8 Best Touch Screen Radios for Cars

8 Best Touch Screen Radios for Cars: Long drives with those old radios are not fun anymore.

Especially with the most modern versions available in the market today the best you can do to make a long car journey exciting and energetic is to add in a perfect audio system.

According to modern researches, music can successfully alleviate and maintain your mood while driving which in turn can directly impact your driving behavior.

Yes! you got it right,

Here we are talking about touch screen radios for cars.

A good audio system will not only improve your driving experience but the undermentioned list of touch screen radios and stereo systems will act as the brain of your car controlling all its vital functions.

So before we get to our list of best touch screen radios for cars let’s dive into what features should you look for in a touch screen radio when buying it.

In order for you to enjoy your drive, your car radio also known as stereo or the head unit needs to have a variety of complex functions.

A number of sources like AM/FM, CD or DVD player, smartphone and USB input, etc will expand your system’s music playback. Also, check the amplifier and preamp i.e. the sound adjustment system of your radio before purchasing one.

Features like a rearview camera and GPS navigation are also very important to look for in your modern radios.

Advanced security features of your stereo can help prevent your investment from theft and are hence icing on the cake if you get them in your touch screen radio.

In order to make this process of replacing your old fashioned radio set with the most modern version of touch screen radio, we have enlisted some best Touch screen radios for you to choose from.

Our List of Top 8 Touch Screen Radios For Cars:

This list includes the gadgets that we found remarkably modern and convenient to use when driving.

But before you start skimming through the undermentioned list of stereos, we prefer you to take notes of what you actually want to have in your car stereo.

Knowing your personal preferences will make it a lot easier for you to finalize one from our list.

Double Din Car Stereo:

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With its five touch capacitive touch screen and 3 different types of user interface, this radio occupies the top position in our list of top 8 touch screen radios for cars. Yet another unique feature of this stereo is that it is supported by an external antenna for accurate navigation.

Unlike most other stereos, this one has two sets of positioning satellites. Also, its GPS signals are known for their stability.

This double din car stereo has a very advanced steering wheel control and wireless remote control. Which is yet another reason why this stereo occupies the top place on our list.

Its remort control adds to the safety and comfort of your journey and this stereo also claims to have the most effective and original cars steering wheel control buttons.

It has an external antenna which makes your driving experience more accurate and safer than other double din stereos.

Our research suggests that this stereo has the most sensitive touch screen then all others on our list. It is sensitive enough to feel even the slightest movement of your fingers.

It gives you the user experience of a tablet or mobile phone with its high-resolution 6.2-inch touch screen.

Its multimedia car DVD player gives you a Movie Theatre experience and is compatible with most DVD’S and CD’s available in the market. It also has a USB input and card slot.

If you are someone who often hits a wall while parking your car, this stereo is just the right choice for you. With its best rear camera input, this gadget makes sure that you never crash into a wall while parking by automatically switching to its rearview.

However, the important thing here is that you need to beware when purchasing it because 5 out of 100 users have complained that their gadget was not worth their investment or had technical faults related to speed, etc.

So before buying make sure you are buying the real deal. And the latest version.

Personally, the only problem we observed in this gadget was that when typing digits and letters there is a delay of one second or more between each digit, and the Bluetooth also stops for a while when you type anything.

This problem was again not a common one. But you can still check the rest on our list for a more suitable purchase.

IAUCH WinCE Car Stereo:

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Plug to Play Installation + 800MHz CPU, The latest Cortext A9 Core, 256MB RAM + Dynamic User Interface + Built-in Microphone+ support *DAB+/ Bluetooth BT-Music and PB-Download is what makes it our second choice.

It comes with a manufacture warranty for two years so you can invest your money in it with confidence.

It also has a power harness, audio, and video input/output ports, steering wheel control, GPS receiver, and 8GB card with maps.

You will get a bunch of accessories when purchasing this gadget including, l x power plug, 2xfixed screw, 2xaux cable, l x GPS antenna, l x micro, 2 x USB cable.

