4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Believe In Horoscopes

you shouldn't believe in astrology and horoscopes

Today I will share with you guys the reasons to not believe in horoscopes. Do you have faith in horoscopes and the study of various stars that can predict your whole life? Well, it’s about to change.

If I am a Gemini then, are the other millions of people, in this world, who are Geminis, exactly like me? Isn’t that strange?

I mean if my horoscope says that I would have an accident today then will it be true?

If so then I guess all of the Geminis would have accidents and millions will die. Woo, it would be catastrophic.

Do you actually believe that the motion of planets, stars and moons have anything to do with your personality or your life?

If so, then you are wasting your precious time and brain on it.

Reasons to not believe in horoscopes

Here are the reasons that made me not a believer in horoscopes. (including the above argument too)

They make us believe what we want to believe:

So here I would be linking psychology with astrology.

Usually, there are personality tests conducted in psychology. These tests can come out with common predictions on your personality. The similar case is with astrology. I will explain this through my experience while giving a personality test. Usually, the statements given by astrologers are vague.

Let’s have a supposition. Try to apply this to yourself now.

If an astrologer tells you that you have suffered hard times in your life. It’s natural that you will start remembering all the negative events in your life and you will feel like “Wow! he (suppose the astrologer is a he) knows everything”

But every other person in this world has some bad memories associated with them so what was so special about that?

Now, suppose the astrologer is telling you that although you get angry at times, you keep calm as you have got a softer heart (metaphorically of course) and that you will be facing some problems but you will soon overcome them.

So what will happen (if you are a strong horoscopic believer). When you’d deal with any sort of loss. Say your phone got broken by your sibling. You will try to diminish your anger and try to keep calm and carry on.

If you are asking an astrologer about your future profession. He will ask you about your interests and then reply that if you work hard then you can achieve your goal.

And in case you achieved your desired profession, all the credit goes to the astrologer.

And in case you fail to accomplish, again all the credit goes to the same guy as he was right that you didn’t work hard and as a result, you failed to pass through it.

It’s just a phycological mind game.

The predictions are not based on solid proves:

According to astrologers, change in the motion of planets will have a change in your personality.

What they are saying here is that Mercury, Venice, Mars and all the other planets have an influence on our emotional or behavioral state and their rotation and motion has everything to do the way we behave.

There are thousands of new planets that have been discovered by NASA every day (by Kepler spacecraft). And there are 100 thousand earth-like planets alone, in our galaxy.

There are tens of billions of solar system in only our galaxy alone. So what about those planets? where they come in? Or are only these 8 Planets (Pluto is not a planet) judge the personality of people?

But still, the number of theories are being derived again and again from the motion of planets and stars.

Ok, if we still believe that these planets out of trillions of others are the only lucky ones to make up our personality then how come one theory of a specific planet is related to the millions of people with the same zodiac sign.

If you will have an in-depth look at these things, your practicality of mind won’t accept that.

They all have Changed Views:

If you have a strong belief in astrology. I suggest you visit more than one astrologers.

You won’t find commonality in their views. That’s the most disturbing part and usually, people are unaware of it.

Every Astrologer will have different opinions on different things. There is no same answer to one question in a school’s exam when the kids having the test don’t know the answers, (unless they cheated). They only are going to write down their own personal opinions and use their personal knowledge.

Same is the case with astrologers. All of them have changed views because they are pretty much just guessing with the limited knowledge they have.

They are only for making money:

It’s all about *BLING BLING* so please stop believing in horoscope so much.

Be more practical.

If your horoscope says that buying an expensive thing will bring happiness to your life. And you don’t have an extra single penny. And you are broke.

What are you going to do? Become a thief to bring that happiness?

Use your own thoughts and apply a practical approach.

Horoscope is just, sort of, like a scam. Working hard is everything. If you work hard to achieve something then chances are you will achieve that thing even though your horoscopes say against it.

These horoscopes are only here to make money as far as I believe, as it is a big industry.

They make money off you when you buy the newspapers to read them.

Astrologers and Palmists make money by telling your future.

The people who blog about it or are “so-called horoscope/astrology gurus” make money by making you buy their “Get detailed astrology charts”.

It is just a Scam-y business and nothing else.


As Theodore Roosevelt said:

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Same pretty much applies here too but in a bad way.

No one in this world can tell you about your fate.

Horoscopes can be taken as fun but strongly believing in them is like playing with your own psychology of the mind.

The magic lies in your mind and not in the horoscopes.

We believe what we want to believe.


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