31 Fun Facts That You Can Tell About Yourself:

31 Fun Facts That You Can Tell About Yourself:: We do not really spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves and that is the reason why we do not know what facts should we tell other people (so that we land the impression we are aiming for). 

When you are trying to get to know someone new you have to come up with some interesting facts about yourself. 

  • Think about some interesting and cute memories from your childhood. 
  • You can talk about your favorite hobbies that other people might find intriguing. 
  • Think about mentioning your skills and interests that might impress other people. 
  • Talk about any unusual or unique events and situations. 
  • You can mention something funny and interesting about your family. 
  • Talk about the experiences you’ve had regarding your different jobs and career.
  • Remember places you have traveled and memorable experiences that are worth mentioning. 

If you are having problems trying to figure out some interesting facts about yourself then this article might help you.

We have compiled 31 interesting facts about yourself that you might want to tell others. 

List of 31 examples of Fun Facts About Yourself to Tell Others

fun facts about yourself to tell others 

With the help of the following mentioned fun facts, you could start a compelling conversation with someone you have just met.

While you are stating these facts about yourself, do not forget to invite the other person to share some fun things about themselves.

A conversation goes two ways, so don’t come off as a self-absorbed person.  

‘The hobby that I could not really give up is…’ 

Whether it is something you love doing or something you are really good at, if it is your favorite thing to do and you think you can never give it up then it says a lot about you as a person and your interests. 

If you share this on your first date or with a new friend, then it can be really useful for both parties. 

‘I recently started reading…’ 

If reading is one of your favorite pastimes, this information could really initiate an interesting and useful conversation, especially if your partner is a reader as well. The kind of books you like and read explains a lot about your personality. 

You might discover a shared favorite, things can really hit off between you two from there on out.

‘My Ideal is….’ 

If there is someone you look up to or admire, you might want to mention this person here. You should also mention as to why you admire the said person and what are the qualities and attributes of that person that make them your ideal. 

What impresses you the most about them? And what are some of the qualities that you want to cultivate in yourself? 

This explains what are the major qualities that you admire and appreciate in a person. 

‘My best friend is my best friend because…’

You can mention how you met your best friend and what makes them your best friend? This kind of conversation is applicable if the person you’re talking to is familiar with your best friend or at least acquainted with them. 

You can talk about all the things you have been through together and how strong that has made your bond.

Alternatively, you could go for the embarrassing and fun moments of your friendship and take the conversation to a humorous direction

You could talk about how long you have been friends and how you guys are there for each other.

Your sense of loyalty and friendship is bound to be appreciated.

‘My pet peeve is…’ 

You can mention what are the things that annoy you the most. Do not forget to tell the reason behind your annoyance. 

What a person finds irritating and annoying says a lot about their personality and the things they cannot stand. 

Whenever you are trying to build up a new relationship it is always advised to mention some of the things that you absolutely cannot tolerate in your life.

For starters, it’s probably good to go for the non-controversial, one like a dirty sock perhaps.

‘One thing I am really good at….’

      A skill is always subject to appreciation and is bound to leave a good impression on the other person. So if you have a special talent, let it be known. What’s a skill if you can’t be proud of it right? 

So if you’ve got a skill that you can show like singing or dancing, you could even enact it out if you’re feeling particularly confident in yourself. 

Even if your talents are as small as a tongue roll, it is bound to give a good conversation a kick start. With this one, you won’t go wrong, trust us! 

‘I cannot live without….’

You can talk about something that you use every day. Maybe that thing is so important to you that you cannot even think about living without it. 

When was the last time that you had to live without it? What did you do the first time it went missing?

Chances are your passion for this particular thing and you talking about it will enable your partner to open up about something they themselves are passionate about, thus starting off an interesting conversation. 

‘I would love to meet….’

  We all have someone we look up to or simply a celebrity crush who we know all about and can probably go on and on about. 

