How Can I Lose A Pound A Day Without Exercise?

How Can I Lose A Pound A Day Without Exercise?: Are you worried about quick weight loss before a big event of your life? And the question that, how can I lose a pound a day without exercise bursting your mind?

Firstly, I clear you that, seriously, it is not logical to lose a pound a day by reducing the intake of calories only.

So before going ahead, we have some statistics which could help you with your answer.

Losing a pound a day means you have to burn more than 3500 calories every day.

The human body gets 2000 to 2500 calories per day; you can cut off 500 to 1000 calories (more than this may affect your health negatively), but how can you get off the amount you even do not consume daily?

You can shed off a pound a day with some other useful methods. We are sharing some strategies that you can follow, which would help you to lose your weight rather quickly.

If you are still wondering how it can be possible without exercise, stay with us till the end.

Also, make sure you read on complete body workout every day and how much weight can you gain in a month.

Lose a Pound a Day with Water

Lose a Pound a Day with Drinking Water

If you want a quick reduction in your weight, go and drink plenty of water.

Maybe you are confused about how water helps you get a slim look. For me, it is the most simple and fastest way to lose weight.

Water does an incredible job; it helps the body to get hydrated, boost metabolism, favor the excretory system, and, most importantly, functions as a hunger suppressor.

Sometimes, due to dehydration, your body develops a condition of water retention. In such a case, water remains in the body and becomes the reason for high waists and weight.

It becomes the reason for the chubby look, which you can get rid in one day.

The intake of a large quantity of water causes your body to stop extra water retention and eliminate it.

Besides, water also has several other benefits for your health, which will appear in numerous ways.

Water act as an appetite suppressant, which means it discourages you from overeating.

Drinking water just before taking meals helps you to eat less, and in this way, allows you to control craving. The sensation of fulness helps in reducing large food portions into less.

However, let me clear you one thing with this method; it’s only the water weight, which reduces not your body fat.

It only allows you to excrete body surplus water, which has no link with fat burning.

Usually, it is prescribed to consume eight glasses of water per day to maintain your weight.

Losing a pound a day might seem a gigantic task; however, the high intake of water helps tremendously to lose weight in quick succession.

Say No To Sugar

Follow zero sugar diet plan

The best way to lose a pound a day without a heavy workout could be accomplished by eliminating sugary food from your diet.

Most of the time, the food we consume with added sugars is the biggest reason for obesity.

Food like cakes, beverages, candies, ice cream, etc. which contains a high amount of added sugars are most likely the reason for weight gain.

If sugar intake is a part of your daily routine, then it is time to make a major change in your diet. It would help you to understand that losing a pound a day is not easy; it demands hard work, commitment, and consistency.

It is a time-tested technique that cutting off the consumption of sugars will help you to lose weight in a quick time.

There are also several diseases related to the high intake of sugar.

Insulin resistance: It is a disorder in which body cell fails to work correctly due to imbalance and increased insulin levels in the blood.

This condition leads to obesity and fat deposition mainly in the belly, arms, under legs, and hips.

Leptin resistance: Another severe disease that arises from high sugar intake is known as leptin resistance.

Leptin deals with the reduction of food intake. However, there is an increase in appetite or hunger in leptin resistance disorder.

High sugar also stimulates body blood pressure to rise, leading to other severe problems, including obesity.

Just try to erase added sugar from your diet, and this will bring a dramatic change in your eating routine and ultimately weight reduction.

If you don’t wish to carry out hefty workouts and strict diet plans, quit the sugar and sugary foods, and you will be amazed by the results.

Several studies have proved that sugar reduction in diet fastens your metabolism, which increases the fat burning process.

Calculate Your Calories Intake

calculate your calories

People are mostly concerned about obesity when they first encounter the question:

How many calories should I consume daily to reduce my weight more quickly?

There is no rocket science behind it to find the precise way of eating. You can apply simple mathematics over the consumption of calories to find the solution.

The thing you need to do is calculate the number of calories you take per week.

Write down the exact number of calories of all the food (every single item) you eat in a week then, add up all of them and get the amount you take in a week.

Let’s Discuss How it Works

Total number of calories per week ÷ 7 = the intake of the total number of calories per day

For example, if you find that you take 16000 calories per week, divide it with seven, and you obtain calories intake per day.

