Best Self-watering Indoor Planter

We all have, at some point in life, felt bad for the plants that die away in our balconies. Sometimes while we are enjoying the time of our lives on holidays or when life gets very.

Our busy schedule has made it very hard to remember everything we care for, our pets, our hobbies, and our lovely plants. You may have been hated on for brutally taking the life of the leafy lovechild gift within weeks of receiving it.

With life on a continuous roll, remembering to water your succulents is not as easy as it may sound.

They don’t deserve this.

You don’t deserve this.

Comes in the Parot Pot automatic watering system

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What is Self-watering Indoor Planters?

After spending two weeks of research and testing of different available products we have found for you the best solution, a new ingenious invention, a self-watering indoor planter is the most convenient and reliable answer to your plants’ problems. It not only takes care of watering your plants but also keeps a check on their nutrition.

The Parrot self-watering Bluetooth plant monitor is a connected pot that helps you keep your plants healthy. It has a smart watering system and 4 sensors that continuously monitor your plant’s needs and lets you enjoy stress-free gardening. It is battery-operated and Bluetooth-enabled that continually monitors and collects data on soil moisture, sunlight, temperature, and fertilizing of the plant.

The Parrot Pot is a smart idea that has been magnificently implemented and at the same time is eminently practical. It is the perfect gift for the plant lovers with everything into their hands.

How Does a Self-Watering Planter Work?

A smart self-watering planter is a robotic pot which has a sensor to determine soil moisture. And it is all connected to your phone. The sensor in simple words is just a capacitor.

In a capacitor, there the 2 conductors which are separated by the air which has a dielectric permittivity (how much a bad conductor is made good over time). When the electric current is given to the capacitor, one side of the plate has an excessive positive charge which attracts the negative charges on the other plate.

The negative charges on the other end (left side in the image) push away the other negative charges on the same side and that way the electric current completes its path.

How much time it takes for electric current to complete its path is the capacitance. And it varies from material to material. Air has a different dielectric permittivity and soil has a different one. And moistured soil has a different one. So change in capacitance tells if the moisture is low or not and that allows the controller to open the water reservoir to water the plant.

Our tips for choosing the best self-watering indoor planter

While looking for a parrot pot consider its size and smart features. The manufacturing material is also very significant when it to quality, look for high-quality pot because durability is very important. The self-watering system of the pot should be highly reliable otherwise you risk the life of your plant.

Why is the Parrot Pot Self-watering Indoor Planter the best?

This is the best self-watering indoor planter because it provides a complete plant health monitoring system, which is the most useful and unique feature of Parrot pot.

The parrot pot will take over completely the maintenance and health care of your plants, it has built-in sensors, water reservoir and a pump.

It uses an extensive plant database and a cloud service to determine if your plant is getting enough light, fertilizer, temperature, and water.

It will help you choose the best place to settle your plant

This amazing smart pot will help you to settle the plant at the most suitable place for plants inside your home.

It will make sure the plant gets enough light, adequate temperature, and enough fertilizer. It will make sure that your plants are safe and healthy, the best part is that it’s completely automatic, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

This compact and stylish-looking smart flower pot has made the process of looking after your leafy friend incredibly simple.

The pot has everything you need to pamper your plant. It has a whole bunch of features to measure water-tank capacity, soil-moisture levels, fertilizer balance, sunlight, and temperature.


  • Dimensions: 8.1 x 8.1 x 12.3
  • Weight: 3.31 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Battery Operated
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • 4 sensors

Pros. & Cons.


  • Reliable to monitor the needs of plants
  • Holiday mode to ensure maximum plant safety
  • Free mobile application to keep a check
  • Handy and compact enough to move around easily
  • Simple and attractive design, which will add elegance to your home
  • Durable (plastic made) and leakage proof material
  • Easy to use, with a simple user-friendly interface
  • No need to change the battery for a whole year


  • Risk of a possible tech glitch
  • Statistics and graphs are not always accurate

What is inside the box?

  • It comes with a plant
  • Soil to fill the pot
  • Four AA batteries that are already installed

Who is it for?

This is a savior for everyone that loves having nature around them but due to other responsibilities need help with the maintenance plants require. If you love traveling or you have a full-time job, then definitely this self-watering indoor planter is for you.

The Parrot Pot Smart Self-watering Indoor Planter

It is embedded with 4 sensors for accurate, real-time measurements of plant data that is vital to the healthy growth of the plant. This includes the soil moisture sensor, sunlight, sensitivity and the temperature sensor which gives you an insight into the dynamics of the plant.

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth connection technology

It has the latest Bluetooth technology to connect your parrot pot to your phone, bringing every bit of detail on your phone.

Just on touch button manual watering system

Feeling lazy to get up? Or too sick? You can now just water your plant by only one touch of the “water” button on the app. It can save your time and effort as you don’t need to rush back in the morning while getting ready for work just to water your plant.

Perfect to find and meet the needs of your plant

The automatic watering system encourages the plant’s growth by giving it exactly the right amount of water at precisely the right time. It analyzes the plant requirement and then automatically waters your plant for you to achieve its optimal growth.

It is a completely automatic plant sitter

The Parrot Pot optimizes water consumption and provides up to one month of unattended automatic watering. Just fill the external space with water and can travel around without any problem, it will water n it owns. They continue to boom in your absence.
Iconic Design and sleek design to add extra beauty to your home

The parrot pot is a perfect size- neither too big nor too small and has an exquisite matte finish which makes it the ideal addition to your home. It is available in 3 different colors namely brick red, black and white.

How does this self-watering Indoor Planter work?

After giving it the brightest corner of your house, add about a half a gallon of water to fill up the built-in reservoir. Then, you will need to install the flower pot app. For that, you need to the Bluetooth and locate the plant type from the plant database. If you are unaware of the plant name, you can even click a picture of the plant and everything would be on your tips literally. From water requirement to fertilizer needs, even sunlight and temperature conditions. Unbelievable? Not anymore.

It gives you complete control of your little baby with no real effort on your part other than installing the phone application. It tells you everything you will need to know about plant care. Unsure if your dawn redwood would like the extra dosage of the fertilizer? Or if your FESTUCA Glauca requires high temperature to boom? Worry no more, the app puts it all at your fingertips, helping you make the right choices for the plant.

The app allows you to monitor the well-being of your pet plant is on a day-by-day basis, and you can even get a year-by-year view. Yes, using this app will eventually lead you to have your favorite plant by your side for a long time.

Our Verdict on the Self-watering Indoor Planter

A plant isn’t some alien lifeform that can be left on its own to live on, it requires your attention and time for growth. This smart flower pot makes that possible in the most convenient manner.

The best feature is that it is equipped with four different sensors to monitor every need of the plant as accurately as possible. This advanced Bluetooth plant monitor brings every detail onto your phone and can be accessed anytime. Now you can keep a check on the entire photosynthesis process and every nutrient your plant takes up!

Moreover, the holiday mode just adds more convenience as you just need to fill up the built-in reservoir with half a gallon of water and you’re ready to go anywhere for more than a month. This self-watering mechanism must be the best feature in this parrot pot. Another plus point is its iconic design. It has a minimalist finish but at the same time is stylish enough to give your space a new dimension. This self-watering indoor planter is an indeed a must buy.

We hope this article is interesting for you and gives you all the information about the best self-powered planter pot. And have honored our commitments towards you by bringing you a completely independent review. We wish you happy buying! Stay updated and connected.


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