INFJ Relationships And Compatibility With Others

INFJ Relationships And Compatibility With Others: Each individual perceives the world around him differently and each of us makes decisions accordingly. We are all different in our uniqueness as individuals and it is these subtle nuances in our personality types that make us what or who we are. What seems to us as a random difference in people’s behavior, is rather systematic and consistent or it can be called orderly.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a pseudoscientific questionnaire that allows us to know the different psychological preferences of people. It leads us to also know and understand how people perceive the world and then make decisions.

It is a self-report which is also introspective in nature, a series of questions that tell us how a particular person is using his psychological functions.

Sensation, Intuition, Feeling, and Thinking….out of these four psychological functions, one function is dominant in a person, most of the time.

The four categories of the INFJ Personality types are:

  • Introversion/Extraversion.
  • Sensing/Intuition.
  • Thinking/Feeling
  • Judging/Perception.

Each individual is supposed to have or said to have (according to Myers Briggs Type Indicator) one preferred quality over the other, from each category. In totality, there are 16 unique types of personalities.

These are said to be naturally occurring differences. Myers Briggs Type Indicator is referred to as pseudoscientific which believes that we all have one specific preference which once again, are according to our needs, interest, values, and motivations.

With these preferences, we actually elucidate or demonstrate our experiences in life. This is a very structured approach to personality assessment.

Perception is being aware of things, people, and happenings around us. Judgment is forming an idea or a conclusion about whatever we have perceived. So, each person differs systematically in whatever he perceives and the conclusions that he derives from that perception.

INFJ Characteristics

INFJ Personality Type The Advocate

INFJ stands for Introvert, Intuition, Feeling, Judging. This is one of the 16 personality types which are identified by MBTI. INFJ is also.

Referred to as “Advocate” or the “Idealistic”. According to the pseudoscientific questionnaire, people with INFJ personality types are the most unusual and rarest of all the other personality types.

It is believed That only 2% to 3% of the population exhibit INFJ personalities and they are the rarest of them all.

People With INFG personalities are creative, gentle, and caring. They are usually very reserved and extremely sensitive to their own feelings as well as the feelings of others.

Being introverts, their creativity is not forced and shown to the public but they would rather enjoy their creativity in the confines of their homes. The gentle caring people with INFJ personality types care for others around them as well.

They are idealistic but that does not mean they are daydreamers. Very logical in their approach these people work towards changing their idealism into realities. So the perfect thoughts are not just in their minds, they work towards putting them into actions and bringing about a change.

They’re not philosophers either who just think and plan but these are the few rare people who take these values and principles that they have and work towards bringing a positive and lasting change in their own lives as well as the lives around them.

INFJ personalities are thinkers and creators full of sensitivity and empathy for others around them. They are gentle creatures and feel for others but they should not be considered weak.

Their beliefs and ideals are so strong and deeply rooted that nothing can budge them. They can take a decision after logical thinking and act accordingly to achieve what they want, which is a quality you don’t find so often among people.

INFJ are basically introverts and prefer their own company. They’re sensitive to the needs of others and would go all out to help them. But once that is done they need to retire into their own space and time to reset and recharge themselves.

They believe in turning their idealistic values into actions, resulting in change. So the idealism is not about discussing new theories over cups of coffee but believing in them and working towards a better world.

They do not see the world through rose-tinted glasses, they are well aware of the realities, they know very well that both good and bad prevail in this world but their idealism makes them work towards a better world.

INFJ types of personalities love to spend time all by themselves contemplating and thinking about the world and their reason for living. Thinking about the meaning of life, how things can work towards betterment.

They don’t understand why good doesn’t triumph always, why people can’t be good and empathetic towards others. Their idealistic nature makes them question and contemplate other people’s behavior and the evil around them. They firmly believe that good shall prevail.

Being sensitive to the needs of others, they don’t understand greed and deceit in the world. These rare qualities in them, make INFJ personalities difficult to understand.

