Top 7 INFJ Careers to avoid

INFJ stands for Introvert, Intuition, Feeling, Judging. This is one of the 16 personality types which are identified by MBTI. They are also referred to as “Advocate” or the “Idealistic”. This makes some careers choices really bad for them.

INFJs are silent yet extremely imaginative and thoughtful. Hence they should not waste their creativity and imagination in a career that does not require it.

If you do not enjoy your career, not only does it decrease your job satisfaction and motivation. It also decreases your chances of a good pay since you will not be able to do your best because of low motivation levels and satisfaction out of it.

7 INFJ Careers to avoid:

Effect of INFJ personality on career paths

Like any other personality, there are some work-related challenges that they have to face. Their personality type is acutely rare hence choosing a career in accordance with it can be a task.

Customer Service Representative:

Customer Service Representative

The corporative field of customer service, sales, and finances is money-oriented mostly. They have more financial gain than spiritual hence theyshould avoid signing up for such jobs.

INFJs have the characteristics of being thoughtful, creative, and helpful.

This job has no potential for them to use these personality traits. This can cause their job satisfaction to go down since they will not be using their personality.

They will struggle because they cannot give life to their creative ideas and goals. This will frustrate them and will reduce their motivation and energy.

Jobs and careers in this field are rather monotonous and do not require any dose of creativity which makes it unfit for their personalities.

Electricians or Technicians:

Electricians or Technicians

This job has nothing to do with embracing the natural tendencies of an INFJ personality. This is where it starts going wrong.

How do you expect to excel in a job that does require you to be your true self?

How are they possibly going to use their creativity and natural personality characteristics to fix a shot circuit?

They cannot.

Careers as an electrician or a technician are specialized in a way that makes them unfit for them.

Moreover, they will not be comfortable in performing the tasks related to this job.

What is the point of a job when you are uncomfortable and unhappy doing it?

They will just get bored. They should look for jobs for people who get bored easily.

Military Related Job

Military Related Job

INFJs are creative, thoughtful, and principled. They are not suitable for military jobs and careers because of obvious reasons.

They will face difficulties in blindly following rules and orders.

They are loaded with creativity, and a military job requires a monotonous and rigid routine.

This will indirectly kill their instinct for creativity and vision.

Hence it is always advised to find a career that will help you utilize your personality traits.

It is highly unlikely that an INFJ will be happy standing at a single post for 12 hours straight and obeying orders without any questions.

This is the opposite of what an INFJ is likely to excel at.

Choosing a wrong career can waste a person’s potential as well as lessen their inner spirit and motivation.

Clerical job:

Clerical job

They are not really made for desk jobs. Sitting at a desk for consecutive 6 hours can get monotonous and dull for them.

Entering data and organizing files while sitting on a desk wearing a tie is not their tea at all. Where is the booze of creativity while doing this?

Just like an extrovert finds it troublesome to work in a closed workplace, INFJs will also find it difficult to sit behind a task and do the same thing every day.

Moreover, if a person with this personality takes up finance and clerical jobs, they will not be paid according to their talent since they will not be getting the chance to exhibit their potential and talent.

There is no room for intellectual growth and no opportunities to display creativity and imaginativeness when it comes to clerical jobs hence making them unsuitable.



INFJs are helpful and have a natural instinct for problem-solving. However, they like to solve problems in the long run rather than short-term problem-solving.

They are not suitable for jobs and careers that require an immediate response or help for problem-solving. They solve problems and issues with an in-depth analysis of it and try to cut the problem’s root.

They tend to get stressed and panicked when they try to solve problems and issues on the spot immediately. They are thoughtful and their mind will start generating thoughts when they are exposed to emergencies on the spot.

Hence firefighters and other jobs that require immediate help are unsuitable for this personality type.

These jobs also help people, but they contradict the personality and characteristics here, making it an unfit career for them.

