Boxing Shoes Vs Wrestling Shoes

Though both boxing and wrestling shoes are similar in many aspects like their designs, comfort level, compatibility with fast movements, etc. no doubt both of them are designed specifically for two particular sports and they do have some subtle differences.

Following are some main characteristics and differences between these two types of sports shoes which differentiate them from one another and highlight their specifications.

A difference between the two shoes according to their respective sport:

Boxing Shoes Vs Wrestling Shoes

Boxing and wrestling both are quite different sports from each other. On one hand, where boxing requires swift lateral movements to dodge punches and have one’s guard up wrestling is quite the opposite i.e. wrestling involves not get yanked by their opponent.

The subtle differences between these two sports make their respective shoes different from each other i.e. boxing shoes have tread patterns pointing towards the forward direction, these tread patterns allow boxers to have maximum grip whenever they step forward or backward, these patterns also provide the least resistance possible when a boxer makes lateral movements that include sliding their foot across the ring.

On the other hand, wrestling shoes enable a wrestler to achieve maximum traction while receiving pressure on their foot from any angle. This feature of wrestling shoes is by the virtue of tread patterns extending from the ball of the food in a star-shaped pattern.

In many cases, boxers prefer wrestling shoes when they need increased stability while changing direction quickly in a boxing ring. So, boxers do have a choice while choosing between boxing and wrestling shoes.

Accessibility of boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes:

Accessibility of boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes

When it comes to easy availability boxing shoes are not your go-to option as they are not readily accessible at the local sporting goods store.

Many boxers prefer wrestling shoes or regular athletic shoes to give them arch support while many prefer classic boxing shoes due to the extra weight of athletic shoes.

Wrestling shoes are easily available at the local sporting goods store and are a much preferable option even for boxers.

Physical support provided by boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes:

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Choosing either a pair of boxing shoes or a pair of wrestling shoes depends entirely on the comfort level they provide. Both boxing and wrestling shoes are available in low-top and high-top styles.

If you roll your ankle quite often, wearing a higher shoe might be a preferable option for you. Though many people like to move their foot freely while playing their game so a higher show may cause constriction in their movements in that case a lower cut shoe is a better option.

Anyhow you should always take safety precautions while buying either pair of shows so that you don’t end up twisting your ankle by opting for the wrong pair of shoes. It’s better to try them at your local sports goods store before buying one.

The durability of boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes:

The durability of both boxing and wrestling shoes is quite a concerning point for the buyers as these shoes tend to wear out quickly. This feature of both boxing shoes and wrestling shoes throws people off.

Many people determine the quality of shoes by the age of the shoes or how long they last. It is a common perception that if you buy a pricey pair of shoes, they would last longer.

But in fact, it is a wrong concept that the quality of shoes has anything to do with how long it lasts. Rather the quality of both boxing shoes and wrestling shoes is determined by their performance, stability, and traction in the ring while performing the respective task.

Usually, both boxing shoes and wrestling shoes are made up of softer compounds especially the soles of these shoes are made up of softer materials to provide better movements. These shoes are totally different from the running shoes that are made up of hard soles and have deep tread patterns to swipe away the water.

This states that both neither boxing shoes nor wrestling shoes are constructed for long term use. The shoe is preordained to wear out no matter how good or expensive it is. its wear out time is definite and you should keep this inevitable fact in your mind when you are making a purchase for either of these shoes.

Though wrestling shoes have an advantage that they do not get spoilt very easily and they can last for two to three years providing the same comfort level.

To maximize the life of your boxing shoes and wrestling shoes you should not use them for running and have a separate pair of shoes for running.

The difference in Formation of boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes:

Wrestling shoes have raised heels and padded soles while boxing shoes also have cushioned soles and somewhat high heels which allow them to make swift and agile forward and lateral movements which are a crucial part of boxing.

The following characteristics elaborate on the construction of these shoes in more detail.

  • Ankle-height:

Boxers are at higher risk of breaking an ankle as they have to stand straight and can fall easily without any warning. Though wrestlers can fall too during the game they are quite used to it and they train themselves to maintain safety while it happens.

Tall boxing shoes can reach up to 12 inches up the calf. The higher ankles of boxing shoes are well kept in place with the help of Velcro straps or shoelaces.

Low-top boxing shoes are also accessible to boxers, but boxers who use them have to tape their ankles before the competition.

  • Sizing:

Though sizing is quite similar for both boxing shoes and wrestling shoes still you should go to a sporting good store and try the shoes you want to buy by yourself to avail your preferable size.

Though you should consider buying boxing shoes or wrestling shoes yourself many people prefer ordering them online but it’s not a beneficial option when you have to play a professional sport. But still, if you have to order shoes online try to match them with the Nike running shoes sizing standards as most of the shoe retailers use these standards.

