Do You Have a Reserved Personality?

Do You Have a Reserved Personality?: We are all different combinations of nature and nurture. Each one of us is unique. And some of us have a reserved personality. You may even call them Introverts if you like. We have all been kneaded differently. Different features, different tastes, different personalities that give us our individual uniqueness and identity. This diversity in mankind is the true magic and beauty of nature.

Just take a moment and think, had all of us been similar to each other, what a boring place this world would have been to live in. So, keeping in view that by nature we are all different, and every single being leads with a separate individual reality.

Thus, avoiding monotony. We see different personalities around us there are the humblest personalities and the rudest personalities, the most active ones, and then the laziest ones, the most social and the most reserved personalities.

These differences among us are the reason for both the harmony and the fuss in this world.

Human personality traits have always been a major subject of discussion.

Here, we’ll focus on who is a reserved being. Also sometimes known as a lone wolf personality. What are his personality traits and how is he different from others? And most importantly, is it good or bad to be reserved?

Who Is a Reserved Person?

Who is the reserved person?

These are the people who like to listen to others instead of making others listen to them.

In other words, a reserved person is an introvert.

Someone who likes spending time with himself and is not a very social being. Being the center of attention is no less than a nightmare for a reserved personality.

They like to keep their opinions to themselves and give in the input to any discussion if it is really important.

Otherwise, they do speak but amongst a select few.

Such people don’t have groups of friends but are only close to one or two friends.

Reserved people like to live private lives. They don’t enjoy sharing every bit of what they do and how they live with others.

A reserved person creates a bubble of thoughts around him and enjoys staying within it.

He won’t enjoy a company in this bubble as it is his own little world away from the fuss and energy of the real world.

They are often misunderstood as being arrogant because of their quite natures when actually they are just reserved people.

Am I a Reserved Person?

Am I reserved

Well, there are a few simple questions that you need to answer to know if you are a reserved person or not.

  1. Do you hate being in a crowd?
  2. Do you avoid being in the spotlight?
  3. Do you like spending some quality “Me time” rather than being on a trip with friends?
  4. Are you someone who likes to listen to others and know their opinions?
  5. Do you like keeping your emotions hidden and can keep them in control?

Well, if the answer to these above-mentioned questions is yes, chances are that you are a reserved person.

You enjoy being in your own company.

You are a deep observer and a deep thinker but you don’t like sharing your thoughts, opinions, or observations. Staying quiet and listening to others, avoiding being in the popularity game gives you a sense of comfort.

You are a shy person.

Why am I Reserved?

Well, the answer is that you might be an introvert. But even extroverts can be reserved.

You spend more time in knowing yourself than knowing others.

You are independent of what others think or say about you.

You enjoy living in your little bubble because you are self-sufficient and can create your happiness within you.

You don’t depend on others for your happiness. You are neither a pretentious person. You are independent of people’s judgment and thus can make your own decisions without consulting them.

Is it OK to Be Reserved?

It is, in fact, good to be reserved. Being reserved is nothing to be ashamed of.

Is it okay to have a reserved personality?

It is just as normal a personality trait as many others.

You don’t allow people or society to influence your life which is a really good practice.

Being independent of what others think of you makes you confident in yourself.

Even if society makes you feel awkward or different learn to turn a blind eye towards them.

Understand, that there is nothing wrong with being different and unique.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t fit in.

You are someone who enjoys being with yourself and that certainly limits the society to pass on a label or a judgment about you.

You have mastered the art of ignoring what is unnecessary and are therefore a reserved calm and composed person.

For you, it is easy to stay in control.

You can manage your emotions and temper. All these things are a positive aspect of your personality and you must be proud of it.

However, if you are quiet and reserved because of your insecurities and lack of confidence, then it is something that needs to be addressed seriously.

Evaluate yourself and see if you constantly underestimate your talents and comparing yourself to others. If so, you need to change.

These habits are unhealthy and damaging to your mental health.

Even if you know someone around who has these negative traits then try to get them professional help.

Common Personality Traits of Reserved People:

Now, that we have the knowledge and know-how of who is a reserved person and what are the pros and cons of being a reserved personality.

It’s time to study in detail the most common traits of a reserved person.

Calm and Composed:

If you are a reserved person or know someone who is a reserved personality you will agree to this point.

Reserved people are the calmest, most humble, and composed ones.

This doesn’t mean that you are free of nervousness or emotions.

It means you have such a control over yourself that no matter how happy or sad you may be, your facial expressions will never show it, or you will never let the emotions navigate your reactions to situations.

You possess the ability to tackle even the hardest situations in a very composed manner.

Staying calm and composed means to vary in your emotions in every situation. It means to stay cool even when provoked.

At times Shy:

Generally, reserved people are considered crowd shy and stage shy.

Personality aspects of an ENFP

They never enjoy dancing in a crowd or being in a public gathering.

They like spending time either with themselves or maybe with a few very close friends.

However, being reserved is not synonymous with being shy.

People might consider you shy because of your quiet nature when actually you are just minding your own business.

Enjoy Being Alone:

These have a lot of similarities with lone wolf personality characteristics.

These people never enjoy mixing up or socializing with people around them.

They tend to sit in a corner and have a cup of tea or coffee while observing all that is going on.

They are more comfortable when sitting by themselves in a cozy corner than mingling with people.

Even on vacations, they like to spend some alone time.

