Top ENFP Careers to Avoid

Top ENFP Careers to Avoid: ENFP’s are commonly referred to as The Champions. These are Dynamic, Creative, Conventional, and Enthusiastic beings, a bit featherbrained but that doesn’t make them any less lovable.

The acronym ENFP itself is the short form of Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. These are innovative personalities who embrace a life full of possibilities.

If you are an ENFP that means you have tons of creative potential and the ability to interlink ideas and recognize phenomena in the world.

Your curiosity to learn more and more about the deeper side of people, as well as ideas, makes you a keen observer. Read all about ENFP here.

Being an ENFP you have a strong liking for being among people. Helping people realize their energies, dreams, and potential is your energy booster.

You with your excellent interpersonal skills and sense of humor can bring life to a boring monotonous gathering.

Our research on this persona type suggests that these super-creative people can end up living an average, stressed, disappointed, and a drained life, if they step into the wrong career.

So our guide to the right career always begins with the top careers to avoid as an ENFP.

But before we talk about these careers, let us know a little more about who are ENFP’s and how do careers affect their lives.

How Can a Career Impact an ENFP’s Potential:

Personality aspects of an ENFP

When choosing a career the goal should always be those glittery high peaks of success in that particular career. Anything less than that is just settling and compromising on your worth, which is a big No.

For an ENFP making a choice among a variety of different career paths is a bit harder.

This is because they do have a bulk of creativity and artistic brains but their overemotional and over seeking nature and a tendency to overthink things make them bad at choosing a career path.

When choosing the career for this persona type, you need to be clear about who you are…

Being an ENFP means that you are a born Leader. You can confidently handle demanding situations and positions that may appear scary or tiring to most other people.

You have a strong tolerance for listening to the ideas and opinions of your associates however, listening to extreme minute details may irritate you to some extent.

So, any job offering a lead should be preferred as it will satisfy your hunger for appreciation and being in the lead.

You are a strong advocate of an original approach to solving problems and are not very appreciative to stick to the old traditional approaches.

Your imaginative powers allow you to come up with ideas and techniques that other people may never think of.

Moreover, you being an ENFP are more prone to be extremely passionate and energetic before starting a project and can lose your focus and interest with time.

Your strong imaginative power demands a job that doesn’t restrict your creativity in any way. Only then can you maintain a high level of interest in the task you are doing.

Considering these features of an ENFP personality we have concluded that all jobs related to creative artistic talents, helping others, and managing or leading skills be it education, arts, sales, health care services, and business may prove the right career path.

But, even among these above-mentioned careers, personal preferences of ENFP’s can differ from one another.

However, what needs to be emphasized here is that anything demanding long office hours, working on fixed schedules, managing financial tasks, dealing with mathematical operations, etc are a big no.

For they don’t match the comfort zone of an ENFP and can highly affect the natural abilities and energies of any ENFP.

Moreover, jobs that put a full stop to the creative abilities of a person can never help flourish an ENFP. rather they will drain this bulk of creative energy that ENFP,s are known for.

With that said, we will dive into the list of our picks for the top 7 ENFP careers to Avoid.

Our Picks for Top 7 ENFP Careers to Avoid:

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Credit Card For 5 Years?

It is important to have a clear insight into one’s self, who you are as a person, your work preferences, your strengths, and weaknesses, etc.

Only then can you make the right career choice. Otherwise, we see a lot of people around us who are stuck into a career earning good but have lost all of what they had to offer as a particular individual.

ENFP can strongly be affected if they step into one such career that opposes their natural tendencies.

We have compiled a list of 7 such careers that ENFPs should ignore. This short-listing of careers to avoid will help with choosing what is the right career for your specific personality type.

Police Officer:

Police jobs

Police is a very demanding profession. It demands punctuality, discipline, bravery, and above all gives no choice to work your way.

This means you will have to follow a fixed set of rules in everything be it dressing, daily routine, work environment, etc. it is the first reason why an ENFP should never opt for a career in the police.

Secondly, the police job has no speck of creativity. You will get no place to showcase your love for colors, prints, and styles. Thus putting a barrier to the flow of your natural ability to be creative.

Most importantly, you being an ENFP are an emotionally sensitive person. This narrates why dealing with criminals, thieves, and other such figures are very unsuitable for your personality type.

As an ENFP you are inclined naturally to trust and like people. So interrogation is not your kinda job. You may learn it with time but it still isn’t the most natural quality of yours.

Some areas in this field as detecting and others such as being a cop who is responsible to rehabilitate people may attract you.

But overall, speaking of it as a whole this is not really more of an ENFP career.


Mechanical Engineering Jobs

You may be very artistic and smart with creating innovation and ideas but that doesn’t make you equally good at statistical and maths-related stuff.

It can get very hectic and tough for you to deal with stuff involving technical diagrams, software programming, chemical dealing, and all such things.

A large ratio of ENFP’s has been found struggling in careers that are more demanding towards maths, stats, mechanics, and such engineering related stuff.

So this career is not for you.

You have a natural disliking for precision and details. So, the work demand of an engineer may appear very boring and limiting to you.

As engineers need to work on set time-scales and have a very structured process of work.

