50 Mottos To Live By | With Explanation

50 Mottos To Live By | With Explanation: If you want to live a life worthwhile and if you want people to always remember you in good words; there are a few mottos you need to swear by. It’s amazing how a few little words can change your life and perception. If there is something that is going to matter once we are gone, it is going to be our ethics and the way we lived our life.

Mottos can be anything that inspires an individual. These are either passed down to generations based on experiences or they are beliefs we learned ourselves. We tend to live by mottos that we can relate to.

Our mental state often has to do with what we believe in. Mottos are just a couple of words, but these couple of words, have the tendency to change our thought processes.

It is not necessary that you will feel motivated and better after reading a long thick self-help book (that is highly unlikely in my case) a motto of 6 words can galvanize you as well.

If we decide to live by a certain motto, it affects our lives in ways that we had never imagined. Even if it does not show, our subconscious mind is constantly reminded of it and our thought processes are nurtured that way.

Sometimes, quotations or mottos which are cliché are the most effective ones. You do not have to live by conventional mottos. You can create your own motto on what inspires you and continue to believe in it. In my case, it was, “You only live once”.

Just keep it simple and make sure it is something that constantly reminds you of your goals and dreams. The connection between those words and your inner-self plays a significant role in reminding you to live by it.

This article is a compilation of 50 mottos to live by. These are related to an individual’s health, dreams, career, success and wishes. Continue to believe in each of them and you will be motivated to the roof to perform better every day:

  • “One thing at a time”

We are all a part of this rate race and it is all about winning. We tend to forget that our human brain cannot process and store so much information at a time. The next thing to happen is that we achieve nothing. Hence we need to take things slow, one at a time.

  • “Think before you speak”

This is as simple as it sounds. You should only speak what you will want to hear one day. We cannot take our words back, and apologies cannot amend the damages done internally. Hence thinking before speaking can help a lot.

  • “Rome was not built in one day”

I cannot stress how much we take this motto for granted. We want to succeed but not wait. How can we get there when we are utilizing our present by complaining but not working to get there? Nothing is possible immediately, except for instant coffee though.

  • “You are what you think about all day long”

Our thoughts shape our perception, and our perception is who we are eventually. If our brains are filled with negativity only, how do you expect positivity to find your way? Start being optimistic and positivity will knock your door itself.

  • “He who hesitates is lost”

Self-confidence and determination are extremely significant in order to succeed. If you don’t believe in yourself, how will the world do so? Do not hesitate the next time you have something to say at the meeting, trust your gut feeling.

  • “Your pain today will be your strength tomorrow”

Do you know what makes us the strongest? The pain we go through we thought we could not. This is the strength of a human. Hence the pain we are facing today will eventually be the reason for our strength and fearless personalities tomorrow.

  • “Count your blessings”

We are so busy with demanding things we don’t have that we tend to forget what we are already blessed with. Look around, a homeless boy does not have a roof above his head. We are blessed in more ways than we can imagine. There is no harm in dreaming, but being thankless is problematic.

  • “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

You cannot become the CEO of a multinational while having your bed-tea. You will have to strive every minute to fulfill your dreams. The meaning of strive is relative since we all dream for different sorts of success.

  • “Everything you can imagine is real”

If you can imagine something, it is achievable. This does not apply to buying a unicorn though. Anyways, you can bring your imaginations to life, with a strong will and determination.

  • “Life is tough, but you are tougher”

We tend to forget our strength at times. If life can give you challenges, you can totally fight them back with your strength. Your strength is your will power, confidence, and determination.

  • “He who has begun is half done”

This is one of the most powerful mottos I have ever read. If you can get yourself to start doing something, there is no power that can stop you. You cleared the hard part; to start. The rest is going to happen eventually.

  • “Die with memories, not dreams”

Life is too short. Do not delay that coffee date with your crush. Go ahead since tomorrow is not guaranteed. Make as many memories as you can, you will not take any bucks with you but all you will take is memories.

