Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Believe In Horoscopes!

Horoscope is a big industry. Worth millions of dollars. In fact, there are over 5 million web pages related to astrology. Almost 40 million people spend almost 40 Billion dollars on services related to astrology and horoscopes.

You can’t blame them as they are the perfect gifts for anyone and everyone, aren’t they? And they make you believe in horoscopes even more. But its simply how this industry runs.

But won’t run if you believe its not true. They have to make sure you believe in it (truly).

They make you believe what you want to believe.


So here I would be linking psychology with astrology because at the end, that is how horoscopes work.

Usually, there are personality tests conducted in psychology.

These tests can come out with common predictions on your personality.

A similar case is with astrology.

I will explain this through my experience while giving a personality test. Usually, the statements given by astrologers are vague.

Let’s have a supposition. Try to apply this to yourself now.

If an astrologer tells you that you have suffered hard times in your life. It’s natural that you will start remembering all the negative events in your life.

But every other person in this world has some bad memories associated with them so what was so special about that?

Now, suppose the astrologer is telling you that although you get angry at times, you keep calm as you have got a softer heart and that you will be facing some problems but you will soon overcome them.

So what will happen (if you are a strong horoscopic believer)?

When you’d deal with any sort of loss. Say your phone got broken by your sibling.

You will try to diminish your anger and try to keep calm and carry on. If you are asking an astrologer about your future profession.

He will ask you about your interests and then reply that if you work hard then you can achieve your goal.

And in case you achieved your desired profession, all the credit goes to the astrologer.

And in case you fail to accomplish, again all the credit goes to the same guy as he was right that you didn’t work hard and as a result, you failed to pass through it.

But at the end of the day, isn’t that common sense too?

The predictions are not based on solid proves:

no solid proof about horoscopes

According to astrologers, change in the motion of planets will have a change in your personality. What they are saying here is that Mercury, Venice, Mars and all the other planets have an influence on our emotional or behavioral state and their rotation and motion has everything to do the way we behave.

There are thousands of new planets that have been discovered by NASA every day. And there are 100 thousand earth-like planets alone, in our galaxy.

There are tens of billions of solar system in only our galaxy alone.

So what about those planets?

Where they come in?

Or are only these 8 Planets (Pluto is not a planet) judge the personality of people?

But still, the number of theories are being derived again and again from the motion of planets and stars.

OK, if we still believe that these planets out of trillions of others are the only lucky ones to make up our personality then how come one theory of a specific planet is related to the millions of people with the same zodiac sign?

If you will have an in-depth look at these things, your practicality of mind won’t accept that.

They all have Changed Views:

all of them are different

If you have a strong belief in astrology.

I suggest you visit more than one astrologers because that is really going to give you a reality check.

You might even stop believing in astrology after visiting different pages.

You won’t find commonality in their views.

That’s the most disturbing part and usually, people are unaware of it.

Every Astrologer will have different opinions on different things.

There is no same answer to one question in a school’s exam when the kids having the test don’t know the answers, (unless they cheated).

They only are going to write down their own personal opinions and use their personal knowledge.

The same is the case with astrologers.

All of them have changed views because they are pretty much just guessing with the limited knowledge they have; making generalizations, as I stated above.

It’s addictive (that’s how money is made):

They just want money

Yes it gets seriously addictive.

You make a habit of reading through your horoscope daily and read what might happen next.

And this has some strong effects on your personality.

It starts influencing your actions and ruling your life, making things worse for you, without you even acknowledging it.

Next thing you know you can not decide anything without reading the horoscope.

You don’t take responsibility:

I don’t believe in zodiac signs because I have seen people blaming all of their bad traits and poor actions on their star sign.

For example, someone will not come up and tell me that I am so fun to be around because I am a Gemini. They might tell me, Oh you are a Gemini? That is why you are so straightforward. And they will say it as if it is a bad thing to say what you feel.

Likewise, someone will say, I am very sensitive. It is probably my star sign but I cannot deal with this.

A good getaway from any situation that cannot be handled by them.

There is a limit to how much to trust astrology and you need to understand that boundary.

Don’t blame your poor actions or negative traits on your star sign.

Don’t tell anyone, I am sorry I got rude, it is just a Scorpio thing.

That doesn’t work!

You need to take the blame for your negative traits because they are billions of Scorpios out there and they might not be as rude as you are!

You start believing in horoscopes more than you believe in yourself:

You start believing in horoscopes more than you believe in yourself

Have you ever wondered what do horoscopes do to you?