Maybe there is a  role model you would love to have lunch with or you want to meet that celebrity for a conversation session over coffee or some beverage.

Maybe you want to meet this person and want him to mentor you. You could mention why you want to meet that said person, what you will talk about or do when you meet them.

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be…..’

This is one of the most asked questions when getting to know someone new. You should be specific about where you want to live in the world and you might even mention the reasons as to why you want to live there. 

Do you prefer living in the mountains, or by the beach? Let the other person know why you selected this location and how it correlates to your own taste. 

 ‘My dream job has always been…’

Maybe there is something you’ve wanted to do since you were a kid. Maybe it isn’t the job you are currently at. Maybe you wanted to be at a fun job but chose a corporate job instead because it was more practical.

You might want to mention what makes this your dream job. Why you had to opt for something else and if you are content where you are now. 

 ‘My perfect day would be like…’ 

Everybody wishes to have at least one day of their dreams. You could mention what you would like to do on your perfect day.  How will your day start and how will it proceed with it  further? What are some of the interesting things that you want to do on your dream day? 

Just try and keep it legal (and more or less socially acceptable) 

 ‘ One thing on the top of my bucket list is..’ 

Maybe you have not written down all the things you want to do before you die, but everybody has a basic idea. Maybe there is something you always wanted to do. 

You could talk about when and how do you plan on doing it. Talking about your top priority on a bucket list is yet another way of showing what you’re passionate about. 

 ‘One of my favorite memories is…’ 

Think of a memory that stands out because of something that happened to you or something you did. 

What makes it so memorable? If you could, would you want to relive it? 

You could talk about this memory and what makes it special, the events that followed, etc. 

 ‘The people I grew up with influenced me with..’

The people we grow up with have a great impact on our personality. You could talk about how the people you grew up with shaped your personality. 

What are the qualities and attributes that you got from these people? What are the things you were really grateful for? 

This is an interesting way to draw someone into a conversation about yourself. Talking about this particular topic is letting your partner know about your ideals and morals and ultimately what kind of person you are. 

 ‘My favorite comfort food is..’

Everybody likes to eat a specific dish when they are stressed out to make them feel better. You might want to mention your comfort food. What is your go-to food? Who would you like to invite to a party where you would serve your comfort food?  

If you had to eat your comfort food for the rest of your life could you eat it without being bored? If yes let the other person know and perhaps share with you their own comfort food.

 ‘I would like to be remembered for…’ 

What would you like to be remembered for once you die? How do you want people to remember you?

Do you want to leave a mark on this earth before you die and how do you want to impress people so they remember you even after you die. 

 ‘If I could have a superpower, it would be….’

It is one of the most interesting conversations to have with someone when you are getting to know them. What would you most likely be able to do better than most people? 

Well, superpowers are always a fun topic to discuss. 

 ‘My favorite TV show is….’

We all have that one TV show that we are obsessed with. We can watch this show over and over again and we all have that one favorite character that we absolutely love. Talking about your favorite tv shows and movies can be a real icebreaker.

Who knows, you might find a shared favorite. If you are both passionate enough you can goof around and enact scenes from the movie or discuss your favourite characters. 

‘If I could keep any animal as a pet, I would choose…’

Maybe you are a dog person or a cat person or maybe you would like to have both. Maybe you love animals generally and are looking to adopt a pet. 

Whenever you are getting to know someone new it is always fun to talk about which animals would they like to have as their pets. This always starts an interesting conversation. 

‘If I ever won the lottery…’ 

Everybody thinks about winning the lottery at least once. Maybe you need a new car, or you want to go on a world tour but do not have enough money for it. 

You can talk about what you would do if you won the lottery and how you would use it to achieve what you always wanted to, perhaps even cross off some of the things on your bucket list

What comes to your mind? Who would you tell if you ever won?