  16000 ÷ 7 =  2,286 calories per day

Now try to cut off the maximum possible number of calories; it will help you to lose a pound as quickly as possible.

You can get calories information (the exact number of calories in a particular food) from different online websites and applications if you face any difficulty.

Diet Plan For Losing One Pound A Day

12 Biggest Myths on Losing Weight

Indeed, you are looking for a perfect diet plan to shed off a pound daily.

Honestly, you can find these types of diet plans on the internet, but I strictly prefer you never go with them.

I have explained that it is almost impossible to lose a pound a day without exercise. The thing you should know that their drawbacks are more severe than benefits.

For me, there are no benefits to these plans but only a long list of disastrous outcomes. Still, you can find such techniques that could help you to lose weight in a very quick time.

Some of these plans will encourage you to eat up even less than 800 calories per day, causing a severe body downfall.

The intake of fewer calories results in lower body metabolism, which leads to a stoppage of weight loss.

When the metabolism slows down, the mechanism behind: it stimulates the body to store fats with less usage. This store in the fat tissues (adipose tissues), mainly in the abdomen.

Ultimately, body weight stops to lose or gain mass. However, once you get back to your previous eating habits, most likely you will put on even more weight.

You can follow the instructions below to get your desire weight loss results by trimming your eating patterns.

The realization of the above facts does not mean you cannot get a quick slim look. But for achieving your goal, there is a need to work sensibly, slowly, and consistently.

Skip Unhealthy Snacks

The excessive weight put on is more familiar among those who use fatty pre-meal snacks, which contains high calories with added sugar and salt.

To shed off pounds of weights with less effort, the easiest thing you can do is skip the snacks between the meals.

You can substitute the daily snacks with healthy fresh fruits and vegitable. Fruit and vegetables enclose plenty of nutrients.

These nutrients are an essential part for your body; they can compensate when you exclude a large portion of food.

Moreover, you can exchange your meals with healthy smoothies.

These smoothies must be a perfect blend of all essential nutrients and a reasonable amount of calories so that your body does not get undesired effects.

Cut your Carbs

The other important change that needs to bring to lose pounds of weight is to cut unnecessary carbs.

Carbohydrates are a key reason for gaining weight in the majority of people. These include starchy and sugary foods.

Replace your carbs with a proteinous diet, healthy fruits, and fibrous veggies so that this reduction does not wilt your health.

How many carbs should I exclude from my diet?

Well, there is no proven study that can get you with your answer. Generally, it depends on age, gender, body activity, and other body conditions.

According to a study, people with a diet that contains 2000 calories consume 300 grams of carbs. Usually, for weight loss, 20 to 50 grams intake of carbs is ideal.

Besides reducing your weight, carb reduction also helps to balance the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol).

Furthermore, taking fewer carbs means a significant decrease in appetite.

Low carbs diet ensures that the body’s blood insulin level reduces, which directs fat burning.

According to a study, cutting a significant amount of food carbs helps in a quick decrease in abdominal fat.

When you reduce the intake of carbs, the body starts utilizing the stored fats. In this condition, the large fat deposits (in the form of fatty tissue) break down for energy results in weight loss.

In the initial days, you may face a condition of low body energy. It is a phase in which the body starts moving on fats instead of carbs for energy.

This phase consists of a few days, and after it, the body feels more energetic and light.

Reduce the Portion

Reducing a pound without exercise is not an easy task because you have only a diet to work. Eat more means more calories, which results in more bodyweight.

So what can be done here?

Reduce the amount of food you consume results in the loss of extra body fat. You can easily attain your desire tone body by this method.

Here is an important aspect you should have in your mind.

As I’ve described above, don’t try to cut off a significant meal proportion from daily routine. It will not give you benefit; instead, you’ll not be able to achieve your goal.

What is Better for You?

If you take any book for diet, and the best foods for reducing weight, they all have elaborated it differently.

This is a fact that there is no universal solution to weight loss. Different people have different experiences and results with the same diet.

Additionally, it depends on several factors, for example, genetics, climate, and the body’s response to various foods.

Therefore, the experts are divided upon the best food for the reduction of weight.

