How to Enjoy Life Alone Without Any Friends?

How to Enjoy Life Alone Without Any Friends?: I once had to visit Europe, all alone. It was daunting to me at first.

Before, I had never gone anywhere all alone. So it was an amazing experience. And the funny thing is I ended up enjoying my trip so much that I decided to always travel alone.

First I thought that it will be boring but it was really not. I mean I was away from everyone all alone and enjoying by myself.

Just being myself completely alone! By the way here are some pictures that I took. They don’t have me in them though.


The point is.

I now get it.

I know how it feels, to be alone and be perfectly alright with it. Sadly, being alone is thought of as a negative thing and people assume that a person sitting alone is to be felt pity for. I mean, how can someone being alone be felt sorry for?

If you haven’t ever been in love with your loneliness then you may miss out on a lot.

How to enjoy being alone?

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Social interaction is termed as a need to survive in this life. But to be honest, being alone is also important. You seriously cannot be happy all the time. So alone time is important.

If you cherish the “alone time”, then you can probably understand the signs below.

They tell you that you are okay with being alone and it doesn’t make you feel sorry for yourself. And if that is, clap your hands with glee, or if you are happy and you know it and you really wanna show it,

Because you really don’t need this fake world to make you happy all the time. And if you don’t want anyone to make you happy and you like being alone; you are actually living good.

So kudos to that!

No fear of who you really are:

All the people are gone and you can now be your very own self.

Or are you faking around while you are alone also?

Science tells us that everybody fakes a little around people and not when they are completely themselves. I mean they are only their own selves when they are alone.

Being alone allows you to meet yourself and like who you are. If your social life has disturbed your personality to an extent where you fake in loneliness as well, then you aren’t happy being alone. Being okay with whom you are and the way you are while you are alone makes you know that you are okay with being alone.

Loving Yourself is what you Know:

Anyhow being yourself boosts the self-independence in you and you know that your alone time is somewhat going to make changes in your personality as well.

You get to know about the things which make you feel good and thus you start loving yourself and doing what makes you happy.

Isn’t that great? A lot of people call that selfishness but as I mentioned earlier in a lot of articles that self-love isn’t being selfish; so just remember that and keep on rocking.

Being Alone is Important:

Why do we only stress on socializing and how should we socialize? Why doesn’t anyone tell us that sitting alone or jogging alone and speculating your life is also essential?

And all the stuff that we do while we are young; depending on people for our happiness. That is because we are tamed to be social and rely on each other. Dependency and unity are two different things, guys.

The time you spend alone builds you as a person inside out. You get to know your weaknesses and strengths and you also learn how to handle different situations of your life, on your own.


People who seek the attention of others to make their life complete and full aren’t living in reality. Someone needs to tell them that they really don’t have to.

Are you playing with your blocks (like we did while we were kids)…

Not every block fits in with another right?

So how do you expect people to fit in exactly in your life, the way you want them to? This is what people who like being alone, understand and act upon as well.

They have some real passions which keep them diverted like this kid in the picture, trying to pretend that he can play guitar but is only here for the picture.

Anyways passions are what keep them distracted and make them not care about the world around them. They fill the gaps with their passion and by working on it.

They have no time for the drama.

Have you heard that quote? The fewer people you chill with, the less bullsh*t you deal with!

The desire for Improving One Self:

When you spend time alone, you understand your flaws and what amendments you need to make within yourself. Thus you are actually willing to search for different ways that can make you a better version of yourself.

If you are constantly surrounding yourself with people, you astray from whom you actually are. The time you spend alone makes a lot of room in that “social head” of yours and you see what improvements you can bring within yourself.

But hey, good improvements they are. If you are planning to get more evil, ruder and the more of everything on the wrong side, you aren’t being alone in a good way.

Advantages of being a bachelor

Here are some amazing reasons for why being bachelor simply rocks. Next time your friends try to make you feel bad about it…list these down to them and see how they get pissed off in return.

1. Flirting all the Way:

Flirting is a great past time.

You really don’t have to flirt in a bad way.

Flirting is all about eyeing someone, stealing a look or two.

It is about teasing someone and being friends with someone you have a crush on.

Flirting isn’t bad, people have just made it something too absurd to even consider.

2. Going Out Whenever Wherever and with Whoever:

We all have some friends who got committed and are never seen at a late night hangout after that.

Maybe they are too busy doing lovey down stuff or they aren’t allowing one another to hang out too late. Those restrictions suffocate us!

Even when one does go out; he/she is too indulged in those messages which say:

“Where are you, honey?”

“Why aren’t you still home?”

Trust me. Going out when you are a bachelor is double times fun! You are a free bird. You can go out whenever you want and with whoever you want to.

3. Only Mum Checks in:

A mum checking in is a totally different story than girlfriends and boyfriends.

To be honest, even mothers don’t check in as much as girlfriends or boyfriends do.

That is too irritating.

4. Browsing History:

Don’t you hate it when you are just sitting and your boyfriend/girlfriend (mostly girlfriends) pops in and takes your phone from your hand; you don’t even know and its gone from your hands.

Your heart skips a beat or two as you have forgotten to clear the history and those chats with your guy/girl squad and you get lucky if she skips reading all that stuff.

Being single is cool as you don’t have anyone to peek inside your smartphone world. You can talk about anything and browse for whatever you want; who cares about clearing the history?

5. Be Anyone:

Above all, you don’t have to fake feelings. Let’s just agree that someday, people in relationships do fake.

Single people can be anything on any day as they don’t have to be all ” I am madly in love with you” with their partner.

You can be anyone you want to be; who cares?

6. Do Whatever You Like:

You don’t  have to always take their calls, or take them to shopping and listen to their instructions

Girls don’t have to go to a gaming party with their BFs because sadly they don’t own one.

They don’t know what they are missing out in this world by the way.

Point is you can do whatever you like and no one is going to tell you not to do that. Isn’t that just super amazing?


Being alone can be really philosophical right?

I can get the philosophy vibes getting in my head.

Well, coming to the conclusion guys.

There is always something that makes us change in a good or bad way. A lot of people starts cherishing their alone time more and more with the passage of time and that is perfectly alright.

If you have the above-mentioned signs in you, being alone is great for you. Just make sure that you grow as a kinder, better and more humane version of yourself rather than an evil one.

Gathering motivation from it is what makes loneliness cherish-able.

I can see a lot of committed people going down the thoughtful aisle.

I mean, you can if you want to; you have the right to be a free bird. But this doesn’t mean that you have to break up with someone you truly love or someone who loves you truly.

For all those bachelor people, you now have reasons to feel good about being single.

They are too many of them by the way; maybe we can have the second part of it? What do you guys say?

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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