Side Effects of Relacore You Should Know

Any weight loss and dieting journeys are usually coupled with a lot of stress.

Whether that’s the stress of what you’re going to eat that day, keeping up with your workout routine, or having to say no to your cravings.

And let’s not even talk about the mild anxiety attack most of us have before stepping up on that weighing balance.

Chances are if you’ve been on this journey for a while, you’ve probably heard of people using Relacore to help with their weight loss.

Relacore is marketed as a dietary pill that helps you lose weight indirectly by reducing your stress levels which are associated with weight gain.

It’s made up of mainly plant-based ingredients, contains no stimulants, and is specifically supposed to reduce your belly fat while lifting your mood.

Sounds like the perfect pill to me; which made me wonder, what’s the catch?

How exactly does this ‘magic’ pill Relacore work, what are its side effects, and most importantly, is it even effective?

So I did my research, and I’m here to share my results!

What is Relacore?

Relacore Diet Pills Review

Relacore is a fat burning pill that specifically claims to help reduce your belly fat.

However, unlike most fat-burners, Relacore does this indirectly by reducing your stress levels rather than increasing your metabolism or blocking your appetite.

Along with that, Relacore claims to keep your anxiety levels low and your moods high.

How does Relacore Work?

The company claims that a lot of the weight you gain around your belly can be associated with stress.

As mentioned above, Relacore aims to tackle weight loss by reducing the stress that leads to fat accumulation in your body.

Now, if that sounds like a bunch of nothing, let me explain!

There’s a hormone in your body called cortisol that is usually released when your body is under stress.

Under normal circumstances, this can actually be good and gives you that little panic boost you need to get out of a dangerous situation or finish an assignment before a deadline.

However, when you’re under a lot of stress, and too much of Cortisol gets released; it can lead to anxiety, depression, low moods, binge- eating, insomnia, headaches, etc.

All of these symptoms, especially binge- eating coupled with a lack of exercise can lead to an accumulation of excess fat in your body.

Relacore works by blocking the release of this hormone (Cortisol) and hence keeps your stress levels in check.

That in turn elevates your moods, keeps you more energized throughout the day, and helps you stay motivated to work out, eat well, and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

While it doesn’t replace antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds, it does reduce mild anxiety and provide a calm sensation without the use of any stimulants such as caffeine.

Additionally, it provides an immunity boost for your body.

What are the ingredients in Relacore?

What are the ingredients in Relacore?

To understand exactly how Relacore works, its effectiveness, and possible side effects, it’s important to take a look at the ingredients of Relacore.

Always make sure you’re checking the ingredients before purchasing the product because people have reported finding ingredients that have been allergic to them, resulting in severe allergic reactions.

Most of the fat burning pills usually contain large amounts of Glucomannan which helps in fat metabolism and leads to weight loss.

Relacore, however, uses a proprietary blend of herbs as it’s the core ingredient to implement its effect.

This blend is a mixture of Asian Ginseng roots, Poria extract, magnolia bark powder, Perilla essence, phosphatidylserine, jujube elixir, Chinese skullcap powder, and Passion Flower powder.

But of course, nothing is ever all-natural, so Relacore also includes some other important ingredients such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Magnesium.

It’s important to note that Relacore does not contain any caffeine stimulant which makes it easier to take throughout the day without the fear of it messing with your sleep.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the ingredients that actually contribute to the effectiveness of this medicine.

Poria Extract

Poria extract is mainly used to treat anxiety, vertigo, restlessness, amnesia, and insomnia which makes it a great addition to this blend.

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia Bark is a plant that’s also associated with treating anxiety and depression while providing antioxidant benefits.

On its own, Magnolia bark is pretty safe to use however, it should not be taken with other sleeping medicines as that can cause you to become extremely drowsy instead of being energized.

Passion Flower

Passionflower is a vine that’s used in a bunch of medicines because it helps with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

This ingredient is relatively safe to use unless you use it excessively, use it during pregnancy, or as a kid.

Once again, be careful not to use this with other sleeping pills or sedatives because that will cause excessive sleepiness.


This plant is often used as a dietary supplement because it contains properties that reduce anxiety and depression along with boosting your immune system and improving your stamina.