People find them too sensitive, which can be true sometimes. Overly sensitive to their own needs and also the needs of others. People also find them to be stubborn, but are they really? If sticking to your ideals, not giving in to pressure and not being a people pleaser, can be termed as stubborn, then, yes!

INFJ personalities can be called stubborn. Pleasing others just to be in their good books, or hanging onto their jobs., is not what an INFJ person believes in.

They do end up losing out in the rat race. Because the world today encourages people pleasers and an idealist with strong correct values of right and wrong, it is difficult for people to understand. People fail to understand why INFJ would not budge from his stance.

Why would a person stick to his beliefs and work towards making this world a better place? So, the INFJ types, are considered difficult when truth be told, these are the people that this world needs more. This planet needs them to bring about betterment in society, by being good.

INFJ Relationships


Relationship problems in working hard

INFJ personalities are very creative people. They put their heart and soul into whatever work they do. They are considered to be very focused on the future, and also on the internal insights. When they are around other people, they rely on intrusions.

They have extroverted feelings when making decisions, these extroverted feelings help the INFJ personalities to be aware of their surroundings and to pay attention to the world around them.

These personalities have such deep values and convictions, that If their workplace also supports these principles, then they will do exceptionally well in their careers. They’re hardworking people and expect the same from their coworkers.

Their coworkers find them to be hardworking, helpful, caring, and a visionary in their fields. Sometimes their colleagues fail to understand the introverted side of their personalities. They don’t understand the INFJ’s need to retreat in his shell from time to time to recharge.

When in charge, the INFJ personalities sometimes find it difficult to exert their authority. Because they are so sensitive and have great empathy for coworkers, they lead not by authority, but by kindness and helpfulness.

Their subordinates are happy with them. If the workplace has a great deal of routine or some majorly strict rules to adhere to, the INFJ personalities can find working difficult.

See our compilation of INFJ careers to avoid.


how to make a relationship feel new again

As mentioned earlier, these people are introverts and take time to open up to new people. Once they get to know you and share a bond, then they will hold onto you for the rest of their lives. People find it difficult to understand them because they’re not so open about their feelings.

Initially, they’re not expressive until they’re sure of your bond with them. People must realize that the INFJ personalities need time to retreat into their shell time and again.

They expect their friends to be as open, honest, and loyal as they are. It is very important for them that a friendship is open, clear, and honest because their over-sensitive nature sometimes causes them to hurt.

They empathize with their friends and expect them to do the same. At times it can be a bit demanding but they are true and genuine friends though often misunderstood.


develope relations

INFJ personalities take parenting very seriously. They teach their children the importance of following their dreams. They encourage them to pursue their interests and to hone their skills and talents. As INFJ personalities are sensitive to the feelings of others, it creates a great bond with their children.

As parents, they understand and empathize with the children and encourage them to work towards utilizing their full potentials. They have a special bond with their children, a bond of love, and respect.

As parents, they encourage the children to think and analyze problems as they do. A caring, sensitive parent who encourages honesty and loyalty in the children.

As A Partner

Keeping relationships healthy

A sensitive person who understands the needs and feelings of his partner. For an INFJ personality type, a relationship is a bond forever. They flourish and grow in a loving relationship, more so if their partner shares the same core values and beliefs.

They can put themselves in their partner’s shoes and feel and sense what they are feeling. They’re kind and caring. They can also be misunderstood by their partners because of the inherent ability to withdraw into their shells.

It is important for their partners to understand this and to give them space and time to recharge. INFJ type people can get stubborn at times when it comes to their core values and principles. It is next to impossible to make them bend a little because as we know, they are not people pleasers.

INFJ can get too demanding in a relationship. But the right partner who understands them can bring about the change with lots of love and care.

They expect loyalty, honesty, and authenticity in their partners because, for them, purity is the best form of love.

How to take care of your INFJ partner?

Healthy Marriage Secrets

Now that you feel you know nearly everything about INFJ personality types, buckle up! Because there is more to learn about these complex and confusing dwellers. Tough, they may appear, but deep down they are tender, caring, sensitive beings yearning for love and attention and care.

