5 Best Foot Detox Machines

5 Best Foot Detox Machines: Is your health and physical well-being one of your top priorities these days? Are you concerned about the effects of unhealthy foods and pollution on your precious body? Do you want to pull out all the hazardous toxins clogging your physical system? Then, all you need is a foot detox machine in your home. This article provides you an in-depth review of various detox machines available and which is the best foot detox machine you should buy.

Health is wealth and this cannot be more true in any other time period than today.

In the wake of the latest coronavirus outbreak and the lockdowns that have resulted in most parts of the world as a consequence, we can clearly understand the importance of health and hygiene and its effects on the human body.

Having an optimum healthy body and mind is the key to happiness in the long term.

With so much hassle going on around us in our everyday lives, it is hard to find time and energy to go out and indulge in activities that help improve our health parameters.

Therefore, people look out for technologies and gadgets that can help them with convenience and comfort.

Why do you need Detox Machines?

Detoxification of the body is the latest phenomenon that is trending in the health industry these days. Channeling out hazardous impurities and toxins from your precious human mechanism can help improve its functioning and reduce various types of diseases.

What exactly is the Foot Detox Machine?

The foot detox machine is one such gadget that can meet all your detoxification requirements in the comfort of your own home. Also popularly known as an ionic foot bath, this machine helps prevent large amounts of toxic materials from accumulating in our body and clogging our physiological systems making it easier for various organs to function properly and efficiently.

It is considered as an alternative to various types of medications and medical treatments that might be otherwise required to improve our body works.

What to Expect?

The best foot detox machine does not only improve your physical health but it also provides a mental relaxation thereby positively affecting the mind and nervous system. It is simple to use and easy to operate. All you need to do is keep your feet immersed in the machine for the given period of time and voila! The magical detoxification process will help bring down and balance the PH level of the body, making you feel fantastic in no time.

Best Choices You Have in the Market: Let us look at the best choices we have when it comes to buying a good foot detox machine:

IonizeMe Elite

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This is definitely the best product to buy in the market right now. It is ideally suited for someone looking to get some detoxification done at home. Coming from a renowned company called Health and Med, it is high powered equipment with a strong metallic enclosure.

Health and Med is considered to be a specialist in health products and lifestyle equipment. Their product quality is one of the finest in the industry and their prices are also quite reasonable in the pocket.

Product features

The IonizeMe Elite is high powered equipment running on DC source of electricity. It can provide a Voltage of 17V and has an amperage of 2.2A. The machine produces very little sound as compared with its counterparts in the market. It is compact and weighs around 18 pounds.

It is powered with a three-pronged heavy-duty power cable.
The company offers this equipment with a number of different accessories including two ionic arrays and the array cleaning solution along with a scoop. One of the arrays can last a user for 40-50 sessions. The product also has its own cleaning brushes for the arrays.

However, there is no wrist band with this product. The IonizeMe Elite has a tub capacity of 3.2 gallons. The company provides some quantity of fine Himalayan Salt complementary to start your detox process.

For new users, there is a detailed instruction DVD that helps understand the working and operations of the IonizeMe Elite foot detox machine in a step by step process. To strictly timeline your sessions, the machine also has a timer to countdown every minute.

One of the prominent features of this model is the precautionary internal circuit that makes it stand out among the other competitors. This circuit automatically keeps a close watch on the detoxification process and alarms the user about any times of malfunctions including short-circuiting, over or under heating and problems related to voltage.
The machine comes with a big 5-year warranty which not many products offer in the market. Along with this the customer consultation with company representatives and specialists is totally free of cost.

Why is it your best choice?

With the given features and accessories, this the best product to buy at this high price even. The product guarantees quality and cost-effectiveness making it worthy to secure the top slot in the market. Compared to others, the 5 years warranty of workmanship and defective materials is quite long. The instructional DVD is also a great starter for anyone new to this detoxification process.

Its compact size and light-weight make it easy to handle and place anywhere without cluttering. Its safety measures are also very appreciable and keep users safe from short circuits and other electric mishaps. The array cleaning is easy and the provided solution is also very effective.

This is a great product to buy for both home and commercial use.

