What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Calls You Pretty?

What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Calls You Pretty?: Despite the fact that we are at a point in time where validation from others doesn’t mean much to a lot of people, and that’s exactly how it should be like, but doesn’t hearing a few sweet words from someone you love gush about your appearance make you feel good? Now top that with your lover telling you how he thinks you are the prettiest girl he has ever seen. Does it not activate those butterflies in your tummy or make you go all red in the face? At the end of the day we girls are all suckers for being called beautiful by the man we love.

Getting the chance to see yourself through your lover’s eyes is a joy that nothing else can compete with. It instills within you, a sense of joy and a boost of self-confidence, and makes you feel sexy as hell just because your boyfriend thinks that you are one hot girl.

While hearing that your boyfriend finds you beautiful may make you swoon out of the roof, finding the right words to respond to his sweet gesture can tend to get a little confusing. Are you supposed to say thank you, you too? Or do you just smile and give him a little kiss?

It can get a little challenging, however it isn’t impossible to find the right answer, so follow along.

I love you

Playfulness in couple

The standard of all standards. Perhaps the best and quickest reply you can come up with when your boyfriend calls you beautiful is telling him that you love him. In situations where nothing else seems to work, a simple yet heartfelt ‘i love you’ is going to be your best bet. He won’t just get that gentle reminder, but your sweet words will make up for a good response at the same time.

The real beauty is in your eyes

There’s no single bit wrong with how they say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A cute yet accurate answer like this will surely spread a smile across your boyfriend’s face as he throws you a sweet compliment. Tell him that it’s his love due to which he finds you pretty and you are grateful for it. Sweet and not snobby at all.

You make me feel so special

Couple happy kiss

Reassuring your man that his actions and words do nothing short of sweeping you off of your feet is a good way to thank him for his compliment, and compliment him back at the same time. Nobody dislikes reassurance, so step forward and let it be known to your beau that you see his efforts.

Being with you makes me feel like the happiest girl on the planet

Let it be known to your boyfriend that his words are doing the right job and hitting the spot. Tell him that he’s a blessing to have in your life and his presence makes you cherish life every single day. He will feel accomplished for all his efforts, and will strive to make himself a better boyfriend every day.

You’re the one who makes me feel pretty

As he compliments on your beauty, tell your man that he’s the reason why you feel beautiful to begin with. Saying that being with him has made you look at yourself differently and has boosted your self-confidence will make him feel like a proud and happy boyfriend, and your job will be done there.

There is something about the way you make me feel

Body language and Conversation Tone

Voicing your love through words by saying that nobody has the ability to make you feel like he does is a good way to get your job done. He will feel fulfilled that the efforts he is making for your relationship are paying off and you are acknowledging them. There’s nothing better than getting validated like this so give him that.

You are more

Men don’t always get the pleasure of hearing that they are pretty so if you are head over heels for your man’s looks just like he is for yours, then go ahead and compliment him on it. Tell him that you too, find him pretty just like he finds you pretty and it will surely stretch a big smile on that face of his.

I am so lucky to have you in my life

If he compliments your beauty, step ahead and tell your boyfriend that you cherish his presence in your life and find yourself lucky to have a man who is so in love with you. You thank God that he’s there in your life by mistake or by design. Small, simple words of reaffirmation might not feel like they give much output, but they go a longer way than you can ever imagine.

Look who’s saying. You’re the hottest guy I have even seen

Get a little more playful and give your man a sexy, yet cute compliment like this one. It will not just make him happy, but will also make him crack up, so it’s a win-win situation here. If you think that getting called pretty by your boyfriend is sweet, then it’s the same for his side as well.

My heart is bigger than Jupiter when it comes to you. And it’s full of love for you

Happy couple in black and white

A fun way of saying that you love you man. This won’t just surely throw a big smile on his face, but will make his heart swell up with love for you. This compliment is like a warm spot of sunshine in the winter, so it definitely does its job way more than it feels like it would.

Your love makes me feel like I am on the top of the world

Hearing your partner tell you that your love makes them feel special and happy is enough to make a grown man cry. There is affirmation that they appreciate all that you do for them, and also a sense of accomplishment when you see them happy and full of life just because you told them they look pretty. Award your boyfriend with this sense of accomplishment and affirmation when he hypes you up for being the most gorgeous girl he’s ever seen.

There’s nobody else like you

How to Keep a Leo Man Happy?

When your man calls you beautiful, tell him that you love him so much that his existence is the only thing that matters to you. Tell him that in your eyes, there’s nobody as important as him and nobody can match his level. Your heart has a special place for him in it that no one else can take up and you are grateful that you got blessed with a gem like him.

