14 Top Signs of a materialistic woman

No man wants to get stuck with a woman who pretends to love him for his wealth and status but in reality, doesn’t really care about him at all. Finding out that the love of your life was never really interested in you except for your money, has to be the worst feeling in the world. However, the problem is that it’s not obvious at first that someone you are with is materialistic.

They are generally quite smart and know exactly how to use you to get their way without tipping you off.

Signs of a materialistic woman may come off as rather normal at first. Being a show off, being attracted to men with money and status, shopping a lot and spending frivolously, being self centered and obsessed with appearances are some things that may seem casual, but they may hint at a materialistic woman. Other more serious aspects may include the impossibility to please her, she being a master manipulator, etc.

A materialistic woman only loves you when you buy her expensive and flashy gifts.

Nothing makes her happier than fancy and shiny things with fat price tags even if you go broke buying her those gifts.

The only way to her heart is through your wallet.

Here, we debunk the different traits of a materialistic woman.

1) She is a show-off

Showing off woman

A materialistic woman loves to show off her skills and possessions.

She always wants to wear the latest clothes, carry the most expensive handbag and use the latest smartphones.

Even if she doesn’t have the money to afford all these luxuries she will go to any lengths to get what she wants.

This is where such women try to exploit men, who are desperate for companionship.

We live in a world where everyone wants to buy the latest tech, expensive cars, and designer clothes, but a materialistic woman wants everyone to know about the things that she has.

She wants everyone to know that she owns the most modern and latest things in an effort to make other people envious and jealous of her.

2) She never pays for the date

She never pays for the date

Regardless of who is earning more in the relationship, both the partners have to split the cost for the dates or take turns paying.

After all, it’s what’s fair and sensible.

In the day and age we live in, the man no longer is no longer obligated pay for everything.

A materialistic woman expects you to take her on the fanciest dates and buy her the most expensive food and to make matters worse she expects you to pay for everything.

If you see that your girl never even offers to pay the bill you know that she is used to other people paying for her things and that is a big red flag.

3) Shopping is as essential as oxygen to her

Shopping is as essential as oxygen to her

There is nothing wrong with shopping; everyone likes shopping.

However, too much of it is not just heavy on the bank, it is detrimental to one’s physiological health.

If someone starts shopping too much, after a certain point nothing satisfies them no matter how luxurious or expensive life gets; they always need more. So, they go on spending their time and money on useless and unnecessary things.

For materialistic women, shopping becomes a hobby. They keep spending all the money they have on objects and things that don’t really add any value to their life.

In fact, they really have no use for most of the things they buy, but they can’t stop themselves because it becomes an addiction that they can’t shake off.

4) She inclines towards men with money and status

A materialistic woman is never attracted to a man who doesn’t have money, she needs to have a rich man by her side who can pay for everything she buys.

She will never settle for a guy who struggles with money; she hangs out with guys who have a lot of money and high social status.

She understands that in order to sustain her glamorous and luxurious lifestyle, she needs a rich person who will get her whatever she wants without thinking twice.

5) Spends foolishly

Reward Yourself

Materialistic people are very bad with money, they are impulsive buyers and more often than not end up buying things that they don’t even need.

They never think twice when it comes to spending money.

They can only think about the short-term gratification that they will get from buying what they want to buy and fail to see the future repercussions of spending frivolously.

The only thing that matters is that they get what they want.

6) Loves gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? Giving a gift to someone shows how much they mean to you, so there is nothing wrong with wanting people to give you gifts.

However, materialists don’t care about the emotional value of a gift or the thought that goes behind it, all they care about is whether or not the gift fits their taste and has a big price tag.

7) She thinks she’s the main character

Asking when the next baby is coming

Materialists are always self-centered. They live in a world of their own where they are the only person who matters.

They don’t have the ability to think about anything or anyone other than themselves.

Not only do they want to be put first, but they also want to put you down. They have a skewed and misguided sense of entitlement and truly believe that they are perfect and deserve to be rewarded for it.

They are horrible at romantic relationships because they just don’t care about the kind of person their partner is, their partner’s money and how much of it they can spend on her is her main matter of concern.

8) Obsessed with appearances

Unforgiving woman

A materialistic woman is obsessed with appearances.

All she cares about is what she looks like and what others think about her.

She is an attention seeker and always wants to be the center of attention.

As you spend more time with her you will realize that she is obsessed with her personal image to a point where it has become impossible to be in a relationship with her because It is impossible to have a healthy relationship with a girl who cares about nothing but her appearance and image.

She is so obsessed with looking perfect that she doesn’t even have an ounce of originality left in her.

She will never let her guard down around you which means you will never actually be able to see the real person behind the mask.

9) She is impossible to please

Woman awkward

No matter how hard you try, you can never please a materialistic woman. Even if you plan the most perfect date she will find something to complain about.

It is impossible for her to see how hard you tried and the thought that went behind arranging such an amazing date. Instead, she will point out everything that you could have done better.

However, sometimes materialists aren’t as overt and blunt about their feelings. They won’t tell you to your face how they feel and might put on a happy face.

However, you will be able to tell that something is missing; that they aren’t happy.

10) She is insecure about herself

women sarcasm

The need for constant validation and approval from others springs from a deep insecurity about one’s own personality.

A materialistic woman is very insecure about herself and overcompensates by buying expensive and flashy things so that she can constantly get validation from others.

She is also obsessed with social media and posts constantly so she can get likes and comments from her followers that make up for her constantly deflating ego.

11) They only show emotions when they need something

Materialistic people are very selfish and they will never show any kind of weakness, vulnerability, or any emotion for that matter.

They need to be perfect and the best at what they do.

However, they don’t shy away from using their emotions when they need something from you.

They will be more affectionate than usual, try to show you that they care about you just so that they can get you to do what they want.

They never show genuine emotion, they are masters of manipulation and will go to any lengths to get their way with you.

12) They are judgmental

Controlling woman

They love criticizing and judging people behind their backs but they are bad at taking criticism from others.

Their ego makes it very difficult for them to take any kind of constructive criticism.

No matter how wrong they are, they will keep defending their position and will try to put you down to get the upper hand.

For them judging and criticizing is a defense mechanism against their own insecurities.

They make other people feel bad so they can feel good about themselves.

13) Their own goals come before everyone else


A materialistic woman uses others to get what they want in life and she keeps you in her life right until the point that you’re no longer of any use for anything to do with their goals.

They will never let you figure out their real intentions because they know exactly what to say and do and when to do it, just to keep you on the hook.

14) They are master manipulators

Women who are nerds

Materialists are very selfish and self-centered people and want the world to revolve around them.

To make sure that they remain the center of attention for the people around them, they become excellent at manipulating them.

They don’t really care about the people around them, they may act as they do care, but only so people can open up to them and provide them with information that they can use against them in the chances to manipulate them.

If you know someone around you who is normally very selfish don’t be tricked into opening up to them.


It’s easy to fall for a materialistic woman, after all, they are masters of manipulation.

They can con the smartest of people, so if you find yourself with a woman who has been manipulating to get her way, don’t feel sorry for yourself.

It’s time to pull yourself up by the bootstrap and get out of that relationship because nothing good will come out of it. Next time before you get into a relationship make sure that the girl doesn’t fit the description of a materialist.