Best Career Matches for INFJ

Best Career Matches for INFJ: An INFJ personality has a strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding. This helps them connect with people and show their empathetic side. They are keener towards helping the humans in the world, in any way possible. An INFJ is motivated by a positive change.

They are idealists who turn their ideas into action in order to change the world and find fulfillment while doing so. This also makes them a helper, as they love helping people in dire need of aid. Although this makes them emotional, they are excellent at not letting emotions affect their decisions. They may not consider objective facts when making decisions, but they are logical enough.

ISFJs are organized and excellent at making plans. This allows them to complete complex projects in the given timeframe. To complete their projects or work generally, they tend to prefer a quiet work environment and solitary. The quiet workspace not only keeps them focused but also helps them clear out their thoughts to come up with assertive decisions.

INFJs do not enjoy a competitive field, a field that does not care for the world, or a field that requires working with only facts and figures. They are strategic, dislike chaos, and do not like rapid paced work surroundings. An INFJ would rather have flexible working hours.

Being a member of a team that has similar values and personality traits is no issue to an INFJ. They act as the visioners of the team and provide them with ethical and humanitarian insight. You may say, they play a supporting role, as they do not like being in the spotlight.

They work effectively in roles that align with their own beliefs. Hence, an ideal workplace for an INFJ would be humanitarian cause oriented, harmonious, and independent.

Keeping in mind the work appeals of an INFJ, below are the fourteen best career matches for an INFJ in the current economy:

Counseling And Social Service

Counselors are responsible for helping individuals that deal with issues by giving out professional advice and guidance. The issues of their clients are severe enough to affect them mentally. Counselors work in hospitals, organizations, schools, and even in rehab or abuse centers.

Besides, they also work as marriage and family counselors. Counselors are required to hear out the problems of their clients and help and guide them to get through them. This results in improving the lives of the clients.

The role of counselor appeals to an INFJ because it is humanitarian oriented, and they are able to make a difference in the world of another being. Their empathic nature and good listening, guiding, and inspiring skills come in handy to understand the problems of their clients and help them cope and manage the issues. As emotional as an INFJ may seem, they ensure that they do not let their emotions overcome their logical decision making process.

Moreover, the extreme organization skills of an INFJ character aid them to run their client through the road of recovery in recommended steps. They make well-structured plans and goals that facilitate their clients to improve. In addition, INFJs creative problem solving skills gives them the ability to take the right action, when needed.

This job is a one on one client based job and requires a quiet and organized workspace. Such a workplace helps them process their thoughts and come to conclusions or makes planning easier.

The ideal job for an INFJ is counseling, as it allows them to use their creativity in an independent and organized environment which helps them turn their ideas into reality.

Hence, it is no surprise that this personality type is often referred to as “The Counselor.”

Community Outreach Specialist

A community outreach specialist serves to accommodate individuals seeking social services or community outreach programs to turn their lives around. They assist the elderly, organize youth interactive activities, help the homeless and the disabled individuals of the community.

INFJ may be able to work in a quiet environment, but they do not get to work alone. They often work with multiple social workers, but this is no issue to them because social workers are equally as dedicated to the humanitarian cause as they are. So, they make a good team.

An INFJ will be able to use their good communication skills and creative problem solving skills to help resolve issues of the individuals they are assisting. This will help them guide and improve the conditions of their clients. All the task responsibilities of an outreach specialist require an empathic and caring individual to perform them.

Henceforth, an INFJ personality will suit this career path. This job allows them to satisfy their need to help humanity.

Charity Worker

Charitable organizations and agencies operate in a way to help improve the lives of the oppressed and needy. The organizations may work as nonprofit or side to a huge multinational company. Each organization or agency may focus on charity, education, religion, or something else.

Mainly an INFJ as a charity worker would be required to conduct events where money is donated, they may be collecting donations door to door or through an online payment. They keep records of the money collected and find different sponsors to help them achieve their goals.

All these tasks must be performed in an orderly manner which is no issue to an INFJ as are prearranged and excellent at structuring plans.

Although this work does not give them a quiet environment to work in, they can compromise on it in order to help others.

Since INFJs are passionate about improving the lives of others. They like jobs where they can make a difference. Although charity work may overload it meets their inner need to help others.


Physical therapist

A physical therapist works with patients who need help regarding their physical bodies. Think of this career as a therapist, but instead of the mind, the therapist works on the body of their patient. Often their patients require treatment to help with movement issues in their joints. The treatment is done by teaching them several therapeutic exercises techniques.

Since an INFJ individual will be helping their patient improve the quality of their life by teaching them the exercise, they will be satisfied. This makes them believe that their work is making a difference.

