Finding Cell Phone Signal Booster For Camping

Finding Cell Phone Signal Booster For Camping: Low signals are one of the most frequent issues that campers report. The remoteness of the most beautiful campsites can be veiled with these weak signals and can also reduce the thrill level. You might wish to have a booster tower for your service provider nearby. If it is, then congratulations, you’re safe. However, if not, don’t worry, we have come up with a list of some amazing cellphone signal booster for camping. Also, some tips are there to help you to tackle the situation easily.

Many campers prefer carrying RV with them.

These units vanish all issues of cellphone signals.

There can be Drive X RV or a Connect RV 65. These are the most important ones.

If you don’t have an RV, don’t worry about urgent calling situations and emergencies. There are still many ways to boost your cellphone signals.

So call your hotel reception, call a taxi, call your love, share it with your friends and a lot more. Keep following this post.

Why do most campers complain about low signals?

Why do most campers complain about low signals?

It is something worth notice. You must know the reason why signals are a conflict for all campers. If you understand the basic technicality behind this issue, you won’t have any issue to make your booster.

Cellphones have evolved out as mini computers and smart gadgets. But the basic intention for cellphones is to work as a two-end radio transmission line for urgent calling. It has a receiver and a transmitter. A radio network connects these ends with a cell tower in the nearest junction. In this way, communication is made easier.

When camping, remote locations might not have cell towers. As these towers require maintenance and care, many cellphone companies don’t install these towers in remote locations. However, such locations are an important pick for the campers. And the problem persists!

RV devices work as an easy and portable cell tower, making you capable to communicate and stay connected. Still, there can be many hurdles on your way.

What can these hurdles be? Terrains and hills, plantations, metallic walls of your vehicle, and natural conditions like snow, rains, fogs, etc. these hurdles change the directions and intensities of the radio signals around and bring a “weak or no signals” message to your cellphone.

Some easy tricks to reduce hurdle impacts!

Improving signals on phone

If you have an RV to power your cellphone booster, you are safe. However, if you don’t, try these tricks!

  1. Find out the highest terrain spot, a hilltop, or similar. You can get over the possible hurdle on the ground level at this level. However, it doesn’t mean to approach the top of Everest! The level should ideally be in the midst.
  2. Move away to plain fields and avoid plantations. Trees and their excretions often deviate the radio signals. Some trees also absorb the EMF waves.
  3. Step out of your vehicle if you’re inside. The metallic body of your vehicle can reduce the intensity and frequency of the radio signals.
  4. Retry connection if the weather around is shaggy. In the case of snowfall, wait for the fall to stop. If cloudy, wait for the cloud depressions to clear. In the case of storms, the electric thunders can interfere. Try to reconnect after some time.

The best solution to avoid all such issues is to carry a portable and easy RV cellphone booster. All you need to do is to connect it with your vehicle and you’re done!

3 Best cellphone signal booster

WeBoost Drive Reach

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It is the most powerful cellphone booster you can use with your vehicles. It has a high range varying from 2-5 kilometers with terrain complexities, making it reach to distant cell towers easily.

You might be required to install the product professionally.

The device is carrier accepted and is approved by FCC.

The amazing metallic design with a weather-resistant body promotes use in high and heavy weather conditions.

It can provide peak performance in intense heat.

It can support multiple devices at ones and is the best booster for use in remote areas.

The company claims that this device can achieve the strongest possible signal for your devices.

With this device, your device can achieve the highest possible connectivity to your peers and achieve the fastest data speeds.

WeBoost Drive 4G-X OTR

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This cellphone booster works best worth trucks and lorries. It can support multiple devices and is good for remote communications.

Truck drivers traveling from remote areas can use this booster to stay connected with the world.

This boost has a long 17 inches’ antennae with a weather-resistant body.

It can power all the signal requirements with your, whether it be FM Radio, cellphones, routers, or other devices.

It has a strong battery life where you can have 2 hours plus talk time for your smartphones.

Also, the device is easy to install and manage.

Ut has a 12VDC cord that can have powered using the cigarette lighter port in your vehicle and the device is ready to function.

The device is active with all US networks and can provide flawless signals anywhere you go.

WeBoost also aims to continue the progress of its products making them ready to provide 5G services. You can enjoy the best call experiences with this 4G-X OTR.

WeBoost Drive X RV

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Best RV to use for campers. It has a high range and can approach most distant cell towers.

It can work perfectly whether you are parked or in motion. It also can support and boost multiple devices.

It is also approved by FCC and can provide network compatibility all US local and international networks.

The device can support all gadgets, giving better quality for signals and services.

The device can accommodate up to 2 hours of talk time and has functional cells, which can work in case the tour vehicle turns down.

In this way, the device becomes more compatible for remote camping and traveling, allowing you to tackle emergencies easily.

To instant X RV, you need to drill holes of compatible size onto your RV so you can adjust it at a suitable location.

The weather-friendly body makes it long-lasting, as this device can also survive thunderstorms, dust storms, and wind storms, as proven in the lab tests.

It comes with a 2 years’ warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee by the manufacturer.

Connect RV 65

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If you wish to use an RV for stationary stops, or when you are parked or having a bonfire, you can use this cellphone booster.

It cannot work while moving as its antennae cannot work with changing wavelengths. It is graded as the best choice signal booster.

The booster is FCC approved and supports all US national networks.

The installation is labeled tool-free which can be easy for all people.

It also provides a 2 hours’ battery backup in case of a power shutdown.

The device requires a 25 feet tall pole which requires a 10 minutes’ setup time.

The pole is fitted with a directional antenna that provides flawless signal connections to various devices in place.

The device is especially known for hotspot and modem compatibility for the Wi-Fi.

