How To Tell Your Teacher When S/He is Wrong?

Can you tell your teacher shes wrong? Well, just know that there are two beings on the face of the earth, who can never be wrong; teachers and bosses!

Or let’s just say that the teachers and bosses assume it on their own that they can never be wrong. Even when they are; they simply aren’t!

I still remember this (because it has happened so many times in classrooms) that whenever I used to pinpoint any teacher making a spelling mistake or whatever on the board, they used to be all like:

“Hey, see people, this is what I want, I was testing you guys on how attentive you are, well done Andy” “Hey, it ok son, humans make mistakes” Well OK fine!

Why don’t they think of us as humans when we make mistakes? I mean, why the grade F then? We all are humans and we make mistakes. But we are merely humans and they are the teacher humans. So there is a LOT of difference, right? Even if there isn’t, you have to consider it.

Telling your teacher that she or he is wrong is like putting your fingers in burning hot oil. And a lot of students prefer not to do that (you think).

They might just learn the wrong way instead of tell their teacher that they are skipping a step in between or the formula got one thing wrong with it.

I mean, who would disrupt their own damn mental peace by just telling them that they are wrong? But when the same damn thing goes for checking; they are going to burst with all the anger of the world on you.

You try explaining to them that you told it to them this way and all you are gonna hear is:

“Oh, anything that goes wrong is to be blamed on the teacher.”

Or maybe you are going to hear this:

“You think I am not a teacher??? You think I teach wrong? Who is the teacher here, are you?”

And those eyes with that stern look. Even though it doesn’t scare you, you feel that it’s better to keep the wildcat away from yourself and let her or his claws remain closed.

Who wants to get insulted in a class filled with some hot chicks (had none by the way like ever I my class) and (for girls) some really intellectual guys?

Well, no one!

So you just say sorry and return back to your seat.

And you find out that you have been so dumb that you followed whatever she was writing for you…whereas others had changed it according to what the textbook had told them.

They are the smart asses for sure.

So is it totally impossible to tell your teacher that she/he is teaching you wrong? Well, actually it isn’t.

So here are some ways through which you can tell your teacher that she is wrong.

Keep your fingers crossed, though.

1. Be Sure of What you think is not Wrong:

Knowing what to say

Don’t end up like this poor kid here!

I mean make absolutely sure that the teacher is actually wrong.Okay so telling your teacher that, they are wrong can be a bit evil.

they have feelings, right? We don’t; do not even think about it because students should not have feelings.

Don’t get serious; I was just being sarcastic because it obviously feels!

Anyways, you need to be sure that your teacher is wrong before you attack their self-respect and “ego”.

You must have some research at the back end that shows or is more like a proof that you are correct and your teacher is wrong. If there is a small formula mistake, get it straightened up right away. It is a small one and you can just do that with a smile, right?

But what if your teacher is teaching you something totally wrong? You need to be damn sure that it is actually wrong.

Research is not only related to Wikipedia because sometimes, it isn’t fulfilling the demands of your institute.

I know Wikipedia is a great source but also go through your textbook and the headings and almost everything.

Write it all down and be sure that you are all prepared for the soft battle.

2. When you tell your teacher shes wrong, it may hurt her ego; so choose the right time:

teachers ego

Teachers have the ego. I mean we all have it but they have an extra-large packet of it.

This will get hurt big time if you open up their mistakes in public. And I really didn’t want to say it but I need to; some teachers also take out grudges. You certainly don’t want to fall into that list as well, right?

I would suggest that you don’t talk to them in the class or during the lecture. As I said above, correcting the formula is a totally different thing than telling them that they are going the wrong path completely. So pick the right time and the right place.

You can wait for the class to get over and for everyone to leave or you can ask them if you can talk to them their office. Being polite is really going to help you and be a bit extra sweet as well. If you are going to talk to them in private…you are actually going to be heard. In public, they will just give you the shut up call for sure.

3. Cut the Attitude; Be Kind:

cut the attitude towards the teacher

You might be feeling aggressive or a bit angry or maybe you will be feeling overpowered…but whatever you are feeling, you need to keep it inside you and cut the attitude.

Be cool.

Even if you have it, you can’t show it. (no pun intended)

You think are not supposed to show it right? (again, no )

That little guy dancing inside you with a victory is better inside rather than being exposed as a proud man.

You have to be respectful.

This is what we have been taught since the beginning…like when we hardly started to walk and were sent off today time schools; all we know is to respect teachers and I guess that is ethically correct.

They teach us, even if one or two of them goes wrong.

Don’t use foul language which hurts their ego or makes them feel insulted. As I said, you don’t want to be in the bad books right?

Teachers aren’t liable to listen to you while you whine about what you think is right or wrong because as I said they are always correct (yeah, even when they are not). So if you are getting an opportunity, be kind and sensible while you explain your point of view.

Don’t forget to say “Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you” OR “I am sure that you didn’t mind me sharing my thoughts with you.” end it all on a good note.

4. Don’t ARGUE:

dont argue with your teacher

This is a life savor tip for you.

You are all set to drown in flames and you need to have a lifejacket with you. And not arguing is your life-saving guard here. This will pull you out of the fire soon enough before you lose your breath.

If you think that something inside you has started to race or burn…you need to cool down,  need to remember that you aren’t arguing with your parents and this isn’t your home. You might just get suspended…it is nothing near being grounded by your mother.

So keep it cool. Make sure that you don’t start arguing to explain your point.

Listen to them and that is when they will listen to you as well. Once they have said what they wanted to, you can say your part. Also, make sure that you don’t stretch it too much…they might just kick you out.

However, if you are all set to tell your teacher that she is wrong in teaching something, you never have to argue because you CANT.

5. Acceptance:

teachers acceptance
Nothing gets bad than an argument with your teacher which gets longer and basically pointless with every passing minute.

What’s better for you is to draw out of the argument and accept the fact that you are defeated. It will be better if you end it at a good point…you can simply say, “Okay, I get it now. Thank you for clarifying your point and making me understand.”

I mean, this won’t make you any less of a person and it will keep you on the good side as well.

Talking on a good note and ending things kindly will make you sure that you have done nothing wrong. If you argue or get rude, a small devil will knock you now and then that your teacher ain’t happy with you. So it’s better to accept the fact that you can be wrong.

It is okay to be wrong. At least you get your answers, right?


Telling your boss and teacher that they are wrong seems like an endless sea to overcome. It is like putting your fingers in burning oil. And who wants to try it?

Everyone knows that they will be wrong but what if you are not wrong? What if you turn right?

Giving your thoughts and doubts a try is not wrong at all. You can tell them what you think by simply following the above tips.

You can do some research so you always have something to talk about. Don’t tell them that they are wrong directly. Talk to them gradually and you never know…it might work.