What are the side effects of Relacore?

What are the side effects of Relacore?

Although Relacore is relatively safe to use, the most commonly talked about side effects of Relacore include:

  • vertigo
  • nausea
  • tiredness
  • irritability
  • blurred vision
  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • spinning sensations
  • bloating
  • heart palpitations

In some severe cases, people also experience tremors, muscle spasms, and liver problems.

It’s hard to tell exactly what contributes to these side effects however; most people assume it’s the Relacortin (the proprietary herbal blend) which is the main ingredient in all Relacore products.

Although these side effects might not show up in a healthy person, they are more likely to be seen in people who might have underlying medical conditions or people who are taking Relacore along with some other medicine.

It’s important to note that when taking Relacore, you should watch your magnesium intake because Relacore has a good amount of magnesium already, and it’s relatively easy to overdose on it without even realizing it.

Along with that, while most of these side effects seem like minor inconveniences, headaches and nausea are demotivating for people who want to exercise or be stress-free.

Especially side effects like palpitations increased heart rates, and dizziness definitely makes people feel more anxious instead of relaxed.

In certain cases, people’s reliance on this medicine has actually caused them to gain weight rather than lose it, especially people who only use Relacore without exercise or monitoring their diet in any way.

In any case, care should be taken to make sure you’re not taking Relacore with alcohol, other anxiety, cholesterol or diabetes medicines, MAO inhibitors, during pregnancy or breastfeeding to avoid even the mild side effects.

Does Relacore work?

Since everyone’s bodies are built differently, Relacore will work differently for every person.

Some people believe that Relacore does help to lose weight from the belly; others claim it simply reduces their stress levels and for the rest of the population, it makes no difference at all.

People who do benefit from the use of Relacore are usually those who use Relacore as more of a relaxant rather than a weight loss medicine.

Any significant weight loss from Relacore takes a good few months to show up so Relacore is probably not the medicine to use if you want to lose a lot of weight, fast.

At the end of the day, it all comes back to the ingredients of this medicine, and by looking at the ingredients; they are simply not what is used in other weight loss pills that do a much better job of helping people lose weight than Relacore.

What are some Relacore alternatives?


Unlike Relacore, leanBean is a fat burning pill that works by directly and effectively suppressing your appetite between meals.

This pill is FDA approved and is of much greater quality because it is manufactured under the FDA.

Along with that, this pill will increase your metabolic rate which helps burn away your fats faster, especially after exercise.

Similar to Relacore, this pill also claims to lift your moods and let you remain more energized however, the reviews with this one are especially positive.


Hydroxycut is another popular fat burning pill that unlike Relacore uses stimulants like caffeine and green tea to directly help in fat metabolism.

This is supposed to be taken along with a balanced diet and exercise and unlike Relacore, this company is more effective and more open about their ingredients as well.


Lipozene is a dietary supplement that is quite similar to Relacore in a few ways.

Both of these medicines are marketed as natural and stimulant-free, however, there is a key difference in how they work.

Unlike Relacore, Lipozene makes use of Glucomannan as its main active ingredient to help you burn fat and lose weight by controlling your hunger directly.


PhenQ is a weight loss pill that works by suppressing your appetite along with burning your fat and inhibiting its absorption.

Once again, unlike Relacore, this pill does contain caffeine, however, it’s proven to be very effective in a short amount of time for both men and women, while being safe to use as its FDA approved.

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is designed to help you lose weight by burning your fat throughout the day with a recommended dosage of 4 pills.

This pill has been backed by an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, FDA approval, and GMP approval, so I’d say it’s pretty safe and effective to use for people with especially stubborn fat.

This pill does contain a significant amount of green tea and caffeine stimulant so it’s probably best to pair this with a good workout to prevent any sort of caffeine overload side effects.

Final Verdict

Relacore is mostly a feel-good pill that is more effective for mild anxiety and stress reduction rather than weight loss.

Despite that, if you still want to take this pill, make sure you’re using it alongside a good workout routine and a healthy diet.

Otherwise, all the weight you lose (if any at all!) is almost immediately gained back the moment you stop using Relacore!