Best Commercial Window Cleaning Robot

Best Commercial Window Cleaning Robot: Why don’t you just focus on your business and let the robot do its job? Window cleaning robots are becoming popular commercially. We won’t be surprised at all to see them on every window out there one day. Let’s see some factors which make them good first. Now we picked a handful of these robots based on their AI technology and how well they clean. And we were definitely suprised by that.

From the quality of the motor to the suction power, movement speed, sound and size we land on the following top picks.

The Hobot 298 Window Cleaning Robot

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Starting off with the Hobot. With its built-in reservoir that uses ultrasonic technology to distribute water and detergent does a good job.

It throws a dense even mist through a spray nozzle to lubricate the surface of windows while also loosening debris for easier cleanup.

You get 3 cleaning pads with this window cleaning robot which are great for cleaning medium to large windows.

For connectivity, you get Bluetooth and Wi-Fi where you locate the position of the robot and control it through its app.

With this app, you get 3 automatic cleaning modes where you can control the motor speed and pause it or bring it back when its time for a refill.

Speaking of refill the liquid tank is visible at all times. And its application is combined with a microfiber cleaning cloth that polishes and dries your windows to provide a streak-free shine.

The brushless DC motor extends the robot’s lifespan and provides a reduced noise output when the device is working.

The setting of the robotic device is not so time-consuming wither, you just need to fit the parts, fill the tank with water, plug it in, and set the app. Once all the parts of the robots have fit in together, it is ready for the cleaning job!

And even though it comes with edge-detection technology, the Hobot 298 is not made to clean rounded windows and mirrors.

However, if the spray nozzles of the detachable water chamber (holds the water for cleaning) on your robot become clogged at any point then do not worry too much. The procedure to unclog is super easy and can be done within seconds!

All you need to do is just replace the entire assembly by removing a single screw and your robot is good to go and do its job well!

Speaking of its AI, its able to determine the most efficient route and it keeps track of areas it has cleaned so it does not go over the cleaned areas again and this allows it to know when to stop because its job is complete.

And for your convenience and flexibility for your cleaning, you get the 20 feet extension cable with it and if you have lots of windows to clean, you can always get an even extra cord though.

You also get a safety tether rope and a backup battery that provides 30 minutes of suction power during emergencies.

The presence of the laser frame detection in this robot keeps the cleaner from crossing over to another window or surface.

Another thing about the Hobot 298 is that it has a fall prevention algorithm incorporated in it that does not allow your robot to fall off the window, thus keeping it safe and sound and similarly, the Embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power System) prevents the robot from falling while there is no electric power supply.

Coming to the design of the Hobot 289, at the very top there is a light button that reveals the battery charge, then there is a start and stop button, a power switch, port for power connection and water tank. The best part is that these features have labels which makes it easy for you to operate and understand the machine.

The bottom part has two wheels that make movement easier and Velcro pads that are useful for mounting the cleaning pad.

There is also a ventilated bottom with tiny holes that help in suctioning on the window when cleaning.

This robot cleaner is highly recommended for those windows or glasses that are hard to clean or for those who need to get their windows clean in a short span of time.

Overall, the HOBOT 298 is suitable for cleaning medium to large window panes that are difficult to get to and collect dust more frequently.

It is worthy to mention that it is a little heavy on the wallet, but with all the features and the results. We will say it gets its job done well!

Ecovacs Winbot 880 Window Cleaning Robot

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Like the others, Ecovacs Winbot 880 window cleaning robot also attaches to your glass using a powerful suction force and cleans well. But it’s the efficient cleaning that puts it here on the list.

You get a 5-layer microfiber washable cleaning pad and high-elastic squeegees that pass over a single area four times to deliver a thorough cleaning.

Before anything, its Win slam 2.0 technology (which is a path planning technology) detects the shape of your glass and makes a plan.

With this, it chooses a perfect path to clean in fast and a comprehensive way.

The Edge-detection technology helps to identify tight corners on framed and unframed windows so it can easily navigate and change course without hitting edges and even falling.

