Do We Need Zoos? Arguments in Favor and Against

Not every association of animal right activist adores animals. Some regard them because they comprehend animals have a fair share of place on this planet. Zoos, particularly the ones that are doing everything right, introduce an exceptional view to all those who love and admire animals. Zoo needs supporters to display the contention that they provide a safe home to animals and allow animal lovers to admire them, however, those who are not in the favor of zoos have an argument regarding the animal right to live free in their natural habitats. Zoo need is not a disputable issue.

Lack of space in zoos has been a great issue that adds fuel to this argument. In any case, there are many arguments to support and discourage zoos at the same time where the zoo need is not neglectable.

Let’s discuss these all and find out, why we have zoo need and why some people are not in favor of this practice:

Arguments in favor of Zoos

Arguments in favor of zoos

• By uniting people and animals, zoos instruct the general population and facilitate insight about the animals. This is also done to keep the precious animals secure.

• Jeopardized species are bought into zoos so that they can be offered great environments, shelter, and food and can be kept away from their predators as well.

• Many zoos likewise have rearing projects for endangered species. In the natural wildlife, these animals may experience difficulty discovering mates and reproducing.

• Association of Zoos and Aquariums authorize all the reputable zoos. They are responsible for various treatments of all the animals. As indicated by the AZA, accreditation signifies, “official acknowledgment and endorsement of a zoo or aquarium by a panel of specialists.”

• A great zoo offers much better surroundings to animals. These zoos also offer great caretakers for animals.

• Zoos are a convention, and a visit to a zoo is a wholesome, family recreation.

• Seeing an animal in a zoo is much secure and a closer look at an animal is possible while in the natural habitat of these animals it is practically not possible to look at animals too closely.

• Some zoos help restore wildlife and take in exotic pets that most people do not want and care for.

• The Animal Welfare Act takes care of the licensed and unaccredited animal exhibitors. They build up principles for care.
In short, we can say that zoos are like natural habitats for animals, where they can eat, sleep, reproduce etc. For endangered species, we need to protect them more and give them a chance to reproduce in a safe environment. Zoos are such favorable breeding places to increase the population of endangered animals.

Arguments against Zoo:

Arguments against zoos


• From every living animal’s common sense entitlement outlook, we don’t have the privilege to breed, catch and restrict different animals, regardless of the possibility that they are endangered.

• Animals in imprisonment experience the ill effects of boredom, stress, and confinement. The inter-generational bond is broken when animals are bought to the zoo. The wildlife freedom cannot be offered to them through any facilities in a zoo or safari.

• Baby animals acquire guests and cash; however, this motivating force to breed new infant animals prompts to overpopulation. Slaughter houses, zoos, and different carnival managers buy the animals.

• Some zoos simply murder their surplus animal by and large.

• The larger part of breeding projects doesn’t discharge animals over into nature. The progeny is always part of the chain of zoos, bazaars, petting zoos, and exotic pet exchange that purchase, offer and deal animals among themselves and adventure animals.

• Removing animals from the wildlife will leave lesser chances of animals finding someone to mate with.

• If individuals need to see wild animals, in actuality, they can watch untamed life in the wild or visit an asylum. A genuine sanctuary does not purchase, offer, or breed animals, but rather takes in unwanted exotic pets, surplus animals from zoos or injured wildlife that can no longer survive in the wild.

• If zoos are showing kids anything, it’s that detaining animals for our own excitement is satisfactory.
In any case, keeping the animals deprived of their natural habitat in a cruel act. The best action can be, breed the endangered species and send them back to the wildlife.