Top 5 Best Electric Skateboards for Beginners

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboards for Beginners: Finding the best electric skateboard has never been easier, now that you have this post right here. Alright, so everyone knows that skateboards are never going to go out of style. They’ve always had a solid place in subcultures and the youth around the world and it seems like they’re just getting even more popular. And as things gain momentum, we all know that the competition for what the best skateboard is, especially off-road skateboards and off-road electric skateboards, rises.

Everyone’s after the best thing in town and why shouldn’t you be? Choosing the best skateboard isn’t easy but with enough research, you’ll surely find your way around.

And if you ask me, it’s better to spend a while on the internet reading about the best off-road skateboards than to go out, buy yourself an expensive one and then realize that it’s probably not the best electric longboard after all. And of course, the customization is a whole another thing you need to have an eye out for.

Most people like having the ability to play around with their electric skateboard and if you’re one of them, you know how important that aspect is.

There are quite a few things you need to know before you purchase an electric skateboard.

The material, design, size and the gadgets used to build it all need to be considered, the price is also an important consideration as you might find relatively cheap but high-quality electric skateboards.

After doing a ton of research and rigorously testing more than 100 skateboards, I have found the best options available.

These options are the absolute best and provide really great experience, they can compete with some of the most expensive options. I am sure that after reading my review you will be armed with loads of information to make a wise and well-informed purchase.

Table of Content

The Carbon GT Series by Evolve

The Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1 electric skateboard or as I like to call it the real beast board is the long-ranged, digitally controlled, 3000-watt powerful performance and solidly constructed perfect electric skateboard.

This electric board is unbelievably beautiful, it looks amazing and so legit it’s like a cool luxury sports car with an extra touch of elegance.

Its finish is so smooth, the grip is really nice, the overall design is sleek and efficient.

Some of the best things about it

  • It has double pushing trucks on the front and the back to give it much more carve
  • Dual motors to give an ultimate power of 3000 watts to climb an incline of 25 percent
  • This monster electric board has a top speed of 26mph with 97-millimeters wheels
  • The battery last for 30-mile with on-road tires and 18-mile with off-road tires
  • The board overall is about 40 inches long made of carbon fiber. It’s very light for a board of this size, 21 pounds in the all train mode
  • The frame has an integrated battery which is a very low profile and can be hardly noticed. This gives the board an awesome look and shape
  • It is controlled by a digital remote, which is very sensitive with very powerful brakes
  • You have four modes from slow to fast mode to choose from, maximum torque mode is the GT mode which goes like fastest if you aren’t prepared you will surely end up at your back
  • It takes about 5 hours to fully recharge the batteries

The not so cool things about it

  • There are sometimes connection issues from both the board and the remote, the remote can sometimes turn off randomly
  • There is a software thing with the remote, the battery indicator on the board sometimes miscalculate how much battery is left

I have ridden this electric board for almost 90 miles and I have had a fantastic experience so far.

I bought it a little expensive and my board has already paid itself off. Don’t worry about the price it’s totally worth it, this board is just indestructible and has top of the line features.

Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

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This is the high-end model of boosted mini, it is priced near thousand bucks which is pretty decent for a board of this quality. This board is specially designed to be very much portable, it has great wheels and a great grip tape. I like it overall, it’s cool and let’s go kind of board.

Some of the best things about it

  • The design of the board is really solid, the look is decent and cool, the quality and finish are just awesome
  • It gives you the amazing feeling of a very powerful torque effect with a top speed of about 20 mph
  • It maintains a good balance between acceleration and velocity, which keeps you safe from falling on high speed
  • The remote is precise and interactive to give you ultimate control of the electric board
  • The brakes are strong and powerful, the size allows you to take turns conveniently

Things I do not like about it

  • I have this board for 3 months and there are things I don’t like about it. The first thing is that it weighs 17 pounds which is heavy for a shortboard specially designed for portability
  • The battery is located on the front of the board which I don’t like, and it also makes it really hard to use the kicktail to take turns
  • The motor can become noisy over time

I don’t regret buying this electric, its actually good for its price and its among my favorite boards. It is much better in comparison to its counterpart the Mini s board.