You need to know them at a deeper level.  The more you get to know them, the more you realize how misunderstood they are. Here are some ways to get to know and please your INFJ partner.

These personalities need and crave a deep emotional connection with their partners. They love it when their partners genuinely care for them. Here are some caring things you can do for your INFJ partner.


Surprise! Now, who doesn’t love a good surprise from time to time? A beach outing, a musical evening. These personalities are used to planning and organizing according to their own pace so a sudden change in a plan at the last minute will only leave them grumpy.

So surprises that include things they love would make them happy and more in love. They love being with their loved ones and creating memories.


INFJ personalities crave intelligent conversations and reading. They enjoy serious discussions where they can put forth their point of view. They love learning new things, every experience to them is a way of learning something new. They need to be fed in the intellectual sense as well as literally.

If you want your INFG partner to feel loved and happy, feed them their favorite food. INFJ personalities live in their heads so bring them down from the zoned out moods with a plate of their favorite snack and make memories.


INFJ personalities are introverts, but when they do fall in love, their partner becomes the center of their existence. They will constantly think of their loved one and a text or a call from them would be enough to brighten up their day.

These sensitive people love with all their being and love unconditionally. But their partners should never take them for granted. Because they’re overly sensitive, they get hurt very easily. A small delay in replying from their partner can hurt them. So keep in touch and make them feel special.


They are busy people, busy contemplating thinking, and also being constantly distracted by texts, emails, news, notifications. Deep down, they crave to spend quality time with their partner.

A time just for them where they shut out the world and be with one another. So show your love by spending quality time with them.


INFJ personality people have millions of things going on in their heads. Questions and unanswered thoughts of the world and their own inner self. They need partners who would listen to them because these thoughts need to be vocalized.

Generally, an INFJ would act as a therapist for friends and people around, but there are times when they need their partners’ full attention when they can put these thoughts into words.

Though greatly misunderstood, INFJ personality people are the most trustworthy and reliable friends. They just need people to understand them and see the genuine beautiful and tender side of their personality.

These personality types are those friends who would be with you throughout their lives provided you understand their need for personal time and space.

Some famous people who are the INFJ personality types

  • Jimmy Carter.
  • Mother Teresa
  • Shirley Temple
  • Nelson Mandela.
  • Nicole Kidman.

The above-mentioned celebrities have been focused and each has brought about a change in their own way.

Some commonly asked questions…

Do The INFJ Personalities Make Good Friends?

INFJ people are truly clear in their minds about who they like and who they do not.

They are genuine people and can not pretend to be what they are not.

If they find you to be compatible and they feel they can be friends with you, then they go all out. They will be there for you and will expect you to be there for them as well.

They make good friends and lovers, genuine to the core.

Do People With INFJ Personalities Have A Short Temper?

These personalities give their best to any relationship and expect the same from them.

It is only when they are disappointed with their partners and feel that their friend or spouse has not been honest and truthful to them and the relationship, then they lose their cool.

They are generally peace-loving people but can react when they feel disappointed in their relationships. They will lose their temper and fight only to save the relationship not to have an upper hand.

Are People With INFJ Personalities Creative?

Most of these people are creative and you will find them in the field of music, writing, or painting.

They are basically introverts and like to keep their creativity to themselves. But if they gain popularity in their chosen creative field, then the sky is the limit for them.

Their expectations of loyalty and honesty from the people around them can become a hindrance in this cutthroat world of competition.

Can I Find Out My Personality Type?

You most certainly can! Read up on MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and go through their pseudoscientific questionnaire. You will learn about your psychological preferences.

Once you take the questionnaire you will come to know your personality type.

Is There An Element Of Surprise In A Relationship With INFJ?

Yes definitely, there is an element of surprise, but it is mostly from your side. INFJ personalities love surprises by their spouses.

They fall deeper in love and making more memories is what makes them the happiest. Any sudden change is not the kind of surprise you must plan, handling a grumpy spouse does not seem so exciting.

Do not shock them into a change of plans, surprise them with what they like.

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