How To Get A Taurus Man To Commit?

Taurus is an earth sign represented by a bull. Taurus males are known to be very stubborn with a hard exterior and a definite set of ideals. Taurus males tend to be slow at making commitments and they are very conscious about who they grant the privilege. They are not fond of dating but once you earn their trust, they’re all yours.

To get a Taurus man to commit, you need to keep it real. As much as he enjoys a traditional loving partner, he won’t fancy someone putting up an act for him. Be straightforward and honest because he doesn’t like playing around the bush.

Taurus men are well-grounded, loyal, and meticulous in their actions and this article will help you understand better how to attract a Taurus and convince him that you are the right person he should lay his loyalties with.

1- Show your independence

Showing Independence

Taurus men are more attracted towards enjoying a relationship where each one of you fulfills a traditional role, he wants to look after you in a quite traditional sense.

However, this doesn’t mean that he wants you to helpless and painfully dependent on him to a point where you feel lost if he isn’t beside you. He loves a woman who is strong and capable to stand firmly without him. Make sure you love him and show him that he is an essential part of your life but also let him know that you are perfectly capable of doing anything without him too.

Try to indulge in activities that don’t require his presence or assistance once in a while, make sure your individuality stays alive. You must be capable of handling challenges yourself even if he comes in like your knight in shining armor and resolves them from time to time.

2- Patience is a virtue

Taurus are very stubborn people and are rarely influenced by other people. Deviating them from their path is very hard. Forcing him or trying to influence or alter his ways or thoughts won’t get you anywhere.

If you give him his free space without any pressure and wait for him to arrive at the decision that you are the one he wants for the rest of his life at his own pace, you are in a much better position to get what you want.

However, it doesn’t mean that you become insensitive towards his actions just for the sake of space. If you think he’s getting distant, ask him in a straightforward manner to remove any confusion.

3- Don’t be a mystery

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Honesty and trust are two of the most important virtues a Taurus male requires in a relationship. If you want a Taurus man to commit you have to prove that you are honest and loyal as he values these traits a lot.

Taurus men don’t like mysteries nor do they have the stamina to figure them out. He would want to know everything about you before making it official. They are very contemplative in choosing their life partner so be ready for detailed questioning.

Be sure that you are honest and truthful about what you tell him, a little slip-up and he catches you lying, you won’t be in a good position since Taurus males are very unforgiving when it comes to dishonesty and infidelity.

4- Have a sense of independence and be ambitious

Taurus men tend to find comfort in financial stability and independence, and they work hard to ensure they meet their goals. Similarly, they expect the same ethic from their partner. To make a Taurus man commit, you need to get yourself together; be independent and capable to earn money yourself. Show him you can survive just fine without depending on him.

He needs someone who will help him grow in his career and financial aspect rather than someone who will just be drainage to his wealth. He needs someone who has her goals set.

Taurus men work for long-term success and crave companionship that can assist them in the ordeal. He will treat you as a teammate and equal if your goals and morals are clear, even more so if they are in line with his.

5- Be his lover and best friend

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Yes, Taurus man likes the traditional type of girl, the feminine type, the one who can take care of his house but friendship is also a huge component of a prospering relationship and the one he desires needs to fit those criteria. No need to solely impress him with cooking or dressing up as it can overwhelm him too, just be yourself and create an atmosphere where he feels comfortable and isn’t hesitant to talk to you about anything.

He values a relaxed attitude and he needs to know that he can enjoy a calm and pleasant time of the day with you, talk to you openly, feel safe telling you about his secrets, hang out with you without any excuses or distractions. It is not often that you will find a Taurus guy who goes through an emotional crisis but when he does, be the one he runs to.

Taurus yearns to find their best friend and lover in the same person so if you can do that, you’ll always find him by your side.

6- Be his biggest support system

Taurus man wants a girl he can depend on, he likes to be assured that you are going to be there for him through all his ups and downs and will only commit himself fully to you if he knows you are in for the long run. There are lots of ways you can assure him of this, and it doesn’t have to be anything superficial.

It is more important than you are consistently reliable, that your presence creates an aura of stability and comfort in his world, for this is what he wants from his partner. Try not to change your mind too often and don’t fall short of your promises. He doesn’t fancy dishonesty or the fact that he isn’t at the top of your priority list.

Always show support for his problems and goals, be a reliable companion and adviser, a person he can lean on in the time of need. If he asks for your opinion, you’ve definitely aced your position in his life.

But refrain from forcing unwanted advice on him or trying to change his mind when he is clearly being steadfast on his idea– don’t trigger him, play your cards wisely. Integrity is important to him. Be careful while choosing your words, make sure they are the safe harbor he needs. Voice out your opinions but make sure they provide him good guidance.

7- Know your boundaries

If you are trying to make him commit, trying to make him jealous and flirting with other men is certainly not the best way. You would in fact be treading on a dangerous path and could end up putting yourself in a much worse position.

The Taurus men in relationships are jealous and possessive. Taurus men do not like to share what they hold dear and if he sees you flirting, this could be a huge turn-off for him, and will see it as a sign of disloyalty, even if your intentions were different. More so, he takes relationships seriously and wants you to be wholly and solely his.

Try to maintain a balance in your relationship. Keeping his nature in mind, make sure he knows all your male friends and has a good relation with them. He should trust them as he trusts you.

8- Boost up your culinary skills

Boost up your culinary skills

As the saying goes ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. It is safe to say that this quote can be associated with a Taurus man.

Taurus men are enamored by good food. Being able to cook him delicious food and having fun in the kitchen together every once in a while is one way to create a special place in his heart.

You being a good cook will always attract a Taurus. You don’t need to be anything superficial in the kitchen, but sharing his interest in food and testing out recipes together will surely soften his feelings for you. You can discover restaurants together and have the best time of your life with a food enthusiast like a Taurus.

9- Make your home a haven

The desires of the Taurus man in a relationship are similar to that of a traditional man, they love comfort and stability and want their partner to ensure it. Thus they need a partner who is able to create a good atmosphere and environment at home.

Make sure your home is clean, tidy, and comfy whenever he comes over. You want it to be a safe haven for him after he comes home from a busy and tiring day. Decorate your home with cool props, try to create a vibe that you know resonates with him more. By doing this, you will basically be luring him into seeing what life will be like with you, compelling him to finally be serious about you.

10- Have a good sense of humor

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Another thing is that the Taurus man loves is balance in every aspect of life. Thus they love a balanced relationship. They love their partners to have a good amount of everything. There is no need to act all serious and obedient around your Taurus man. Develop a good sense of humor and be indulge in harmless but funny exchanges, so you can have a good laugh every once in a while.

Create an atmosphere of happiness and laughter in your relationship, it creates a pleasant environment. Taurus men are attracted to an energetic relationship and if you can make your Taurus man laugh more often, you are surely reserving your special place in his heart and this will increase his sense of commitment to you. It is not easy to get through with Taurus men so making him laugh will make you more attractive to him and is a sign that you are winning.


Taurus men can be hard to break through but they value and desire a good relationship. If you end up with him, you’ll find yourself surrounded with comfort. The above-mentioned tips are some of the ways you can sneak your way into a Taurus’ heart. Be true to yourself and never let go of your honesty because a Taurus male will never be able to trust you otherwise.

He will commit himself to you when he is sure that you are is safe space and will be for a long time but you have to work to earn that trust. It’s not easy but always worth it.