10 Ways a Gemini Woman Can Attract an Aquarius Man

Whether it is a friend or a past lover, as a Gemini, you’ve probably noticed that you get along best with other people who are Aquarius. This is not just a mere coincidence!

By their very nature, Gemini women and Aquarius men are highly compatible and always hit it off; which makes them great partners for each other!

The thing you need to know about attracting an Aquarius man is that you need to keep being the friendly, easy-going person you are.

You have to be yourself around him and make use of your high intellect, humor, and spontaneity.

At the same time, try to keep the indecisiveness and self-centered tendencies at bay as they can be a turn-off for Aquarius men.


While the countless similarities in your personalities might work in your favor, here are a few things to keep in mind in your perusal of an Aquarius man as a Gemini woman:

1- Let your bright personality shine through!

Since you probably have the same bright and easy-going personality as him, the most important thing to remember is that you can be yourself around him!

You do not have to hide parts of yourself that you may have had to at the beginning of other relationships.

This is not going to be like those relationships in which you have to change who you are. Since he has a very similar personality, he will appreciate getting to know you for who you are.

Remember that Aquarian men are attracted to bright, easy-going, intellectual, and extroverted women. As a Gemini, you can definitely check all of those things on your list. So, he will certainly not get along with you if you pretend to be someone you are not.

Do not lose your confidence or get nervous because you like him. Be your best, genuine self and do it fearlessly. Let nature take its course with the rest!

2- Embrace the shared spontaneity!

Geminis are spontaneous – and so are Aquarians. It is no mystery that spontaneous and adventurous people like to be surrounded by other people who are just as fun-loving and spontaneous as them.

Woman with a good sense of Humor

Adventurous people tend to be turned off by introverted, boring people who do not find joy in the art of spontaneity.

This is great news for your bond with him!

An Aquarius man will often be making exciting plans for the two of you on the spot and will expect you to go along.

Whether it is a late-night trip to the supermarket to get ice cream or a sudden road trip on a Sunday morning, these are things he will want to do.

Whenever you feel spontaneous and start making such plans, he, being fun-loving, will go along and the two of you will hit it off!

3- Bring out your extroverted side!

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner used to get annoyed because you were too outgoing and friendly? Did it annoy you or make you feel unaccepted?

This will never be a problem with an Aquarius man. When you meet him, you are going to want to be social and friendly.

He will love that you have that bright and extroverted energy going about you. He will enjoy your company and reciprocate the energy.

The way you match his social energy is going to be a huge point in your favor and with it, he is guaranteed to be drawn to you.

4- Remember, humor is your strong suit!

This is probably a trait that has come in handy in your past relationships as well. In this regard, charming an Aquarius man will be no different.

An Aquarius man will love your humor, especially when you crack witty jokes to make him laugh.

Aquarius men also tend to find flirtatious humor very charming, so do not hesitate to use your brilliant humor to win over his heart!

5- Accept and Respect the Differences!

While you and your Aquarian man may have some differences in perspectives or interests, it is not going to be a problem for both of you.

Just like you are good at accepting your differences with other people, Aquarian men tend to be too, especially when the differences are with someone they care about.

Your personalities may, for the major part, be similar, but there are going to be things you disagree on. The two of you may even have arguments that might seem like differences you cannot withstand.

However, the kind of nature that the two of you possess will enable you to accept the differences, since the similarities are so significant.

In your perusal of an Aquarius man, remember to accept and respect any differences the two of you may have.

6- Have Stimulating Conversations With Him

A Gemini and Aquarius both share an intellectual passion. They are both smart, open-minded people, who like to have stimulating conversations that expand their minds and make their world bigger.

They like to be surrounded by intelligent and thoughtful people who share the same interests and love having long conversations and debates with them about the things that matter.

When you talk to him, use your immense knowledge to have stimulating conversations with him that make his mind wonder and make him happy to be talking to you.

Since this is the quality in both of you that stands out, this is going to be the foundation of your relationship and will always be a part of it, so build it strongly!

7- Never create a ruckus!

While tackling any problems the two of you might face, dealing with them immaturely will be a turn-off for an Aquarius man.

An Aquarius man does not like to deal with conflict in unsettling ways. He is better at dealing with problems that are laid out, talked out, and resolved peacefully, as do you, a Gemini woman.

When dealing with conflict with him, sit down and have an open and honest conversation with him. Do not blow things out of proportion and deal with things tactfully, as you are inclined to.

8- Dial down the self-centered tendencies!

If you are a Gemini woman who knows herself inside out, you know you can be a little self-absorbed at times.

You often do not like to talk about things that do not directly concern or affect you. You spend a lot of time focused on and talking about life matters that revolve around you. You can be a little indifferent towards other things.

This can be a turn-off for an Aquarius man. They tend not to like people who are self-absorbed as they keep their minds broad and think about a lot of things. When with an Aquarius man, try and be more broad-minded and less self-involved.

9- Give him space now and then

Just like you, an Aquarius man likes to have his freedom.

There will be times when he’s going to need some space and take some time for himself; it’s just a part of who he is.

Whenever he does so, try not to rush him into meeting up or talking, rather, just respect his need for time alone.

He may also enjoy some time away, spending the day with his friends or his family. This is completely normal as an Aquarius man is independent and unlikely to become codependent.

This is good news for you too as Gemini women tend to be easy-going and are not the kind to be clingy!

10- Keep the indecisiveness at bay

Geminis tend to be flaky and indecisive. Whether it is about small, routine decisions or major life choices, they find it difficult to decide on one thing.

They tend to be indecisive about relationships as well. This is, however, a major turn-off for Aquarians.

An Aquarius man likes women who are more confident and decisive. Instead of beating around the bush, he would like it more if you are confident in your decisions, or at least sure of decisions that revolve around him.

Wait till you have reached firm decisions to share them with him rather than giving him contradictory and fleeting answers.

What makes Gemini women and Aquarius men so compatible?

The most common quality of both Geminis and Aquarians is that they are both free thinkers. They both like to talk about ideas that expand their minds. They have a passion for intellect and are therefore drawn to people who stimulate their minds.

Most Geminis and Aquarians start to get along from the moment they meet because they share the same passion and understanding for intellectual topics and it creates a spark between them.

Another reason is that they are both easy-going. They tend to not act clingy in a relationship and understand the importance of taking time out for themselves.

They will never find the other complaining about needing space, being distant, or taking out time for other important people in their lives.

Geminis and Aquarians are also both extroverts by nature. This similarity in personality plays a crucial role.

Friendly and social people are often attracted to people who have the same nature as them. As the two signs are both outgoing, they will both have things in common they do for fun.

As a couple, not only will they most likely go to a lot of parties and hang out with their friends, but also be the life of every party they go to!

Unmistakably, these similarities in their personalities are what draw a Gemini and an Aquarius to each other.

Final Thoughts

Differences aside, the similar nature of Gemini women and Aquarius men tie them together.

Whether or not it lasts, Gemini-Aquarius relationships are very fun, exciting, pure, full of love, and definitely bound to be one of the best relationships of your life!

So when you’re trying to attract an Aquarius man, as long as the two of you are your genuine selves, the dynamic is going to be very suitable and it’ll turn into a bond that will make both of you very happy.