Melissa McKnight Ex: Anthony Esposito

Melissa McKnight Ex: Anthony Esposito: Many people spend all their lives struggling to find their real passion, however, Anthony Esposito is one of the fortunate ones.

If you go to a public school in New York City, they start offering electives at the intermediary like 6, 7, or 8th grade which are music, art, or drama. Anthony says he that he couldn’t draw and he did not want to act so chose music and this is where it all started.

Anthony Esposito is an American hard rock bass guitar player, a crafty songwriter, producer, arranger and apart from all these things, there numerous others that you are unaware of. This veteran’s rocker knew from a very young age that he’s going to carve himself a great career in the music industry as he landed his first professional gig in 1989, aged 21. After that, there was nothing stopping him and he went on entertaining people with his phenomenal records.

Often called the musical philosopher, Anthony believes that there isn’t a better day than one spent entertaining people with the guitar as he says: “ A day in the studio is a good day”.

Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about Anthony Esposito.

Marriage Life

You must have heard of Joey Tribbiani played by Matt Le Blanc in the all-time famous American sitcom FRIENDS.

Matt and ex-wife Melissa McKnight got hitched together in the year 2003 and now have a 16-year-old daughter raised by Matt after the separation.

Before marrying Matt Le Blanc, Melissa McKnight tied a knot with Anthony Esposito in 1990. The duo met each other in 1989, the same year when Anthony made a debut in his successful career with Lynch Mob.

A baby boy named Tyler was born to them the same year they got married.

They became parents for the second time when their daughter, Jacqueline Esposito was born in 1995 before it all ended in 1996 when they got divorced.

Holding an Instrument for the first time in Life:

Anthony Esposito chose Music as an elective subject in the intermediary. More particularly, he chose brass and strings.

He says that initially, he wanted to play saxophone but wore braces at that time and his music teacher said that “You can’t plat Sax with braces, you’ll rip your lips up, you have to play a stringed instrument.”

Anthony picked the biggest instrument available, he says that the first time he bowed an upright bass was quite an experience for him.

Being a 6th-grade boy, he felt that resonance and power caused by the giant instrument right up against his body.

He says that he just loved the frequency, the warmth, and the moving air, and all these things drew his attention since then.

His Recording Studio:

Anthony has his own recording studio named Obscenic Arts, in Dillsburg, PA. He’s a multi-talented musician and does most of the stuff himself while recording a track.

A perfect example is that of his recently released “Patina” where he handled all of the things himself except mixing it, which was done by esteemed manager Max Norman.

Anthony and the Red Dragon Cartel:

Anthony is mostly known for his work for Red Dragon Cartel as he’s spent most of his time with them landing some phenomenal music.

His son Tyler who’s an audio engineer got a project where he had to assist Kevin Churko at his studio. Tyler also met Jake E Lee who’s the main man behind Red Dragon Cartel and they eventually became friends.

One day, Jake asked Tyler whether his dad would be interested in doing a certain project with him and as soon as Anthony got to know about it, he immediately said “Yes”.

The bond between him and Jake only got stronger as he became a part of their Red Dragon Cartel and the band continued to amaze people with their gigs and records.

Anthony’s Love for Jake:

On many occasions, Anthony Esposito has said stuff that shows how much he respects and loves his costar, Jake.

Anthony is a major part of the band, but he says that “its Jakes band, and I am just a member in it”.

He says that Jake makes all those big decisions and we all just follow what he says with our total willingness.

Anthony believes that Jake is insanely talented and gifted. In an interview, Anthony says that among all the great stars he’s worked with including George Lynch, Jimmy D, Lonnie, Jacob, Richard Fortus, Jason Hook, and all the others, Jake E. Lee is the best guitar player he’s ever played with so far.

Anthony says that Jake is so gifted and talented that he’s got this ability to hear things that Anthony can’t even think exist.

Anthony Esposito owns a Barn:

Besides the fondness for music, Anthony is also a big fan of nature. He owns a barn that he says is like an old bank barn or a pre-civil war barn where he also has a separate ranch for horses.

When shooting for the record Patina, Anthony realized that his old Barn’s got a lot of Patina and he won’t be able to find a better location to shoot this song.

Anthony is further looking to make a golf court along his barn, he himself is doing the work using his tractor as he also loves trucks.

Anthony Esposito: Not a chain smoker

People who saw Anthony on the Patina tour believe that he’s a chain smoker, but this isn’t necessarily the truth.

Although Anthony Esposito smokes, if you saw him lighting up one cigarette after another that was because of the temperature at the location.

Anthony says that it was 10 below zero in the barn where the shooting was held and Jake just kept him lightning up one cigarette after another to keep him warm.

What makes September 07, 1990, a memorable day for Anthony Esposito?

On September 07, 1990, Anthony did his first show with Lynch Mob. Moreover, Anthony’s son Tyler being born on the same day makes it even more memorable for him.

He says that as soon as he went on stage and did the soundcheck, he got this news from the hospital that his then-wife Mellissa had given birth to a boy.

Straight away, Anthony ran to the hospital and then went back to the gig, then after the completion of the gig, he ran back to the hospital to see his son and wife.

His career got the right breakthrough on the day his son was born, Anthony believes there couldn’t have been a better day in his life.

Gay Black Nazi Biker’s for Christ: A Plan went totally wrong

Anthony says that he and co-musicians initially didn’t want anyone to come for their first show as Lynch Mob. It was supposed to be a show where all the close ones and the friends would come and this was the main reason behind naming it, “Gay Black Nazi Biker’s for Christ”. The idea was that everyone would be pissed off and no one would attend.

In reality, it went viral as a news reporter announced that a show named “Gay Black Nazi Biker’s for Christ” was going to take place which forced a hype among people resulting in a jam-packed gig.

This proved out to be a great thing in the long-run as it was a major breakthrough for Anthony and the Lynch Mob.

Being not very famous yet loved by the fans

Anthony Esposito believes that it’s very hard for him to choose one particular band. He states the reason that they are not any of those retro bands. His band, Red Dragon Cartel doesn’t have enough marquee value that a retro band has from its past history.

While reconsidering the contract, there was an opinion to change the previous name and name it Jakey Ring. Although this name would have gotten them great marquee value because of Jakes competitiveness, they decided to stick with Red Dragon Cartel.

They believe that this reflects more of what they actually are and people still love them for that. Their performances like Bark at the Moon have really been admired throughout the years.

Anthony Prefers going Live:

Despite the chances of screwing up in a live concert, Anthony would still choose to perform in front of the audience instead of a recorded track.

There is a certain animal that has all the energy, the moving, and the momentary excitement that Anthony enjoys a lot.

In an interview, he says that people pay money to share moments with us, and he tries to give them what they want.

Furthermore, he adds up that they are the human element of that moment, and this what makes it very special.

When asked this question, Anthony says that it depends more on the situation and what the part calls for. If he’s playing it aggressively, he might need a pick to cut through or if it’s open tuning, then the fingers just simply do the work themselves.


Apart from music, Anthony has a passion for cars, more particularly trucks. He himself owns a truck and says that he tucks him busy when he’s not working on a recorded.

He also has a Mazda and as of 2018, he wanted to get another one.

Today at the age of 54, Anthony Esposito is still doing what he loves, still making people smile through his guitar and imparting his knowledge to the younger bands, living his life based on his motto “A day in the studio is a good day”.

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