York Air Conditioner Model Numbers

York Air Conditioner Model Numbers: Before making your home renovations or buying it the biggest concern of homeowners is to take consideration of which brand AC they will opt to install in their houses.

While before purchasing air conditioners it depends on the buyer what exactly they are looking for either the installation total cost provided by best brands or lifespan of the AC units, a period of warranties, SEER ratings (energy efficiency), or tons for efficient cooling?

What is York?

York is the best air conditioning unit brand known as one of the best HVAC system providers worldwide because they offer several air conditioning units with almost very good features and affordable price.

York air conditioners model numbers offer 11 ac units with SEER rating from 13 – 21. These conditioning units are slightly larger than a usual air conditioning units The installation price along with the model number, size ranges from $4,225 to $9,800 of York air conditioner model numbers.

York Air Conditioner offers reliable and best operational air conditioning units that can easily meet your needs and fits your budget. Plus with robust compressor unique technology incorporated in these units that have been proven in the extreme, accelerated-wear test facility and its compact cabinet fits advanced performance in less space.

Another feature of direct-drive fan design minimizes the vibration and stops the emerging sound for quiet comfort that you can count on easily.


York generates AC units into two categories that are

  • Two-stage models
  • Single-stage AC

York has made air conditioners up to every use for example full indoor air quality (IAQ) which includes HRV, ERV, ventilators several humidifiers, a whole-house dehumidifier, media-type air filters, and a UV air treatment system.

Although, York makes air conditioners similar to all other brands. There are a few unique features to point out.

Here’s an overall detailed analysis over an overview of the models.

York Model Numbers details

So many people find it difficult while understanding the logic behind York air conditioners, York air conditioner name’s are short and they all signify different features individually. We are here to explain what each model exactly represents through its nomenclature’s name.

The York models are differentiated into 2 series

  1. Affinity Series (York CZH, & CZF)
  2. LX Series, (concludes York TCHD, YCG, YCJF, YCS, YCE, YFE, YCD, & YFD)

For the affinity series:

  • C is for air conditioner
  • Z means the chassis model (R410a)
  • H and F signify the SEER. H is 18 SEER and F is 16.

Similarly, for the LX series:

  • Y indicates the brand, York
  • C means an air conditioner
  • G and JF signify the Chassis type
  • D and E stand for the SEER rating.

York air conditioner models bodies are designed to stay tough and durable, which are easily capable of optimizing climatic conditions of northern US and Canada.

The most prominent feature of these units is considered as their units. The multilayer protection of guardrails is given on their bodies to protect the compressor and coil from debris and dirt which can easily affect AC unit performance. To reduce the noise level of these large AC units insulated bodies are also incorporated within their bodies which can easily bear the climatic changes. However, the main key to use these beyond expectation and last longing AC units is their proper installation.

Another best feature offered by York air conditioners is that these protective measures are not built-in their new and top models, instead, these are given for all. The biggest drawback in competitor HVAC units.

Why a trustworthy HVAC Contractor is necessary?

The only problem we have seen in York air conditioners is their poor installation which can be turned out as an inconsistency in the long-lasting reliability. Though the most common issues we came across is it’s higher rates.

We have seen in the customer review section that buyers who have hired appropriate labors for the installation of their York air conditioner models didn’t found any trouble with their units especially even after the warranty has expired.

An expert HVAC contractors for York air conditioners is a necessary task required for the long term usage of  York AC units. Even though many contractors complain about what are they doing but that is not true. Make a wise decision before hiring any contractor for the installation.

What makes York air conditioners different from others?

The following are the features of York air conditioners

York marks itself at average number whenever it comes up of being an efficient energy appliance as compared to its competitors. 13 SEER units can make it sometime ineligible in terms of installation to some states.

However, York also offers 21 SEER more than being offered by its competitors, even though 21 SEER units are only offered in splits or room AC units.

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures the HVAC unit’s efficient level against the energy used by it. It is measures units of cooling output against the energy being consumed in Watt/ hours.

If you measure this efficiency in the hot season, it will benEnergy Efficiency Ratio, or EER simply. The more the SEER or EER units the more efficient the unit is.

York air conditioners compressors

Since we have discussed before that York AC units offers 2 different types of units with compressors. Either two or single-stage compressors.

The difference between these two :

Single-Stage Compressors

These are the AC units that have been focused more on the cooling room and quickly while at the expense of high energy consumption than usual.