How does a cellphone signal booster for camping work?

A cellphone signal booster or an RV has an antenna that collects all weak radio signals in the air. It can even collect signals which cannot approach your cellphone. The weak signals are amplified to a regional level, which makes the radio signals approachable for your cellphone. In the same, way, when your phone sends some signals, the RV collects these radio waves and boosts it so they can reach the nearest cell tower.

A general cellphone signal booster is composed of two antennae, internal and external. The external antennae catch weak radio signals and send them to the amplifier for boosting. Whilst the internal antennae received the boosted signals from the amplifier and transmits them to your cellphones.

Usually, boosters require some power source to work perfectly. This can be supplied through your vehicles, solar, wind, or even hydro powers. The designs of each RV changes with their power courses. However, campers use a vehicle-powered cellphone signal booster for camping and backpacking. With boosters, you don’t need to worry about any signal issues. But yes, you must look for wild animals around.

Since most of the campers choose RV which requires vehicle power, many people also hesitate to ask what if I am not having my car? Well, this is not to worry about it. You should have access to any AC or DC source for this cellphone booster. You can carry a small battery to power your booster.

Or you can simply buy a convenient power bank for your electric power needs. Your booster will work and you can keep your cellphone charge. You can light a bulb for you as well. When you’re back in the hotel, charge your power bank for the next day and have safe camping!

Many campers suggest that using a simple antenna, places at a higher point then ground can help to boost cellphone signals. You must have seen old televisions and telephone sets that used sets of antennae for signal transmission and reception. While being at a perfect location, these antennae’s capture all signals and provide hustle free communication.

In this way, campers can also use this technique for solving the issue of cellphone signals. Using the MIMO antennae, the campers can boost their signals. Also, the local governments and hotel staff install minor cell towers at places if there is a high tourist turnover. Such antennas can also operate routers and hotspots.

What to prefer between a signal booster and antennas?

Well, this is a difficult choice to select one amongst the two as campers, with temporary signal errors might not wish to go for complicated items. In this condition, spending more money or handling more technical items can be irritating. However, for regular campers and remote travelers, the following comparison can help to select the most appropriate one.

  • Signals boosters have the best work in areas with really low signals. Antennas might not be very good in this case. Antennas need peculiar adjustments in such areas and might fail to boost the network.
  • When signals boosters are brought into areas with high or good signals, there can be a boosting noise if the booster still works due to interference in the radio waves. However, the antennas cannot be turned off which can dangerous if the cellphones are sensitive with radio waves exposure intensity.
  • Signal boosters require AC or DC access to functions. If a camper doesn’t carry a car with themselves, they cannot use it easily. However, the antennas don’t require any power supply.
  • Antennas are very cost-effective. All hardware, poles, cables, and the mounting set can cost collectively for about $200 maximum. However, the signal boosters can be range from $500 to $800. unlike antennas, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge of “how to install it.” This can be worth spending if you are a regular remote camper or a travel vlogger and have a high use with signal boosters.
  • While traveling during your camping tour, you can keep the signal booster mounted on your vehicle. However, the antennas can also be kept mounted, only if the pole is sufficiently short in length. In reality, poles for the antenna are usually taller to approach the highest number of possible signals. Taller poles must be brought down while traveling. In this way, you may be required to reform the antennae set up when you reach your next definition.

The choice of choosing an antennae stet or a signal booster depends on the nature of traveling, your budget, and the frequency of use. Choose one but choose wisely.


Do cell signal boosters work?

Yes, signals boosters work miraculously well in areas with really low signals. In areas with moderate signals, you might not feel the difference with the boosters. However, if the area has high signal exposure, then there can be boosting noise if you use a signal booster.

Can antennae and a signal booster be used together?

Yes, you can use them together. but it is not a wise decision. There can be network interference and noise in the signals which is useless to work with.

Can I boost my Wi-Fi routers with a signal booster?

Yes, the routers for your Wi-Fi work on the radio signals around. The signal boosters are also effective for your Wi-Fi.

Can cellphone boosters be used in rural areas?

Yes, you can use cellphone boosters in rural areas if there are low signals. However, if you have a cell tower at some distance, an antenna can solve the issue.

What is the best cellphone signal booster for camping with RV?

Connect RV 65 is one of the most reviewed and best function boosters for cellphone signal booster for RV campers. The list goes on for a lot more, depending upon your use.

Can I use solar panels to power my RV? How many panels would it require?

Yes, you can use a solar panel for the RC. You are required to have an 1800-watt solar panel collection to run your RV perfectly if your RV is a general 12V device. In this way, your signal boosters would also work perfectly while your other power requirements are also met.

Can a generator run my RV?

Yes, you can run your RV with a generator. You would require a 3500-watt generator to support your RV. As a fact, the RV is one of the most power-consuming items in this world.

Which is better for dispersed camping? a solar panel or an antenna?

Dispersed camping is usually sufficient with power supplies and can be too remote locations for ease and peace. However, the cellphones are always mandatory for dispersed camping to fight with any emergencies. In this case, having a signal booster is good for your perfect help. You can turn off the power when in a good-signal area. It will also keep you from installing and uninstalling antennae poles everywhere and save space.

Signing off!

Now that you know the possible hacks and devices to solve the network issues in remote areas, don’t wait long enough for eternal peace and the most mesmerizing camping experiences. A cellphone signal booster for camping can match all your network needs and help you with worry-free and easy camping.

select the most suitable signal booster, depending upon your signal requirements. If you wish to vlog from the remote areas, your signal booster will help you. If you only wish to connect to the world at any emergency, then the antennae set will work. However, if you have ultimately low signals in the area, then you might still require a signal booster.

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