  • “You cannot start a new chapter in life, if you re-read the old one”

We are flawed because we waste the present by thinking about what has happened. We tend to not enjoy the moment but worry about what cannot be reversed. We cannot move forward in life with being stuck in the past.

  • “A strong soul shines after every storm”

The bad phase we are going through, it is temporary. Our strength will help us get through it and we will be stronger than ever. Every time a storm arises, it leaves us tougher than ever.

  • “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” – Shakespeare

We should all probably repeat this to ourselves ten times a day. We cannot trust all but a few. However, we cannot be hostile towards anyone. We need to empathize more rather than doing wrong to anyone.

  • “Honesty is the best policy”

This is cliché, yet it is something to swear upon. Lying is easy just for the first time, later on it creates troubles. Whereas, truth is hard to speak just for the first time, later on it is easier. To hide one lie, we tend to speak a hundred more.

  • “I will survive”

Write this on your hands, walls, car, phones, and every possible place. We have to remind ourselves every then and now, that we can and we will get through this. We are stronger than the pain and distress.

  • “One person can make a difference”

If you think you cannot change anything alone, you are wrong. Change is initiated by a single person and then carried on. That single person does not have to be a celebrity. It can be you; if you stop using plastic individually you made a difference as well.

  • “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

As long as you have a strong will and determination, you will find a way. I mean it when I say this; your self-esteem and determination play a bigger part in your success than you ever thought it did. Have a strong will, you will find your way.

  • “That which is hateful to you, do not do to others”

You cannot serve your friend a pineapple pizza when in reality you hate it. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Before doing anything, take 5 seconds and keep yourself in their place. Even if 10% of your sentiments are hurt; stop.

  • “First things first”

In order to be mentally sane, you need to prioritize things. You have to figure out what comes first and what comes after. You have to take care of things which are at the top in the priority list and the rest comes later.

  • “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”

If you are waiting for that opportunity to happen itself, it will not. These opportunities need to be strived for. Nobody will ever make them happen for you, you will have to make them happen for yourself.

  • “Know your value”

You need to know what you are worth. You cannot settle for less when you are worth more. Your self-worth eventually causes you to be a confident and strong-willed person. Know your value, and do not settle for less ever.

  • “To travel is to live”

This is something that has helped me a lot. Learning is a life-long process, and we can even learn when we take a trip in our 60s. If you cannot afford to travel; work for it. You grow as a person while traveling. It makes us aware of our strength on so many levels.

  • “Beyond fear lives freedom”

This is an extremely thoughtful motto if we go in-depth. Have you ever thought about the experiences and memories you are limiting yourself from? Go for that scuba-diving and feel free for once. Do not let your fears become your hurdles.

  • “There’s always a tomorrow”

For every bad experience, there is another chance of waiting. Our disappointments make us believe that this was the end, and we lose our motivation and determination at that very moment. We cannot let the storms win because there’s always a tomorrow.

  • “No pain, no gain”

My gym trainer always said this to me and I never understood this until now. You cannot gain success in anything without having to go through a little something. They can be abs, as well as a career.

  • “Tomorrow is another day”

If you had a bad today, leave it behind. Tomorrow is another day and you can choose it to be a fresh start rather than a prolonged version of yesterday with worries.

  • “Progress not perfection”

We need to work hard to improve, not to be perfect. The definition of perfection does not exist in this competitive world. Hence, we have to improve to get there one day.

  • “Vision without action is a daydream”

If we are not working for what we want, there is no use of all those ideas written in our diaries and spreadsheets. In order for those dreams to not remain daydreams, we need to put them in action.

  • “We must become the change we wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

This is by far the most positive motto I have come across. If we want to see the world in a better place, we become that better person who contributes to the cause. Optimism is highly significant here.

  • “Take another step”

It does not matter if you tripped over a hurdle, take another step? You cannot limit yourself and your motivation by giving up just now. There is a lot ahead of this and taking smaller steps towards it will help you get there.