Cell Spa Dual Ionic Detox Aqua Foot

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One of the leading names in the Foot Detox machine industry, Cell Spa is both reliable and technically superior. It offers a number of different models and designs of health care products, especially in the foot detox category. Compared with other brands, their prices are more affordable and cost-effective. The Dual Ionic Detox Foot Machine is a unique product that allows detoxification for two persons. It is suited for families and couples who want to relax and cleanse together.

Product Features

The product has a high powered ionic system with dual user capabilities. The product comes with an additional Mp3 player that provides a soothing atmosphere with extra relaxation. Two earphones are added for this purpose. It has a prominent LED screen for display of statistics.

The machine comes with two black arrays with advanced design and two wrist straps with sensing capabilities. There are also additional replacement fuses without any extra cost. Like all other machines, there is also a thoroughly well-drafted instructional booklet. It comes with a lightweight carry box to enhance its portability. It does not include a tub or a basin.

The warranty period for this machine is one year like many other counterparts.

Why is it a good choice?

For those who want to buy a pocket-friendly machine and a product that you can use simultaneously with your partner or friend, then this is best suited for you. It is lightweight and easy to carry and enhances the experience with an additional MP3 player option.

Healcity Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine System

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Heal city is a leading name when it comes to detox foot machines. They have a number of models in the market right now. The Negative Hydrogen is one of the best options for those looking to remove those hazardous chemicals and toxins from your body.

Product Feature

It has two arrays and a metal carry case for extra protection and portability. The machine comes with a conducive wrist that helps increase the safety and effectiveness of the machine. It is also coupled with an infrared heat belt that can be placed on the waist or knee. It is very effective for people with joint pain. The machine starts with a one-press button. The instructional guide is also very informative and contains everything you need to know about the machine and its working. Additional customer support and consultation can also be sort by calling their experts for free. The product can be used for one person at a time. Foot basin is not added with this model.

The product offers a one year warranty against any defective materials and manufacturing faults.

Why buy this product?

This is a great machine that offers excellent detox results from the very first session. The infrared waist belt is an additional health care benefit that can be very relaxing for people with back-ache and joint pain issues. It is easy to use and comes with extra support from the company.

Cell Spa Professional Fir Belt Chi

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If you are looking for professional detoxification and salon sophistication at your own home, then this is what you need. The Cell Spa Company offers a wide range of products in this category. The Cell Spa Fir Belt Chi is one of its masterpieces to buy. It is reasonably priced and easy to function.

Product features

Like other machines, there are two arrays with this product. It also comes with one wrist band and an infrared bamboo waist belt. It is powered by a heavy-duty power cable that is included with the pack. The machine allows multi detoxification functionality and you can change settings of the intensity as per your requirement. The product has a clear and prominent display screen for this purpose. The product comes in a sturdy yet light casing made from aluminum. This makes it easy to store and carry around. It does have a loud sound while operational. The instructional leaflet tells you about all its functions and operations clearly.

It does not come with a tub.

It has a one year warranty from Cell Spa.

Why is it a good choice?

The brand name itself is good enough to make you buy their product. Although not as good as the dual detox machine, this is a good option for those looking for conventional detoxification process in lesser price. However, the infrared belt is an added advantage which can provide enhanced relaxation and warmth.

BHC Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Spa

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Brought to you by the famous Better Health Company this is a mini foot spa that you can get with 30 minutes preprogrammed session. This feature makes this product stand out among its competitors and tags it as the “most easy to use” machine in the industry. The brand name of the manufacturer is reputable for quality and reliability in the category of health care products and machines.

Product Features

This is an easy to use foot detox machine that comes with a preprogrammed 30-minute detox session. This means that you can start the process by pushing a single button. The tub of the machine is made from acrylic material and has heightened nodules that are ideal for water circulation from under the feet as well. The machine works with 2 arrays. Complementary accessories include 25 liners, a Foot Spa Detox brochure, and an information booklet, Sea Salt

The product is design for easy cleaning and comes with a warranty period of one year. Consultation with a company representative is free of cost.

Price of the product is low as compared to the IonizeMe Elite.

Why is it a good choice?

With all its features and price range, this is a good choice for those with less budget. If you do not want to wait for long and start right away after opening the box, then is machine is best suited for you. The product is lightweight and the basin size is good enough for men’s large feet as well. The basin also comes with handles for way carriage from one place to another.

