Will A Pisces Man Come Back After A Breakup?

Pisces is a zodiac sign that is known for being extremely sensitive and emotional. When a Pisces man decides to terminate a relationship, he will have given it proper thought for a very long time. It is only when he feels that there is no love left to be shared in the relationship that he will pull the plug on it.

Though it is safe to say that no matter the cause for it, a Pisces man will be deeply saddened by this termination. They miss their ex a lot, even up to the point of remembering them and crying about it after months of the breakup.

The strong connection that they feel they have lost will make them feel like they are missing a crucial piece of their heart and soul.

Note: If you have recently lost your romantic connection with him, you must be wondering will a Pisces man come back after a breakup? A combination of your efforts to get him back combined with how this zodiac sign deals with loneliness can become a reason for him to track his way back into your life.

Being a zodiac sign that loves so deeply, there is a huge chance that a Pisces man might come back to their ex.

They feel the emotions connected to romantic feelings with huge strength.

Today we look at the circumstances that can give you a better insight into how a Pisces man behaves, and how to approach him after the breakup.

The Psyche of a Pisces Man after a Breakup

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A Pisces man is a very sensitive and emotional individual.

Even though he feels love intensely, it is rare that he will take the initiative for getting back together following a breakup.

He can be very unpredictable in this regard due to him finding trouble in expressing his inner feelings.

Hence, it falls down to you to make efforts yourself in order to restore the relationship with a Pisces man.

What were the reasons for the Breakup?

First and foremost, you need to realize the cause for the ending of the relationship with your Pisces man.

The guy loves to have big dreams.

Therefore, if any circumstances arise within your relationship that somehow become a hurdle towards him achieving his dreams, he will get scared and back off.

Hence, a good way to show a Pisces man your appreciation is to appreciate his dreams and goals.

Consider them a part of your own life along with him and do everything within your power to help him achieve those goals. With your encouragement, he can become the best version of himself.

After all, a Pisces man and his dreams are a package deal.

Another major cause to put off a Pisces man about his relationship is boredom.

If the relationship fails to keep the spark alive after some time, he will feel drawn away in search of more exciting opportunities.

This makes your job difficult as you have to show him that you can keep him engaged this time around.

A sure-fire way to fix that is going on an exotic trip where you can spend some romantic time together.

Factors that will make a Pisces man come back to you

Remain Patient:

Time can do wonders.

Pisces men do not deal well with breakups at all.

They will be deeply saddened by the feeling of loneliness, spending nights while crying into their pillow.

Hence let the natural flow of things happen and allow him time to rethink his decisions.

Once he starts feeling your absence, he will wish for things to get back to normal and crave for your presence again.

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Look for the signs of him going through loneliness.

Give him space and time that he thinks he needs in order to reevaluate his life.

Let him be alone for a while. If you can manage to remain patient and give him time to miss you, you can be sure that the Pisces man will make the move to come back into your life after seeing how mature and understanding you are.

If you can convince him that you are his soulmate, no matter how much time passes, he will always try to come back to you.

This is once again because of the intense true love that a Pisces man feels to be a necessary component of his life.

Simply continue to remind him of the good times you both spent together and let the memories of your love do their magic.

Be a Good Listener:

It is quite possible if you keep a good amount of communication with your Pisces ex that they will share their problems and things that are troubling them with you.

In such cases, you need to be a good listener and provide a helpful ear to them. If the matter isn’t something that you can help with, simply comforting them will help them get close to you.

Make him feel heard and appreciated as an important person in your life.

Show them your Love:

Spontaneous relationship

Since this zodiac sign loves the feeling of being loved with huge intensity, you should continue to shower him with your love even after the breakup.

Be romantic regardless of the separation, and get touchy with him whenever you have the chance.

Pisces men feel very lonely after the breakup.

Hence, if they see how much love they can get from you, they are bound to come back.

Physical gestures such as a hug, kiss on the cheek, and playful pinching will help you out a lot.

Small thoughtful acts like sending him pictures of your time spent together, a song that you both shared interest in, etc. will surely spark a Pisces man’s memories and remind him of your love.

However, make sure to stay respectful and not push any boundaries.

Show him your Affection:

The most important thing to show to a Pisces man in order to get him back is to show him your affection.

The efforts that you make while showing him how deeply you still care about him will surely get him to rethink his decisions.

Decisions, not being a Pisces forte, wil leave him confused.

You will have to continuously remind him of all the love and care that you can give to him.

If he notices these gestures from you, he will surely try to rekindle the relationship.

Shower him with Compliments:

Take Interest in his Hobbies

Along with affection, a Pisces man loves being admired.

No matter if it is about his looks, brains, actions, or personality, if you want to win back your Pisces man, you need to admire him on all levels.

They have a huge ego which will get boosted by your compliments, driving them back into your arms.

Accept his Shortcomings:

Just like everyone, a Pisces man is very self-conscious about his imperfections. What you can do to put his mind at ease is be open about how much you love him even with those imperfections.

This feeling of acceptance and validation is guaranteed to make them feel your importance in their lives.

Get Close to his Social Circle:

A Pisces man keeps a very close social circle of friends and family.

If you can somehow manage to infiltrate that, you will be able to find yourself spending very important time with him.

Getting close to the guy’s friends will make him see you as an essential part of his life and how well you adjust to being that.

So keep on trying to spend time hanging out with his friends.

If possible, get those friends to tell him how good you two were together and that he should get back to you.

Since he trusts his friends, he will surely consider this decision.

Keep Continuous Check on him:

Giving him attention is a very key aspect of your mission of getting a Pisces man back.

Keep on asking him how he is doing.

Try to remain in contact as much as possible, whether it is through texts, calls, or meetings in person.

You can also plan a fun hang out with them and try to get intimate during that.

Spending quality time with him will remind him of the emotional connection that you two had with each other in the relationship.

This will make the guy see how much you care about him, and wish for you to get back in his life.

If a hangout is not possible, you can ask him for his advice or help on some topic.

Make him feel important.

Be Honest:

Honest couple

Pisces men love honesty.

He appreciates nothing more than maturity on part of the people that he deals with.

Look into the reasons that may have been the pushing factor for him to terminate the relationship.

If your actions are among those reasons, apologize for them.

Once they see that you are owning up to your mistakes and that you truly wish to change for the better, they will get attracted by your courage and maturity.

Telling a Pisces man how terrible you are feeling after the breakup is another way to tempt him to get back together with your honesty.

Tell him that you are in emotional pain and that you miss him dearly.

Do not be afraid to admit your feelings.

This will make him feel bad for hurting you and push him towards getting the relationship back on its track.

To Sum Up:

So will a Pisces man ever come back after a breakup?

The answer is an absolute yes! The emotional nature of this zodiac sign combined with how much attention they put into their love interests even after losing them will tempt them to mend the bridges between you two back together.

During this ordeal, make sure you do your part and meet him halfway.

Ask him for a second chance if you truly want the relationship to get restored. Admit your mistakes that might have pushed him in the first place.

Do not use jealousy to get back at him since it is an aspect that this zodiac sign gets irritated by very quickly.

Instead, approach the matter with love and affection along with maturity.

A positive attitude that is void of any negativity will help you out the most.

Pisces man usually loves for his whole life once he decides to fall in love with someone.

This deep connection that he feels makes it easy to mend relationships with him.

If both of you work on it together, you can find yourself a man that will stick by you forever.