What Makes An Aquarius Man Come Back?

What Makes An Aquarius Man Come Back?: Sometimes the relationship with our loved ones doesn’t go as planned and we end up losing them. But it’s hard to move on when you are truly in love with someone and want them to come back to you.

As for an Aquarius man, they are considered to be cold on the outside, poor at showing their emotions, and not so affectionate which makes them hard to understand.

It is said that they move on pretty quick and don’t hold on to old memories. They don’t change their decisions easily. But how about we tell you they can.

In most cases they can be brought back by being an humanitarian. They would also love you back if you are humorous and knowledgeable. Other than that, stay confident, show complete honesty and don’t be bossy. Show your care and soon he will realize your love for him.

Lets discuss these points in details… (but first here’s a short video to watch first)

First things first: Make Sure You Keep in Touch:

After breakup people keep a distance from their ex.

Make Sure You Keep in Touch

If you want to get him back you have to try to still be in contact with him. But don’t be nosy though.

Give him his space to heal. And keep things on a lighter note, while engaging with him.

Keep a neutral conversation until the right time comes. Be his friends. Show him that’s okay.

After the breakup, mostly, things are tough to deal with. So, try to give your Aquarius man some time to deal with his emotions.

Since Aquarius don’t share their problems with others and are shy about showing their feeling it will take some time for him to get normal after a breakup.

So give him some time to think it through.

Let him know that we don’t exactly have to completely break up all the contact. And tell him you are still there for him.

After all of this only then, try to express what you feel about him.

Be an Humanitarian:

Aquarius are true humanitarians and they other ones too. They love people who are kind and gentle and this tells a lot about their personality.

Be an Humanitarian

Kindness attracts an Aquarius, so practice kindness.

So during your time contacting him, try to be kind, it will make him like you or at least he will notice this virtue of yours, and might even fall for you again.

You can do the same with his friends and acquaintances. The people you think he is in contact with.

Be More Knowledgeable:

Aquarius are suckers for intelligent people. They love being surrounded by intelligent people.

Keep Yourself Organized

For an aquarius man intelligence is one necessary trait that he will want in his better half.

So, try being aware and acquire knowledge about things such as technology, science, and general stuff.

Things you can do to improve your knowledge are read books, join informative groups, be a part of informative social gatherings.

This is how you will make him notice your presence once again.

Enhance your Appearance:

So here, after you have be talking back again and decide to meet up somewhere, probably as “friends” (for now), impress him with your looks.

Too much makeup with appearance

If you want your Aquarius ex to come back, trust us, your looks are your best bet.

Every man wants their partner to look good and the same case is with Aquarius male.

He will find your beauty attractive and will come back to you. So dress up well and show him what he has been missing out on.

At some point he will start craving for you, and will automatically reach you back.

Learn To Be Humorous:

This is something all men love. They like to be with someone who can make them laugh and make them forget their worries.

Learn To Be Humorous

Being witty is something that Aquarius men feel attracted to. So when around him, be humorous and be witty try to make him laugh and smile.

Be the center of attention in any gathering where you have your ex-Aquarius man around you.

Bring in decent humor for him to notice your presence. Understand that this humor should be decent enough you don’t want to be considered a joker. Right?

So don’t cross the line. Make him feel comfortable and relaxed around you.

Also it will make him realize how being around you helped him lower his stress and worries. Your good humor can turn the tables and you might get your ex Aquarius man back.

Fix Up Reasons behind your breakup:

The next step is to try to fix the breakup problems. Again, do this in a very casual way. Terms like…”What happened to us?” would make him think.

Before break up, if there were things that he didn’t like about you, try to change them.

Leave your bad habits behind and try to change yourself. Reinvent yourself and nourish a better you.

A good change in you can definitely provoke his interest in you again.

However, it is very important to know your flexibility here. Whatever you change in yourself shouldn’t be just because your Aquarius ex never liked it.

But you should change it because you have realized that it hinders your personal growth in one or the other way.

Losing your individuality for someone is never a wise idea. So be careful with this.

Another helpful tip is just to start with the thing or habit that u don’t like about yourself and change them. In this way, you won’t lose your own true identity for someone.

Act Confident Around Him and don’t be bossy

Have confidence in yourself and act confident around him. Because Aquarius men want their partner to be independent, strong, and confident.

Make decisions and stick to them don’t doubt yourself. Don’t depend on him too much.

Aquarius men like women with Boss babe vibes. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like to help their partner, but instead they love to see their partner grow on her own.

Also by boss babe comment, we are not saying be bossy.

Make sure you are not controlling here. Rather it means having a complete grip over YOUR OWN life and be independent enough to make your decisions.

Aquarius love their freedom and don’t ever hinder that.

So try not to boss him around. Don’t put stupid restrictions on him. Just try talking to him about it in a loving tone instead of being the boss all the time. The more freedom you give him the more freedom you will get from him.

Be Honest and Kind:

Don’t tell him lies whether it is little or big. Don’t feed him lies. Aquarius men will hate you for lying to them.

Compare Your Boyfriend

When Aquarius men are in love they put their complete faith in their partner. So lying to them will make them lose their faith.

He will forgive you if you tell the truth. Don’t lie to him be honest.

If you did some blunder or mistake, owe it on your own, tell him, show him that you are feeling guilty for what you did, ask how can you make things better.

