Why Do People Still Believe In Astrology?

Astrology is a word that we have started to hear more than often in today’s world. As old-fashioned as it sounds, its popularity has immensely increased especially in our generation. For those of you who do not know, the belief that distant cosmic objects such as the stars and planets and their alignments have significant effects on daily life aspects is called astrology.

And it is also believed that human affairs, including moods, personalities, and human-environment all are all affected by these alignments as well.

So should you believe in Astrology?

Astrology is kind of crazy and surreal and has no scientific or rational backup.

Meaning, that the accuracy lying within astrology or even its mere existence is not something that can be scientifically proven.

So, why people still believe in Astrology?


We do not know if cosmic entities actually have a connection with us, but the rising fame of astrology says that a lot of people have started to take interest in it.

And this has led a lot of people to think that it is in fact, very real and accurate.

So even though astrology has no real scientific evidence or rational logic, the following points tell us on why do people still so devotedly believe in astrology?

The desire to seek information about the future

Technically, astrology is actually much comparable to superstition. In fact, sometimes astrology is even counted as a type of superstition as well.

And it is much likely that the reason behind people’s intense belief in astrology lies in the same grey area as of the reason why people believe in superstition.

And that is the desire to seek narratives and connections between their past, present, and future. And additionally, the yearning for some sort of information about what is to come.

And for people who believe in it, astrology offers the exact same through deriving links between humans and the cosmos.

A lot of people take deep interest in it because it makes them feel glorified as they get uplifted by their supernatural connection with the universe instead of feeling like a mere ordinary slave to other external forces.

Stress and the fear of what is to come

Perhaps the most common and vivid reason behind the strong belief in astrology is stress and anxiety.

A lot of people often turn towards it as a response to being suppressed by high stress and the fear of what is yet to happen in the future.

It may seem peculiar, but people under intense stress more than often turn to astrology as the last resort in an attempt to find explanations that can minimize their emotional distress.

The framework of astrology, even though it lacks scientific evidence, provides information about the future that can help people to overcome their stress and anxiety for the future.

This is because it can help them calm down and generate the affirmation that even though they are suffering right now, this sufferance is not meant to be forever, and will end once.

Astrology can seem believable to even those people under high-stress situations who under low stress would never believe in it.

Interestingly enough, it is known that the first-ever astrological column in a newspaper appeared in 1930 at the time of the Great Depression and if this does not clear up why people believe in astrology when they are stressed, then I do not know what does.

It is apparent that under stressful circumstances, the interest people take in astrology significantly grows because it foretells information about what is to come. And this information aids in calming and relaxing in regards to the fear of the future.

Affirmations like these award the person with a positive mindset and a sense of hope because if they are reading something that indicates a positive change in the future, then it is okay to believe that it actually will happen. This gives a sense of control over one’s life.


Uncertainty is a quite similar concept which serves as another reason for the galactic belief in astrology.

Astrology helps to achieve the certainties that people long for in times that seem hopeless and look like dead ends.

The most relatable and easiest example is that of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We are all one way or the other affected by the drastic impact of this pandemic and the uncertainty of the future has taken over all of us because none of us have a clue as to when it will end.

During this time, a lot of people have been consulting astrology in the hope of finding some information regarding this globally threatening situation.

I have personally come across several talk shows and interviews of astrologists and their theories regarding this situation and inarguably, the internet is crowded with them as well.

This is because, with no supposable indication for the recovery from the pandemic that can be seen, people’s interest in astrology and horoscopes has spiked up.

Astrology as a way to justify human behaviors

It is undoubted that today’s generation is one that has always actively rejected and resisted labelism. However, still, today’s age, especially the millennials seem to be very deeply interested in astrology and the zodiac.

There are a few reasons that serve as the background for this belief and perhaps the central one is that astrology provides people with excuses and explanations for their not so positive characteristics or actions.

We all must have come across at least one person in our life who has attempted to explain their negative traits with their zodiac as the background. You ask someone why are they so fussy or critical, and you’ll hear, “I can’t help it! I’m a Virgo!”

Or why do they get angry so easily, “That’s because in an Aries!”

People look up their star sign’s negative and positive traits and then latch onto it for life, always using them to make excuses for their negative behavior. Or to define themselves on the basis of it. We often seem to judge other people just on the basis of what the internet or the magazine horoscope says about their sign.

While it is okay and acceptable to take interest in astrology, in my opinion, it is not necessary to use it as a device that provides you with excuses to be cruel or rude to someone.

Another example is that of compatibility between couples. The compatibility of love, relationships, and even sex between the stars is backed up with astrological views. You can easily find innumerable evidence on the internet regarding this.

Matching the astrological charts of two people before they date or marry in order to get an insight into their future; is not something we have never before heard of.

However, reading about the experiences of some people online, we have been able to determine that even though astrology can be used to outline the traits of individuals, it is not always true. Whether it is about individual personalities or marital future, astrology has not always proved to be true, but sometimes it also comes out to be true.

So it’s not guaranteed that if you read somewhere that a Virgo and Aries do not make a good couple, then they surely will not make a good couple. It can be the total opposite as well.


These are some reasons why people, in this fast-paced age in the 21st century, still believe in astrology.

Even though we cannot provide any solid evidence of whether it actually works or not, however, astrology’s fame is continuing to rise with every passing day.

If we look at it from a different perspective, we can say that astrology somewhat does work.

After all, there is a huge number of people who seem to be satisfied with their horoscopes and what it has to say about them.

They say it is true and accurate and a lot of people who visit professional astrologists seem satisfied with the results.

However, it must be noted that astrology should not be used as an excuse for one’s negative behavior and traits.

You should also not allow yourself to be defined by something you have seen on the internet. You are not your sign.

Moreover, as I said already, you should furthermore, never judge someone on the basis of what their sign says about them too.

Astrology is likewise not an excuse to be rude to someone. Or to call off relationships or marriages just because the two stars are not “compatible.”

Reading something about your sign or someone else’s sign can sometimes even be hurtful. Plus, depending on a mere theory that the upcoming week is not very good for you does not mean it has to be as bad.

We are small, mere humans who have basically no control over the world or our lives. We are insignificant and some entity does control us, whether it is the stars or something else, hence making assumptions about the future is illogical and irrational.

If we make use of astrology in a positive and rational manner, then it seems acceptable and okay.

However, the negative use of astrology is not only irrational but also misleading.