Can I Do Full Body Workout Everyday?

Can I Do Full Body Workout Everyday?: Being passionate about your health and having a full-time job doesn’t really go hand in hand for most people. Every other chance you get, you want to squeeze in a full-body workout every day to minimize the effects of a typical desk job.

The kind of workout you need is one that can focus on your overall shape and target the maximum number of muscle groups.

This kind of workout will help reduce the strain on a particular muscle group too, this way you can go about the rest of your day without clenching your abs in pain every time you sit.

So, if a quick overall workout without using up too much energy is what you are aiming for, let us break down the fundamentals for you:

Make sure you check out the 12 biggest myths on losing fat before continuing.

Basics of a full body workout:

Benefits of working your whole body out daily

A full body workout is where you are putting a balanced strain all over your body. A good full body workout will target the back, legs, arms, chest, core, and shoulders.

You need to get to the hardest exercise to target maximum muscle stimulation which is why often times a full body workout is better than a couple of isolation exercises.

With a full body workout, you need to focus on doing lesser reps and more engaging your muscles.

You also need to balance out the cardio with bodyweight exercises.

Most full body workouts do not include weight training, however as long as your workout routine indulges maximum muscle weights can be used.

For best results make sure you include variations of the classic exercises like squats, push-ups, burpees, etc.

Benefits of working your whole body out daily

Let’s check out the benefits you can get while performing full body workout.

  • Balanced Body

Anatomy of the shoulders

With full body workout, you can have a stable body, and you are going to be able to build a well-balanced body by hitting all muscle groups in one workout, which is more normal and directly representative of real life.

Many physiologists find the body to be one muscle with all the muscles being connected to each other, and targeting one particular muscle group might not work.

  • Greater fat loses

Best Shoulder Exercises To Do At Home

The research shows that whole-body style training can improve fat loss greater than your typical splits.

Trained New Zealand researchers actually tested that up and they found that persons who are doing a whole-body workout three times a week lost far more body fat than those who do isolated muscle training.

We already know spot reduction is a myth because you can’t isolate one particular area of your body.

The main reason behind this is gene activation because it is critical for the results that you get whether it is muscle mass or fat loss.

This is mostly achieved if you consider bodybuilding as power-lifting. See the benefits of powerlifting here.

  • Greater muscle mass

Can You Get Ripped From Boxing?

It is very important to activate genes and muscle tissues by keeping them activated each day to maximize muscle protein synthesis and therefore greater muscle growth.

According to researchers, a person who is following the whole-body training style gained slightly better muscle mass.

Learn how to get bigger arms here.

  • Greater Overall Health

5 Best Portable Exercise Equipment

By activating the chemical reactions in every muscle fiber, every single day, one can keep their metabolic processes fired up even if they are older, which is when your overall metabolic rate gradually drops.

Only Full body workout can give you the confidence that each muscle of your body is growing and healing and you are in overall good health.

  • Missed a workout, no problem!

Toxic Venting and tips to avoid

If you usually work out 2x a week and happen to skip a workout, then don’t worry, that’s not a problem at all. You’ve actually filled out all your muscle groups in only one exercise by this routine.

Full body workout will give almost no harm to your body if you skip a day for the reason all muscles are in an equal state.

  • Boost calorie burn

What is the Dumbell Complex Workout?

If a person has a target to lose 30 lbs, expert advice to them is that they should keep their legs going, and then full body exercises will work very well. Most of the smart coaches out there prepare their overweight clients with full body workouts 2-3 days a week.

Major drawbacks of working out every day

Major drawbacks of working out every day

  • Difficult to focus on a single muscle group

A full body workout does not single out any particular muscle group, this means that if your looking for quick changes in form, you will probably be disappointed.

This kind of workout is also bound to drain you because instead of speeding up the chemical reactions and working a single muscle there are multiple chemical reactions going on throughout your body.

This is one reason why you should always reduce the reps of your full body workouts.

  • Leads towards Overtraining

Full body workout can lead to overtraining if they are not properly structured; If you like lifting weights 3x a week, hitting each muscle group too hard is likely to cause an over-exercise response.