Though wrestling shoes have an advantage in that they are available in extra-large sizes as well.

  • Soles:

Boxing shoes have smoother soles as compared to wrestling shoes which are important considering the requirement of the very sport as boxers have to make quick and swift movements without any disruption.

Boxing shoes have a certain type of grooves which amplifies the boxer’s traction on the surface while moving in different directions.

As the wrestling surface is quite a soft mat surface, wrestling shoes are designed to have firm soles designed to cut into the wrestling surface.

Many models of wrestling shoes come with additional circles that are carved into the soles. This provides better traction during forwarding and backward movements.

As both of the sports i.e., Wrestling and boxing are played on a soft surface both wrestling shoes and boxing shoes come with limited padding or arch support and these shoes are quite thin in their construction

  • Flexibility:

The level of flexibility provided by both shoes is quite different from each other.

Boxing does not require to have too much flexible footwear as it requires quick forward and lateral movements. So, fancy flexible footwear is not necessary for boxing.

On the other hand, wrestling involves changing a variety of positions quickly. So, wrestling requires greater flexibility in terms of its footwear as more freedom for ankles is necessary for wrestling.

So, all in all, the main focus of designing both of these shoes is to keep them as lightweight as possible.

Materials used in their making of boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes:

Wrestling shoes are made of light synthetic material, these shoes have rubber soles that prevent them from slipping. Additionally, these shoes come with mesh uppers.

The shoes must not be stiff and should provide you the required flexibility which allows one’s feet to move in many different positions without providing discomfort or twisting ankle while in a match.

Although boxing shoes are also available in some lightweight synthetic materials, suede cloth boxing shoes with textured rubber soles or lightweight leather boxing shoes are also considerable choices.

Also, boxing shoes of some brands come with incorporated mesh into the shoes’ design.

Mesh in the shoes prevents them from becoming sweaty which saves the discomfort experienced by the boxer. These meshes also make shoes more breathable and allow the air to pass in and out of them.

Maintenance of boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes:

Both wrestling shoes and boxing shoes can be best maintained by washing them with cold water and then drying them in sunlight.

One should avoid using polish on these shoes as it can cause a greasy effect on them and can ruin their appearance.

Can boxing shoes and wrestling shoes be substituted with one another?

  • Wrestling shoes as a substitute for boxing shoes:

Though substituting one sportswear for another is usually not recommended but if you must then you can opt for wrestling shoes for a sport like boxing. This quality of wrestling shoes is by the virtue of their construction and they can take the strain of any excessive physical activity.

As boxing is quite a rugged sport and requires a lot of movement so it can cause a lot of damage to the shoes. Wrestling shoes can provide much more comfort when used as a substitute as they do not get damaged easily.

The wrestling shoes that are available with flat heels can be used by boxers who have feet that are small in size.

Though you can acquire wrestling shoes as a substitute for boxing shoes if you want high tops then you will need boxing shoes.

Many boxers also prefer wrestling shoes over boxing shoes due to their availability in many different colors like neon colors, blue, red, green, etc.

  • Boxing shoes as a substitute for wrestling shoes:

Since traditional boxing shoes and wrestling shoes have the same design i.e. both are designed to be lightweight, have lateral grip, enhanced traction on the mat surface, they can be substituted for each other.

So, this confirms that if required these shoes can be substituted for each other. Since their design is the same both boxing shoes and wrestling shoes can be substituted for each other if required e.g. Adidas ring pro, Adidas AdiSTRIKE, Adidas combat speed, Nike low-pro, etc. are advertised and sold as both wrestling and boxing shoes.


So, in conclusion, we can say that both types of shoes perform equally well in a training environment unless you are very picky.

Although there is no extreme difference between the two it is advised to choose the pair of shoes according to the respective sport as there are few subtle differences

Having boxing or wrestling shoes are preferred over wearing regular running shoes or any other type of shoe that does not provide required traction on mat or canvas surface.

Though both of these shoes are designed to provide extended wear out time due to the increased movement in wrestling and physical strain it causes, wrestling shoes have to be well constructed and they typically can last a few years even with everyday use.

While boxing shoes are constructed aiming for the same amount of time for these pair of shoes to last but boxing causes much more stress on the footwear and shoes may not last for a much longer time but again the quality of sportswear should be determined by the amount of comfort provided by them.

A huge range of similarities between these two sportswear makes them interchangeable at least for a short period.

So, there is no big deal in interchanging these shows with each other as long as you are not playing some high-level professional sport or you are on a training level.

As you progress, though, remember that those differences are there for a reason and it’s best if you pick the specific shoe for your specific sport.

But as you advance towards professional sports, you should opt for the respective sportswear because although the differences between these two shoes are minor, they play an important part while taking a part in professional sport e.g. the sole texture, flexibility of the shoe, etc. can make a big difference in performance when one is playing at a high level.