2nd Generation Koowheel Electric Skateboard

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I was blown away by the charming looks and heart winning price, this electric board has everything for half price.

I rode it for approximately 53 miles in the countryside with hilly passages and enjoyed the ride it was fun, comfortable and quite fast.

The things I love about it

  • It has a dual riding mode, which you can select according to your preferences or surface type. The modes differ in term of speed as the top speed for advance mode is 24 mph and 18 mph for normal mode
  • The board is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple for better flexibility and toughness
  • It gives a range of about 18 km when fully charged, the charging time is about 3 hours
  • The remote controller has a perfect synchronization with the board, so its very easy to control
  • The grip of the board is not to bad and the braking system is quite impressive

The not so good things about it

  • It isn’t very smooth, it rattles sometimes because of the batteries
  • Turning is not very easy if you are a beginner
  • The deck is a bit stiff and the riding can be noisy but nothing too bad
  • Customer support service of this company is bad

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this electric board when I bought it and so far, it is way better than what I expected, it has liberated me from the plague of brand consciousness.

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+

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I read a lot of reviews before buying this board.

There are other models available which are more expensive, and the prices go up according to the specs.

I have ridden this electric board for like 76 miles and tested it fully.

The conclusion I reached is that it’s of good quality and provides an overall satisfying riding experience.

The design is good looking and portable, the size is also adequate which I like the most.

The second generation of the Boosted boards is insane. Boosted has finally released the second generation after a long time.

We’ve been waiting for ages and when it finally came out, everyone went bonkers. The second generation of the electric skateboard is hand down, some of the best I’ve seen in my time.

Especially when you talk about water resistance, braking, and power, the Boosted 2nd gen dual has done it all.

Just by looking at these off-road skateboards, you can see exactly why they’re the best ELECTRIC skateboards out there and why so many people opt for these electric longboards rather than the brands that have been out there for longer and are well, you can say, “flashier”.

Boosted provides great quality electric skateboards at a price that a large number of people are comfortable with.

Although yes, the second generation is a little pricier, it’s worth every penny if you ask me. Whether you go for the standard or double range batteries, it’s completely up to you and how much you’re going to be using your electric skateboard. The Boosted 2nd gen dual + standard range electric skateboard have much higher water resistance.

Although I still wouldn’t recommend traveling on overly moistened surfaces for longer periods of time or often.

It’s just that you know it’s not going to break down by the first water droplet it sees. It’s okay for every now and again when you really must go over a moistened area.

But, do avoid it as much as possible. The braking power has also increased with these second-generation boosted boards.

Especially when you compare it to the single-wheel drive skateboard motors.

The Boosted 2nd gen dual + standard range electric skateboard is easy to use.

The batteries can be changed easily by simply unscrewing a few bolts so you’re not going to be spending hours on trying to get the hang of that.

You can also connect headlight, LED lights, and smartphones which come on! It’s incredible.

The long-distance range is another reason why the Boosted 2nd gen dual + standard range electric skateboard is so popular among all skaters.

The coolest things about it

  • The bamboo deck is amazingly flexible
  • The 1500-watt battery gives the acceleration of a sports car
  • Rejoice the high-grade batteries that take about 4 hours to fully charge
  • Weights just 15 pounds, so feel free to take it anywhere you want
  • Highly synchronized remote controller and multiple modes to adjust speed according to the user preferences and the surfaces
  • The top speed of this cool board is about 20 mph, and it can climb 20% gradient very easily

The not so cool things about it

  • Its range is 7 miles which is less than its counterparts
  • The motor can become noisy over time

All in all, I will say that this is a genuinely well-designed electric board, it has all the desirable features.

It is certainly for you if you hate the plastic boards, which I personally hate. I just love the wooden Bamboo deck for the flexibility and comfort it provides. Before buying this board was seriously concerned about its price.

