Best Commercial Window Cleaning Robot

The world of automation has taken over our lives largely and owning a commercial window cleaning robot will take the boring elements out of your daily routine.

In this post, you will find the best commercial window cleaning robot where our team tested various methods of window cleaning.

It took us 4.5 days to bring you two of the best commercial window cleaning robots.

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After proper research and testing, our team came down to the following conclusion. ECOVACS Winbot 950 is the best commercial window cleaning robot that you can invest in and there are several reasons for that.

Why is it the best?

Winbot has a series of commercial window cleaning robot but we simply adore the Winbot 950.

Here are some reasons which make this version a great choice.

The Quietest of all

Winbot has been famous for being the loudest window cleaning robot in the market and this has been a drawback of it for a long time. However, with Winbot 950, we get the quietest of all windows cleaner which sets all the complaints aside. It does its job silently and pretty well too. So you can just start the cleaner and sip on your coffee and relax, without making any noise.

Really Fast

We have tested some of the best window cleaners accessible in the market and this one has been the best because it does the job pretty fast.

It is not JUST for Windows

The best thing about Winbot 950 is that it can be used on all glass-like surfaces. It is not restricted to being used on the window alone. You can clean a lot of your glass surfaces with this amazing commercial window cleaning robot.

With Winbot always bringing in noisy and loud window cleaners, this one is definitely one of the best and quietest cleaners to get your hands on. It cleans all glass-like surfaces and can be used on titled surfaces too which makes it a good investment to make.

Compared to the Winbot 730, ECOVACS Winbot 950 is definitely a better and smarter choice to make. It is more powerful, quieter and faster.

Why do we consider it the best?

There are a lot of reasons why Winbot 950 is the best commercial window cleaning robot and is our ultimate choice too. This one works perfectly well with windows and glass-like surfaces like glass doors, glass objects and glass railings too.

It is double-fused which means that even if there is any power issue, no damage is caused to your cleaner or your window or glass surface.
Winbot 950 is also controlled via a remote control which brings in great user experience and makes it easy to use. It ensures convenient and remarkable cleaning.

We also consider it the best because it is the most silent commercial window cleaning robot by ECOVACS Winbot. Also, there are a lot of other window cleaners but this one is the quietest of all. This is due to the air intake mechanism that this one doesn’t disturb you.


  • Silent cleaning
  • Designed for frameless and framed windows both
  • Also works finely on any other glass surface and titled surfaces too
  • Battery backup
  • Remote control
  • Comes with new height capabilities; it can reach up to 16 feet
  • One year warranty

Pros. & Cons.


  • The silent cleaning is a blessing as it doesn’t make any sound and lets you carry on with your tasks easily.
  • The battery backup saves you from any kind of power failure which can affect the cleaner negatively
  • It is not restricted to just windows as it can be used on all sorts of glass surfaces
  • It comes with a remote control which makes it easy to use as well
  • The cleaning is efficient and extremely fine. This machine is capable of delivering whatever it promises to
  • The one year warranty is also amazing


  • Too expensive for a common man


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Winbot 730 is also a great choice to make if you are looking for another best window cleaner. However, there are some reasons why we could not pick it as our ultimate choice.

Why is it not our ultimate choice?

  • If we compare the Winbot 730 with the 950, this one is louder. It has this very annoying sound that makes it evident that a machine is working in your house. When you can get the quietest window cleaner, and then why not pick Winbot 950, right? This model is pretty noisy which is irritating for sure and it made us cringe.
  • Winbot 730 is heavy! It is a little hard to carry it up to the window even. This means that it is not that user-friendly either.
  • Also, this one comes with wipes. And they are included in it for a reason which we didn’t really admire. Once the cleaner is done with its job, you will still need to sponge the window with those wipes. The cleaner leaves light yet evident streaks which demand to be cleaned otherwise they appear really ugly on the window.

Why is it still a good choice to make?

There are still some reasons why this is a fairly good commercial window cleaning robot to invest it. It is better than a lot of other Winbot series and here is why we have made it our 2nd choice:

  • We loved the fact that it works with a remote just like the Winbot 950. You can sit comfortably on your couch and operate the cleaner accordingly. You don’t have to stand beside it to make it function.
  • We also tested the Winbot 710 which is just meant for framed windows and that was a disappointment as the majority of people tend to opt for frameless windows these days. Thus, we adored Winbot 730 more in this concept. It is capable of cleaning both framed and frameless windows which makes it a good choice to make.


Here is what Winbot 730 promises to offer:

  • Frameless window detection system
  • Doesn’t require a lot of maintenance
  • Scratch proof
  • Easy to use

Pros. & Cons.


  • Works with a remote
  • Easy to setup


  • Too costly according to the performance it has to offer
  • Extremely loud and noisy; will make you cringe for sure
  • Stops in between
  • Leaves streaks that require to be wiped off after removing the cleaner
  • Only works with the cleaning formula that comes along with it

There are a lot of reasons why Winbot 730 is not our ultimate and premium choice to make for the best commercial window cleaning robot.

Final Verdict

According to us, Winbot 950 is the best commercial window cleaning robot that you can invest in. The high price tag might seem too much but this one really delivers the perfect cleaning that you look forward to. With silent cleaning, it is one of the best commercial windows cleaning robot that ECOVACS Winbot has to offer.

Winbot 730 is almost the same price tag as that of Winbot 950 but is unable to deliver so many perks. This is why we highly recommend you to invest in Winbot 950 for once and for all. It is certainly the best commercial window cleaning robot that you can buy and also get the expected results. The spotless, clean and shining glass surface afterward is going to leave you falling in love with Winbot 950 for sure.

Grab the ultimately best commercial window cleaning robot right now and make your life easier with turning your daily chores into smartness.

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