8 Best Space Heaters For Large Rooms

8 Best Space Heaters For Large Rooms: Large rooms are the chilliest during winters and heating them up is nothing less than a challenge. One wrong investment in picking the best heater can lead you to regret your decision for a long time. Space heaters are costly, thus, you need to choose the right one from the start.

Space heaters are extremely helpful for heating up large rooms. Space heaters are a great way to heat a certain portion of your home, which might have been experiencing low heating. These space heaters offer a variety of options and are very economical.

During winters, we tend to spend more time at home as compared to summers, and if the home lacks proper heating than it can get very miserable. Apart from that, experiencing long stretches of a chilly environment can get anyone sick and people of older age cannot handle such conditions.

Space heaters can be the answer to all of these problems. These space heaters are not meant to heat the whole home, it is important to understand their categorization according to your need and budget. Some space heaters are more costly as compared to others but offer superior performance, while others are cheaper and not very friendly but they are more economical.

We will talk about some of the best space heaters for large rooms. We will try to cover all the pros and cons of these heaters. Make sure you also check out the

Among all other 1500-watt products, Dr. Infrared provides far more superior heating on a bigger space as compared to other products. Dr. Infrared is one of the most recommended space heaters in the market for valid reasons. It is made in the United States and does not burden your wallet as well, like other portable ones.

It offers a dual heating system using infrared technology and PTC.

Dr. Infrared is laced with advanced technology that enables it to offer tip over and overheating solutions.

The product offers 12 hr. automatic shutoff timer, which means that even if you forget to switch off the heater it will not cause an accident and will automatically switch off. It also has an overheating sensor, which will enable the heater to detect if overheating is taking place in the room.

As discussed above that Dr. Infrared heater has the ability to heat an area of about 1000 square feet, which gives it a unique advantage as compared to other brands of the same wattage.

The model allows the user to set high and low temperatures that range from 50 to 85 degrees. As the heater produces cool mist due to its built-in humidifier, the atmosphere of the room does not get dryer.

Although the heater provides 60% more heat as compared to other products of the same power, it has some disadvantages too.

The grate on the heaters turns hot and is hazardous to touch making it unsafe for the kids. The heater itself is not costly but using the heater consumes a lot of electricity, which makes it very expensive.

Duraflame Electric Space Heater:

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Duraflame is a 50-year-old company and a well-known established name in the market. Duraflame heater has infrared quartz technology that helps heat a room as big as 1000 sq. ft. This 5,200 BTU heater uses infrared technology that provides natural humidity to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the room without sucking the humidity.

Place the heater in the actual heating corner and the 3D flame effect of the heater will turn the heater into an actual fireplace. The product offers adjustable speed, brightness, and color settings. It has safer plug technology providing safety in the situation of overheating. There is a thermometer built-in in the plug, which detects automatically if there is too much heating and shuts the heater down.

It provides simple user-friendly controls to set between different heating levels and an automatic shutoff feature. The automatic shut off feature provides different intervals to choose from 30 mins to nine hours. Among different flame levels, the product also offers heating without flames.

It is a very lightweight heater and very easy to handle and move around. The cons of the product are that it consumes a lot of electricity, which makes it expensive to operate. This product is not suitable if you are looking for an economic heater for your room but duraflame space heater is worth the price. This product offers a unique and beautiful 3D flames effect, which adds value to the product.

Unique Infrared Whole Room Space Heater:

Unique Infrared Whole Room Space Heater

Uniques’ infrared whole room space heater is a boxed shape, easy to move with four wheels underneath space heater. It is a very lightweight space heater, which makes it even easier to move around.

The space heater offers safety features of shutting down in the event of tripping and overheating, the heater will automatically turn on once it is placed in an upright position. The infrared space heater releases warm air from the front side only, which keeps the rest of the body cool and safe to touch.

The unique infrared whole room space heater is perfect for larger rooms and can cover an area of about 1000 sq. ft. The space heater is very energy efficient when used in recommended spaces, however, for larger spaces, it might consume more energy.

The heater comes with a timer and remote control which gives you more flexibility in operating the heater and also choosing when to switch the heater off or on depending on your need.

This infrared space heater is among those few products that are very quiet and does not make a lot of sounds. The space heater is worth every penny because of its superior performance.

Lasko 758000 & 5160:

Lasko 758000 & 5160

Lasko is another well-known brand from the United States in the market.

Lasko 758000 (above image) has a tall tower structure as compared to others which we talked about but do not mistake it for being difficult to handle. It is very easy to handle and move around. Due to its tall structure, the heater covers less space on the ground.

The model offers seven-hour timer with two heating settings, low and high.

You can choose according to your need. If you are going to sleep and then like other products, you can set the thermostat to automatic so you do not have to change the temperature by yourself.

The product has a large and easy to read display with remote control.

The automatic heat settings avoid overheating the room and the heater shuts down once the required temperature is reached.

The user review of the product is positive but the model does have some disadvantages because of its airflow. When the temperatures get too cold, the flooring of the home gets cold too.

Although the airflow of the heater is perfect but it does not point the warm air downwards! Another disadvantage of the model is that when you switch it to high settings the heater makes noise.

Lasko 5160 is smaller and covers much less space as compared to Lasko 758000. It has a long ceramic element to ensure extended warmth and has the ability to distribute warm air more effectively as compared to Lasko 758000.

The disadvantage of making noise in Lasko 758000 has been controlled in this model. Therefore, Lasko 1560 can be used in bedrooms and has cool to touch exterior that eliminates the risk associated with other products.

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater:

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

De’Longhi oil filled radiators are one of the most flexible 1500-watt power heaters as compared to others. They offer three different power settings, which are, low, medium, and high. This helps you to set the temperature of the room according to your requirements.

