Feeling of Being Pushed Down? Read This

Do you have this feeling of being pushed down and around all the time? Don’t you just hate it sometimes? But you are just simply too nice to do something about it, aren’t you? If you haven’t planned anything for your life, you will fall into the life of someone who has. And guess what they have planned for you? Nothing much!”

This world is a selfish place and everybody has to make their own place in this world.

Life is a door through which everyone has to go through.

They are pushing each other to make their way in first and if you are a pushover, then you are going to get pushed over and away from that door.

If you are an easy person to persuade and you don’t have any command of yourself, how are you going to command anyone else?

And it’s literally not your fault if your girlfriend wears the pants instead of you, or the pants are wearing her, same thing or (vice versa for ladies as well).

So what is it that you are lacking?

Is a good pair of pants missing?

I would name that good pair of pants as confidence.

We come across people who are the leaders and then there are people who follow them.

And sorry to say, then the pushovers jump in.

Followers still have the capacity to make a decision on their own as they are following the leaders to achieve something from their life.

But I feel sorry for the pushovers.

It’s time that these people also stand up for them and just stop falling in the line for everyone.

A leader would know what he or she has the capacity to be and a follower too will know what he wants to do.

So you see the difference right?

Do you feel like you are a pushover?

Well, don’t pity yourself and if you need a confirmation for it (whether you are a pushover or not), they are here 5 signs that will help you discover the persona within you.

Stop feeling of being pushed down and around all the time

Consider these following points.

Fear of Confrontation:

Someone is just pushing you around and you obviously know about it. Or there is this argument going on in a room and you wish you could put your point of view in front of all of those idiotic people, but you don’t. Well, the breaking news here is: you are a pushover!

The idea of confronting people and speaking your mind makes you “so not” comfortable and you decide to stay behind the leader and just shake your head like a goat.

You feel enraged and you even hate yourself for that, because people dictate you around but you don’t have the power to overcome it.

Just think; you fall in love with this beautiful girl and you think that she does too, she is certainly waiting for you to make the move, but you aren’t because you know why!

“I am really Sorry” Squad:

You belong to the “sorry squad”

You are the one apologizing all the time. You are sitting in a restaurant waiting for your meal to pop in and guess what? It’s opposite of what you have ordered.

A leader would certainly throw it back in the waiter’s face and you well, you being the you that you are, will apologize to the waiter in return. Got my point?

You don’t want to be cruel or rude so that people admire you, therefore you pick to just smile and let people mess up your life.

Stop being sorry all the time until one day you look back and you literally are sorry for wasting your life.

You don’t Admire Changes:

Change is what makes life more exciting. A new house, new friends, new job and a new place; makes life better.

However, a pushover does not want to change at all. You don’t bring in these changes as you become a “nervous” pushover person.

Keeping yourself and your life same makes you feel better because that means you don’t have to confront anyone, you don’t have to go to events and you don’t have to be sorry about anything as well.

Constantly on the run to Please Others:

Leaders don’t bother what people want them to do. Their priorities are not based on the parameters of the society because they are not in a race of pleasing everyone.

Anyways, if you are a pushover then you will be constantly trying to please people.

You are all set to sacrifice your happiness and time for making others feel good and comfortable. Seriously, you might be living such a pathetic life then. Others will obviously take advantage of you, knowing that you really don’t care much about yourself.


So now is the time to confront yourself and ask yourself this very question; do you want to remain a pushover for the rest of your life? Or did you realize that you are a leader?

Look it’s ok! It is not your fault. It is something that comes with your personality naturally. But you can obviously bring in changes as you grow.

Change is a sign of life and living. You need to bring in some changes along with time and stop falling into line with everyone and do what makes you feel good.

Write down whatever you want from your life and how you need to balance being good to others yet not compromising on your own life and goals as well.

Start being a follower of leaders and aim at becoming the leader finally.

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