinson’s disease. By making some changes to your routine, you can spar safer and better and this also makes this combat-sport enjoyable.

Different Approaches to Avoid Brain Injuries during a Fight

Boxing History - Timeline and Facts

Boxing Gloves

The vast majority of boxers feel that the boxing gloves are made to secure the head, however, nothing can be further from reality.

As a matter of fact, they are intended to shield the hands of the contenders from wounds. All things considered, the skull is a lot harder than the hands, since his job is to ensure the most significant organ in the human body – the brain. So it’s conceivable to break your hand or knuckles after a hard punch in the skull. That is the reason boxing gloves are so huge.

The issue is that the gloves cause more harm to the brain.

They decrease the cuts more than the littler gloves however exceed the brain injuries. Like we definitely know, brain damage is brought about by the increasing speed of the head. Also, the bigger gloves enable the fighter to punch intensely, as a result of the additional mass staring in the face. So the larger gloves can be much increasingly risky.


Each punch in the head can cause harm, yet its effect can change a ton, depends on the spot the punch is landed.

For instance, a strike in the significantly lessens the harm than a strike in the jaw.

All things considered, there are two principal places where even less incredible punches can cause skull injuries after they are landed precisely.

The jaw

This is where the vast majority of the boxers are pointed when they are throwing their punches. What’s more, most of the knockouts in boxing are about a hard punch in the jawline. That is on the grounds that after such a punch the head speed up quick on the cerebrum begins thumping into the skull.

“Jaw” in boxing likewise implies the capacity of the boxers to take punches. You may know that jawline fracture while you watched an enclosing match or the rec center. This is the means by which the boxers who get injured or gets thumped out effectively are called. What’s more, on the other side? Boxers who are called fighters are also known as iron jaw boxers. Still, a punch in the jawline can cause incredible harm.

Behind the ear

The other spot where you truly would prefer not to get hit is behind the ear. It has a comparative impact on the punch in the jawline – it makes the head quickens. Likewise the skull thickness there is littler than, for instance, on the brow. It’s harder to arrive punches here on the grounds that you should be extremely near your rival or at a specific edge. The most effortless approach to do it is by utilizing a lead trap. Indeed, even just one, hard punch behind the ear can cause knock out.

Move with the Punch

Moving your head with your strikes should be done with the punches. This drastically diminishes the effect of the strike, since you are moving a similar way as it. Some boxers use this method constantly, but it requires a great deal of training and experience to be executed effectively.


If you create subtle footwork, you can make the other boxer sufficient time to punch you. Commonly the footwork is the factor that successes the fights. It enables you to make better edges and confuse the other boxer significantly. There are some boxers that use footwork for better command in the ring.

Use Mouth Guard

The mouthpiece can really ingest a portion of the blow. So ensure you utilize one every time you fight. Use it properly, as you have to face the punch coming towards your face. Every time, you must have sufficient opportunity to square it or evade it. That way you will utilize your jaw and neck muscles which can stifle the punch of another boxer.

Train Your Neck

A solid neck can easily diminish the harm from a punch in the head. It can ingest the power and keep the head from quickening. Moreover, preparing the neck muscles is an essential thing that each expert fighter does.

Yet, regardless of whether you aren’t an expert, do neck practices in your daily schedule, so you can drastically diminish the injuries you take during a competition.

Try Not To Use Headgear

Unlike the vast majority think the headgear really increases the brain injury instead of diminishing it. No one knows precisely for what reason is that however, there are a few speculations:

Easy Target

The headgear makes the fighters head simpler target, therefore, they take more punches

Blocked Vision

It’s harder to see the punches with the rigging so the fighters can’t avoid them.

Even proficient fighters don’t do full contact competing constantly.

Some of the time such sparring can cause much more brain injuries than the official fights in the ring. Still, around 80% of your capacity can be checked in the sparring. Else, you can harm yourself in the fight.

Better fight in the gym with the right method instead of concentrating on the punching power.

Aside from obviously on the off chance that you like to fight and your rival is likewise satisfied with that.

Side Effects of Sparring

After a knockout, doctors check the actual condition of a boxer who was knocked out following the fight. That is on the grounds that a temporary loss of consciousness with the knockout can cause a blur vision.

So on the off chance that you have been thumped out or shocked in fighting, you have to think about consulting a doctor.

Additionally, side effects like memory loss, migraine, and other issues may cause blurred vision. In those cases, you must consult your doctor or a specialist.

Boxing is no doubt a great combat-sport to watch, as a large number of people around the world are interested in watching their favorite athletes in the ring. Still, it is essential to know the right techniques to get rid of major head injuries that are the major reasons for concussions and even deaths.

Good Strategies for boxing

Throw a punch

There are actually people who got killed in the boxing ring due to head injuries.

So the first thing you need to do is to avoid your head from direct blows.

Remember, professional boxers don’t wear a headgear, there’s nothing to protect them except for their defensive techniques.

Fundamentally, everybody who trains boxing to place the punches on the rival’s jawline. So you must be set up for such strikes. There are 4 things you can do to ensure yourself and to diminish the effect of the punches in the jaw or at least behind the ear significantly:

Keep Your Head Safety Up

It’s undeniable that you have to keep your hands up so you can ensure your head. Along these lines, you can square or repel the punches of the other fighter. In any case, there are a few monitors that are significantly more compelling for head safety than others:

Move with the Punch

Using this trick, you can pretty secure yourself from every sort of punches. Maybe you are a warrior, but your correct hand and your left shoulder will shield your jaw from the sides. The main path for your rival to arrive a punch in your jaw. So always stay focused to avoid counter punching. The most renowned fighter presently who uses such a method is Floyd Mayweather Jr.


This is used by boxers like Anthony Joshua. It’s compelling for securing the two spots i.e., behind the ear and the jawline. However, regularly can leave your body open for punches.

A typical slip-up is to keep the jaw up and the mouth open for punch. This can cause exceptionally terrible wounds, for example, broken teeth or jaw.

In the event that you fight, you should be set up to take a few punches in the face. So it’s a smarter approach to hold your jaw down and your mouth shut. Therefore it will be difficult for your rival to arrive a perfect punch on your jaw.

In boxing, there are some concussions that make you got knocked out.

Being a boxer, you must have some knowledge of why some head injuries are severe and which ones are normal to carry on the fight.

Make sure, there is no damage to the brain because such injuries are often not healable. There is no doubt boxers are brave internally because they are always ready to get shocks during their whole playing career.

In a few circumstances, their bravery takes them hospitalized for many days. Still, it is a part of the game. One day you win and you can also be knocked out.

Any action that includes hits to the body, particularly the head is dangerous.

Boxing controlling bodies and their rules have made it an exceptional sport for many enthusiasts around the world.

Also, boxing has some genuine impacts on the strength of individuals. This is for most of us, who are associated with the game.

To  sum up: Boxing is not like other sports

Professional boxing is not like any other sport like Tennis, Badminton and even football.

You must have some real fight skills to get the best out of you. You may end up with serious injuries if you are not following the right techniques or taking the instructions of your trainer seriously.

At the same time, be attentive while you are in the ring because it is unbearable to carry on with severe head injuries during your career.

If you compare the list of injured boxers with the ones who completed their career in the same game, then you will realize that the list of latter ones is long.

It is really mad to advise boxers to change their profession.

Why not take the right safety precautions by consulting your gym coach or a personal trainer?

Head injuries may leave your career in tatters in the early stage, but this is not only happened in boxing.

There are several athletes around the world, who suffered from different injuries and then gave up their careers. So we cannot say, it is the fault of boxing.

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