Best Emergency Flotation Device For Swimmers

In this post, you will read about the best emergency flotation devices for swimmers, its features, and the purposes for which it can be used.

A wrist buoyancy aid helps people who have to be present in seawater but do not have swimming skills.

After completing exhaustive research, We have reached the conclusion that the Kingii Lightweight Wearable is the best emergency flotation device for swimmers.

The features that it has are not offered by any other wrist emergency flotation device.

Kingii Lightweight Wearable

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This emergency flotation device can be used by following a very simple process so you can forget about facing any panic in the water. The device has a lever that is attached to a balloon.

Once the user pulls the lever, the balloon is inflated with air.

This helps the user in floating on the water surface and eliminates the risk of drowning.

To use this device, you do not need to go through lengthy product manuals and get an in-depth understanding.

This device can be used for a number of purposes including swimming, surfing, and deep water fishing.

If you have to perform any of these activities in deep water and do not know how to swim, this is the finest wrist emergency floatation device you can get your hands on.

The Kingii Lightweight Wearable can tolerate a maximum weight of 280lbs. Thus, even if you are heavy in terms of weight and body structure, this device would work for you. It is very strongly built and very durable.

What is present in the Kingii Lightweight Wearable Box?

Users would find the following in the box.

  • The Kingii Wearable Device
  • Two Cartridges with refilling option
  • A product manual so that you can understand how the product works
  • A whistle for enhanced visibility (when the balloon is inflated)

The reusability feature

This Kingii wearable recreational water device has a reusability feature. Once the CO2 cartridge is consumed, you can easily replace it and reuse the device. The already installed cartridge is released by pulling the lever.

Steps for using the Kingii Lightweight Wearable Device

As it is mentioned above that the Kingii wearable recreational water device is easier to use than other options available in the market. Here are 3 simple steps that you have to follow.

  1. First of all, wear the Kingii wearable recreational water device your wrist. It has an adjustable strap that can be loosened or tightened according to the wrist size.
  2. After adjusting the strap, pull the lever that is placed just beside it. This will fill the attached balloon with air.
  3. Once the balloon is inflated, you would automatically be drawn to the surface.

The Compass for better direction

At times, it is hard to detect the direction when you are swimming in deep water. The Kingii wearable recreational water device has a compass.

This compass is present on the wrist-band. You can use it to detect the direction which you are going in while being in the water. Along with that, there is a silicon pouch in which the balloon is stored when it is deflated. When you pull the lever, the balloon is ejected from this silicon pouch and gets inflated.

An extremely light weighted device

If open water swimming buoyancy aid has weight, it becomes hard for the user to manage it when he is in the water.

While being in the sea, the pressure of the water exerts pressure on the body and makes the user tired.

In addition to that, if the recreational water device has weight, it would increase the pressure on the body and make the user tired in a shorter span of time.

This does not happen if you are using this impressive device by Kingii.

While wearing it, you can swim on the surface of the water for hours without getting tired.

Key uses of the Kingi Wearable Recreational Device

This open water swimming buoyancy aid can be used for several purposes including the following.

Water Sports

Do water sports give you the adrenaline rush? Are you fond of scuba diving, surfing and other water sports? Participating in these sports can be a problem if you are not a good swimmer. While being in deep water, you should know how to reach shore if you lose control. With this amazing emergency floatation device for swimmers, you do not need to have swimming skills to play your favorite water sports. When you feel that you are drowning and want to come to the surface, simply pull the lever and you would be fine.

Deep Water Fishing

At times, an emergency situation may arise when you are fishing in deep water and you may have to swim to make your way through. What happens if you do not know how to swim?

This emergency flotation device makes things very easy for people who do not have swimming ability and like deep water fishing. If you are wearing this device on your wrist, there is no risk of drowning.

Boating in the deep sea

Do you like traveling on a speed-boat in the deep sea? If yes then you should have swimming skills so that you can save yourself if there is an emergency.

However, this is not necessary if you are using the open water swimming buoyancy aid by Kingii.

This device is perfect for people who like deep water adventures but do not know how to swim. Using this incredible device gives you the confidence that you would not drown even if your swimming skills are not up to the mark.

Once you start using it, you would not be scared of seawater anymore.

Rich Pro Anti-drowning Bracelet

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At times, users have a limited financial range to purchase their desired product. The Anti-Drowning Bracelet is the second-best option on my list. It has above-average features and the best thing is that it is very affordable.

Here is what this open water swimming buoyancy aid device offers.

This wrist emergency flotation device comes with four cylinders that are filled with CO2 gas. When you want to reach the surface, you simply have to turn a handle attached to the device. Once you turn the handle, the CO2 would be transferred from the installed cylinder to the attached airbag. As soon as the airbag will be filled with CO2, you would float towards the surface.

As compared to other wrist emergency floatation devices, this device has a more economical price.

This emergency flotation device can tolerate a maximum weight of 150Kg. Hence, even if you are on the heavier side, this device would work for you.

The Anti-drowning bracelet can be used for multiple purposes including deep water fishing, boating, deep water sports, and other similar activities as well.

Some emergency flotation devices consume a long time frame before pushing the user to the surface. This can tense the user and cause panic but with this device, you would not face any such problem. The moment, you feel uncomfortable underwater, simply turn on the handle. It takes only 1 to 2 seconds for the attached balloon to be filled with CO2. As soon as the balloon is filled, you would start floating on the surface.

Simple process to use the device

While being underwater, users do not have a lot of time to use the emergency flotation device. If you are using the Anti-drowning Bracelet, the following simple steps have to be followed.

Tighten or loosen the strap according to the width of the wrist.

Before you enter the water, ensure that the CO2 cylinder is unused.

When you want to reach the surface, simply turn on the handle.

Wook Lightweight Wearable Portable Water Buoyancy Aid

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According to my research, the Lightweight Wearable Portable ranks third on my list. If you have a restricted financial range and you are looking for a device with average features, this device is recommended for you.

Here are some features it has.

A whistle is provided for the user so that he can get attention while being in an emergency situation. Along with that, there is a compass that helps you in moving in the correct direction. With both these features, you can be sure that you would not get lost while being in the water.

If the wrist band material is not pleasant to the skin, the user can be irritated while being under water. The Lightweight Wearable Portable device has a comfortable wrist band. It is made of soft material that does not cause any skin irritation when the user is swimming.

You can use this device by using a very simple process. The device has a slot where CO2 cartridges are inserted. A lever is provided beside this slot.

As soon as there is an emergency situation, simply pull the lever. This would fill the attached air bad with CO2 within a maximum time span of 2 seconds. After that, you would reach the sea surface immediately.

This device prevents drowning and can be used for various purposes. A lot of people drown while surfing, scuba diving and playing other water sports.

This usually happens when you do not know how to swim.

This emergency flotation device for swimmers is recommended for water sports, deep water fishing and all other purposes that require you to be in deep water. Once you wear this device, you would not drown even if you do not know swimming.


An emergency floatation device is highly recommended if you do not have adequate swimming skills and like exploring the sea.

The three top devices mentioned above have been listed after carrying out comprehensive research and comparing several devices.

These devices have the finest features and do require a long time to be used. On a maximum scale, these devices require 2 seconds to fill the attached air balloon and bring you to the surface. Secondly, the durability of these devices is much better than the other alternatives available in the market.


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