Engineering does provide you the opportunity to create but it has its own rigid safety standards and design specifications which may not appeal to you at all.

Financial Manager:

Make your existing job interesting

An explicit focus on minute financial details is required in a career involving finance. This adds the first no to this job as ENFP’s hate such demands of focus and precision.

Being a financial advisor you will have no choice except to work in a monotonous, rigid, and repetitive environment.

Managing tasks related to accountancy and finance is also not your prime forte as you struggle with your grip in mathematics and stats.

Moreover, this career path again limits your creative potential. You will have no space to portray your creativity.

And like we have emphasized earlier that any job that drains you of your natural energies can get extremely mundane and boring.

You have a big appetite for being recognized and appreciated and the job of a financial manager will undoubtedly starve this appetite. Thus diminishing your individuality.

Last but not least this profession has no link to helping people or listening or solving their issues which is an ENFP’s energy booster.

Hence all these reasons can justify our position for why this is not a good ENFP career.


Bank Related Jobs

Banking again is all about dealing with financial stuff. This career will give you a life fixed against a set time schedule.

It is more of a 9-5 job with a detailed list of restrictions, rules, and regulations. You will have to spend hours and hours of your day sitting in front of a computer screen. Dealing with graphs of profit loss and statistical stuff, which makes it even boring.

As an ENFP you need to be around people, guide them listen to their queries, and help them exceed and prosper in life.

But as a banker, you will only deal with your clients and guide them with their financial issues new schemes related to more investment and profit, etc.

If we say this one job will snatch all your natural abilities and strengths, we won’t be wrong.

This career demands zero artistic abilities. And high convincing power.

Now you may be good at convincing people but only for the causes you know are right.

Convincing them to buy or invest their money in a scheme you don’t really prefer for yourself is not a very flattering task for you.


Being a judge is a big No if you are an ENFP.

Considering what this job has to offer we have a lot to justify why it is on our list of careers to be avoided by ENFP’s.

First of all, this job demands you to make decisions according to a fixed set of rules and regulations that we commonly term as Law.

This marks the first no towards being a judge, as it limits the freedom of an ENFP to work as per their will.

Secondly, there is nothing much creative or exciting about being in this profession. Dealing with bureaucracy, listening to tragic accidents and horrifying crime scenes will definitely not be your zone of interest.

Life as a judge may seem very boring and tedious.

Moreover, you are basically a sensitive and more emotional person. So, being a judge requires you to be strong enough so that you may take tough decisions.

Your hyper-sensitivity and overemotional nature can make you unfit for this career.

Not only will this career mask your individuality but more chances are that you may never do justice with this post.

It will also place a permanent barrier to your natural flow of creativity and artistic ideas.

Digital Marketing:

Clerical and Accounting job

So this might seem appealing to you at first. As you being an ENFP are expected to be a digital technology lover.

Your love and interest in the latest digital technical stuff happening around may fool you into choosing this profession. Which we suggest should totally be avoided by an ENFP.

You won’t realize the consequences of this profession unless you get into it. That is where you will get a clear image of what Digital Marketing actually is.

It is all about sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours, working on and looking at Facebook ads, the spreadsheets of these ads, then SEO optimization, etc.

This, in our point of view, is the worst that can possibly happen to an ENFP.

So, tracking tweaking of spreadsheets is all that modern digital marketing is about. It is no longer a comfortable ENFP space.

By saying that, we mean the image of digital marketing in your mind can be a complete opposite of what it actually is.

The fact is that the madman era of this career where you could sit on a chair and create bombastic ideas and get super-creative with pitches and slogans is long gone.

Now, it is nothing much exciting for any ENFP. I mean, how creative or excited can you get with a client that is talking about the most boring products.

You simply cannot.

So, all of it marks a big red cross to this career in digital marketing for an ENFP.


Career in Teaching

Again the thought of making a difference in somebody’s life and educating children can be very very exciting for you.

As you have a strong desire to be of help to others and guide them in realizing their true potentials.

But here is why we suggest this career should completely be avoided by you.

Based on our research we found that most ENFP personalities that opt for this career path end up frustrated, irritated, and bored.

The rules and the strictly confined environment of what to teach and what not to teach is a big big issue for ENFP’s. It somehow masks their freedom and thus adds to the frustration of any ENFP.

Moreover, a teacher has to teach the same lessons over and over again, in order for his students to get a proper understanding of the concepts.

And right here is when the monotony starts.

By a surface view, ENFP might seem and really are good teachers to some extent. They are excellent in guiding, mentoring, and story-telling, etc.

but being a School-teacher is not really their cup of tea as it can get very limiting.

Winding Up:

ENFP’s crave a work environment that focuses on the spirit of adventure and openness. They are certainly not people who can work for long hours sitting on a seat or have a monotonous daily routine to follow.

With this adventurous nature, they also have a strong love for the people around them. They are well known for their kind, generous, and mentoring nature.

So whenever looking for the right career path as an ENFP you should look for that wow factor in that job. This wow factor for you can only be found in jobs offering freedom to work on your own principles.

You can be excellent in designing and creating majestic masterpieces, health care and can excel through leaps and bounds as a freelancer.

With other professions, you need to make sure that the job you are opting for doesn’t mask or limit your natural tendencies.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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