‘If I had to eat one type of food for the rest of my life, I would choose…’

It could be any kind of food. It doesn’t have to be one specific dish but it has to be in the same category. It can be breakfast food,  Indian food, Mexican food.

What do you see yourself eating every day for the rest of your life? It could even be the simple pudding your mom makes every Sunday or perhaps your favorite doughnut from the bakery across the street.

‘My dream home would be…’

Maybe you dream of living in a tree-house or maybe you want to live in a spooky house in some stranded place.  Maybe you wanted to live in a spaceship or in a flying RV.

Do not let yourself limit yourself to what is possible and realistic. Let your imagination wander. 

‘My favorite type of art is…’

Whether it is abstract art or sculptures, what would you buy for your home if you could afford it? Which artist do you like the most? Where would you place those sculptures and paintings in your house? 

‘ If I could get a tattoo….’

Do you already have a tattoo, or are you planning to get one?

What would you get? and Where would you get it? 

Have you thought about a specific tattoo artist you would get the tattoo from? Does the tattoo you’re about to get have a meaning? If yes, what is it? 

This could be an appealing topic to talk about. 

 ‘Have I told you about my crazy relative?’

We all have that ‘one’ wackadoodle relative who seems to be the subject of all the laughter in the room and the protagonist in most of our funny stories. Some stories might be unbelievable.

You could make the conversation intriguing by talking about funny stories of your family or fun traditions you guys follow every year, childhood memories, and whatnot. 

 ‘ My most embarrassing moment was..’

We all have embarrassing stories that we do not mind sharing. You could share your most embarrassing moment, and where is the harm in that if it does not involve something illegal or something that makes you look too weird or too crazy. 

 ‘When I was a kid, my parents made me…’

Growing up you don’t know much about the logic behind most of the household traditions or rules, after growing up you realize that your parents made you do some really absurd things when you were young. 

Share something your parents made you do or absurd rules that they made you follow.

Good Secrets to tell about yourself 

When you get to know someone and you want to get close to them, you might even tell them some secrets about yourself. We all have secret longings, fears, and dreams as well. 

Be careful what you pick though, it’s probably best to avoid the more serious or questionable ones till after you guys have gotten to know each other. 

Looking for ideas?

Read on and you might just find what you’re looking for. 

  •  ‘One thing I am really afraid of is…..’

What is your biggest fear? Maybe you are afraid of losing someone or you are scared of a ghost or you have some irrational fears. Maybe you have a lifelong fear of spiders or lizards. It could be anything. 

How would you tackle it if you were in a situation where you had to face it.  

  •  ‘I never told my parents that….’

As teenagers and young adults, all of us have tried and done some crazy things that we probably won’t do anymore. You might want to share this especially if it is an entertaining secret and you can finally get rid of that guilty conscience. 

Perhaps you stole a liquor bottle from your dad’s collection and blamed it on one of the guests, perhaps you stole from your dad’s wallet or worse stole his car to go on a road trip with friends while he was out of town. 

We all have secrets we never tell our parents and it might be fun to know you’re not the only one who made a bad decision while growing up once in a while. 

  •  ‘If I could undo one thing in my life…’

We all have regrets and we all wish that we had done some things differently. Telling someone something that you could undo in your life can help you feel better about it. 

There are some choices in life that you would like to claim a do-over on, once again go for the ones that are not so controversial. Maybe you would go to a different college or would have moved to a different city. 

  •  ‘Once I had a crush on….’

We all have had a crush on someone that we shouldn’t have. We all have made some poor or exciting decisions about our love lives at least once in our 

Maybe you had the biggest crush on your 3rd-grade math teacher or perhaps you had a crazy crush on your neighbor. If the story leads to a funny or interesting conclusion, it’s a better pick.

To Sum it up…

We hope these conversation starters lead to a better bond.

No matter which one you decide to go for, remember to read the room. 

Nevertheless the most important advice for a good conversation that we can give is to enjoy the moment and listen to the other person as well. 

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