When all others are partying, the reserved person is busy reading a book seaside, or maybe observing the surroundings.

They stand alone in the crowd and this shows their strength and self-sufficiency.

Have Emotional Stability:

One of the best traits of reserved people is that they have emotional stability.

Strengths of  an ESFJ

No matter how happy, sad or angry they may be, they will never let their emotional outburst be witnessed by others.

They have much better control of showcasing their emotions than most of us.

People who are more energetic and social usually fail to mind their temper and excitement because they are accustomed to or comfortable with being vulnerable amongst people.

Usually Very Compassionate:

Observing people around them makes them think more sensitively about circumstances faced by others.

These people are less likely to make mistakes in their life and are remarkable problem solvers as they observe, think, and learn from experiences of others.

They say less and observe more.

Reserved people are sensitive enough and if you ask them for help, they won’t hesitate to help you.

Don’t underestimate them just because they are socially inactive or are quiet, as they may have a better knowledge of the world than you. With their incredible thinking and observing powers, they are far more experienced than most of us.

Compassion usually refers to knowing the distress of others and to try your best to resolve and alleviate their distress.

Most people are empathic but not all are compassionate. Only a few like the reserved people can feel the pain of others.

If they see someone suffer their observation will make them suffer with him/ her unless they are offer help to the one who is suffering.

Hate Being Popular:

Who hates to be the center of attention?

Well, only those who value their solidarity more.

Such people will never want the limelight.

Most of us love to be in the spotlight after accomplishing something.

However, these people are that rare type that avoids such popularity.

Being in the limelight is no less than a nightmare for them.

Most of them won’t showcase their talents just to avoid attention.

They are usually the dark horses working silently and at the end showing magnificent results.

Such people are often underestimated by others because of their reserved nature and surprise the crowd at the end with their hidden abilities.

Never Hyperreactive:

Being silent observers and having a remarkable control over themselves, such people are never hyperreactive.

How to find yourself

They control their aggression even if provoked and can tackle the situation really well because of their composed nature.

These people are very less likely to get involved in a fight, as it is against their temperament.

They remain peaceful when others are disturbed agitated or angry.

They have the ability to remain cool minded and make wise decisions in very intense situations.

These traits are not so common in the outgoing or more energetic people.

Extroverts will easily lose their temper.


Socializing and communicating is fun and for most of it, it might even be an important part of our days, however, communications are the cause of distress, disagreements and ultimately differences.

The reserved people avoid these as a whole by sticking to their own bubble.

It’s not like they don’t have an opinion, they simply aren’t keen on sharing it.

Appreciate Others:

As they are keen observers and kind-hearted at the same time, they are more appreciative of others.

How to Comfort Someone Who is Sad or Depressed?

They know how to respect others and make them feel better.

They are very conscious of the words they use. They mostly appreciate others instead of critiquing them and so are very contended themselves.

Are Opinionated but Never Share Their Opinions:

With their quiet and less active personality, you might get fooled into thinking that they are not well aware or are less opinionated, that is rarely the case though.

These are the people who have the most educated opinions.

This is because their opinions are always based on hours and hours of observation.

And the possibility for their opinions to be correct is far more.

Their Appearance Reflects Their Nature:

A reserved person’s wardrobe is likely to reflect their state of mind.

Dreaming about someone you have been in a relationship with

Their clothing collection tends to be more about blending in than about standing out.

This means bright and trendy outfits are a no go with them.

You will always see them strolling down the streets in the most average looking outfits to avoid that unwanted attention.

How to Live with Your Reserved Personality Happily?

At times it can be difficult for a reserved person to face society.

People might find you different and make you uncomfortable.

To have a personality that is different from others is not comfortable at times.

People misunderstand your quite nature for being arrogant.

It can take a bit of a struggle for a reserved person to fit in with the outgoing ones.

Here are a few tips to thrive with a reserved personality.

Know That You’re Different:

Understand the fact that not all people are the same.

Dreaming about the same person repeatedly

You can be different from others in different perspectives and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you are a reserved personality

It is perfectly fine.

You need to understand that you are different, your taste can be different and you need to regard it.

Don’t ever force yourself to fit in a circle that makes you uncomfortable.

Knowing that you are different from others will help you to choose a society and company of your type.

Practice being your real self and don’t try to fit in the trends created by others.

This will help you focus more on your internal growth and success.

Surround Yourself with People of Your Kind:

This is also very important.

You need to surround yourself with like-minded people to balance your own personality.

If you realize your company is different from you, immediately change it.

You need people of your kind and nature who understand you and appreciate you.

This, in turn, will result in a healthier environment and will add to your mental peace.

Don’t compare yourself with others:

Never compare yourself with others. Comparison leads to jealousy and insecurities.

Self-Expansion or End of Love

You must have faith in your abilities in order to be successful in life.

Compete with your past and be ambitious about your future.

Have Some Close Relationships:

Humans are social beings and even if you are selective it is important to have friends.

Being reserved never means to cut off from the rest of the world.

You must have some close friends to express to.

If you hide away from the world, you’ll miss out on the delights of life.

Stay Self Aware:

Evaluate yourself regularly. It’s good not to give power over your life to others and being proud of yourself.

looks or personality

But it is equally important to be self-aware.

To be proud of who you are doesn’t mean to ignore the negative aspects of your personality it means to work on them and improve them.

Work on yourself to be a better person.

Cherish your self-growth and nothing will stop you from achieving success in your life.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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