Tall Playards and Playpens for Toddlers

Watching your child grow up and learn new things is such a beautiful journey, till they learn about that sharp knife you keep on your kitchen counter, or perhaps those tempting electrical outlets. 

Having been around new mom’s I can not tell you how many times I have witnessed a mom sprint to her baby’s rescue. 

Acknowledging the constant paranoia that these poor Moms have to go through on a daily basis, playards and playpens were brought into existence. 

With growing demands, they have come far from the traditional wood playpens of the ’80s. 

Now there are playpens made of mesh and fabric, plastic and so much more.  This gives you all types of playpens and Play Yards that you can choose from to ensure your child’s safety while you’re off, cooking dinner, or working at home. 

The single best advice we would give to any new mom while looking for her ideal playpen is to look for a tall playpen or playard for toddlers.  This is to ensure that you can use the product till your baby is about 2 years old, you wouldn’t want to buy a playpen that your baby will eventually learn to climb out of as he/she grows. 

Since most moms will probably have their hands full, we decided to make their picks for the tallest playpens and play yards a little bit easier. Make sure you also check out the overall, best pack n plays we compiled.

6- Toddleroo By Northstate Superyard

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At 26 inches tall this playard is on our 5th position for the ideal picks for toddlers. It can be used for children of 6 to 24 months. 

One of its most prominent features and also one of the reasons why this particular playard stands out from the rest is that it stimulates sensory development with the colorful fences. 

Coupled with a colorful playmat like the Angels foam play mat, this will be an ideal playard for young kids who are drawn to bright colors. 

With a 34.4 square feet of play space your kid is not likely to feel trapped, he/she will have enough space to move and jump around as well. 

The 6-panel standard safety barrier allows for more space, if perhaps you want to put in more than one baby then an option 2 extra panels can be purchased with the set. 

The easy set up takes max 3 seconds to set up the Playard. You simply remove the carrying strap and adjust the angels of the panels before locking them in. 

The carrying strap facilitates portability and the slip pads and no-scratch material are to minimize injury to your child. 

At 25.6 pounds it won’t be too hard to carry outdoors either, why would you want to carry it outdoors you ask? 

Well, because it’s simplistic and non-fabric design allows it to be used both for indoor and outdoor use.

While using this particular playard we found the spring-loaded cylinder peg feature on the bottom very useful for easy opening and closing of the playard. 

Lastly, the Height of the playard is definitely enough to keep your child in your line of sight at all times. 

One of our major concerns with this one however was that the sidewalls had a tremendous flex and the lack of support between the panels would leave the child prone to injuries. 

Moreover, the Lightweight of the playard could easily be picked up or moved around by a child of ages 1 to 2.

However, all in all, this playard is one of the tallest ones that you will find in the market.

5- Evenflo Versatile Playspace

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This one measures about 28 inches tall and can easily keep a child between 6-24 months of age inside the playpen. 

This one is a lot like the previous Northstate Superyard, it comes with 6 panels, uses spring cylinders to open and close gates, and displays the same plastic honeycomb design. 

However, the major difference between Toddleroo and Evenflo Playspace is that Evenflo at 28 inches tall is higher than Toddleroo’s 26 inches tall, it also offers only 18.5 square feet play area compared to Toddleroo’s 34.4. 

The reason why it beat Toddleroo is owing to its better safety and ease of travel. The smoother edges and molded handles make it super easy to travel and minimize the risk of injury to your kid. 

It features a One Hand access for door opening on every panel this also adds to ease of use and portability. 

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with its non-slip feet and stakes and the no scratch floor pads will help prevent any kind of damage to your floorboard. 

If the play area Is too small for your child you can add an extra two panels for added space. 

This product comes in a variety of different colors, you can choose your toddler’s most favorite color so they would stick in the playpen for longer periods of time. 

One major disadvantage to this product is that if your baby is more active than usual, they will probably easily be able to move the lightweight material around or use the honeycomb design to climb out of it. 

I wouldn’t recommend it for moms with energetic babies who are quick learners.

We also found that the gates can be very flimsy, not only are they movable but despite having smoother edges than the Northstate Superyard, the joints of the panels can still cause injury. 

However, a possible solution to this is to use the outdoor stakes on a carpeted floor to keep the playard in place.

4- HoneyComb Playard By Spuddies

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This one Lengths to about 28 inches tall which is the same as the Evenflo version but better: 

It beats the previous two to make it to the 3rd position of our list owing to its BPA free plastic that is completely safe for your kid. 