Also, an INFJ works in a very quiet environment with their patient, and they take their time to perfect the exercises. So, this is not a fast changing work environment, which an INFJ appeals to.

Besides, all the exercises are supposed to be done in a strategic manner which is easier for an INFJ as they dislike chaos. So, an INFJ physical therapist will surely thrive in this field of healthcare as they get to heal their patients.


Nutritionists are responsible for making sure their patients or clients eat healthily and are aware of healthy eating habits. Nutritionists work in hospitals, clinics, organizations, and even some nonprofit agencies. Their job is to ensure that their clients or patients know what type of food they are intaking and what exactly their diet is missing.

As a nutritionist, an INFJ will be required to identify the nutritional needs of patients, make diet plans, monitor their health, give food advice, and guide the patients to create a healthier lifestyle. This improves the lives of individuals, as their health depends on what they intake. And hence, also gives an INFJ the satisfaction that they are able to create a positive change in the lives of their patients.

An INFJ utilizes their organizational skills to plan and identify nutritional needs, within the deadline. A singular and harmonious workplace with the ability to assist others makes this career path suitable for an INFJ.


A psychologist, like a counselor, is an ideal career match for an INFJ personality. A psychologist works in a lab for research purposes or clinics to improve the mental health of their patients or clients.

They study the brain of their client and see how their client behaves. They make a diagnosis of the possible mental disorders and create a treatment plan to administer to the needs of their client.

Their well organizational skills ensure that their client is not behind their schedule on the road to recovery. This slow paced and quiet workplace gives an INFJ the ability to think through their thoughts and come up with an accurate conclusion.

The hardest part of the job is to let their patients open up to them, this is no issue to an INFJ because their empathic nature comes in handy just for this job role.

In addition, their desire to help humanity is also fulfilled as a psychologist, as they not only help their patient, but an INFJ also makes it easier for others to understand how the brain functions.


Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists are scientists who research environmental problems, look for appropriate solutions to resolve them effectively, discover hazardous elements in the environment and develop new methods to keep the environment and human health protected.

All the experimenting and developing requires an environmental scientist to work outdoors and in the lab. This gives them an excellent opportunity to be flexible in their routine and work in an ordered workplace.

In addition, all the lab work or in field work is independent, and the experiments are performed in a very controlled and quiet laboratory. This meets the workplace demands of an INFJ in which they will surely thrive.

Their creative problem solving skills allows them to resolve any serious or minor environmental problem effectively and efficiently. An INFJ character knows that work in an environment has a huge positive impact on the world. This gives them the satisfaction of contributing positively to protect the environment, animals, and humans.

All these specific tasks demand the strengths of an INFJ personality, so this guarantees that they will flourish as an environmental scientist.



An entrepreneur is an individual who turns their own ideas into reality. So, it is no surprise that this career option is well suited to an INFJ character. The best thing about this job is that an INFJ can create their own company or business that follows the basis of their beliefs and values.

With such a career an INFJ can focus completely on what matters to them i.e., helping and improving the lives of others. They dedicate their entire time and work to this matter. Not only does it have a positive impact on the world, but it also fulfills their desire to see the fruits of the seeds they sow.

Since their company’s or business main goal is humanitarian oriented, an INFJ has no issue working with their employees. Plus, their empathic nature motivates the employees to work to their full potential.

Their extraordinary organizational and planning skills make it easier to run their company smoothly. They do not work in chaos so their workplace is a clean and quiet place where they can clear their thoughts and ideas.

So, it is no surprise that a career path as an entrepreneur fits an INFJ personality.



Professors work on a higher level than teachers. Most professors are like teachers but at the university level. Since university studies are more complex than school studies, an INFJ will have no issue with making the complex studies readily available to their students.

An INFJ uses their creative problem solving skills to break down complex studies. Their guiding and inspiring skills also motivate their students to do well in the designated subject. A professor is required to plan curriculum, grade work, answer and help their students with their academic issues and publish research.

All these tasks are not hard for an INFJ because they are good with planning, experimenting, solving, and have well organizational skills that aid them to complete all their tasks in the given time frame. Most research is done in labs, so they get to witness a quiet and noisy workplace.

During the classes, they make use of their empathic, guiding, and inspiring skills to teach and connect with their students. Later in the day, they work independently and quietly in a non-chaotic environment to finish their research.

Inspiring their students, giving them an intellectual growth, and supporting and helping them makes professor an excellent career option for an INFJ.

Language and Arts

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer work on digital illustrations, logos, brochures, designs, pamphlets, and related work. They create rough drafts of the design and concepts in the heads of their clients. Graphic designers may work individually or with organizations or companies that require their creative illustrations. to attract customers. These designers work under the marketing team.

