How Did Steve Jobs Become So Successful?

Steve Jobs Secrets: “Being one of the richest men in the world does not matter to me…going to bed at night, and having to say that we did something wonderful today is what matters to me,” STEVE JOBS

Birth & History of Steve jobs secrets to success:

This amazing man, who is famous as the founder of one of the most amazing Smartphone and Tech Company in the world right now, was actually an unexpected child of their parents.

As he was an unexpected child, his mother put him on the adoption list as soon as she gave birth to him.

Steve Jobs was born in Sans Francisco by the way. I am damn sure she regrets it now

She obviously didn’t know that she was the mother of such an incredible child who turned out to be the innovator of APPLE INC. But someone else got extremely lucky to adopt the child.

He was adopted by a mechanic and accountant (Paul and Clara).

However, Steve Jobs real parents married a year or two after their unexpected childbirth. Paul and Clara brought Steve up.

Paul taught him to play around and work with electronics and Clara taught him to speak and read at home.

Life as a Student:

Steve decided to study in college but dropped out because it was too costly. The story of his college life (even if it was just for some days) was horrifying. He slept on the floor as he didn’t have enough money to pay for his own dorm room.

He used to walk to Hare Krishna Temple every Sunday, which was 7 miles away from his college town, to get a great meal from there.

So yes, if you have money to pay for good food; you have all the right to start up with your dreams.

There is so much to feel gratitude for, yet we find endless excuses to fight for good grades even?

Birth of Apple Inc.:

Anyways, at the age of 20, Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak and in April they started their small company in a garage. Steve was inspired by a computer that Wozniak designed on his own. Steve Jobs started off his journey in that tiny little garage and named his company APPLE.

And what could be more of a bliss for the two…they launched Apple one in California at the Homebrew Computer Club. Next what came along was a little unexpected for the two; they received an order of 50 computers and the company was all ready to finance the two for the production.

Surprisingly, the launch of Apple two was even more of a hit and it rocked the tech world in the 1970’s and 80’s.
After such a great hit and gathering appreciation from the audience, Steve Jobs started to work on a computer that he made all on his own. He had a lot of ideas generating in his head and in 1984, the first MAC was introduced.

Even though it took some time for people to get to it…within two years, the MAC was another unbelievable great hit from Apple Inc. After 10 years; Apple Inc. had grown to be such an immense company that it had 4000 employees and its worth was 2 billion dollars.

Steve Jobs Got Fired from his own Company:

The real tragedy happened when Steve Jobs was ripped out of Apple in 1985. But according to Steve, that was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Steve had this to say regarding his tragic moment:

Being fired from Apple was the best thing that happened to me. I obviously realised it later. The heaviness of being amazingly successful was replaced by the lightness of being a silent beginner again. I was less sure about everything just like I was when I started off with Wozniak back in my garage. This bought me freedom to enter the most creative time of my life.

Steve regained his place at Apple and no sooner, he was diagnosed with cancer. However, he didn’t let it stop him. After being diagnosed with cancer, he invented iPods, iPhones, MacBook and much more. He was working till his last breath and that is because his passion never did die.

Steve Jobs and Pixar Animation Studios:

Steve Jobs is not the founder of Apple only; he was also the CEO of Pixar Animation Studios.

I mean we all know Pixar animation, don’t we? It is one of the most loved and popular studios for creating the most amazing animated movies. The wonders of Toy Story and Incredibles can never be forgotten.

What to Learn from Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs did not have the perfect childhood as we all did.

Most of us are maybe in the same rough position but do we fight it? Do we fight it for endless years? We don’t…and that is quite humane.

You can’t fight till the end…you do get tired. But when you are tired, it is better to practice the pause in life, rather than to put a stop it completely.

1. How to Live Before You Die:

In 2005, Steve Jobs had a talk at Stanford, which was titled; “How to live before you die.” This is where the real inspiration started in all. Whatever he said in this incredible talk was enough to motivate anyone to start working for what they love and what they term as the “goal of their life.” But what attracted the world the most was this amazingly spoken paragraph:

You have to find what you love. This is as true as for your work as it is true for your lovers. Your work is going to fill in a huge part of your life and to be satisfied in life, it is best that you do what you believe is great work. And there is only one way that you can actually do great work and that does what you love to do. Some of us have found it. And if you have not found it yet; keep looking. Don’t just settle for anything. And with all your heart, you will know on your own, whenever you find it. And just like your best relationship works, it will keep getting better for you by every passing day, weeks and years. So just keep looking and don’t simply settle.

2. Don’t lose Faith:

Steve Jobs had a great reason to lose faith. He was fired from a company he created himself. I mean I would have gone totally broke, to be honest. But he started again from the scratch.

He didn’t lose hope even when he had all the reasons. Maybe that is why he said:

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.

Knowing the fact that you are adopted, not having a chance to study in a college you adore, waiting to eat a great meal at the temples, being fired from your own damn company and then being diagnosed with cancer; what else can life do to mess you up?

I would kill myself rather than start all the way to step inside a company, I created on my own. I mean, anyone would, right?

But anyway, it’s like when life gives you lemons, squeeze them in vodka and enjoy the drink.

Or at least Steve Jobs made me feel like this.

I learned something great from this man; never settle for anything that doesn’t come from your heart.

When you first fall in love, you know that this is the man or woman you want to marry.

So why don’t you look that way for your career line?

Why don’t you ask your darn heart what path it wants to follow?

And why do we simply settle for something because we can get a good job through it? Why don’t we try to do what we love?

Why do we settle for something that our heart doesn’t agree with?

Just because our society believes in the doctors and engineers; a lot of artistic minds, die in this race. They die in the race of competing with what the society agrees

Did the society approve of Steve Jobs? No, they did not! His own parents disowned him because he was an “unexpected” happening.

But he made the world look up to him and his creations with love, appreciation, and demand.

He changed the way people could work on with just any phone and now the Apple lovers cannot settle down for anything but an iPhone.


Steve worked for what came from his heart and he had faith that his passion will drive his car in the right direction.

Life is not a bed of roses. You will be crushed down by every second person you meet and they will push you back so hard that you will head back to the start line.

But even when life and people throw bricks on you, it is all about that faith and passion that resides inside you. If that is powerful enough and you have determination along the way, you are definitely going to show the world what you are worth

Don’t simply settle in life.

Do what makes you feel alive every morning.

Do something that doesn’t make you drag out of bed…but drives the enthusiasm inside you.

Be the person you dream of.

Find what you love and chase it with all the damn energy that you have.

Chase it until it’s in your hands and is all yours!