Police Related Job:


It is true that INFJs enjoy helping others however helping others is a broad time. Being a police officer might not be the help this personality type is eager to do.

Being a police officer means carrying a lot of stressors and emotional baggage all the time. Exposure to stressful events and incidents can also develop PTSD in them since they are sensitive and feeling more than others.

Moreover, working in the legal system will not bring about a change immediately it will require a lot of moves that are unsuitable for someone with an this personality.

Arresting and beating people is also a part of their job requirements. This is something entirely opposite to their personality traits.

Jobs related to Politics:

Jobs related to Politics

INFJs are highly principled and have high morals.

With characteristics like these, it can be difficult for them to be a successful politician.

Being a politician requires diplomacy and the skill of acting according to the situation. This will be difficult for them to do because of their highly principled personality.

Moreover, the “I” in INFJ stands for an introvert. Which is one of the traits of the reserved personality traits.

Being a politician requires meetings and collaborations with a large number of people. This can sometimes be difficult because of their intrusive personality.

They also need freedom when it comes to work. They want to mold the work according to their expectations and thoughts.

This can be difficult when it comes to having a career as a politician because of the expectations out of the role of a politician.

Effect of personalities on careers:

Effect of personalities on careers

Your personality affects your interaction and behavior in the workplace.

This is an important consideration since an introvert might not react well to working with a huge crowd of people.

Moreover, your personality also has an effect on your career path, job satisfaction, and the money you make out of it.

Hence personality is a significant factor to consider before choosing a career path.

If you choose a career according to your personality, it is certain that you will end up being more productive and earn a better salary!

Having a career based on your personality will also increase your job motivation and satisfaction.

Careers play a huge role in determining our happiness. Hence choosing the wrong career can adversely affect your happiness and daily functioning.

Compare your personality traits and characteristics with the job’s requirements and the ambiance of your workplace. This will help you decide if the career is suitable for you or not.

BTW, Also, see jobs for people with anxiety.

Effect of INFJ personality on career paths:

Effect of INFJ personality on career paths

INFJ personalities are characterized as intuitive, empathizing, and caring. Finding a career based on these personality traits can become challenging at some point.

These personalities are creative and thoughtful hence the difficult part for them is to “choose” out of the many careers they want to take.

Careers for this personality type match with careers for introverts. And their personalities are also inclusive and quiet, thus they prefer working in smaller crowds with a peaceful ambiance.

INFJ personalities also prefer working in less competitive environments. They are thoughtful and creative hence they need an ambiance that allows them to use their imagination without any hurdles.

They are dedicated and determined when it comes to working.

They also have the ability to manage large groups because of their principled work spirit.

The jobs they are likely to get are high-paid because of their personality characteristics.

Moreover, these personalities should choose careers and jobs that allow them to use most of their strengths and characteristics.

It can be anything that matches their expertise.

This will automatically boost their job satisfaction and motivation.


The above-mentioned careers should be avoided by INFJs because these careers do not allow their natural talents and characteristics to be displayed.

These careers should also be avoided because they can make an INFJ uncomfortable which is problematic and can make them stressed and worried.

If you do something with your heart, you are likely to succeed and accomplish. Thus people with this personality are less likely to succeed and accomplish in these careers.

Furthermore, it is not like they cannot make money. They are remarkably talented beings and can do wonders in careers that will allow them to exhibit their talent and personality traits fully.

There are many careers out there that require the characteristics and personality traits. The nature and requirements of those careers suit their personality.

Below mentioned are a couple of those careers:

  1. A Psychologist or a therapist
  2. A Social worker
  3. An Educationist or a writer
  4. A musician or a performing arts actor
  5. An illustrator or an artist

These are just a few broad career options out of the many suitable for this personality.

The correlation between your career and personality should be your second priority. Your happiness and internal peace is what will eventually matter the most in all aspects.

Hence consider your happiness and your personality traits before you choose a career. They can make a huge and considerable effect on your performance and earnings.