IAUCH WinCE car stereos is most suitable to be used in BMW 3 Series 1998-2006 (BMW E46 platform),BMW 3 Compact (E46) (2001/06-2005/02),BMW 2 Convertible (E46) (2000/04-2006),BMW 3 Touring (E46) (1999/10-2005/02),BMW 2 Coupe (E46)(1999/04- 2006),Rover 75 (1999-2004) as it is a perfect fit for them.

The list of functions this stereo offers is more or less the same as the above mentioned double din car stereo, i.e. FM/AM RDS Radio, Bluetooth Handsfree, Camera Input, DVD Play, A2DP Music Streaming, and Phonebook download & Display.

Additional properties of this gadget are FullEurope 3D maps, Support Voice Guidance, TV Function, and Changeable illumination

Camecho Car Stereo:

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This stereo has a screen size even larger then the top mentioned double din stereo. So if you are looking for a relatively larger screen, this gadget is the most suitable one.

If you prefer a screen very large i.e above 8 inches then you may scroll down to the Android car stereo on our list.

This gadget claims that you can mirror your phone screen on the head unit by connecting your phone via original USB data cable.

Camecho car stereo supports a one-way projection of your mobile phone ( only if you have IOS i.e. iPhone 5-7 plus) to the machine. If you have android 4.0-7.0 this gadget will offer two-way control.

For more advanced mirror link controls you can check the undermentioned ePathChina Car Stereo.

It has a Double USB (one front + one rear), with AUX-in/SD Card Port.

It supports audio input and output, video input, subwoofer audio output, and microphone input.

The gadget claims to have a high-quality stereo for FM radio which can search channels in full automatic ways, accurate adjustment ways, and semiautomatic ways.

However, 7 out of 80 users complained that the stereo quality for FM and other functions were not responding well. For that reason, we suggest you buy this gadget from a trustworthy and original source and also at the actual market price because you get what you pay for.

Just like the top mentioned Double din car stereo, Camecho also supports the rearview camera. Pulling the reverse gear will automatically activate the parking mode.

If you have a car with original steering wheel controls, you can adjust the functions you require.

ePathChina Car Stereo:

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With its reversing camera which supports night vision, this gadget is perfect for you if you are someone who drives often at night.

The unique variety offered by ePathChina Car Stereo includes 7 colored backlights that you can control according to your mood. It also offers a variety of languages to choose from.

Unlike the Camecho Car stereo, this device is compatible with the IOS 8 plus and android  9.0. However, it does not support phones with the operating system above  Android 9.0 and iPhone 8 plus.

It is a 7 inch 2 din HD 1080P car radio MP5 player.

It can support a number of video formats i.e. RM / RMVB / MP4 / AVI / IVX / Xvid / WMV / H.263 /MPEG-1 / MP2, etc.

This gadget can support audio formats MP3 / WMA / WAV / MKV / FLAC / OGG / APE, etc.

Our research concluded that this is the most preferable stereo when it comes to audio quality among all on our list of top 8 Touch screen radios for cars. But the FM radio requires very strong signals to work properly.

ePathChina Car Stereo is also compatible with BlueTooth handsfree calling.  It also has a Built-in TF memory card, high-quality sound, and bass, FM Radio, USB, AUX-IN, music player, video player, android mirror link.

Konifo Car Stereo:

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If you want a high tec gadget with little investment here is what you are looking for.

Just like ePathChina Car Stereo it also has a nighttime reverse camera but what makes this deal a lot more special is those fine lines that precisely measure the distance for you to park very very safely.

This car stereo uses HD TFT highlight with Digital Display screen. And we experienced that its HD quality is simply perfect. It works even when your area is not HD.

With its new Bluetooth system, it has a built-in mp5 player, which offers more stable wireless audio streaming.

A few users complained about problems with the audio system but the only reason for them was wrong wiring while setting the device.

It also has a built-in microphone, steering wheel remote controls, and advanced GPS navigation.

However, its steering wheel remote control only works when removed from the steering.

You can have the benefit of downloading your favorite songs in its storage equipment. It supports a USB /SD/AUX input.

It supports advanced phone mirror links thus you can connect your smartphones to the stereo screen. You can easily connect and sync any content i.e. videos, audio GPS, etc.