Besides that this square-shaped design (rounded ones don’t reach corners) comes with a 4-stage cleaning process.

First, it sprays a cleaning solution on the front of the cleaning pad to wipe the window and loosen dirt particles.

After that, a squeegee passes over, removing dirt from the window. Then another squeegee still goes over to remove any stubborn dirt.

Lastly, the back of the cleaning pad wipes the window dry erasing any greasy tracks and leaving you with clean windows.

And with the help of the auto-return feature, once the cleaning is complete, the Ecovacs WinBot 880 will return to where it started, for convenient removal.

This 4-stage cleaning process is done at a comparatively lower noise level which allows you to partake in activities without disturbance and ensures that your windows and glass will be spick and span clean.

The safety features of WinBot 880 are a 2800Pa suction power, a safety tether, and a load-bearing suction cup which work together to ensure that your bot does not fall down and is stable during the cleaning process.

It also has a 30-minute backup battery in case of power failure.

And speaking of usage, You do not need any skills. It will take only a few minutes to understand the controls on the remote control that will allow you to start/stop, use the directional buttons, and spot clean a specific area.

Our biggest complaint is that at such a price point and all the features, it lacks advanced features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity unlike Hobot above.

But its still okay to rely on a remote controller to switch to different cleaning modes and manually steer the robot.

AlfaBot X7 Smart Window Vacuum Cleaner

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Although the rounded scrubber may seem like a less efficient way of cleaning corners, the two cloth-wrapped wheels still get the job done.

The ultrasonic water spray nozzle, which can be controlled manually as well as being automatic, cleans windows okay.

The spray hole is on the right side only which cleans on the zig zag upwards and rightwards direction only.

Connectivity-wise, while you get to have a remote controller you also get WiFi and a controlling app that ensures you can control it from anywhere.

And like others here, its AI also allows it to intelligently choose the best cleaning path without bumping or falling.

For safety, you get a 4KPA suction which ensures your robot is firmly attached and a safety rope (3 and a half meters in length) that lets it hang in case of failure as well.

But you get a 30-minute backup battery in that case.

Even though it failed to clean out strong debris and can leave the steaks on the glass its still a okay choice, given the price point, and the AI it uses.

To get started with it you need to spray window cleaner on the two circular pads it has and then put it on the window. Press the button and wait for few seconds for the suction to come into play. It will start with 2 beeps and will grip the window.

And that’s it.

Overall we would say it’s more of a window polisher than a cleaner, meaning it won’t be able to get the stubborn stains out.

Fegrui R-C901

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This robot is another rounded scrubber contender. With its 6 replaceable cleaning cloths and a spray bottle (that allows you to choose the type of cleaner required for the job), it comes with a good suction as well.

It is equipped with 5600 PA suction power which is enough to get it stuck to your glass.

It has automatic cleaning and the AI detects the boundary of the window just okay.

Other than that you get 3 different modes for cleaning the surfaces.

So why it’s down below on our list?

Well, it lacks the smart App but is still has an IR-based remote instead which is okay.

Also, the oval-shaped body is not able to clean the corners efficiently.

It will also not be able to clean the stubborn spots on the window as well. But taking the price into account, the robot doesnt seem so bad after all.

This cost-effective cleaning robot does not produce much noise either.

Ecovacs Winbot X

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Next on our list we have another window cleaning robot from Ecovacs, The Ecovacs Winbot.

Right off bat, it is a simple and easy-to-use device that is powered by an included rechargeable built-in battery which means it is cordless.

So, this cordless design makes setting up the robot cleaner quicker and easier without having to worry about cords making it a perfect option for those looking for the utmost convenience.

Although this makes this window cleaning robot “wireless” it still requires a safety tether that keeps the unit from going too far off of its path and to help keep it safe from falls.

The robot uses artificial intelligence to plan out the best path possible for your windows and after it has finished its whole cleaning process, it will automatically return to its original position.

The Ball sensors on the robot allow it to detect edges and reduces the risk of the robot falling.

The Ecovacs Winbot X works on a variety of surfaces, including windows with decals, making it one of the most versatile options around and works well on large windows or areas of glass.

