6 Best Maternity Support Belts

It can be as painful as beautiful to become a mother.

People desire to beget children or at least a child. They wish to see their progeny making their names taken forward by them.

But for mothers, this heavenly feeling does not come alone. Many complications, many pains and many problems become a fate during and after their journey of mothering a child.

Maximum of the pregnant women report pelvic pain and low back pain during the gestation period. On the other hand, some have reported sciatic pain, vulvar varicosities, and problems of groin area.

There are a lot of technologies which have been developed to relieve women of small to big inconveniences. Maternity support belts are one of those amazing applications.

They not only make you manage your body posture during pregnancy but also help you get rid of pelvic and other related pains while maintaining your life routine to normal.

A best maternity support belt will even allow you to do your exercises or workouts quite easily which can be good for your and your baby’s health.

Our list of best Maternity Support Belts

Based on the needs of moms, we have rounded up some very selective and well-performing maternity support belts for you. They are selected based upon the level to which they facilitate women during their pregnancy.

The main features include the level to which they support the stretched body and the back, the level to which they cover and relieve pain during pregnancy, and their capability to serve in the most comfortable and effective way possible.

Here’s the list of best-featured maternity support belts that will facilitate you during and after your pregnancy. These, being not much expensive, are affordable by almost every person around.

So the cost is not that much an issue. The thing that matters is what kind of problems are you facing and which one can be suitable for you.

So scroll down and give it a read before you jump on to the best product for you.

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt

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Also ranked the best maternity support belt for running by our researchers, this belt is lightweight, breathable, and a stretchable option that has proved to be very comfortable as compared to others. Other good options are also based upon comfort needs but most of them are too large to be invisible once you wear them.

Moreover, another unique thing in this belt is the back pocket which can hold a hot or cold pack for therapy purposes if you are having any kind of pain.

Unlike most other maternity belts, it is lightweight and of quite a reasonable size to be worn beneath the clothes and thus, can go unnoticed.

Made of polyester, cotton, and Lycra which is again an elastic but strong material; it fits according to the shape of the body and adjusts according to the changes occurring in it.

Thanks to its features of making you’re bulging out body composed in this cover, it does not allow skin tissues to be stretched much. Thus, it reduces the possibility of stretch marks occurring on your skin.

The tensions in the belly region are further regulated by two additional pull straps.

Reducing your lower pelvic pain, hernia, and any other joint pain, it stabilizes the joints quite efficiently.

It is one of the best options because of its adjustable size and more comfort as compared to the size and price.

Not best for the people who want an all-around coverage from the belts as it covers a limited area.

But still, as most of the people do not want a large belt to be with them while they are working, walking or exercising (it becomes more uncomfortable), this is found to be one of the most wanted options.

Also, as it makes you maintain a good posture with this composed size, who needs a larger belt?

Cabea Maternity Support Belt

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This support belt is a suitable option for those who are not just seeking adjustability but a relief from different kinds of pains during pregnancy.

Whether it is lower back pain, pelvic pain, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), sciatica, prolapse or vulvar varicosities, a relief from every such pain is not the task of any other belt but Cabea maternity support.

Women suffering from problems in movements, sleeping or vulvar areas, they just need to add a groin strap to this belt and it provides an immediate relief quicker than any other belt.

This provides an extra lift to the pelvic joint and hip area that you stay comfortable all the time. You may feel that the groin area is compressed and it will make you uncomfortable, but it is not true. Just after a few minutes, you feel like covered in a cradle moving easily wherever you want.

Like the Gabrialla belt, it can also be worn under clothes. While there are some people who wear it over them as well.

Unlike other belts and like Gabrialla, it is very comfortable for quite long periods of work. One amazing thing about it is that it can be used after pregnancy too, for support and relief from pain.

The 4G Foam fabric used in its making is very breathable, light weight and hypoallergenic protecting even your skin and preventing heat even better than Gabrialla.

Talking about the functionality, it is made to do even better than Gabrialla but some moms have complained that this belt if worn without the groin belt does not provide a better fit and thus, is unable to prevent pain appropriately.

This drawback, however, is not seen in Gabrialla. Moreover, this belt is also somewhat more expensive than the first one.

But still, it has provided comfort to many and has relieved the pain of many women. So it holds undeniable comforts.

Neotech Care Maternity Belt

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The Neotech Care maternity belt is highly breathable, comfortable and also provides the elasticity needed to hug your body’s shape perfectly and give proper support for your lower back!

This maternity care belt is another body cushioning tool that hugs your body just according to its shape.

Its elastic lining keeps adjusting according to the shape of the growing belly and does not stretch enough to lose its grip.

Moreover, the fabric is multilayered and is designed to keep the area cool and ventilated enough.  Made to alleviate lower back pain; it very efficiently redistributes pressure on the back and front and thus keeps the body comfortable preventing any pain or stretch marks.

It covers your belly and back region so completely and thus is one of the main options which relieve pain of the back and front and reduce the burden of pregnancy.

But as discussed above, people may not like it for the reason that it is too visible and is not possible to be hidden under clothes.

But still, comfort comes first and if you want to make it less noticeable, you can wear clothes of the same color. Because except for this there comes no chance that you can avoid it.

Furthermore, as it covers the above and lower side of the extended belly region, it is made for standing and walking and walking. Thus, walking becomes quite an easy and pleasing thing during pregnancy.

If you are going to sit while wearing it, you will have to detach hooks and loops fabric. Also, you will have to follow the same step while exercising because you cannot bend while wearing it.