Who needs this detoxification?

Well, everybody. The detox machine can be used for all age groups without any limitations. It improves the blood circulation in the body and can help trim down many health and derma related disorders like cancer, fungal infections, GI problems, and yeast outbreaks. However, patients with open wounds or diabetic conditions should always consult their health care providers before started anything new like the detox foot machine.

Why do we need Detox?

If you are wondering where do these harmful toxins come from? Well then, look around yourself. There are pollutants and impurities all around you in the environment. Starting from the air you breathe, to the water you use and drink, nothing is in its pure form. Our homes and daily activities are full of chemical-based ingredients. Even the beauty and cleaning products that we use are chemical-based.

Benefits of using foot detox machines

A number of health care centers and wellness spas are now offering different foot detoxification treatments to their customers. Buying a foot detox machine allows you to carry out this process in the comfort of your home anytime you want. This foot detoxification process has a number of benefits including the following:

  • Expels and removes harmful microorganisms from the human body
  • Balances the Body pH levels
  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improves the mood
  • Improves blood circulation and cardiac activity
  • Enhances the body’s immune system strength
  • Reduces body swelling
  • It can be beneficial in weight loss.

All about Detoxification Machines – “Understand them before you buy them”

If you want to know how these detox machines can help you, this is what you need to know.

How does it work?

The detox foot machine requires the user to immerse their feet into water that has been added with a detoxifying agent for a given period of time. The machine manufacturers claim that ions or charged particles create an ionic field inside the water by ionizing the water itself. This is called electrolysis. As a result of this process, the hydrogen of the water will become positively charged. The water molecule of H2O will separate as hydrogen as positive ions and oxide as negative ions.

This positive charge will pull the toxins in the body that are said to be carrying a negative charge. It is like the work of a magnet where the water ions will attract and hold all the negative toxins and metallic charges present in the user’s body. In most cases the water changes color at the end.

The entire process results in relaxation and refreshing feeling for the user. According to most manufacturers, for optimal results the machine must be used for 30 minutes to 1 hour once a week. Simple foot massages and soaks do not function with this ionic method and are hence considered less effective. They only work to clean the foot surface from the top and not internally.

Why do watercolor changes?

Many believe the change of color of the water present in the detox machine water bath is an indicator of its effectiveness. It is a sign that the detoxification is going on. However, this has no scientific proof. The water changes color for a variety of reasons including water quality and impurities within the bath itself, dirt and sweat from the feet and possible corrosion process of the foot bath material. Water often might also change color because of the salts that are added in the detoxification process.
Important points to understand

For those of you who are planning to buy a foot detox machine for the time, it is important to understand that it might have some side-effects as well. Like any other technical equipment or medical treatment, it is also vital for new users to fully understand its working and precautions. Read the operational manual thoroughly and follow the “how to install and use instructions” carefully to avoid any mishap.

Side effects that can occur as a result of this machine in some users might include nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Diabetic patients should not use the machine without the advice of their doctor or health care consultant as it can cause fluctuations in the levels of blood sugar. Hot water burns and sore feet can also be caused by sensitive feet.

Buying the right foot detox machine

A common and affordable way to rejuvenate your full body is through the ionic detoxification process. Long term usage allows you to stay younger and healthier. As you have already read, there are a number of different machines and manufacturers offering the foot ionic detox process with their equipment. The markets are flooded with machines with slight variations in functions and designs.

We have already shortlisted the best foot detox machines of the current year 2020 at the top. However, being a new buyer, there might still be some queries or ambiguities in your mind. To select the best machine for yourself, it is important that you understand its working, the principles of the underlying process, the machine’s design, the various price differences, its benefits and other equipment related details.

Here are some of the features that you should analyze in a foot detox machine before making the buying decision:

The Array

One of the most common and essential components of any ionic foot detox machine is an array. It is part of the machine that is responsible for the actual electrolysis process. It consists of metallic plates made from alloy materials arranged in series. These plates help to spread the electrical currents that cause the water to ionize.

The plates of the arrays are depleted over a period of time. They should be cleaned properly after every use. In a good machine, the array can be used for 40 to 50 times. The life of the array will reduce if they are not cleaned properly. Mostly the manufacturer will provide cleaning instructions in the operational manual.

