9 Top Signs an Aquarius Man has a Crush on You

Even though Aquarius men can be timid, confidential, and may even seem reserved in a new environment, they make a frame-shift to a total extrovert when back in familiar territory.

Hence, it goes without saying that when an Aquarius man has a crush on you, it will be evident by his excitement and energetic interactions that he has only with you. While the other things in life become quite a drag for him, he concentrates his efforts in making every little dialogue he has with you as enjoyable as he can.

He will not be out-spoken about his feelings. It will mostly be guesswork on your part as he will more than likely never express himself candidly.

Overall, the Aquarius men are not very emotional people. They are relatively quiet and reserved when it comes to interacting with others.

Here are some pointers that will indicate that he really has a crush on you.

Sign#1. He has started to treat you much differently than others:

Everything for an Aquarius man might become vexing and boring over a certain time.

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It is almost impossible for him to maintain a level of interest if he is not presented with new challenges and opportunities.

If the stimulus of something extraordinary is not there, the monotonous activities can become a mere formality for an Aquarius person.

This will eventually result in a drop in his curiosity level and affect his performance.

However, if an Aquarius man has a crush on you, he can maintain a level of excitement and anticipation every time he converses with you.

He is looking forward to talking to you once again at the end of every discourse.

The eagerness to interact with you again is pretty apparent from the change in his attitude whenever you are around.

The exhilaration is visible on his face, along with the thrill and delight he experiences in your presence.

It is safe to say that an Aquarius man has a crush on you if everything apart from you fails to intrigue him or grab his interest.

Sign#2. You are becoming his confidant and his human diary:

Following on the behavioral pattern that he treats you differently compared to others, you may be already his close friend.

He will treat you as a companion and would not hesitate to share his passions with you.

He will be much more comfortable expressing himself in front of you than any other person in the room.

The expectations will be the same from you, nevertheless.

So reciprocate his level of trust if you are interested in a relationship and have no problem adjusting to his personality type.

Sign#3. He has an extra eye for you and pays you more attention:

An Aquarius person is an excellent listener and observer.

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He will listen to your every word and stick by it. It is easy for an Aquarius man to move on if something does not appeal to them as much anymore.

However, it will be different for you if he has a crush on you. His interest in you will only rise, and so will his eagerness to engage with you.

He will pay special attention to your actions and words unknowingly and let you know any meaningful changes that he noticed.

He will take your advice to heart and try to implement it in his life much more than you expect.

He will be distinctly attached to you and pay heed to your expressions and appellations from here on out.

Sign#4. He is willing to take a stand for you:

An Aquarius man can become quite emotional and passionate for a cause he believes in and wouldn’t mind fighting for it.

With his overwhelming closeness with you, he will stand for you and what you believe in when everyone around you will be quick to dismiss it.

He will put his credibility at stake for your ideas.

Without being possessive, he will display an enormous amount of support for you.

Sign#5. He allows his adventurous spirit to go wild around you:

As reserved as an Aquarius man maybe in his working environment, his demeanor will shift when you are around.

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He doesn’t mind experimenting and taking risks or cruising on untraveled routes when he is with you.

He unshackles his mind and flows in line with any atypical and extreme ideas floating in his mind or are suggested by you that you are afraid to test by yourself.

He lets go of his worries, as well as his modesties and oversteps.

Extravagance and showing off when you are around is just another means to communicate that you aren’t like the rest.

The fact that you deserve the best of him and aren’t meant to be treated like others becomes apparent with an abrupt change in his character in your presence.

Sign#6. Your friendship grows more profound and more robust:

Another sign that an Aquarius man has a crush on you is that your friendship with him blossoms into an unbreakable bond.

It is hard for both of you to spend a lot of time without each other.

The discussions of future plans, visions, strategies, and any weird fantasies you have become frequent.

He is emotionally secure around you and prefers to spend more time with you than his friends.

Ever since you came into his life, you will feel your importance growing day after day.

This connection between you fosters an extensive and robust mental bond.

Your areas of interest and activity are of concern to him now, and vice versa.

He respects your differing opinions and is willing to compromise the proven methods.

The conversations become more meaningful, and the level of curiosity and interest regarding each other hits a new peak every time you chat.

The promises aren’t merely empty words that are often forgotten, but he will abide by them and go an extra mile if the situation demands so.

Sign#7. His personality takes a cheeky and flirty turn for you:

At this point, his expressions start to become rosy and romantic.

Out of the blue, he might compliment you on your looks.

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It becomes apparent at this stage that he is interested in a relationship with you.

He might not give any other girl a second look, but he doesn’t hold back any admiration he has for you in your case.

He might even tease you at times to get a chuckle out of you.

Sign#8. He presents himself as an open book and lets you read him:

An Aquarius man will not mind exposing himself in front of you.

He will share his vulnerabilities and insecurities with you.

The level of trust between you two increases with every passing day.

He will understand your problems and complications rather than judging you for your decisions.

This will be a two-way process where both partners are willing to commit and have faith in each other.

Now, you will get to explore his sentimental side that he hid from the outside world.

Beneath that ambitious and fun personality, you will find his feelings and emotions dispersed across the various events of his life that he never chose to reveal to anyone up until now.

Sign#9. He will start encouraging your involvement in his personal life:

An Aquarius man will share his life goals, dreams, and wildest imaginations with you if he has a severe interest in you.

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He will value your input and any advice you offer regarding any project he is about to take.

Even when it comes to planning some events, you will be his right-hand person.

He will delegate some essential tasks to you to show his confidence in you.

It will be the perfect manifestation of the commitment and trust built up between you over this passage of time.

An Aquarius man in love will want you to be a part of every venture he undertakes and will take you along the ride.

Even after things get tricky for either of you, he will be willing to jump into the deep end to rescue your relationship.

When it comes down to the things he loves and cares about, an Aquarius man will put it all on the line.

Therefore, weather the storm, holding his hand and believing in him.

Be there for him when he falls short of words and isn’t able to communicate correctly.


An Aquarius man is of a charming, simple, and humble nature.

If he has a crush on someone, it becomes evident to the person he is interested in through his elevated levels of excitement whenever that person is around.

The once quiet and shy Aquarius man will become distinguished and flamboyant in her presence and doesn’t mind jeopardizing his ideas and methods for her sake.

The visible contrast in his personality is a perfect indicator that he has a crush on you.