Top 8 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

If you are a morning coffee person and you prefer your coffee smooth and perfect, you would know that brewing your coffee has very little to do with the quality of your cup. The perfect cup of coffee comes from using exquisite tools.

For a good cup of coffee, you do not necessarily need an expensive coffee maker machine at home. If you still haven’t tried the traditional pour-over coffee maker at home, we recommend you do it as soon as possible.

The process of grinding the coffee beans into a well-defined added cup of coffee is equally important. A pour-over coffee maker is also referred to as manual drip coffee which provides the best approach in extracting the pure essence of the coffee beans.

It also allows you to appreciate the entire brewing process for your morning cup of coffee.

In this article, we have compiled the reviews and information of top the 8 best pour-over coffee makers. This will help you make an informed decision about the product you want to buy as a coffee lover and prepare the cup of coffee just the way you like it.

Here are the top 8 best pour-over coffee makers suggested by us:

BVMC-PO19B All in One Coffee Maker

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Our top recommendation to you is the all in one, Mr. Coffee pour-over coffee maker that makes a delicious cup of coffee for you. It is equipped with an on-screen step by step instructing method, guiding you through the complete pour-over process of your coffee.

It aids you in determining the right amount of coffee or water required at optimal brewing temperature to prepare the cup of coffee the way you like. This pour-over coffee maker comes with an integrated auto measure scale which automatically adjusts the right amount of coffee and water for one serving.

That helps you to know how much to add and when to stop pouring and have the best quality coffee cup for you. The temperature-controlled feature heats the coffee to the optimal temperature required for the coffee to be brewed.

Moreover, there is a cone styled brewer filter which allows water to flow evenly and accurately through the coffee grounds for extraction of purest and fullest flavors of the coffee.

The on-screen guide instructs the user on pausing and continuing the blooming, which is extracting the flavors by soaking the filters. One can also enjoy the original flavors of coffee without the input of sugar or milk.

If you are addicted to coffee then know that Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B All in One At Home Pour-Over Coffee Maker brews a maximum of 6 coffee cups with each use. The product set includes a dripper which is used to pour the coffee neatly and accurately in the kettle.

Moreover, it has a kettle to store the coffee produced by brewing and a scale to measure the quantity of coffee in the kettle. It provides an intense taste of extracted coffee grounds and has a high-quality mesh filter or a well-bonded paper filter that prevents any sediment from entering coffee.

Cuisinart CPO-800 Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

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The Cuisinart CPO-800 Pour-Over Coffee brewer comes second on our list of best pour-over coffee makers at home. It is an advanced technology innovative product from the brand of Cuisinart.

The groundbreaking pour-over coffee maker provides two new coffee-bar quality brewers that nurture the gourmet for quality flavor. This excellent brewing process provides extraordinary flavor extraction in just the right amount along with water released which has earned the respect of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) home brewer certification.

The full-fledged electric operation pre-wets the filter which in turn liquefies the coffee grounds inside the CPO-800 Coffee brewer to extract the right amount of coffee and the consistency to let the flavor ‘bloom’.

The controllable features for temperature and strength allow its users to customize their coffee. While the laser-etched stainless steel filter provides an exceptional extraction of the coffee grounds.

The SCAA approved Cuisinart pour-over coffee brewer meets rigorous technical requirements for admirable home brewers. Its temperature can be controlled between hot, mild, and bold.

Moreover, it can hold up to 8 cups of coffee cups in one use and has controllable temperature and strength features, unlike other pour-over coffee makers. However, the product requires special equipment for cleaning that is sold separately.

It is comparatively a good and reliable substitute for the first pour-over coffee maker.

Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker

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The Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Machine with Thermal Carafe is third on our list of pour-over coffee makers. It comes with a removable water depot and a powerful heating loop that heats the water to the boiling point.

The water is stirred in the loop until slowly dropped down through the filter. It is then transported through a glass pipe for a very intense and concentrated mixture of coffee grounds.