A muscle that has been extensively exercised (10 + sets) will take a full 5-6 days to heal.

For a full body workout three days a week or more, you need to change activity habits, lift smaller weights and do circuits, and/or the number of sets per muscle group.

  • Difficulty in handling intensity

Sometimes it becomes hard to handle the intensity of workout when you are performing more than three days a week.

Remember that how long your workouts are or how hard you push yourself will not matter if you are not consistent.

The appeal of this form of training for most people is that it promises shorter workouts and still provide results that are comparable to (or greater than) more conventional moderate-intensity training.

It packs a punch, too, that can require some hard time to recover from.

  • Not good for total training

Full body workout is more of a balanced recovery-focused way to train but it is not the best if you’re trying to maximize your total training volume.

Beginners may get away with this because only a few sets are required to promote development. You will go far and have amazing results for full body, but as you get up to satisfactory levels; you will find that certain muscles need more attention.

  • Hormones level

Full body workout might be tough on your hormone levels as according to research the testosterone level increased by 11 percent in full body routine, but in split-ups, it is increased by 21 percent. This observation is made from only four weeks schedule.

Maintaining a full body protocol all the time, with higher volumes bound to lead to reductions in testosterone level for some people.

  • Role of genetics

There is a huge role of genetics in building our muscles as we all have different weak points with our training. Some people can do strictly bench-press to build a huge chest for just a few sets but others might need three exercises with much more volume.

So basically, we can summarize it here as, if you’re trying to maximize your muscle potential you will probably have to start additional exercises sets and reps for specific weak points and that’s a clear con of full body workout.

Can a full body workout be performed daily?

Can a full body workout be performed daily?

An effective full-body workout will mostly revolve around the major compound exercises that target many muscles at the same time like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and pull-ups.

Even though these exercises are some of the best and most functional out there, but no one wants to be at the gym all day long.

Another thing to consider before answering the question is ‘recovery’. Some people will simply feel sore for longer and need more time to recover while others will recover faster.

So, if you’re sore for three days, every time that you do squats, you’re going to have a very tough time squatting every other day with a full body routine.

A lot of people think that you can do full workouts every day because you need time to recover but if you are not maintaining intensity and giving yourself time to recover then you will eventually exhaust yourself.

There are many Professionals who incorporate full-body workouts in their daily workout routine. So, the more important thing with working out is to listen to your body.

Some people can manage with high-intensity training on a daily basis while others cannot, it all comes down to your body composition.

Can a full body workout everyday promote good muscle building?

Deadlifting Benefits for muscle gains

Full-body exercise can develop muscle mass faster than conventional forms of weight-lifting. Full body workouts are phenomenal as they target multiple muscles in each exercise at the same time.

From the viewpoint of Jeff Monaco, a fitness education manager, full-body workouts often employ a lot of compound moves like squats, planks in a row, or over-press.

These moves will train your muscles to work together instead of in isolation which tends to help you, having a functional fitness in your daily life.

So, yes!  You can build muscles in the least amount of workouts per week with full body workouts.

How to structure your workouts?

To structure your full body workout is the key to becoming a good athlete or body-builder. You can design the workouts in a number of ways to make them productive, effective, and strong.

A simple way to accomplish this target is to pair exercises in supersets or paired sets. The advantage of working with this approach is that combining exercises ensures that you can essentially double the amount of work completed in less time during your session. Who doesn’t want this?

A whole other fantastic way to target opposing muscle groups is to use agonist and antagonistic super-sets.

You can pair-up

  • Chest and back
  • Quads and hamstrings
  • Biceps and triceps.

Try coupling push-ups with lat pull-downs or hammer curls with triceps push-downs on your next workout.

Importance of rest during workouts

Basics of a full body workout

To make you understand the importance of rest, let’s suppose that you are doing your best in the gym but if some exercise is good, then more must be better, right? Not quite.

Too much working of the same muscle groups will lead to harmful outcomes. As believed by Dr. Alex Tau berg, a chiropractor and strength coach

Training out the same part of your body every day puts you at a greater risk of injury and reduces the number of physiological benefits that an exercise can offer.