You are the most perfect guy ever

If your man treats you like eye candy, return him the favor and tell him how perfect he himself is. Compliment him on his warm smile, or contagious laughter, or his gentle touch, or any of his physical traits that you are soft for, and watch him gleam with happiness. Appreciating someone for the things that they do does more than enough good, but giving your man compliments on his looks like he gives to you will also do an equally amazing job.

I thank God everyday for blessing me with you

Telling a guy that you think he’s heaven sent for you or that you thank the Lord for his existence will do his heart more good than you can ever imagine. So if you want your man’s heart to swell with love when he tells you that he finds you pretty, tell him that you think he’s a blessing in your life and you can’t even imagine life without him.

You’re such an angel

Couple this with a squish on your man’s cheeks and you have the recipe to make your man blush to his feet. Men may not always like to display their emotions out in the open, but if yours is open and expressive with you, be the same with him and say these sweet, yet heart touching words to make him smile the biggest smile.

Thank you, babe

Compliment him

A simple thank you may not seem like much effort, but it actually does quite the job. Accepting a compliment will show that you are comfortable in your skin and confident about the way you look. It may seem pointless, but a confident woman who knows her worth is a big turn on for some men, and if your man feeds off of such a high, this might be it for him. Just make sure that you don’t sound like you’re too full of yourself and you deserve the compliment, just show him that you are grateful for his words without doubting yourself. Add a special nickname at the end to make it look cuter.

That is the cutest thing I have heard today

This one will not just make you look like you are grateful for his compliment, but is also a polite way to return the favor. As simple as it is, your boyfriend made you smile by calling you pretty, then let it be known to him that he did so. He will feel happy to hear that he was able to put a smile on that pretty face of yours.

I could say the same about you!

Another way to state that you find him equally attractive when your boyfriend calls you pretty is to say this. He will feel appreciated when it comes from you and it will surely make his day!

Pot calling the kettle back

A fun way to say that it takes one to know one, and also to compliment your man back when he utters those words of appreciation for you. This will be your chance to get things a little playful and maybe even flirty, so don’t hesitate to do so. So once your man tells you how stunning you look, hit him with one of these for a witty response that will get him going for sure.

Is it getting hot in here all of a sudden?

If your man’s adorable words make you go hot in your cheeks and unable to maintain eye contact with him all of a sudden, it will come off as super hot if you let him know. If a man gets to know that his words are working on his woman, he will not just gleam with happiness, but will also feel accomplished enough to keep on doing it more and more in the future.

Give me a minute while I blush

Effortless, yet out of this roof type cute! Getting all shy and blushy in front of your beau as he slips you a sweet compliment is perhaps one of the most enchanting things a man can witness. If you add in an open announcement to go with your aggressively hot and red face, then be ready to get pulled into a warm hug or a little kiss by your boyfriend because guys love it when you tell them that their words are doing their right job.

So the new hair did its work, eh?

This is the perfect response for when your boyfriend calls you beautiful if you just got a new makeover, or have been wearing a new dress, or maybe you are all dolled up for something. This response is cheeky and appreciative, but subtle at the same time, so your job will be done without looking like a snob.

My heart definitely did not swell up by three sizes right now

Getting to hear that your partner loves your words or actions with the same intensity of love that they said them with injects a different kind of happiness inside you. So expressing how his words made you feel happy and over the moon with a cute response like this one is a good way to respond when your boyfriend calls you beautiful.

Now I gotta act like this didn’t just make my day

Playful and witty, yet charming and subtle, this response will not just deliver your message accurately when you want to tell your man how his words filled you with the utmost joy. He will feel proud of himself for putting you in a good mood and will be happy that you appreciated his words as well. Two birds with one stone, you know.

Is that so?

Your boyfriend might just be complimenting you because he’s in a good mood, but a nice way to respond is to turn it up a notch and get things a little hot and flirty. If you guys are alone, you can even lean in for a sweet kiss with this one and turn a simple moment into a momentous one. Feeling sexy when your man compliments you is more natural than you may think, so projecting that back onto him by setting the mood is a great way.


Being called beautiful by the man you love is certain to kick some butterflies into action in your tummy. Heck, it may even be a whole zoo. Getting compliments from the one who matters the most to you and whom you love dearly and with all your heart always feels different than any regular compliments. However, it might get a little confusing to understand what to say to him when he gives you these compliments. So, when your boyfriend looks into your eyes and calls you beautiful the next time, you can go through this list, copy ones you like, or maybe take inspiration to come up with your own in order to stretch a smile across his face.

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