Water then starts to get distributed evenly all over the grounds of coffee with the help of an easy to clean shower head that is made up of plastic with an inside coating of silicone. Of course who wouldn’t want an auto cleaning mechanism!

The silicone and its polished smoothness keep the chalk and the water separate from falling and mixing into the ground coffee.

The Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Machine with Thermal Carafe provides ready to serve coffee with or without milk and sugar, within 6 minutes or even less. The showerhead installed is a replacement for the traditional drip system used.

The rubber head is used to shower water evenly through the surface of ground coffee. The water is then heated up to a boiling point by the spiral 1450-watt heating element.

The water travels through the tube and over to the coffee to maintain a degree of customized temperature without disturbing the flavor of the coffee. The extra supporting stainless steel filters provide a longing substitute for paper filters so there is no need for any sort of paper filters to be replaced after every use.

The most prominent part about this pour-over coffee makes is that it can hold up to 40 ounces of coffee at one time. However, it uses a plugin for electricity and does not come with batteries. There is also no timer attached to it.

CHEMEX Classic Coffeemaker

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The Chemex Classic Series of Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker might just be the easiest one to use. It is very easy to understand the instructions of this coffee maker and takes 4th position on our recommendations list.

The elegant design behind this innovative product brings back the classics and traditional brewing of coffee grounds. It is made with the highest quality of non-porous Borosilicate glass which prevents the absorption of odor or other chemical residues.

The pour-over design is manufactured in such a way that when stored in the refrigerator or reheated, the coffee does not lose its flavor or texture.

Few steps on how to use the product

  1. Grind your coffee to medium coarse ground
  2. Wrap the Chemex body filter so the filter has 3 layers upon one another and pour the coffee into the filter. Place the filter on top of the Chemex brewer
  3. One tablespoon of ground coffee for every 5 Oz into the filter cup. Feel free to add more if you prefer stronger coffee
  4. Let it bloom, pour a little bit of water, and wait while the water runs through the coffee in filter paper blooming your coffee
  5. Once done blooming, pour the water slowly but well below the top of Chemex for the coffee to drop down extracted
  6. Once done pouring, toss the filter with remaining unused grounds
  7. Pour the coffee in the cup and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee the way you like it

One of the finest qualities of CHEMEX Classic Series pour-over coffee maker is that it makes high-quality coffee, while the Borosilicate glass does not absorb odor or any other chemicals.

Nonetheless, the product requires manual effort before you enjoy your cup of coffee. You need patience, as it takes longer than usual for blooming and pouring down coffee and does not keep the coffee warm for longer, as compared to other pour-over coffee makers.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper

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Followed by the Chemex Classic Series of Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker, the Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper is our fifth best recommendation because of the many reasons mentioned below!

The very first reason is that it is a traditional pour-over coffee maker. It is designed for one of the easiest and smoothest ways of making and enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

The ceramic coffee dripper provides an easy way to pour-over coffee, durable and retains heat to ensure a constant temperature, throughout the cup, during the process of blooming.

It is designed for simple and creative manual pour-over coffee brewing and can easily brew one to three cups in one go. The Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper allows you a very hand-on and a straightforward brewing of your coffee.

Few advantages of manual and hands-on processes of brewing are that the user has full control over the brewing time and temperature of the coffee allowing him to adjust these features according to their own needs.

On the other hand, the detachable or changeable V60 size 02 paper or cloth filters need to be replaced after a certain use, which causes a bit of trouble. And these filter papers are needed to be purchased now and then which can be bothersome.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

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On number six we have the Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Coffee Gator. It is an innovative product by the brand. The inventors of Coffee Gator’s believe the pour-over brewing method unlocks the true potential of coffee and its deep flavors.

The coffee maker is their response to this particular belief and the invention of Pour Over Coffee Maker by Coffee Gator provides the easiest way to get there. It does clear extraction of the coffee grounds and is known as a 3 Cup hand drip coffee maker.