Adequate recovery planning is vital for your strength training program and that’s why National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) suggests that you take at least one day between resistance exercises If you are practicing the same group of muscles.

By reading the details described above, you know that muscle grows during your recovery period, not during your actual workout.

Adequate rest between the workouts is therefore extremely important for mass gain. At least 48 hours is a reasonable target.

COMPARATIVE STUDY: Split ups VS Full body

Benefits of the Dumbbell Complex Workout

SPLIT-UPS: Split training is also referred to as a bro split and usually the default type of training used by bodybuilders with a very basic split training routine.

In this training, you’ll be setting up your workout in a way where you’re focusing on only one muscle or one muscle group per day.

It’s like having a Back day on Monday, Chest day on Tuesday, and likewise dividing the weekdays into different body parts that you want to focus for your bodybuilding.

FULL BODY WORKOUT: On the other hand, with full body training you’re going to be working on your entire body in every single session.

If you want to build muscle and increase your lean body mass faster, you must focus on increasing the volume of your workouts.

Volume is measured by four factors

  • Intensity: which is the amount of weight you’re lifting
  • Frequency: which essentially is how many days a week you’re working for a muscle group
  • The total amount of Sets
  • The total amount of Reps

(Increasing any of these four factors will help you build more muscle)

Full-body workouts provide an advantage over a basic split training routine that it requires fewer days at the gym, only three instead of five. You’ll be targeting all the muscles in your body three times a week every week as opposed to split training where you’ll only be targeting each muscle once a week.

It means that you are going to increase the frequency factor much higher with full body training. Even if you do spend an entire workout session really beating up your chest with a split training routine, it shouldn’t take longer than a maximum of three to four days for your chest to recover.

It alludes that you’ll miss out on potential muscle gains since you’ll be waiting seven days to work your chest again, instead of four days.

So, to make up for this lack of frequency other split training routines have grown in popularity like:

  • Push-pull routine
  • Opposing body part routine
  • Upper and lower routine

As far as fat loss, all these three routines can be set up in a way that will help you elevate your heart rate higher and burn more fat.

You can choose one from these and hit your target by collaborating two exercises or muscles group For example: working together on ‘legs and abs in one day and ‘back and biceps’ the next day in push-pull routines.

By super-setting exercises like bench-press and deadlifts together, you can still lift heavy for each exercise since each exercise works on different muscles. You can also save time by pairing the two sets together.

With a traditional 5×5 full body strength training routine and with the traditional: “Do a set, take a break” split body routine, you’re not going to burn an astronomical number of calories because your heart rate will drop when you take a break in between each set.

How to choose between the two?

While choosing between full-body workouts or split up training, think of

  • How many days you will devote to exercising,
  • Your personal health ambitions
  • Your present level of health
  • And your ease in the gym.


“You can burn more calories from both your full-body workouts and your split training workouts by incorporating super-sets, drop-sets, and circuits of back-to-back exercises.

They are both effective as long as you practice resistance few times a week, eat plenty of protein, and increase your weight as you get stronger.

Both can be just as productive for fat loss as long as you set up your workout with the goal in mind”

Precautions for a complete body workout

-Full body workout can be done every day but one thing you have to keep in mind is the amount of intensity. If you’re doing curls, overhead pressing, squatting, and divots every day you don’t have to push yourself too much.

-When it becomes easy for you, add heavier wights or switch up your routine. You should always start with body weight though and then gradually add weights.

-If you are not doing it that way, you are going to damage your muscles way too much and might even be tearing fibers instead of building a few. Eventually, you will be too sore to train the next day, and it will become counterproductive.

– If on a calorie deficit diet, you should probably not opt for a full body workout, unless you know you can handle it. A full body workout is also a good alternative to cardio exercises.


Carrying out a full body strength training routine every day does not allow for enough rest and recovery.

You should get at least one rest day between sessions designed to target the same muscle groups.

Rather than daily workouts, set a target for three days a week with one day off in workouts.

A piece of sincere advice to you is that there must be a caloric surplus so your body can have enough nutrients and matter to build up the muscles.

Let’s get it on fire.

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