  • “This too shall pass”

I know this is way too cliché, but this motto is extremely powerful, and recalling this in times of hopelessness and despair can do wonders. No matter how hard a moment seems to be, it cannot last forever. Hence, this too shall pass.

  • “Don’t let little things break you”

This one is about your worth. You cannot let anything lessen your self-worth and esteem. Do not give anything the chance to break you. Use your strength.

  • “Have courage and be kind”

Be kind and it reciprocates back to you. Be kind to yourself and others. Be courageous and fearless. Do not let your fears take over you.

  • “Start chasing the passion”

Follow your dreams and passions. If there is something you are passionate about, chase it until you get hold of it. Be it a person or a slice of cake as your treat after 5 days of workout.

  • “There’s no failure, only feedback”

Do not recall it as your failure if you do not succeed, but recall it as a feedback to your performance which will help you work harder for the next time. Know your mistakes.

  • “Health is wealth”

Humans are known for disrupting their health for wealth. Stop drinking eight espresso shots at once to stay up all night working. You can only work when you are physically and mentally healthy.  Your health comes over any other thing.

  • “Be intentional”

Aim for things you want in life. If you aim for them, your inner self will start working for them. Have positive intentions and things will get better than ever.

  • “Success is the best revenge”

Gone are the days when we had to fight for revenge. Your success is the biggest revenge for your enemy.

  • “Do more than just exist”

Life is beyond waking up in the morning and going to work. There is so much more life has to offer. Take a day off and go feed the ducks, or go bungee jumping!

  • “Live and let live”

Stop intruding in the lives of others and expect the same. Live your life based on how “YOU” want it to be, not on how others want it to be. It is your life at the end of the day.

  • “Do all the good you can”

This motto is not just limited to charity. This good can be for your mental health as well. Paint a plant, feed a stray dog, an hour of yoga, help a pedestrian, and help your mom with social media. It can be anything which gives you betterment.

  • “The less you give a damn, the happier you will be”

This witty motto should be our holy grail. We do not have to think about all that is happening around us. It is toxic for us. Let’s keep our thoughts limited and we will be happier.

  • “The sky is not the limit, your imagination is”

If you think there is a limit to hopes and dreams, there is not. You can dream as high as you want and strive as hard as you can for them to become a reality.

  • “It is what it is and it will be what it will be”

This motto was not just limited to our Instagram captions. We need to learn to make peace with situations we cannot control. Our thoughts cannot stop pre-destined events to take place.

  • “It is okay to live a life that others do not understand”

We do not have to make sense all the time. It is okay for us to live our life, not like any other ordinary person. Ordinary is boring anyway. You can take a gap-year and spend it exploring.

  • “The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up”

Find your happiness in the smiles of other people. Cheer yourself by spending time with anyone who wants your attention and a dose of laughter. You will heal yourself as well as the other person.

  • “There is always something to be grateful for”

You can be grateful to have a friend or a pet. Gratitude is not limited to things that come with price tags. Close your eyes and imagine the things you are grateful and you will understand this motto.

And last but not least:

“It always seems impossible until it’s done. You can do it.”

The last time you went through a heart break you thought you cannot survive it, right? But you did it. You are stronger than these storms. You will keep winning them with your strength, always.


We should all have a motto since having one in life links us to our goals and dreams. The power of a strong motto can impress you because of the effect it has on an individual.

If we begin to live by these, we will see huge personality changes. For example, if we start believing in, “It is what it is”, we will stop stressing upon things that we cannot control. We will no longer be victims of pessimism and hopelessness.

You need to replace all negative energies in your routine with healthy and powerful mottos. Rereading these mottos will help us link them up with our dreams even more!

Hence, make a few or all of these mottos your holy grails and start believing in their positivity and determination.

We can choose to live by universal mottos or we can live by our own mottos. A motto I live by even today is,

”You are doing your best and you cannot please everyone around you.”

Get a pair of sticky notes and start writing the mottos you reasoned with personally. Believe in them and continue to inspire yourself and others around you.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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