How To Make An Aquarius Fall In Love With A Libra Woman?

How To Make An Aquarius Fall In Love With A Libra Woman?: Calling out all fellow Libra women, do you have your eyes on the hard-to-get Aquarius boy next door but think you’re out of his league or that it’s just way too hard to make him fall for you?

Well, the good news is, a Libra woman and an Aquarius man are by nature two like-minded persons. Therefore, making an Aquarius fall for a Libra is easy.

Aquarians are highly creative and kind, and they always try to live in the moment. If you try to cultivate your similarities, such as being innovative, impulsive, honest, fun, and kind, you can make an Aquarius man tip over for you.

With these common similarities as explained below, you will learn to synchronize yourself with an Aquarius. Make sure you read the Key Takeaway at the end.

1- Sit back and get comfy

Dont be a Mystery Woman

For a relationship to thrive, it is crucial that you understand your partner and make him feel at ease when he is with you and vice versa.

Being comfortable doesn’t mean following some bizarre and perverted form of it. On the other hand, one too many times, people make the mistake of judging their relationship from an outsider’s point of view.

This can be very troublesome. One cannot be at ease if they are getting advice counter to what they are doing.

So, try to avoid looking at your relationship from an outsider’s point of view and never hesitate from being an open book in front of him.

Aquarians are highly sensitive to their partner’s needs. So, try opening up to him rather than worrying about others. You will find him to be very welcoming and comforting.

Similarly, an Aquarius is also a person who needs someone to talk about things personal to him from time to time. As a Libra, you are the perfect girl to ease him in such matters.

Remember, being the one he is comfortable with is the key to getting his affection.

2- Help each other

Support him

As a rule of the universe, helping someone is the way to their heart.

Although Aquarians are highly intelligent and creative people, this does not mean that they do not need help.

Helping someone in the time of their need is the quickest and most effective way to earn their respect and trust.

One tip regarding this matter is that you should avoid showing off about it later and pretend as if you did nothing. No need to rub it in his face because that will just put a guy off, Aquarius or not.

Instead, if you act normal and never make him think what you did wasn’t out of just habit, then the tables might turn in your favor, and he will start viewing you in an admirable light.

3- Honesty is the best policy

Phone text that creat a hype

We all know that no relationship can be based on lies.

Being honest and open with an Aquarius is the best thing you can do to ensure a healthy relationship in the future.

Having doubts about it? Don’t be too quick to judge!

Hear us out.

The important point to know is that Aquarians hate liars. So, if you possess the habit of lying, you need to get out of it and fast.

Any loyalty for an Aquarius means that you are a hundred percent honest with him.

Being open and raw with them is what makes it a strong bond, especially since we have combined it with being honest.

When your man knows you are honest with him, it also means that he knows all your flaws and fears.

Even before your Aquarius crush falls for you, this is something that can vastly help you build your bond strong with him and increase your chances of ending up as his girlfriend.

4- Don’t be afraid to experiment and explore

Be open handed

Aquarius and Libra are both adventurous. You both are turned on by what others may consider being eccentric.

So, try to get away from work and city life when you can and visit some forests and lakes, take a tour of the neighboring city or your own, or go out to try that new restaurant with him.

You can try mountain climbing or go bungee jumping. Taking a ride to the lake for fishing can also be a good idea.

Unusual hobbies and visiting places are also a big yes for many relationships. Experimenting and exploring new things to see what the two of you like can be a great way to cultivate understanding and even affection. Knowing what you two like and enjoy together can strengthen your bond, and with an experience so strong, the chances are high that he will fall for you.

5- Go with the Flow

Boost up your culinary skills

Something that you may hear quite often but don’t understand is always to be yourself. Don’t try to create an alternative version of yourself just because you think it might make him like you. You can not make anyone fall in love with a lie and hope that it will work. If it is supposed to happen, it will happen.

Another important thing to remember is not to hold back.

Yes! You want him to fall for you, but do you want to live in a lie?

Surely not!

Whenever you are with him, try to ease up and take things as they may come. Don’t worry in advance about what may happen! Just go with the flow.

The reason is that as a Libra, you have the natural tendency to lead. Whereas, as an Aquarius, he will tend to follow. He feels comfortable following his significant others’ lead. So you really have the upper hand here. If you give off a nervous vibe that can be mistaken as being “uninterested,” then there are chances that he will follow your lead and pick up the wrong signal too.

So, don’t be afraid to let your inner self out and go with the flow. The thing to strive for here is him loving you for who you are.

6- Show Compassion

Woman with a good sense of Humor

All people have something in common, right!?

For the two of you, it’s being kind to others.

Libras are known for their kind behavior, and Aquarians are also highly compassionate people.

