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Speculative on the topic that do handheld sewing machines work? Are you aware that how does a handheld sewing machines work? If you are intrigued by these questions, then we insist you upon reading this post as we shed light upon you answering your questions.

But lets talk about their working.

Do handheld sewing machines work?

Do handheld sewing machines work? Yes. They do work and have made the lives of people easier who barely know anything about stitching. Handheld sewing machines have enhanced the principles of portability and efficiency. This small and easy to sewing machine can be operated by just with one hand.

You don’t need to know to bring down the bigger machine just to sew a small and everyday stitching job.

This is why the handheld sewing machine is preferred now.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing that do handheld sewing machines work or not, you should not forget that depending on certain models and types of handheld sewing machines, type of your job will be completed flawlessly.

Like for instance, most of the handheld sewing machines will provide an excellent job on soft fabrics like cotton or silk.

Michley ZDML-2 Handheld Single-Thread Sewing Machine

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If you have to stitch and sew materials like these soft fabrics then an excellent option will be to go for the “Michley ZDML-2 Handheld Single-Thread Sewing Machine”

However, you must keep in mind that this machine is just for soft fabrics and light sewing.

If your everyday sewing, stitching and seaming is on hard fabrics such as denim and jeans, then the best product for you is the “Smartek USA RX-01 Handheld Sewing Machine”

Now let’s see why this is the best one and do this handheld sewing machine work? The Smartek USA RX-01 handheld sewing machine has the following qualities:

  • It is portable and convenient to take anywhere with you.
  • It is single-thread which means on the spot stitching can be done without complications.
  • “This machine can not only easily stitch soft fabrics but is also great for denim, leather and wool materials too”
  • It is compact and lightweight and comes to you with everything assembled so you just have to start sewing right away!

Now a thing to remember is that some people have reviewed this product and have declared ineffective that it is very difficult to sew with this machine as the fabric keeps rolling over.

So you must keep this in mind that whenever you use this machine you should use your free hand to stretch the remaining cloth so that it is not an obstacle while its operation.

We are confident that by now you will be illuminated on whether do handheld sewing machines work or not.

Now its time to see that when you will buy yourself one, how you will use it and that’s why we shall tell you that how does a handheld sewing machine work. Keep reading and keep illuminating yourself!

So now let us shed some light upon the correct usage of handheld sewing machines and tell you that how does a handheld sewing machine work.

It is really quite simple as you just have to keep only a few things in mind.

Whether you choose a cheaper product or you choose from the ones we have discussed, whether you choose to sew soft fabrics or you sew hard fabrics, the principles of working of all handheld sewing machines remain the same so keep reading the few tips and tricks on how does a handheld sewing machine works so an average tailor or an average person can also master this easy sewing.

HAITRAL Handheld Sewing Machine: The choice of millions!

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Now to tell you that how does a handheld sewing machine works we have used the model “HAITRAL Handheld Sewing Machine”

This is a standard version with all basic and necessary functions. Moreover, it can also stitch some materials like denim but not frequently. Also it is portable and have a six-month guarantee.

Coming to the point on how to use it and how does a handheld sewing machine works, the first thing which many people ignore is the instruction manual.

The instruction manual comes with the product which we would like to illuminate that it would benefit you much more for using the machine.

Anyways, the first thing you would do for safety reasons is to rotate the hand wheel to make the needle go to its highest point.

Then open the cover at the lower bottom corner and insert 4 AA batteries in the position indicated on the surface. So now the machine has its power. Now you have to adjust the thread.

A bobbin, spindle and a spring will come with the package.

You will roll the thread of your choice in the bobbin and insert the spindle through one end of the bobbin and put the spring through the other end.

Then with the help of the spindle, attach the bobbin to its place on the left-hand side of the machine.

Then you should take the thread from the bobbin and insert it into the hole located just on top of it from the down-side of the hole. After this, make the thread go through the Tension Control between the two silver discs and afterward make the thread go the hole located right below the tip.

In your package, you will also find a needle threader, use it to make the thread go through the needle of the machine.

This might be a little tricky for the first time but you will eventually get the hang of it.

Once you are done, your handheld machine is ready to sew.  Still wondering how does a handheld sewing machine work? We will not let you got disappointed so keep reading.

Sewing with the Handheld Sewing Machine

Now there are two ways to use the handheld sewing machine and to sew.

The first one is that you start the handheld sewing machine when it starts to move up and down, place the fabric from one end in its tip and start pulling it from the other side.

This way you have to make sure that the material or the cloth you are sewing stays in a straight direction so you do not mix the direction of stitches up and down. This is for time-saving concerns.

The second way is also very easy.

For this, you turn the hand wheel so that the needle goes to its highest point.

Next, you lift the fastening plate while being careful you do not press on the needle arm as it will de-nature the needle and will not provide expected results.

When you have lifted the needle arm, place the cloth in it from one side and then release the plate.

Use the hand wheel to make the needle come to its position where you want and then start the machine.

Now you will only have to pull out the cloth from the other side because the straightness of stitches will be ensured by the fastening plate this time.

The last and the most important thing to keep in mind is that when you finish sewing, turn over to the back of the cloth and tie a knot to the thread so it does not leap out again, ripping the cloth again.

This is the final step.


So we have discussed that do handheld sewing machines work and also explained that how does a handheld sewing machine work.

We are confident that now you will not be speculative in this matter any more and will have the complete knowledge you need to begin your sewing with one of the four portable handheld sewing machines we have listed.

Make your choice for the best as per your requirements and stitching jobs and you are good to go.


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