Well, they change who you are gradually.

If you start believing in horoscopes a lot; you stop believing in yourself.

This means that you are losing your personality and are relying more on what your zodiac sign has to say about you.

You might think that this is nothing bad but it can do a lot of harm to your life overall.

So you see, at the end of the day, you have control over your life and not a daily or weekly horoscope.

If you follow them blindly, you won’t be doing what you wish for.

Instead you will be doing what they tell you to which is not how a healthy life goes by.

How do Horoscopes work?

consider before believing in horoscopes

Here is how horoscopes work and how they trick you into believing whatever they have to say:


Have you ever noticed something in those daily horoscopes of yours? Well, we will make you notice it right here. Here is what some horoscopes had to say:

You will be facing financial turmoil where nothing might go according to your plans.

Try giving yourself some space to find answers to whatever has been bothering you since a while. You won’t be able to get a lot of help until you focus.

Now, notice one thing; these two statements might apply to anyone, being anywhere in the world. Almost all of us are bothered by some questions and well, the horoscope will use generalization, to make you believe that they know you too well.

Whereas, the reality is that generally, everyone is bothered by some questions and is looking for their answers.

Also, thanks to our economic instability and our endless wish list; we find ourselves in financial muddles almost every other day.

So you see what do horoscopes do, to make you believe?

They use generalization which can apply to anyone, anywhere whether they are Scorpio, Gemini, Aquarius or Taurus.

Humans believe A LOT in Coincidences:

We all give a lot of importance to coincide which is why, astrologers just take advantage of it. A lot of people who believe in it all would say that my horoscope has come true on various occasions.

Well honey, why isn’t it accurate each time?

You are just being a subjective validator.

This means that you believe and trust coincidences a lot and then connect them to your horoscope.

This is because you have been believing in horoscopes blindly.

It is as simple as your phone ringing and you are like Oh its Simon but well, it isn’t and it is probably Aunt Carl. What about that?

So you see how does horoscope really work?

YOU make it work by believing it. Why don’t you question it when it isn’t accurate?

Well, that is something you need to sit back and think about while we jump onto why not to believe in astrology!

Why do people read Horoscopes?

I always wondered why people read horoscopes.

What to do horoscopes do to make people read them with so much interest.

I even asked some of my friends and colleagues and family members as to why they read horoscopes and did some research too.

And here is what I got:

A lot of people read horoscopes to find more about their star sign. What makes them different or unique from the other star and what are their special traits? Most of these people do not blindly follow the gorses and would just do it for fun. People who take the traits too seriously, end up believing in horoscopes a lot and start acting certain way as well which is why you should not believe in astrology.

Secondly, a lot of people read horoscopes to know about their love life.

For example, is a Gemini compatible with a Scorpio? Or can a Taurus stay happy with an Aquarian?

Yet again, your love life depends on how much understanding and love, both the parties are willing to put in and not on your zodiac signs.

But a lot of people take interest in horoscopes due to this fact as well.

Thirdly, people who have questions about their money and success are found deeply rooted in astrology.

However, surprisingly, if you notice; all the successful people in the world, don’t believe in zodiac signs and astrology overall.

And their success has nothing to do with them reading their daily horoscope and moving around it either.

Lastly, most of the people do it for fun!

They read through horoscopes for entertainment and they know the limits for how much to trust astrology which keeps them in the healthier lane.

They might just search for zodiac signs you can’t trust and then laugh it off if it is one of their friends too.

These people don’t let horoscopes run their life which is the best approach to it.

Is it good to believe in horoscopes?

Reading horoscopes is one thing and believing in horoscopes blindly is another one.

Research has shown us that it is not healthy to believe in horoscopes a lot as it harms your personality and mentally disturbs who you are as well.

If you study your horoscope regularly, it might be bad for you.

Believing in horoscopes to an extent that it rules your day or week, is not good.

So is it good t believe in horoscopes?

The answer is NO.

To Sum Up

To conclude it all up, you need to stop believing in horoscopes.

They work on facts and generalization and basically fool you into believing them which is what a lot of us are doing at the moment.

If you ask me whether is it good to believe in horoscopes or not, then I would certainly say NO.

It is an unhealthy habit that has a lot of negative impacts that might not seem visible in the beginning but are huge by the end of the day.

You are much more than what your daily horoscope says.

If you wish to discover your potential; you need to explore your personality and not box it up in an astrologer’s saying.