As you see, it has an extended and strong coverage at the back; it provides an amazing relief from pelvic or sacroiliac pain by reducing the strain in the spinal cord.

Thus, except for a few drawbacks, its small price and a cradled coverage makes it one of the most used products

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly

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Made of a strong yet flexible bamboo and flexible polyester material, this belt is made to grow with the belly size.

Like Gabrialla, it comes with a back pocket which you can use for heating and cooling your back. This feature also makes it distinct from the Bandit 2-in-1 belt which can be used before and after pregnancy but lacks some important features like this back pocket.

Moreover, Upsie belly provides a quite perfect support to alleviate back pain, leg pain, sciatic pain, bladder discomfort etc. Bandit 2-in-1 claims to relieve the body of such pains but it lacks in supporting the back and front area as appropriately as does Upsie belly.

This support band redistributes belly weight to make your daily activities easier for you. Also, it relieves the tension across the lower back to prevent any pain arising from that.

Though not made specifically for postpartum usage, moms have reported that wearing it backward has shown very relieving results after pregnancy.

Based upon its composed and lightweight structure, it can also be worn beneath clothes. But, its material, being a bit tough, can rub your skin and irritate you. So, most of the women who are satisfied with it tend to wear it above their clothes.

With features almost similar to the first best product of this list, it is costlier than that thus gets this position. But still, the features and its gradual flexing property has made it a choice of a lot of women.

Bellefit Postpartum Corset

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These last two products of this list are only for postpartum usage.

As the uterus gets stretched to accommodate the increasing size of the baby, one of the muscles from the abdomen gets dislocated or completely separated, causing a condition called diastasis recti. This condition is very common during and after pregnancy.

Bellefit corset gives automatic relief and recovery from this situation quite effectively. Moreover, the complications of C-section are not hidden from any mother. This support belt helps recover from those situations too.

Thus, made according to all the medical requirements of postpartum complexities, this belt gives ultimate coverage and quick relief from any kind of problem.

Even after the normal delivery, when women face problems of pain in the uterus and other groin areas, it is highly recommended by doctors.

It covers quite comfortably the groin area and front and the back area with pressure points where they are needed. Along with that, it is made up of triple-layered flexible and material that leaves breathable points at certain places.

It is not comparable to those belts which are used both before and after because they relieve only small level pain and problems.  This maternity belt is made specifically for those who are faced with, just after the pregnancy, complications.

Most expensive among the list, this belt is medically graded material which is the most useful thing if you are having problems after delivery.

TiRain 3-in-1 Postpartum Support Belt

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TiRain is one of the best fitting postpartum maternity belts.

If you are faced with lower back pain, losing hip or back muscles, losing belly mass or pain somewhere in the thorax region, this belt covers it all and gives you ultimate relief.

It is quite large and covers your stomach, waist, and hips relaxing every bit of tissues that can produce any pain. Moreover, providing the fit all across the region are three bands that have three Velcro straps providing the right amount of pressure everywhere.

One is the belly band which sits around the stomach area and two or three of ribs to maintain an upright position. Lower than the stomach belt is the waistband which wraps around waistline providing a suitable amount of compression and avoiding any kind of pain around that area.

The third band in working is the pelvis belt which comforts the hips area in the best possible way. Sciatic pains that might emerge after pregnancy and end gradually need some strong support during the time of pain.

This belt is a good solution if you are also a victim of any such problem. Moreover, you will find it quite easy to walk and do your daily work with it.

But, you might need to loosen the upper strap while sitting, bending, or exercising. So you may find it a bit extra if you have to go for work daily. But still, you can wear it smartly by losing the upper band Velcro.

Furthermore, just like its size, it comes in a bulkier weight. Along with that, it is visible through clothes and can rarely go ignored once you wear it.

Despite these lacking points, TiRain 3-in-1, by the virtue of its usefulness, has been a choice of a lot of mothers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can maternity support belts hurt the baby?

There is a specific way of wearing a maternity support belt. It should be worn in a way that it lifts the weight of the baby not putting excessive pressure over it. If worn in some incorrect way, it can definitely hurt your baby.

So, watch or read some instructions before wearing a belt.

Can you wear a maternity support belt all day?

A maternity belt puts your muscles in a specific position which is not their natural way of resting. So putting your muscles in a self -induced position for a whole day is not good. Some belts like Gabrialla are made for long usage periods.

But still, it is advisable that you do not become much dependent upon your belt.

Can you sleep in a maternity support belt?

Sleeping in your maternity belt is not a problem if you loosen it a bit and if it is soft enough. But if you have that concern because of your body pain (pelvic, back or any other pain), then wearing it at the day time can make you comfortable at night even without wearing it. So keeping your body relaxed at night is a better option than sleeping in a tight fit belt.

How tight should a maternity support belt be?

A maternity belt is not here to make breathing, walking, and moving difficult.

So it should be just tight enough that you feel your belly lifted and bones pulled close. Make sure that you are comfortable in it and that it does not hurt while moving.

Moreover, tightening it more than required can be damaging for your body tissues and your baby as well.

You can get complete instructions for that before wearing it.


Pregnancy is an important and crucial phase in the life of a woman. And that phase must not go uncared for. The whole period of gestation demands a special treatment and that varies from first to last months. To make your life according to a specific pattern is important.

Because by taking appropriate measures, you are not just caring for yourself.

You are responsible for two lives, yours and your little ones. So be extremely careful for what you wear and how you manage yourself. This article has all the products which are versatile and can fit according to your needs.

So keep your trust in us and your healthy life with the best maternity support belt for you.