This can be the mutual ground upon which you both can build, strengthen and maintain your bond.

Compassion is something that can melt hearts and turn people’s opinions. Compassionate people also approve of others’ kindness. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unrewarded, So this can be a pivotal way for you to get into his heart.

Due to this similarity in your relation, you two will have the same approach to life in many matters and better understand each other’s issues.

7- Live in the moment

Independent Woman

Before you can step into it face first, you need to make him notice you.

Worried about how to get his attention?

It’s simple! Aquarians, like to live in the moment, which also means they get bored quickly.

So, try to be a lively and impulsive sort of person, and you will be successful in catching his attention in no time.

Regarding your daily life, if you really want to stand out in front of him, it’s time to bid farewell to regularity and monotony.

Try constantly changing your schedule. Try different routines and different methods of doing the same things.

In short, make change the only constant in your life, and you will be able to keep him hooked forever.

8- Tap onto your creative side

Keep Yourself Organized

Aquarians are highly creative people. Like many others, they also find people of similar personalities to be friendly.

Being creative also means that whatever gets old may be getting too dull for Your partner.

Before you get into it, though, first stop panicking!

As a Libra woman, you have a huge advantage here. You are also highly creative and adventurous. So, you two can complement each other’s thoughts.

This similarity is what can be a starting point to your intimate relationship.

Keeping things new doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent the wheel or something. It means to add a little variety to how you do things.

Out of ways to do something in a new manner? No problem!

Your partner is also keen to find new ways of doing things, so this will help You when You are bored and stuck. This will all lead to fun and cheerful dates, which are your desired goal.

9- Try to understand his need to detach

Hot look

Like every other human being, an Aquarius also has some traits that are somewhat difficult to handle. One of these is being detached from society now and then.

The thing is that they like their own company a bit too much. While this is a relatively healthy trait, it doesn’t always work in romantic relationships, in theory.

The solution is that rather than considering it as an offense, try a more passive approach.

What’s that?

Well, for starters, try assuring him that you understand his urge to get away from society. Moreover, try asking him the logic behind it and how he views it. This will help You to understand his actions.

This will make him see that you are his supporter and a confidant and will help you strengthen your bond even more. Everyone is a sucker for people who understand them, and if you make your Aquarius feel like you’re there for him and know exactly how his personality is, then you can also make him fall head over heels for you.

10- Temperamental and Stubborn

Be sentimental and dewy-eyed

Although your personality matches very well with the Aquarius in question in many instances, you may find him to be a bit temperamental from time to time.

The thing is, everyone can get a bit irritable, especially if that person happens to get bored too fast. This is the case with an Aquarius too.

The trick here is to approach him as a friend again, and instead of criticizing this trait of his, try to make him realize that you understand why he feels like this.

As a Libra, you may like balance and equity but never try to change him. Instead, work on it with him. This is much better because it will help you see how and where he is having issues.

To reiterate, understanding someone can be the cherry on top in making them fall for you, so understanding why he is temperamental or stubborn sometimes may be a difficult thing to do, but it surely will pay off.

Compromises do not make a couple less; if anything, they add to their bond. So, when You understand and have to give up on something, be happy to do so.

11- Try not to be indecisive

Too much makeup with appearance

One of your personality traits that may hinder your progress from making your man fall in love with you is indecisiveness.

Not being able to decide as a couple can lead to many problems. Many couples have this issue.

Aquarius does not like to lead, but at the same point, they also don’t want to keep sitting idle.

How to avoid such catastrophic situations?

The trick is that whenever you seem to be stuck and can’t decide, try leaving your decisions onto him.

This does two things for you. Firstly, it keeps ineffective decision-making at bay. Secondly, it shows him that you count on him and trust him with your decisions, so it will, in turn, put you in a good light in front of him and help you make him fall for you.

Thus, this apparently ‘lacking’ trait can be a plus point gained when used with finesse.

The takeaway

Getting into any relationship is a piece of work. Maintaining it till Your crush falls for You now that’s an even more challenging thing to pull off.

So, how do You get Your crush to fall in love with You and not make Yourself crazy in the process?

The solution is simple and easy enough to remember.

All relationships require one to be a little softer in the heart than in the head. This is equally important in one with Aquarius and other Libra as partners.

Just relax and remember that your personality is already matching with his interests astrologically. You two are somewhat of a match made in heaven.

Pay a little attention to some aspects of your personality, like being creative, honest, and going with the flow. (Read the Go With The Flow part again…)

Even more important for you to remember is not to act like his nanny and to put restrictions on what he can and can not do! Instead, try the more passive approach of asking him to elaborate his actions for your understanding.

So, be helpful, understanding, and most of all, impulsive and open. With all this done, your Aquarius man will fall for you in no time.

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