Best Magnetic Dent Pullers

With 1 million new cars coming in every year, theres just too much traffic to keep your car dent less. And for small dents here and there, you don’t need to rush to a workshop and waste your money on them.

In this post we have compiled the top magnetic dent pullers which you should definitely look into. They are very easy to set up and take out your dents quickly.

Why use a magnetic dent puller?

Whatever you do, whatever precautions you take, in the end, some dents are inevitable.

You can take as many precautions and safety measures you want; but still, in the end, your car somehow ends up with a dent and you know what? You don’t need to take it to the repair shop, just need a magnetic dent puller to do the job and your car will look good as new!

Why use it? It’s way cheaper, easy to perform and you get rid of the ugly dent of course!

Magnetic Roller Tip Kit MRTFULLKIT

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A very simple easy to use magnetic dent puller kit for all people and especially beginners. Dents can’t be avoided no matter what. You park a car thinking it’s the safest place and wallah you come to your car to see a very beautiful dent there but you know it won’t be a problem. You can just pull it out with the magnetic dent puller you have at home, which is the best dent puller for small dents.

Now how does it work? It’s super easy to perform, even rookies with literally no experience can do it too because no training is required for it.

It allows complete beginners to perform basic PDR with a full seventeen piece kit, along with showing where the tooltip is at all times.

Isn’t that helpful?! Usually PDR’s require that the user knows exactly where the hidden tooltip is to be able to use it accurately and that takes a lot of time to learn while in this patented system the surface is attracted through the vehicle panel to the freely rotating magnetic tip, showing the user exactly where to push to pull out the dent.

Very smart and easy. Who would miss this item?

Since there is no power cost or labor cost, it makes it very cheap as compared to getting the car fixed at the shop, you don’t want to go to the shop, because sometimes, well most of the times they will charge you so much you’ll think that the dent actually looked pretty.

Weighing about 7.28 pounds, the work it performs is so efficient that you don’t need to do a paint retouch and well it’s an ideal kit for starters. What could be better than item that is the best dent puller for small dents?

The tool you’re looking for is right here and definitely, a must buy.

MRT Magnetic Roller Tip Training Bar kit

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Looking for the cheapest way into PDR? Well, you’ve found it, this product is here to help you out with the finest magnetic dent puller tools and the best dent puller for small dents.

With a six-piece starter kit you can easily learn PDR without professional help, be able to remove dents that seem very unsightly and after a test run, you can judge if this PDR is made for you, which most definitely is! This magnetic dent puller toolkit comes with a 90cm training bar and a MRT tip along with all the necessary accessories to help you out and you’ll have one of the best dent puller for small dents in the palm of your hands.

It’s a fantastic and ideal training aid for PDR rookies. You don’t need to be an expert but you’ll look like one when you easily pull out dents with no fillers, no paint, and no mess. The magnetic sphere tip is free to rotate in all axes so to compensate bar movement and it always attracts the trace of the dent to one of its poles, showing where to push to get rid of the dent.

This tool is completely safe, it can’t harm you or your car and it works efficiently so no need to worry, it will do a terrific job to annihilate the dent that keeps giving you nightmares.

Moreover, you don’t need to be a bulky man to manage the weight, it’s not that heavy, actually it’s quite convenient and a tool you definitely need in your garage.

A money saving tool that works wonderfully for the removal of the dent, quite a deal!


Most of the DIY magnetic dent puller toolkits exist so you can save money and time and be having a magnetic dent puller that is the best dent puller for small dents,an will definitely not disappoint you.

It’s an ideal tool for small dents and once you see how easy it is you might never even want to take your car to the repair shop again.

Actually, you’d be proud of what you can do on your own with a little effort and a great tool.