But once I went for a ride, I was more than happy to buy it.

Teamgee H5

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Although this was not my first electric board, I really enjoyed riding it, it’s probably the thinnest board ever. It is worth much more than what it costs.

This electric board looks amazing and rides great. I have ridden about 30 miles in crowded streets and I enjoyed every bit of it. It has great control.

But I don’t recommend a novice rider to ride in crowded areas, I only did it because I am a professional and I like to take risks. It’s a great option if you want to use it for daily commute because of its weight it’s very portable.

Another good thing about its weight is that it’s so light that even if the battery runs out you will not have a problem riding it like a regular skateboard.

The key is to have realistic expectations and not to compare this less than $500 board with a $1500 electric board.

The best things about it

  • This electric skateboard is just 0.5inch inches thick, so it looks like a regular longboard
  • Equipped with 380*2 powerful dual motors it has a top speed of 21 mph. And is capable of climbing a gradient of 15-20%
  • The design is built keeping in view the strength and durability. Its deck is made of a mixture of Canadian maple and fiber-glass. It can carry a weight up to 200 pounds easily
  • The battery takes only about 2 hours to fully charge
  • It is equipped with an LCD remote controller, which is very easy to operate and learn for the beginners
  • It comes with a 1-year mechanical warranty

The not so good things about it

  • The range is just about 9 miles which is less comparatively
  • The deck is 37 inches long which can be a bit difficult to turn for newbies
  • The flex of the board can be improved

Although this board is not made with the highest quality components, it designed in a way that it gives a very enjoyable and smooth riding experience.

Its an option worth considering.

What Decides the best electric skateboards for beginners?

Well, there’s a whole lot of factors but you can instantly tell with off-road skateboards by giving them a good, quick look. Something that delivers value, quality and is going to last you a good while speaks for itself.

You want to invest in an electric skateboard that feels sturdy?

While brands are important and of course, every brand maintains a standard of quality, sometimes, you can get a better longboard at a lesser price range by reaching out to more independent brands than the big names in the market.

That, of course, is not the easiest and it may take you a while to get your hands on someone who’s providing good quality off road skateboards, but it’s not impossible. You just have to be patient.

Technical specifications, the more money the better they get

The speed, range, braking systems, batteries, and motors are all very important parts of an electric skateboard. A higher-quality board will obviously be more expensive; however, I will avoid discussing the technical specifications at this point as they totally depend on your budget.

Practically testing the features of a beginners electric skateboard

You really need to check the practical features of a board before making a purchase. It is quite possible that a cheap electric skateboard performs the same or even better than an expensive one when tested practically.

Flexibility will keep you floating

A 100 percent bamboo desk will have an amazing flex, you can literally jump on it like it’s a trampoline.

Whereas a bamboo and maple board will be comparatively less flexible, a bit more rigid but not too bad.

The design is the key to maintaining balance

The size and design of the electric skateboard matter a lot when it comes to balance and safety, larger boards are easier to ride but can be a bit difficult to take turns.

The best boards are compact and a little bit curved from the edges to make it easier to control.

Strength test if you are into stunts

If you like showing off your skateboarding skills by pulling of dangerous stunts, it is very important to test the strength of the board.

The board should not be too hard because it will keep you from performing ollie jumps and flip tricks.

Ideal board desk surface coating for maximum grip

The grip of the electric skateboard is very important especially when you are riding top speed in urban areas, the last thing you want is to lose is control.

There are various skateboard materials available some of them have very nice grips, however, I recommend buying skate shoes if you are really into doing stunts.

Some Other Important FAQs

How to ride an electric skateboard? Positioning yourself on the board

If you want my recommendation for a beginner user, let me tell you that the most important thing to learn is how to position yourself on your electric skateboard. Start from the very basics, learn where to put your feet and the posture you need to maintain while riding.