Trust us with all this you will see the kindest and the most passionate side of an Aquarius man.

Also don’t be hard on your man and show him kindness. Everyone loves someone kind to them.

Aquarius truly appreciate someone being kind and in return are kind and gentle to them.

If you want your ex aquarius man to know how much you care for him, show it, be kind to him. Let him sense your true feelings for him.

This can really melt his heart and let him feel for you again.

Be Friendly and Willing to Compromise:

Act as a friend listen to his problems help him with his issues.

Hot look

So he starts to rely on you as someone who listens to him and gives him good advice. Next time he gets in a fix he will always come to you and it will also help u mend your relationship.

Be a friend first then be a lover.

Also learn to compromise on some things. Aquarius is always willing to make sacrifices and compromise but it not fair that they always end up compromising.

Perhaps this can be the reason why he lost his interest in you, what do you think?

If so, this is good time for a little fix within you.

Try to respect his decisions and action once in a while. It will help you to earn affection again.

Don’t Play Games and be Responsible:

Aquarius hate the people who toy with them and you can lose their affection by doing this.

Be sentimental and dewy-eyed

He will grow distant and will never come back.

Instead of playing any game, just take responsibility for your action and be smart. Aquarius love people who are responsible. They love mature people because they themselves are very responsible and make good decisions.

So showing how responsible you have become is a great way to get his lost attention back.

Take Interest in his Hobbies:

Aquarius has a very creative personality and loves a partner who has multiple hobbies. Having similar interests will help you grow closer to each other .

learn what he likes if he like cooking try to cook if he likes gardening learn about it .

Show him your love by putting in such little efforts to know him more. Mark our word this will never go unnoticed by an aquarius and he will surely regard it.

This thing will help you grow close to each other and ultimately you will be able to win his affection and future, it will also help you to make your relationship very strong.

Make New Friends:

Although Aquarius keep their feelings to themselves, they love to make friends and go to gatherings.

It’s just in their humanitarian nature. By seeing you make friends, they will compel towards you.

It shows the friendly and warm side of you. Which might make him realize that you are changing and can help regain his affection.

Show Them You are Perfect For Them:

Show him that you are a better person now. Show him how you changed and improved a lot and now you are what he desired you to be.

Man changing behavior when you are around

Prove that you are perfect for him. You are the only one meant for him.

It can be hard but try to take it slow. With time they will come back to you.

Also. stay with him when he is going through something bad. Talk to him. Help him feel relaxed. Help him find solutions to his problems. Show him that u still care for him.

Comfort him in his bad times. He will realize how much you care and will surely come back to you.

Try to Understand Him:

In a relationship knowing your partner and understanding him is important. Try to know him better, keep an account of his likes and dislikes. make sure that you don’t hurt him by doing something he doesn’t like.

Be very very careful. You should never hurt him again in any way if you want to win him back.

Accept his flaws curves and edges. Help him fight his demon. By seeing your unconditional love they will call for you again.


If you don’t like something about him take your time and help him change it. But don’t try to make him someone he is not. Or else he will lose interest in you.

Apologies to Him in a fun way:

But still show at the end, you are really sorry though. One of the great ice-breaking “apology” that seem casual can be giving him a gift.

Apologize to your Aquarius ex for anything that you did wrong before the breakup and try not to repeat the mistakes.

Knowing that you have realized your mistake he will be willing to give you another chance and forgive whatever you did wrong in the past.

Give Him Unconditional Love (Once things start moving on)

Helpful couple

Give him unconditional love. He will start to trust you more by knowing that no matter what, you will be there for him and that you don’t have an interest in money or other worldly possessions.

Unconditional love is something that can melt one’s heart. Knowing that someone loves you no matter what, gives a sense of security. If he is hiding his feeling he will be more comfortable telling you about his feeling when he knows that you won’t betray.

So don’t hesitate in showering your love upon him.

Don’t play blame games:

Make sure you don’t argue or go for any blame games after that.

Take a Psychic Reading

Try to admit your mistake instead of blaming others for your mistake. Don’t blame your mistake on him.

It will make him even more distant form you. Take responsibility for your actions and try to make things right.

It will also help you in the future to avoid arguments and make your relationship better.

Don’t Make Him Jealous:

Summing up:

Don’t try to make him jealous by going out with some other guy. Instead of making him regret losing you, you should try something different.

Understand that he is very important in your life, that is why you are doing all of this, just to bring him back. So don’t portray that you are happy without him.

Instead show him ho much you miss him. Don’t ever try to make him jealous by hanging out with some other man.

By seeing you with someone he might think u have already moved on and he will close all doors for u to come back.

Also, try not to judge him. It might make him feel that you are trying to invade his freedom and forcing yourself on him. He  will hate you for judging him.

Aquarius men are confident and make quick decisions both in their practical and normal life. Moreover, they stick to the decision they make.

This is the main reason they are known to move on quickly.

But if their relationship was strong they might not move on and try to get back to their partner.

They might act cold on the outside but when they love someone they don’t let go easily. Try some of our tips to make your Aquarius man fall for you again.

Making your Aquarius man regret losing you can help you get him back after a breakup. Our tips will help you to mend your relationship with your Aquarius man and make your bond stronger in the future.

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