Although an INFJ gravitates towards working solely, they do not mind working with the marketing team as they have the same goal: to attract consumers. In addition, they get plenty of time to think alone, process their designs, make multiple drafts, and finally bring the vision of their client to life.

An INFJs empathic nature makes it easier for them to connect with their client and get a better insight into what exactly their client wants. Their intuition and creative problem solving skills help them create designs that align with the vision of their client.

Meeting the vision of their client gives them the gratification of fulfilling and helping the client out. Henceforth, this profession not only offers solitary but also creative problem solving. A graphic designer is an excellent career option for an INFJ who finds creative means to communicate.


Writers write screenplays, scripts, short stories, novels, bloggers, articles, and even poems in different sources. Some writers work for newspapers, others work in an organization while some work alone.

An INFJ has strong empathic and articulus nature. Combine these two with their excellent communication skills and creative side, they make good writers. Their ability to feel emotions yet make impartial decisions comes in advantageous to make excellent plot twisting stories that touch the reader’s heart.

Moreover, writers are known to isolate themselves to produce masterpieces. Therefore, they work entirely independently and in a very clean and organized workplace. An INFJ is imaginative and idealists. This makes it easier for them to process and put their thoughts out on a piece of paper.

So, an INFJ holds all the qualities that can excel them as writers which creates quality content.


Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Specialists are trained employees of an organization or company that oversee the other employees working. They are required to hire candidates when new job opportunities are opened in the office. They are responsible for maintaining a healthy workplace environment and look after the needs of the employees. An HR makes sure that the new employees are fitting right in, and the previous employees are working at their full potential. They act as a means of connection between the workers of an organization and the authorities of the organization.

An INFJ is dependable enough to take on these tasks and perform them efficiently. Their creative problem solving skills makes sure that there are concrete results produced effectively. Moreover, their ability to stay procedural and planned ensures all the tasks are completed within the deadlines.

Most prominently, an INFJs empathic, intuitive, and caring nature allows them to create friendly relationships with the employees they are working with. Their strong communication skills make solving their issues and listening to their demands easy.

They can readily keep their emotions out when they need to make work related decisions. An INFJ finds it comforting that they are able to help their team members and improve their working conditions.

Humans Resources Specialist utilizes all the strengths of an INFJ strongly. Hereafter, in such an ordered and close workplace, an INFJ is bound to thrive.

Training and Development Manager

Training and Development Manger’s job role is to train the staff working under them. They develop programs and other resources that help enhance the employee’s skills and knowledge related to the work they are doing. They are required to create manuals, videos, and other platforms in order to train the staff.

Since, INFJ are excellent teachers and have a great sense of guiding and inspiring, this job is not hard for them. Their intuition and caring nature ensure that they give maximum training to their employees, so they work at full potential.

The creative problem solving ability comes in handy to resolve any training matter. Moreover, the organizational and detailed planning skills help with the setup and duration of training classes.

An empathic INFJ can easily communicate with the individuals who are in need of training, they are able to help the staff and this in return satisfies their desire to care for and help humans.

Hence, a training and development manager has a creative yet humanitarian oriented job that caters well to the strengths of an INFJ.


A librarian works in the library. They look after the books, make digital records, keep the records safe, conduct audits organize, and catalog books. They also assist the individuals coming to the library seeking specific books and any other literacy content.

A library has a very peaceful environment which draws an INFJ towards it. Not only that but it is highly organized, and the job is well done by a single individual. An INFJ will ensure all the books are cataloged and placed rendering to the methodological manner used in the library. All these workplace requirements closely identify with the aspects of an INFJ character.

Moreover, a local library often plays a vital role in supporting local communities, it is where meetings are conducted. So, this place gives a librarian an opportunity for community outreach. hence, they can easily help families or individuals who are seeking it desperately.

All the helping, harmonious work environment, structured work layout appeals to the nature of an INFJ. Hence, a librarian is a valid career match for an INFJ.

Final Words

INFJs should pursue careers that make the most use of their strength. Not only will they flourish but will also feel at peace. Typically, INFJs prefer jobs where they can contribute to the wellbeing of others and require solitude in their workplaces.

INFJs are likely to thrive as counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. They work using their communication and empathic skills to help understand their patients and clients. These career options best fit the character of an INFJ.

If you are interested in working in a more controlled and organized environment that requires your intellect, then any field in the sciences is a good option. However, if you want to work in a more creative field then a writer or graphic designer is your best shot.

Moreover, if you are looking for a more managing job then a manager or HR will suit you. But if you want to put your organizational skills to good use then software developer, tech specialist, or librarian is not a bad option.

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