If you are looking for the easiest solution, then you should simply learn to tighten your skateboard trucks and jump on the board.

Eventually, you will learn through some mistakes, falls and painful experiences, just don’t stress too much and enjoy it and have fun learning it.

How well does an electric skateboard handle going uphill?

Reading an electric skateboard is no science its an art, no matter which electric skateboard you choose it can surely go up on steeper paths.

Your skills and practice are the keys, even non-electric skateboards can go up to high hills without a problem.

Are electric skateboards difficult to ride?

Not at all, electric skateboards are actually very easy to ride, no pushing and turning techniques are involved.

Even for a novice rider, an electric skateboard is easier to control, all you need to do it to learn a few basic skills and the functions of the remote control.

How to safely ride an electric skateboard?

If you are a beginner or an expert rider, it is always recommended to take proper preventions to avoid accidents.

Before riding always wear your helmet with chin pad, elbow pads, knee pads, and Coccyx pad to keep your buttocks safe if you fall.

How does riding an electric skateboard is different from a regular skateboard?

• An electric skateboard is much faster as it can go up to 24 mph
• Electric skateboards are easy to ride on steeper paths
• An electric board is heavier which makes it more stable
• It is difficult to carry them around as electric skateboards are heavier
• Electric skateboards can be used without power, but the weight makes it difficult to ride
• Once an electric board becomes old, it can make a whirring sound
• An electric skateboard and its remote control need to be recharged

How much does it cost to get a decent electric skateboard?

There are a lot of variations and difference between the prices of electric boards. You can find a decent board as cheap as $200 and as expensive as $2000.

However, the expectations should be realistic for the price you pay. Do not expect the expensive boards to compete with the cheap ones. You can find very good electric boards at a reasonable price. But if you want to use one every day, I recommend you buy at least a mid-range electric board.

Which will cost you around $500.

Electric motors are pretty much everywhere, it’s not just skateboards

electric motors 2
Believe us there is a reason why cars, bikes, and scooters are using electric motors, and it’s obvious that riding one will change the way you think about transportation.

Yes, of course, one of the most fun things to ride with an electric motor in it is an electric skateboard.

Now that we are in 2018, electric skateboards market has remarkably grown to an unprecedented level.

They are now becoming pretty useful, you might even consider replacing other transportation options by an electric skateboard as they are more convenient and suited in a modern urban environment.

It all started as a big failure in California because the best success stories begin as one

Louie Finkle, better known as the electric Louie invented and patted the first electric skateboard in late 1990’s, however it wasn’t until in 2006 that electric batteries were efficient enough to power a real electric skateboard.

You should be thankful that these cool dudes are not banned today, as they were banned in California in 1977, which was reasonable because the old models of electric skateboards were noisy and created pollution. But today things have gone straight from motorized skateboards to highly sophisticated real electronic invention.

What if in the next Transporter movie Jason Statham rides an Electric skateboard? We wouldn’t be surprised!

Don’t think it’s a joke, we really mean it.

Imagine the next transporter movie featuring an electric skateboard with the speed and elegance of a sports sedan, wouldn’t it be amazing?

Well, surely it will be something different.

There are a variety of reasons why you would prefer riding a skateboard — even with its risks and inconveniences over a car or traditional transportation means. Some of these reasons are just indisputable.

Undisputed reasons why Electric Skateboard are better to Commute

electric skateboard 3
Riding an electric skateboard to work is not just environmentally friendly, it’s a practice and coolest way to reduce your daily travel time and cost. Just enjoy your ride!

Time is money, save it

Save time and no worries to get stuck in traffic, an electric skateboard can really make your life easier. An average person spends more than 100 hours just to reach and come back home from work.

Electric Skateboards will not damage your wallet

According to Smartasset, an average American spends about $2600 on public transport and using a car can cost up to $6000. Now you have the power to save all that cost by ditching your car or scooter.

Super boosted unprecedented Speed and robustness

The latest electric skateboards models not only have the top speed of 25 mph but are made with high-quality durable material to cope up with rough situations. Keep in mind public transports are surprisingly slow and very frustrating sometimes.