We are all aware of how young children like chewing and nibbling on any and everything, this BPA free plastic will not harm your kid, you can test this with the previous two firsthand. 

A little lick of the material will allow you to tell the obvious difference between the two, the BPA free plastic will not give you a weird after-taste. 

Not just is it free of harmful chemicals but is also weather-resistant, so you wouldn’t have to worry about its material wearing off any time soon. 

What is similar between this and the previous two is the addition of two panels that will give an added space to your baby to play and jump around. This is particularly useful outdoors. 

The patented latch design Is something unique to this particular playard. Any panel can be opened and closed to be used as the entrance of the playard. 

At 22.3 pounds it is a little bit heavier than the Evenflo version, this means your child will probably not be able to push it around as easily. 

Once again, the honeycomb hard plastic might pose a threat to your baby’s little fingers and the sturdy framework is often times hard to take apart. 

All in all, this product is one of the tallest playards out there.

3- Baby Delight Portable Playard

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At 28 inches tall, this one makes our top two tallest playards, the reason for it to make it to our list is because of its ease of use and convenience when it comes to both indoor and outdoor use. 

The playpen is mainly made of fabric which significantly cuts down on the injuries your child can have while playing around in the playpen. 

You can set it up in a matter of a few seconds by simply clipping in the latches in place and you will be good to go. 

The playpen can also be folded up and put in the bag it comes with to take it around while traveling. 

At 11.6 pounds it is very easy to carry around and can be set up outdoors too. With dimensions 49*49*28 inches it offers enough space for your kid to jump and play around. 

It is made of a durable nylon base material that is easy to clean, this is a very useful feature for moms in case there is a need to clean up spilled juice or barf. 

The mesh sidewalls give a good airflow as well as allow the baby to have a good visual of his/her surrounding so they do not feel trapped in the playard. 

Another ease of use for this product is that the fabric walls and flooring can be easily removed and machine washed to maintain hygiene. 

The sturdy plastic latches will not come off if your baby pushes or pulls which is another plus for avoiding injuries for your baby. 

The only disadvantage of this product is that its nylon fabric can’t be relied on for placing on hardwood or tile flooring, you will need to use it on carpet or add extra cushioning to it. 

All in all, it is one of the best Playards to go with if you are constantly on the move.

2- Little Chicks Oxford 3 in 1 Playard

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Before we list our top pick, here is an honorable mention. With its height at 29 inches.

The playard does not have a honeycomb design which makes it safer in the sense that your child will probably not get their fingers cut. 

The sturdy metal body will not budge if your child leans on it or even tries to push it around. This will be a definite plus for moms with un-containable children. 

However, this metal might not be as safe for your child as a plastic or mesh playard. If bumped into, it can cause serious injuries for your child. 

It is also not recommended to use the playard in hot weather or around a fire since the metal tends to get heated up pretty quickly as compared to plastic. 

However, the no scratch no-slip design is a plus.  If you want something that would fit in a spot and not be moved around then this is your ideal pick. 

It is easy to assemble and can be used for kids from 6 months up to 3 years of age.

1- Alvantor Playard With Space Canopy Fence

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At 44 inches Tall Our Top pick has made it to our List owing to its unique structure that is specially designed to contain your child. 

It has an overall wide sandwich base and canopy frame that is easily removable, this is half mesh and half fabric like the fences so it doesn’t cut down the air inside the playpen, despite being completely packed. 

The flooring is padded with foam to be comfortable for your child and avoid injury. The HUB construction makes it easily foldable and very easy to set up. 

The frameworks are protectively secured with foam and covers. Even the frame poles are wrapped with foam so that your child doesn’t hurt his or her finger while playing around in the playard. 

This playard literally ticks all the boxes and stands out from all the Playards in the list, not only is it most spacious, but it is also the tallest but it is also the lightest at 7.7Ibs owing to its fiberglass frame as compared to all the rest of the playards. 

The zipped U-door is opened and closed easily. The overall design and material make it particularly suitable for outdoors. 

Despite being made of lightweight material the material is pretty durable and can stand a good few months of beating, the tent can also be used outdoors to protect your kid from the sun in case it’s a hot day.

We hope that you enjoyed our top picks. If you are looking for good playards then these are a good few tall playards and playpens for toddlers that you will definitely not want to miss.