3 Inspiring Lessons to Learn from Elvis Presley

Lessons by Elvis: Who doesn’t know Elvis Presley?

He is the king of rock and roll.

I get it if the young generation is so not into him or might raise an eyebrow when his name is mentioned but maybe if you ask your parents or grandparents, they might tell you the wonders that this guy did in the name of rock and roll.

He is, without a doubt the biggest rock star on Earth and is well-known throughout the world.

Elvis Presley looks cool, was cool and even one of the coolest guys of his time. But his life story was not at all rock and roll until he decided to make it that way.

Belonging to a poor family, Elvis had no friends at school.

He was extremely shy and the only guy he knew was a guitarist.

When I was a child, I was actually a dreamer. I read comic books and the hero of the comic book was me. I saw movies and the hero of the movies was me. So every dream I ever dreamed, has come true a hundred times

The king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley was indeed an inspiring personality.


And what can you learn from this man?

Here is all that is totally inspiring about him!

Let’s learn a little something about Lessons by Elvis:

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1. Dreams Stand on the Other Side of your Fears:

Well, he said it right to achieve what you dream of, you need to cross this bridge of your deepest fears.

You need to learn how to step out of your tiny little comfort zone box.

And that is exactly what Elvis did as well. He was a shy boy at school and he feared to perform in front of others.

But at the same time, he was the hero of comic books and movies in his dreams.

He had to overcome his fear of performance to reach where he wanted to.

He was much of a loner and that wasn’t going to help him, was it? Therefore, gradually he started to step outside his comfort zone.

He started to perform in front of people so he could defeat his own fear. So you need to face your fears.

And he actually did that. He performed in front of millions of people when he got the tag of the king of rock and roll, made his dream come true by knocking down what stopped him the most.

And once said:

I haven’t forgotten what stage fright is, still feel it before every performance and have just learned to not let it become a barrier for my dreams.

2. Passion and Practice go Hand in Hand:

Elvis Presley loved music was his passion and he practiced endlessly for it. He could not help moving at the amazing rock and roll music.

It was within him.

However, this brings in another lesson; only passion cannot drive your train. You need the practice to make it stir in the right direction.

And you need a lot of it.

You need to practice your passion for getting the best outcomes. And when you are passionate about something from your heart; everything else comes in automatically.

So don’t waste your passion; work hard for it.

3. You Need to Overcome Obstacles; Not Cry Over Them:

A boy who belonged to a poor family, was bullied around, was a perfect loner and didn’t have much money to start off on his own…decided to make his life better.

And he did.

Obstacles are a part of life.

You can’t just sit and weep over them.

The time you spend on crying over them, you can actually invest it in starting all over again and doing something wonderful on your own.

And that is what Elvis did.

He became a victory by overcoming all the obstacles of his life and that is what made him walk on the road of his dreams and actually achieve them as well.


Ambition is a dream with V-8 engine

Being ambitious about something makes you fight the world for it.

Fears are a great barrier for whatever you want to gain from your life.

They won’t let your outcome be beautiful. Therefore it is important to overcome them and see how wonderful life actually is when you are finally not scared of what once frightened you endlessly.

Practice whatever you are passionate about and don’t let the troubles of your life, make you settle down for anything less than the best.

Life was never promised to be wonderful; you need to work hard to make it worth it.