They are not just good for your body but also help your brain

A UK based organization Sustrans reports that using active transport such as an electric skateboard can be very helpful for our mental wellness.

It can help to get relief from depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress.

It will make you Fly uphill beating up the gradient

Yes, go uphill up to 20 percent gradient effortless. When a real electric skateboard is fully charged it will take you on a 20 miles long journey to your favorite spot uphill.

Be the coolest dude or dudette on the block

Lots of people will notice you and your cool skateboards they might point, stare and enjoy seeing you do some serious stunts.

Most people will come to you and maybe ask you politely for a photo of them with you and your superstar electric skateboard.

The real electric skateboards are a portable personal transporter

The real skateboards are compact and versatile enough to easily adjust in your bag.

Its easily transportable on a car, plane, and train you can take it anywhere with you.

Everyone is doing it, electric skateboards are in fashion

In the US alone, there are more than 16 million skateboards soon enough everyone will be riding electric ones.

These latest tech wonders are the real game changers for skateboards.

How do Electric Skateboards work? What’s inside them

Latest electric skateboards are an amazing combination of mechanics and electronics.

They are built by using different types of batteries, the battery inside an electric skateboard works by generating electrical energy.

The batteries used inside, make all the difference

There are two batteries that are generally used inside an electric skateboard one is the lithium-ion battery which is my favorite and of course, I will tell you why.

The other type of battery used is the lead-acid battery which is kind of old technology and definitely will not be my choice while buying an electric skateboard.

Now coming to the lithium-ion battery, let me tell you that it is much lighter, can store more electric charge, needs less time to fully charge and last longer than the lead-acid battery.

The battery inside electric skateboards uses wires to provide power to the motor, keep in mind that the wires matter a lot no matter how good your battery is but without high-quality wiring, it will all be a waste.

The motors are the real power behind the wheels

The other integral part of electric skateboards are motors, there are typically two different types of motors used to build these amazing personal transporters.

One type of motor that is not generally used in the latest electric skateboards is the belt motor, it works by using a pulley and is better in resisting water and heat.

The other type is the hub motor, which works by using a wheel, however, it is not water-resistant.

The quality of the motor used inside an electric skateboard is very important because your skateboard life is totally dependent on it, a better-quality motor will increase durability and efficiency.

The electronic speed circuit to give an ultimate control

The electronic speed controller is a circuit that controls and regulates the speed of an electric motor, it receives data from the Bluetooth.

This gives you complete control of your electronic skateboard, it is very important to consider the quality ECS used inside your skateboards as without a good the motor will not function properly.

Blending them all together make the best electric skateboards

The combination of the right and high-quality gadgets will make a real electric skateboard.

The quality of each part is very important, compromising the quality of any part will undermine the work of other parts.

Each part makes a huge difference in the efficiency of the skateboard, for example, a better-quality motor without good wiring will pretty much useless. A real electric skateboard is an ideal combination of finest quality gadgets.

A more powerful motor will suck the battery quickly but will generate more power, so it’s very important to look for an optimal combination and your personal preferences.

The Bottom Line is just going out there and ride it

Yes, just ride it if you haven’t already! because if you never rode you will never know what the joy is of riding an electric skateboard.

My first skateboard was not an electric one. But still, I remember the power I felt and how much I enjoyed riding it.

If you are new and you have decided that your first board is going to be an electric, the options I have introduced are the best from my personal experience. I am not saying that there aren’t better electric skateboards than what I have used and introduced.

But these are just perfect boards that I enjoyed and still enjoy riding.

These boards are the real electric skateboards that are genuinely impressive for the price and features they offer.

Always wear safety equipment before going for a ride, at the least a helmet is a must, keep your safety first.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article. I did my best to simplify the art of skateboarding and provide you all the information you need about electric skateboards.

Thank you for taking the time to stay connected!

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Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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