You can use water and vinegar solution in equal proportion as a good cleaning agent. Other descaling agents recommended by the manufacturer can also be used. Final cleaning of the array should be done by rinsing it with hot water. The machine should always be disinfected with a sanitizing agent if it is used by more than one person.
Size of the Machine

Foot detox machines come in different designs and sizes in the market. Select the best option based on your own requirements and needs. If you are buying the machine for your own self only, then go for a smaller machine. There are some machines in the market that have the capacity for accommodating two users at the same time. Such models are more expensive and larger in size as well.


The second consideration for buying a foot detox machine is to choose its polarity. These machines may have single or dual polarity options. The dual polarity option allows the machine to carry out a reverse polarity process. Although machines list this as an added feature, it does not make a lot of difference in the working and effectiveness of the machine. Hence it may not be a very good idea to pay extra for a nonproductive feature.
The Tub

The tub is an essential feature of the foot detox machine. It can be made from different materials the most common being copper and plastic. Most of the experts recommend that a copper tub is better as it allows the current to pass through, thus acting as a conductor. With more current, the process of detoxification is enhanced. Additional copper is also said to have traditional healing capabilities as a natural element in the earth.

The plastic tub lacks this capability. During the conduction of the electric current, some portion of the energy is lost because of the plastic insulation, thereby reducing the machine’s efficiency.

The Wrist Strap

Many of the foot detox machines come with wrist strap attachments. Although this feature has no role to play in the ionization or electrolysis process, it is just a precautionary measure for the proper functioning of the machine. If the wrist band is not properly placed, the machine will not start. Removing the wrist band in the middle of the session will also bring the machine to a sudden halt.

The wrist strap is more of a safety feature that helps prevents any mishap or accidents due to the electric current. Those machines that come without wrist bands are equally good but such safety features are advised for commercial used machines.

The Heating Function

Many of the foot detox machines come with special heating function. This allows a user to warm up their water during the functioning of the machine. Users can select from a variety of setting options. With warmer water, the user can continue with the session for an optimal time period with comfort and relaxation. This feature is good for those looking for the enhanced soothing effect of the process.

The Vibration and Massage Function

Both these functions are add-ons to make the process more comfortable, relaxing and soothing. They do not add any benefits to the ionization or detoxification process.

The Amperage Control Settings

These settings allow you to choose the intensity of the electrolysis process. This means that you can select the amount of current passing through the water in the machine. Different machines have different amperage values ranging from 1.4A to as high as 5.5A. You should always consult the operation’s manual to select the right amperage for yourself.

Using the Proper Salt

Different manufacturers recommend different salts for adding into the water. Himalayan salt is considered to be best among others because of its high mineral content and a crystalline structure that is well balanced.


In the market today, there are a number of foot detox machines available with different brand names and countries of origin. However, American made products are considered to be top of the line in this category. They provide the best customer services and warranties and come with excellent operator’s manuals.


You should always buy a product that has a good warranty policy. For a detox machine, at least one year warranty is recommended. More money for a larger warranty period is not advisable.

The Return Policy

Many companies offer return policies for unsatisfied customers or damaged products. This is a good offer if the company is not charging extra for it. All reputable and good companies offer return policies to satisfy their customers.

The Replacement Costs

Being a product that can easily be depreciated over time and usage, one should always consider the replacement costs of the product. Check its design, the array, the metallic plates, the material of the tub and their periods of usage. You can also calculate the cost per session by dividing the total cost of the product with a maximum number of sessions advised by its manufacturer. All parts should be easily replaceable and cost-effective to make the product viable for you.

Easy Sanitizing

Select a machine that has an open design. If the components like the array are covered and complicatedly designed, sanitizing them between different users will be not possible. As a result, there will be risks of transmitting bacteria and other infectious microorganisms.

After Sales Service and Customer Support

Like for any other technological gadget and product, the foot detox machine should have good customer service and support. You can check by calling the number provided by the manufacturer. A No Answer means a big No to their product.

There you have it! All you needed to know about foot detox machines. After reading this post you must have a clearer picture of why you need one such machine and which product might be best suited for you.

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