But its mirror link only works with the cable attached.

We highly recommend this gadget if you are someone who is on a budget. Moreover, like we always say make sure you buy it from the original and authentic source and you are good to go.

Android Car Stereo:

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Android car stereo has a screen almost as large as your laptop screen. This 10 inches screen makes it more convenient for you to operate the stereo control.

With it’s latest GPS version called “Here we go” you can now manually download free maps making this gadget all the extra special from the rest.

It also has a very advanced rearview camera which is waterproof with 12 IR light hence provides great night vision.

It’s high revolution controls can support 1080 clear video. It has a 2.5D arc edge anti-scratch tempered glass-screen. With dual USB, video output/input RCA reports.

With 18 preset stations, this stereo device helps you listen to all your favorite songs, stations, and even the latest news.

With wifi connected, you can also use GPS. Moreover, it has Bluetooth 4.0 which will help you to place hands-free and wireless calls, etc.

You can download an entire phonebook in its memory. It has advanced mirror link functions that support IOS/android smartphone models more like most other stereos on our list.

Very few users had issues with the wiring and setting of this 10-inch stereo screen the reason is still unknown. What we found out was that although a big screen yet it sits tidily on your dashboard.

It is a perfect fit and the screen size makes it really convenient to work on. However, if you are not very fond of large stereo screens we have Essgoo Car Stereo mentioned below with small screen size.

Essgoo Car Stereo:

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This car stereo is also a unique gadget on our list of top 8 touch screen radios for cars. It is the smallest one on our list with a screen only 4.1 inch in measurement.

Despite its small size this gadget is equally high tec and advanced as any other on our list.

It provides an additional variety of car logos for the startup page.

Its car stereo and the backup camera works great. The rear image is displayed automatically on the MP5 screen when parking a car.

This little fellow has a car radio with an exceptionally high stereo quality. It allows you to search in automatic, semiautomatic, and accurate adjustment ways.

With this stereo, the user can enjoy music, videos, news, etc anywhere and anytime.

Like ePathChina car stereo, this stereo also has seven colored adjustable backlights.  It also has dual USB ports you can play music and can also charge your phone on each one of them.

Its Bluetooth offers car steering control, hands-free phone calls. This 4,1 inch HD LCD touch screen comes with remote control and top decoder chip which supports most formats of MP5 via U disk or TF card.

We concluded after research that this is the right choice for people who prefer small screens. It offers almost all that it claims to offer.

But we repeat that the key to the best product is the right source when purchasing it.

Single Din Car Stereo:

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This capacitive 7-inch multiple touch screen is retractable and also allows you to detach its front panel when required.

It provides larger and clearly visible icons thus ensuring proper control over the screen. The car logos and wallpapers on this screen are also changeable.

This motorized touchscreen has advanced Windows-style Interfaces, Variable Color Buttons, and adjustable Viewing Angles.

Our studies suggest that this in-dash design is suitable for all cars. It is high quality and high-resolution screen with minimum design adjustment technicalities.

This gadget comes with an 8GB micro SD map card with preloaded maps for instant and reliable directions and convenience. Moreover, its GPS navigation function is dual so you can enjoy audio, video, and radio while navigating.

The built-in Bluetooth in the head unit features cordless streaming of music and a microphone for calls. With that, this gadget also has the ability to download a contact list or phone book.

some other most important features of this gadget are AM /FM radio tuner, steering wheel control, Aux Input, Subwoofer & EQ settings. It also supports audio/video input & output.

It has a very convenient and easy to go with the entertainment system. Simply by inserting a TF card or USB you can play whatever you want during your drive.


Overall the gadgets on our list of Top 8 touch screen radios for cars share a number of common properties. Only a few are the ones that differentiate a gadget from the rest.

So the only conclusion derived from this list is that before finalizing any gadget from this list you must know your personal preferences i.e. any specific feature that you want in your car’s stereo.

Talking about our personal preference from this list, we highly recommend the android touch screen stereo because of its giant screen.

But just as mentioned earlier that it is just our preference which can completely differ from yours.

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