You can also save energy by setting the heater at low and medium because the heater consumed 600 watts at low settings and 900 watts at medium settings.

The flexible nature of the heater offers a 24-hour timer, which has further smaller intervals available. You can set the timer to shut off halfway through the night to save power or switch it on in the later hours of the night when it gets colder.

The safety feature of the heater shuts down the machines ones it senses overheating and does not heat up the outer layers of the heater.

That means you can touch the heater safely without getting your hand burned. The heater can also shut down the machine if it is knocked over to avoid any potential accident.

The body of the heater is made of rust-free metal and it has four wheels under it, which makes it more portable and easy to move around in the house.

The oil in the heater is sealed under the body but some customers have complained that they notice an oily smell when they first started using the heater.

The oil that is sealed up and tough metal body makes it a low maintenance machine.

MR Heater MH18B (Big Buddy):

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Mr. Heater MH18B is also called as big buddy. If you want to save money and energy than big buddy is a good option for you. The product is truly versatile in nature, it offers heating up to 95, 225, or 450 square feet of space. It is one of the most popular portable propane heaters in North America.

The heater has offer up to 18,000 BTU per hour that enables it to heat up a large room quickly. The heater can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The product has an Oxygen Depletion Sensor or (ODS) and tip-over protection that shutdowns the heater automatically. This adds a lot of comfort in using the heater, especially in indoor spaces.

You can control the room temperature constant by switching between low, medium, and high modes from the knob. The product also had a blower fan that was operated on AC battery power but recently that fan has been discontinued due to tariff issues, however, that did not negatively influenced the product reviews or the performance of the brand.

The heater offers a high level of portability because of its small size and key-shaped holes on the back of the heater allows you to mount it anywhere you want according to your requirements. Since the heaters allow both A/C and battery power, the user can ensure heating even if they face power outages.

Like any other product, the Big Buddy also has some disadvantages too. If the heater is placed on the floor then it makes it very warm which can hurt anyone. Another disadvantage is that the model does not have a thermometer built-in the heater.

Big Buddy surely offers a lot of portability and comfort but it is recommended not to use propane heater up close to flammable material to avoid any accident. Although the heater offers Oxygen Depletion Sensor, it is recommended not to use 18,000 BTU in closed rooms where there is no proper ventilation.

Trustech Ceramic Space Heater:

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Trustech ceramic space heater is a very good looking and easy to handle space heater available in the market. This is specially built for indoor spaces with three power modes available. These power modes allow the space heater to blow air at various speeds.

Trustech is highly portable and very easy to move from one place to another. The product offers Eco mode that is similar to other products where the space heater shuts down automatically once the required temperature is reached. This makes the Trustech space heater very economical.

Trustech space heater has the security feature of automatic shut down if the heater is knocked off or it detects overheating in the room. The outer surface of the heater remained cool, which protects children and other people. The space heater has the ability to start blowing warm air within three seconds from the time of switching on.

The Trustech space hater has the ability to operate between 59-degree Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing the user to adjust the room temperature accordingly. The space heater is programmable to run between one to 12 hours a day.

The heater offers a unique option to change direction from a focused point to oscillations, while ensuring even heating. Another feature of the Trustech space heater is that after being switched off, the heater keeps blowing cool air for almost thirty seconds to cool off the outer surface of the heater.

Sengoku CV-2230 KeroHeat:

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For remote areas where electricity is not stable or if it is expensive to afford, Sengoku CV-2230 is highly recommended. The heater is powered on kerosene oil but has the ability to really warm a large space. The heater is portable which makes it very useful to be used in parts of a home where there is not much space.

Once the 1.9-gallon tank of the heater is filled, the heater has the ability to provide heat for a time period of ten to twelve hours. The space heater has 23,000 BTU and can warm a space of 1000 square feet in less time.

The heater does not require any fire or electricity to start; it has a push-button start option. The manufacture also provides a two-year warranty that makes the user safer if they encounter any technical or manufacturing fault.

The usual fear of using such space heaters, which are powered by kerosene, is the suffocation that it can cause. The space heater comes with an automatic shutdown feature if it senses low oxygen levels. There is no doubt that this space heater is very economical as compared to others but it does have a problem with the smell of the kerosene oil.

This space heater is a perfect economic solution to your heating problems and is highly recommended for large rooms or rooms with cathedral ceilings and poorly insulated buildings. Other than that, this space heater can also be sued for outdoor spaces, garages, or other remote spaces.

Things to know before you purchase a space heater:

space heater

As we discussed at the beginning of this article that the efficiency of a space heater depends on the size of the room. Therefore, it is important to know which rooms are considered to be large by definition so that you can choose your product accordingly.

A 130 square feet room is considered to be a small room, whereas a room up to 300 square feet is considered to be medium room. Above 300 square feet is considered to be a large room. Therefore, know your room size before you purchase a space heater.

The other important factor that is important to understand is the major types of heaters and what differentiates between them. There are majorly three types of space heaters.

  1. Radiant heaters
  2. Convection heaters
  3. Combination heaters

Radiant heaters are usually powered by electricity, gas, or kerosene. The latest models in radiant heaters use infrared technology. Convection heaters use air circulation, which creates a vacuum for cold air and warms the whole room. Whereas ceramic radiant heaters use both of the features to warm the room and called a combination heater.

Once you are clear about the room size and type of heater, you should consider the mobility of the heater. Depending on your requirement, you can choose between lightweight, smaller size space heaters, and especially those who have wheels underneath.

Apart from the mobility of the space heater, it is possible that using electricity is more expensive for you as compared to other options, that’s why we have covered products which are powered by different sources, making it easier for you to choose accordingly.

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