The 14 oz pour-over coffee dripper with 100% BPA-free carafe gives a maximum flavor of your coffee with minimal effort in the process. The laser-cut stainless steel is the best substitute for traditional paper or cloth filters.

As the paper filters can be an additional expense and can be an additional waste, damaging the environment. The product provides a long constant 1 filter throughout the use of Pour-Over Coffee Maker.

It helps you save time and becomes less of a hassle. While the laser-cut stainless steel filters is the new option for paper or cloth filter by the Coffee Gator.

The stainless steel provides 1 filter throughout the whole use of the product’s life. The only drawback can be cleaning the filter and maintaining it properly for use in the future.

Pour Over Coffee Travel Mug

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This Pour-Over Coffee maker is a stainless-steel travel cup consisting of a paperless filter dripper 20 Oz by Coffee Gator. It is a personal pour-over coffee maker that lets you make and brew coffee along the way to your destination.

It provides you hot, fresh, and scintillating coffee on the go. It’s easy to just pop open the stainless cover of the mug, pour in the ground coffee on the top and slowly start to pour warm water. After a while, it starts to bloom the coffee ground and mixes in.

You may then pour over the remaining extract with water or milk, wherever you may be enjoying the coffee just the way you like it.

The stainless steel means your coffee remains warmer for a longer period as it traps the heat inside the mug, allowing the coffee to remain at a constant thermal temperature. It is one of the best pour-over coffee makers for a busy individual running late for work.

With no requirement of paper or cloth filter to change or replace after every use, the Pour Over Coffee Maker Mug is equipped with a metal filter that works just as fine and more efficiently. The metal filter has few advantages as you can use it for a longer period without it needing to be replaced after every use.

The mug itself is vacuum layered, military-grade 304 stainless steel coating. The copper lining traps in the heat for a longer time compared to other pour-over coffee makers rest at home.

Although, the cleaning and maintenance of the filter are necessary in order to avoid it getting worn out for future use.

The pour-over coffee maker mug by Coffee Gator provides everything from the paperless filter to hand-carry whenever and wherever necessary. It keeps your coffee warm and intact and gives it a very fresh flavor for your daily coffee.

Among many of its advantages, the one that is liked by a lot of people is that it is carried in hand easily. It does not need to be set at home and can be carried along the way while your coffee remains warm. It is additionally covered in a vacuum layer, meaning your coffee remains at a constant temperature.

On the contrary, the major drawback of the coffee maker is that it cannot hold more than one cup of coffee and give you a hard time cleaning its filter. This is the major reason this pour-over coffee maker is on number 7 on our list.

Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker

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Last but not the least, Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker installed with a permanent filter is a 1-liter pour-over coffee kettle by Bodum Company. It is one of the best pour-over coffee makers in the market today, rich and excellent in taste giving off scintillating aroma.

For easy use, follow instructions for the perfect cup of brewed pour-over coffee. Just simply fill the cone-shaped top with ground coffee and pour over some warm water and leave it over to bloom.

After the blooming, the ground coffee texture is pasty. You may pour over the remaining warm water as much as 34 ounces for the amount of coffee you want to make.

The coffee drips into the borosilicate glass gently, and in a matter of minutes, your coffee is ready to be served. The Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker comes with an already installed permanent stainless-steel filter that is a substitute for a traditional paper or cloth filters.

One of the best advantages of a permanent filter is that you are not bothered to remember to keep replacing the filter. One filter is enough for as long as you can use it for, it’s easy to clean and last longer.

The disadvantages include the requirement of additional equipment for boiling the water and therefore considered as less safe than other pour-over coffee makers.


If you are a regular coffee drinker and like to keep your coffee ready at all times then Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B All in One At Home Pour Over Coffee Maker is our best recommendation to you.

It is, no doubt, one of the best pour-over coffee makers for your type of choice. It is worth the money as it comes with many additional benefits, you wouldn’t want to get your hands off on.

For other types of pour-over coffee makers, read the detailed article above, and decide according to your taste and choice.