Two-Stage Compressors

York also offers two-stage compressors that work in making up the adjustments between the working of compressors and the temperature of the room. Therefore, these work slowly at cooling and slows down instantly to the main room’s temperature and fan’s inertia which ultimately results in low energy level usage and steady temperature as compared to two-stage compressors.

Condenser Fans

Another feature which York air conditioners model numbers offer is the double and single-speed condenser fans, on the type of compressors fan installed. The purpose of the fan is to take hot air in cold coils to make it cool air while passing through refrigerant and condenser during the process.

Heating Options

Another quality feature York AC units provide is that their conditioners are capable of acting as heaters too during winter. Means York unit single purchase can make things much better and more useful in many ways. During winters the compressors can act as a heating pump while York units are having built-in compressors so you can easily use them as a heater. Wondering how it is done? Compressors apply positive pressure to cool down refrigerant gas into a cold liquid, in the case to apply heat to it, negative pressure is applied which makes the coil heat in turn and hit air passed through.

Noise control

York units lack noise level as not being quiet in comparison with other conditioning units available in the market. Even though they are having insulating bodies fitted  in  to lower the voice but due to

York air conditioners lack in terms of a unit’s noise level since they aren’t as quiet as compared with the other competitor’s models available in the market. The lack of rubber insulation over the compressor finds its way for vibrations out of the carcass and results in the inconvenience.

Therefore, the York CZH model is quieter relatively but still ranked lower when compared to competitors.

Warranty and its importance

York units also offer an average warranty compared with other HVAC manufacturers Like Goodman, Lennox, Trane, and a few others. Although they offer a long warranty span from 10 years to approx. lifetime for its parts and compressors. Whereas York only offers a limited time of 10 years on its accessory and parts.

If you are planning to purchase York air conditioner model numbers, the purchase must be through online registration inside 90 days after installation give or take or else parts warranty can be reverted to 5 years. Many people forget that missing on years of their warranty period.

Another drawback that we came across through the customer’s review was York AC doesn’t offer any labor in case of claiming warranty issues, ending up as you have to hire people at your own expense. But always keep in mind for this purpose also hire trustworthy contractors.

Tax Breaks On York AC units

York air conditioners model numbers are eligible for tax rebates upon purchase. Units of 16 SEER or above it, ie. York YCJF, YCG, CZF, and CZH all qualifies for an eligible tax rebate of up to 10%  at the time of their installation which can round up to USD 300. This is the biggest reason for choosing York AC units which provides relief for consumers for their next time when they file their return in terms of cost.

Pro’s & Cons of York AC Units

Since we have discussed a lot about York air conditioner units regarding its price, models, features. A short overview of the pros and cons of buying York air conditioners is necessary, instead, it highly-priced and customers have installations issues and some people are biased towards the company ends up like 4.5% of the market share being held by York air conditioners. Following are pros and cons of it


  • First-rate customer service
  • Qualified for tax rebates
  • Durable and long-lasting build, if installed correctly
  • Sleek and Simple Design
  • Can also use a heater


  • Highly-priced
  • efficient and less costly brands available in the market
  • No labor facility and Shorter warranty period as compared to competitors
  •  inferior installers can easily enter the market without any checks.

Some other qualities which York air conditioner units can be used than other competitors are:

  • Can be used for residential, industrial, and commercial purpose.
  • Through its outstanding performance and innovational techniques, it is being trusted and used for more than 145 years.
  • Used in multi industries due to its trusted, tested, and energy-saving ease.
  • Offers best in class warranties along with its efficiently skilled and designed parts.


As we have discussed every single detailed feature of York air conditioning units, therefore when we compared to other HVAC efficient and lessly priced air conditioning units among different manufactures available in the market York secures an average position in it, in terms of being expensive and limited SEER units as compared to its competitors.

York top-tier model was the Affinity CZH  which has been an exceptional unit until now in terms of York lacking, this unit is efficient and silent to satisfy and meet the needs of the number of people. However, many can end up still unsatisfied with who can afford and pay more for buying higher SEER units.

As York also doesn’t offer a long term warranty for its buyers than its competitors turning out as another downfall for York units. But still, York has managed to beat all its competitors due to its reliability and long term usage on proper installation.

Turning out there is no match for York conditioners and the trust that it has gained from its users over a long span. Considering purchasing York air conditioners for commercial use or residential a proper installation by an experienced and professionals HVAC contractor is required for these AC units is all required to enjoy ever longing comfort from these conditioners.

It is the high time to use modernize and advanced York air conditioners in your houses and offices or industries.

Therefore, a prior and proper research on York AC units is still mandatory to match your desired need in terms of the type of air conditioners you are looking for to fit your needs.