And instead of a safety cord, the Winbot X comes with a suction pad that keeps the device stuck to the surface which is again a very great thing about this product.

It has a four-stage cleaning process and two cleaning modes: the first is the auto-mode and the second is the deep-cleaning mode. While the auto-mode is faster of the two, the deep cleaning mode will ensure a better result.

However, both the modes take time and work slowly, which is inconvenient is you are looking for a fast-working Winbot or want your windows clean in a jiffy. And sometimes the robot gets stuck in areas it is cleaning.

Even though its cordless feature is very eye-catching, its price tag is not.

It also has the tendency to get stuck at times and overall cleaning time is also more when we compare with other devices. So whats the catch here? Well, it being cordless and cleaning efficiency.

Mamibot W120-T

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Mamibot W120-T is a high-quality robot that is Safe, Efficient, and Convenient with plenty of features.

The device can easily operate through the smartphone app. You get functions like start, stop, and select washing mode and manual control of the device with directional controls.

There are three ways to operate this robot You can start it simply by pressing “go”, but you can also control it by remote or via a smartphone app.

It has a long-lasting brush-less motor that generates a good enough suction power of 4000 PA and it offers three different control options.

The robot can dry clean just as well as it wet cleans with a solution. You also have the option of a quick pass for light cleaning.

With three intelligent cleaning pattern settings, you can choose the best way you want to clean your glass with. Meaning AI is good enough on this thing.

It cleans your windows systematically through movements in either Z- mode or N-mode. And connecting with the app you can even control these cleaning patterns.

The robot’s AI is capable to estimate the cleaning area and the path to follow.

Talking of speed, it is able to clean one square meter in about 2 minutes which is pretty quick.

Once it has finished, it returns to the place where it started from.

Before cleaning you need to fit a microfiber cloth on the underside of the device. The microfiber pads are washable and therefore reusable which is very economical because you do not have to purchase them frequently.

For an optimum cleaning result there are two different kinds of microfiber pads:

  • The yellow one is suitable for dry cleaning.
  • The gray one is suitable for wet cleaning.

On activated Auto Cleaning Mode, this robot will go over windows two times to ensure a deeper clean on rectangular windows in less time.

The Mamibot can take care of dirt and light debris. However, for heavy debris, it is better to pre-clean manually before you start the robot.

This robot is designed to clean both the inside and outside of windows The W120 is capable of washing a large operating area and its height of only 10cm the window cleaner which means it can also reach areas that are difficult to access. it even cleans uneven surfaces reliably because of the floating cleaning pad.

Apart from a tether rope and its anti-fall sensors, this robot has a built-in battery source that provides 20 minutes of 4-KPa suction while also notifying the user of power loss, if accidentally unplugged.

Generally, the Mamibot W120 runs through a cord so you can’t rely on the battery for day-to-day use. Other emergency features include a safety rope and anti-falling sensors.

A major downside is that W120 robot is not exactly quiet, it may be easier on the ears but after a while it does get annoying.

The square Mamibot model works great for glass doors, frame and frameless glass, tables, inclined windows, long panes of glass windows, more. These types of surfaces may be especially common off decks, patios, or business entrances.

Hence it is ideal for most kind of windows, especially high windows in dangerous places. However, it does not work as well on inclined windows, rounded windows, and windows with gaps.

It is best to warn you that if you have raised hinges or anything similar around the edges since these can cause it to fall off, otherwise, it is very reliable and tends to stay stuck on the glass.

Overall its a good cleaner but its features cost you accordingly.


The best overall window cleaning robot has to be HoBot 298 and if money is not an issue for you then definitely go for it.

If you need an ecofriendly option, then we have the Gladwell’s Gecko window cleaning robot with its eco-friendly pads, and it surely gets the cleaning done.

If you are looking for a robot cleaner at an affordable price point with high end features then your pick should be either Fegrui R-C901 or AlfaBot X7

If you are looking at the versatility and high-end product then you should go for the MamiBot W120-T but if you are looking for versatility yet a low-end product then Cop Rose X5p is the one for you.

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