On the contrary, it has been witnessed that those who work hard, remain consistent, and not afraid of different experimentation get the desired results.

While a few people react well to tallying calories or comparable prohibitive strategies, others react better to having more opportunities in arranging their health improvement plans.

If a diet plan has worked for one person, and the same diet does not produce the same results for you, it is absolutely fine, and you do not need to feel degraded.

Furthermore, don’t thrash yourself if an eating routine demonstrates unreasonably prohibitive for you to stay with.

Finally, in all that process, consistency is the key. So, you need to follow that eating routine, which you think you can follow for a longer period.

Even though there is no universal solution to the obesity problem, there are several measures you can take to get the maximum results out of it.

Avoid Eating between the Meals

Try to avoid snacks between meals. Try to eat on the specific but not between the meals. Try to promise yourself that in any case, you will never eat anything between the meals.

It is extremely easy to follow, as you need just slight adjustments. You have to be committed that you do not have to eat snacks, biscuits, and especially fast-foods.

Fast food consists of high-fats and added sugar. Therefore, if you are committed to losing weight, there is no room for snacks and fast food.

It is a doable job to reduce weight just by taking fewer calories and avoid sugary and high-fat foods. However, if you add exercise to your diet plan, that would be a win-win situation.

You will surely get the desired results, and the reduction of weight will be visible within a few weeks.

Don’t Go to Bed right after the Dinner

Try to eat your dinner at 6 p.m., and no food goes into your mouth after 6:30 p.m. You need the food to be initially used up by some activity before your sleep, so give yourself ample time.

If you eat too close to bedtime, all the calories will end up being stored as fat, which is exactly what you don’t need.

Physical activity is crucial after dinner. There are two solutions. First, try to eat in the evening, so it gives your stomach enough time before sleeping to digest the food.

Secondly, if it is difficult for you to eat your dinner so early in the evening, then make sure not to sleep right after dinner.

You can go for a walk to a nearby park, or visit the market near you. It will prevent all the calories from converting to fats, and you can not afford to convert calories into fats.

Instead, you need to do exactly the opposite, burn the fats.

Reduce the Portion Size

The reduction of portion could be an effective way to lose weight quickly. As per this technique, all you need to do is to reduce the size of your portion, and you don’t need to change what you eat.

You have to reduce the consumption of food on a daily basis. In other words, you must not be committed to clean the plate.

It is observed that when someone is served with the food on the table, they eat more. On the other hand, if someone is served with less, in most cases, they do not ask for a second refilling.

You can also follow this strategy of serving less. It is all about habit development. Once you get used to it, you will be comfortable with it.

Avoid Eating Processed Food

You are not going to drink juice, especially juice that you buy at the grocery store. That packaged juice is bad for you as in every situation because it is filled with added sugar, and you need to avoid sugar.

Now, we are going to discuss in terms of teaspoons of sugar so you can relate to it. One glass of orange juice contains five teaspoons of sugar.

It is always better to eat the fruit instead of drinking juice, especially if it is packaged. If it comes in a carton or if it is bottled, so it is better to avoid juices.

Packaged and canned juices contain added sugar, and most probably that will be stored in your body as fats.

You must opt for fresh fruits and juices. Along with its delicious taste, it gives you enough calories to work with.


If you get some diet book and it will pretend that it has all the answers to succeed and lose the weight you want.

Some claim that the trick is to consume less and exercise more; some argue that low fat is the best way to go, while others explain carbohydrate cutting from the diet.

The truth is there is no “one-size-fits-all” method for sustainable weight reduction.

What works for an individual may not necessarily be the same for you, since our body reacts in different ways to different kind of foods, based on genetics and other health factors.

To discover the perfect weight-loss approach for you, it can take some time and demand strong will, determination, consistency and some familiarity with various foods and regimes.

Although some individuals respond well to calorie calculations or related restricting methods, others respond better to get greater flexibility in preparing weight loss plans and strategies.

Freedom to avoid fried foods or to minimize processed carbohydrates can contribute to your health improvement. So do not feel disappointed if a regimen that works for others does not work for you.

Although there is no easy way to lose weight, there are several measures that can be taken to build healthier eating habits to minimize emotional eating and maintain a healthy weight.

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